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2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

The firearm experts at Guns & Ammo have curated a list of perfect gifts for the hunter, shooter and gun enthusiast in your life. Hit the mark this year and wish them a happy Father's Day!

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching and sometimes it’s nice to have some help. That’s why Guns & Ammo has compiled a list of great gift ideas that we know that special dad on your list will appreciate, especially if he enjoys shooting and hunting. No ties, no trousers, just presents that’ll bring a smile to his face on Father’s Day — and every time he goes to the range.

Unlike some gift guides, we’ve made an effort to include gifts at every price point, from polymer handgun cases and cleaning tools that cost around $10 to a tricked-out e-bike with all the accessories he needs at the range and in the field. The one thing that all these gifts have in common? We’re sure he’s going to like them. How do we know? This is what we’re hoping to receive this year.

Streamlight Wedge

Streamlight Wedge
(Photo courtesy Streamlight)

What It Is: A slim, ultra-bright EDC flashlight

Why He’ll Love It: Long battery life and intense brightness in a convenient, easy-to-carry package make this light a winner.

Price: $169

The Wedge Slim EDC light measures less than 5.5 inches long and weighs just more than 3 ounces, and its slim profile allow it to easily slip into shirt or pants pockets. A heavy-duty clip keeps the Wedge in place and easy to access, and the easy-to-use rotating activation knob offers 300 lumens of brilliant light with a runtime of up to 3 hours. Need more brightness? Rotating the knob further provides a 35-second blast of 1,000-lumen brilliance thanks to Streamlight’s THRO (Temporarily heightened Regulated Output). The Wedge is waterproof and USB-C rechargeable, so you never need to worry about extra batteries. A little extra illumination is always an advantage, both in tactical situations and for addressing everyday problems, like finding a screw that dropped off the workbench.

Shadow Systems CR920P

Shadow Systems CR920P
(Photo courtesy Shadow Systems)

What It Is: An enhanced and factory-compensated 9mm subcompact pistol

Why He'll Love It: Reliable, concealable, and comfortable to shoot. Comes optics- and accessory ready with 10- and 13-round magazines.

Price: $1,046

Designed to be the flattest shooting pistol in the 9mm subcompact category, the American-made Shadow Systems CR920P sports an efficient and effective compensator that redirects expended gas in order to mitigate recoil, reduce muzzle flip, and facilitate fast, accurate shooting. Pairing the all-steel comp with ergonomic frame design, this newest micro may be the most enjoyable gun to shoot in the subcompact category. Offering a capacity of up to 13+1 and the ability to add a light and red-dot optic, this little pistol is as capable, if not more so, than many larger guns. If you need one gun to do it all, from home defense to concealed carry, look no further than the Shadow Systems CR920P.

Bianchi Shenandoah

Bianchi Shenandoah IWB/OWB
(Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

What It Is: A lightweight OWB/IWB leather holster with lots of features

Why He’ll Love It: The Shenandoah rides comfortably against the body, secures your firearm effectively, and provides instant access to your gun when you need it.


Price: $87

The Shenandoah OWB/IWB Holster from Bianchi blends a premium leather holster pocket with a rugged yet comfortable polymer backing, and that means you can wear this holster concealed without biting into your flesh. The polymer back prevents moisture from reaching the firearm (because dad sweats a lot, right?) and the supple leather holster pocket blends seamlessly with clothing so this holster is easy to conceal. But the Shenandoah also functions as a OWB (outside waistband) holster when dad is at the range. Bianchi’s Pinch Retention Device locks securely onto the gun’s trigger guard and provides audible verification that the gun is secure. It’s designed to fit a variety of firearms (including those with optics and lights) and offers immediate access to the firearm when you need it.

MTM Case-Gard Pistol Handgun Case

MTM Case-Gard Pistol Case
(Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

What It Is: Polymer pistol cases that make carrying firearms and accessories safe and easy

Why He’ll Love It: These cases help keep dad organized while his guns stay safe, and the padlock tabs offer increased security.

Price: $9 to $30

When someone asks me where to shop for the shooting dad in their life my first answer is always MTM Case-Gard. Their line of inexpensive yet durable Pistol Handgun Cases travel with me every time I shoot a handgun at the range. Not only do they protect my gun with their combination of a hard polymer shell and soft foam interior, they also offer a means for securing guns when not in my possession thanks to the padlock tabs integral to every case. You can also use extended padlocks (gun locks work well) to secure these boxes to the interior of vehicles or to fixed objects inside the home. MTM Case-Gard storage solutions are made in Dayton, Ohio. It’s a family-owned company who knows what shooters want, and I suspect I own at least a dozen of their products. They’re not just for guns, either: while filming Guns & Ammo TV at Gunsite Academy I used an MTM Case-Gard Pistol Handgun Case with the foam liner removed to carry my shooting gloves, spare mags, batteries and safety glasses. Dad will never run short of uses for this gift.

Hornady Square-Lok Panels

Hornady Security SquareLock
(Photo courtesy Hornady Security)

What It Is: Space-saving wall panels with a host of accessories to keep dad’s guns and gear organized

Why He’ll Love It: Makes the most of available space and improves organization. You know, so he can buy more stuff. 

Price: $70 to $160, panels; $10 to $95, accessories

All gun owners have the same amount of space — not enough. But Square-Lok wall panels from Hornady help you secure and organize guns and gear so they are easy to access and nicely displayed. Panels are available in either 3- or 9-square-foot sections that mount securely to a wall, and the mounting flanges are hidden so multiple panels have a smooth, continuous look. Hornady offers a boatload of mountable accessories that fit into the panels ports so you can add vertical and horizontal gun racks, parts bins, drawers, pistol racks, shelves and a variety of other storage tools. Don’t like the layout? Simply switch it up by rearranging the accessories. Square-Lok walls also work great in garages, shops, game rooms or just about any other space dad frequents.

QuietKat Apex Pro E-Bike and All-Terrain Cargo Trailer

QuietKat Apex Pro and Trailer
(Photo courtesy of QuietKat)

What It Is: The ultimate utility bike/trailer combo for backwoods adventures

Why He’ll Love It: With plenty of power and off-road accessories this e-bike/trailer combo will take dad’s adventures to the next level.

Price: $5,499 to $5,599, Apex Pro E-Bike; $389, All-Terrain Cargo Trailer

This isn’t your average e-bike. With a 16ah battery and 1000w motor, the QuietKat Apex Pro has a range of 24 miles or 48 miles with pedal assist. With upgraded front suspension fork, four-piston hydraulic brakes and 26”x4.5” fat tires, the Apex Pro can withstand rough country while offering a surprisingly smooth and comfortable ride. Pair it with QuietKat’s All-Terrain Cargo Trailer and you’ve got the perfect backcountry adventure setup, ideal for hauling gear into camp or hauling out deer and quartered elk. But this high-tech hauler isn’t just for the wilderness. It’s great for buzzing around the range and moving targets or cruising around the campground. Dad will find lots of uses for this e-bike/trailer setup and wonder why he didn’t get one sooner.

Leupold Performance Eyewear

Leupold Performance Eyewear
(Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

What It Is: Serious eye protection with a massive styling upgrade

Why He’ll Love It: Leupold eyewear means dad can wear his safety glasses at the range – and everywhere else.

Price: $80 to $90; $380, laser-safe models

Shooting glasses are a necessity at the range, but most aren’t the type of glasses you’d feel confident about wearing around town. One exception is Leupold’s Performance Eyewear line which actually looks stylish enough to wear daily yet offers the level of protection serious shooters demand. The shatterproof lenses and resilient non-metal construction can stand up to ballistic impacts and harsh weather conditions. Diamondcoat scratch protection protects the lens material and a Guardion hydrophobic coating prevents moisture from building up and blurring your vision. In-Fused polarization film is fused between layers of the lenses so it won’t break down over time, and that also makes these ideal for anglers. No-slip nose bridges and comfortable frames make these glasses comfortable to wear all day. Now dad has no excuse for not wearing eye protection.

XS Sights Glock Sight Tool

XS Sights Glock Sight Tool
(Photo courtesy of XS Sights)

What It Is: The fastest and easiest way to swap out the irons on Glock pistols

Why He’ll Love It: No more paying to have sights switched out, and no more “close enough” DIY sight replacements at home.

Price: $80 to $200, tools only; $155 to $305, tool/R3D Sights combo

If dad’s a do-it-yourself kind of guy, and a Glock fan, then this is the perfect gift for him. Glock guns are great, but their sights are pretty basic. XS Sights has made it easy to swap out those standard factory sights for upgraded irons with their Glock Sight Tool lineup. There are three versions: the ECO series tool that is designed for someone who owns a single Glock and wants to switch out the sights; the DIY series tool that’s suitable for 50 or more sight changes; and the GUNSMITH series tool that’s suitable for 100+ sight changes. The tool locks securely on the pistol’s slide and effortlessly removes the rear sight. Just as easily, the tool helps push the new XS sights into place. You can properly align the rear sight using the ruled markings on the tool and it won’t mar the finish on the pistol when used properly. A front sight tool is also included, of course. The bundles are a great deal and come with XS’s own American-made R3D night sights that are a serious upgrade over the standard factory irons.

Outdoor Edge Razorpro Saw Combo

Outdoor Edge Razorpro Saw Combo
(Photo courtesy of Outdoor Edge)

What It Is: A replaceable blade knife and saw combo kit that fits on dad’s belt

Why He’ll Love It: Keeps a fine edge without the need for sharpening and includes everything dad needs to process game.

Price: $70

I love having a sharp knife, and replaceable blades make that easy. However, some replaceable blade knives make swapping out dull blades a risky chore. Not the Razorpro Saw Combo. Each knife comes with six 3.5-inch Japanese 420J2 stainless blades that can be removed by pressing the button. There’s also a gutting blade, and both blades lock securely in place. The blaze orange (read: easy to find if you drop it in the woods) TPR handle prevents slipping, especially when the knife is wet. Also included is a folding 4.4-inch triple ground blade saw for cutting bone or trimming branches. The knife and saw all fit together in a Kryptek Highlander camo sheath and attach to dad’s belt, making them easy to carry and quick to access.

Otis Ripcord

Otis Ripcord
(Photo courtesy of Otis)

What It Is: The true one-and-done pull-through bore cleaning solution

Why He’ll Love It: Simplifies gun cleaning and protects dad’s investment with a single pull.

Price: $16 to $19

I enjoy my firearms, but I don’t enjoy cleaning them, and I bet the father on your list feels the same. But the Otis Ripcord makes the process of cleaning a firearm bore faster and simpler thanks to its one-and-done pull through design. A durable helix-shaped rubber core cleans the bore aggressively from breech to muzzle, wiping away the residue that’s often left behind by other cleaning tools. The Nomex fibers on the exterior act both as a scrubbing brush and a patch, removing fouling and leaving the bore smooth and clean in a matter of seconds. I keep a few Ripcords in my gun cases and always have one while traveling so I can wipe my bore down even in the field. The 8-32 threaded end allows you to attach any Otis components for an even more thorough cleaning if you’d like, guaranteeing that’s dad’s firearms remain in top condition.

Ruger ReadyDot Optic

Ruger ReadyDot
(Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

What It Is: A new breed of reflex sight that utilizes fiber-optic illumination

Why He’ll Love It: The ReadyDot fits Shield RMSc-footprint optics-ready pistols, is easy to install, and doesn’t require batteries. Makes short-range sighting easy, especially if his eyes aren’t what they used to be.

Price: $100

In a world where technology seems to keep advancing and becoming more complex, the Ruger ReadyDot may seem like a step backwards. Sure, the red-dot optic fits pistols with the popular Shield RMSc pattern optics cut (like Ruger’s MAX-9), but it doesn’t adjust for windage or elevation. In our opinion, though, Ruger is on to something with the ReadyDot. The fiber optic design gathers light and offers a brilliant 15 MOA dot, battery free. The optic also co-witnesses with standard-height iron sights, so no need to swap those out. The total lack of adjustment screws and electronic parts improves reliability and there’s no learning curve with this optic — simply mount it and shoot. The design will be a boon for those who have less-than-perfect vision and a difficult time discerning traditional iron sights or even small red dots. Less tech means a lower price tag, and the ReadyDot comes to market for less than competitors, and even below the price of many aftermarket iron sights. For close-range defense work it will keep shots in the vital zone so it’s a great option for carry pistols. And, unlike electronic sights, its virtually maintenance free.

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