Read & React: Texas Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor

Read & React: Texas Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor

The shotgun has long been considered king when it comes to effectiveness in home defense. In fact, even Vice President Joe Biden has been promoting their use, and now we have a recent story out of Midland, Texas, which seems to indicate that he was at least partly right — maybe not regarding his advice to shoot your shotgun into the air to scare people away, or shooting through doors at people or whatever, but hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Two Midland residents, 32-year-old Samuel Pompa and 19-year-old Jonathan McDaniel, had friends over for parties. At one point, both groups of people ended up outside, and apparently an argument ensued. When the argument turned physical, McDaniel's group retreated inside his house, hoping to avoid an escalation of the altercation.

Pompa, however, arrived at McDaniel's home a short time later with a baseball bat and kicked the door in. McDaniel, in fear for his life and trying to protect the other people inside his house, fired one shot from a shotgun. Is there an old saying about bringing a bat to a gun fight?

Midland Police responded to a shooting call around midnight and found Pompa with a shotgun would to the chest. Pompa was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital, where he died from his wound shortly thereafter.

Check out the video from KWES-TV in Midland:

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |

While there are many weapon systems that are lighter, easier to use or have more range than a shotgun, when it comes to close range, the shotgun rules. One shot and the fight was over.

Neighbors said they were surprised, as both men involved seemed to be nice people. Police have made no arrests in this case, and no charges are expected to be filed against McDaniel. However after an autopsy is conducted, the case will be sent to the district attorney's office.

What do you think? Was McDaniel justified in using a shotgun against Pompa?

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