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2023 Guns & Ammo Holiday Gift Guide

Having trouble finding the perfect present for the firearms enthusiast in your life? We've compiled a list of gift ideas they'll be grateful to see under the tree.

2023 Guns & Ammo Holiday Gift Guide

The year is winding down quickly, and it’s already time to start gathering gift ideas for the 2023 holiday season. Finding the right gift for the hunting and shooting enthusiasts on your shopping list can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with firearms, optics and related gear. We’ve got you covered with our annual Guns & Ammo Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve selected standout products that the G&A staff has used or tested throughout the previous year. The items that made this year’s list aren’t strictly guns, scopes and ammunition, though. There are products in this gift guide that are useful for any shooter and accessible to any budget. Some products that impressed are priced as low as $25, so we're confident there’s something here for you.

Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire


Why They’ll Love It: A precision .22 LR that promises lots of fun throughout the year, the Model 2020 Rimfire is available with either a tactical-style stock in black or sage, or as a classic sporter with of high-grade walnut.

Who doesn’t love shooting an accurate rimfire? Springfield’s new Model 2020 Rimfire is available in either a Target version with a polymer stock and threaded muzzle, or a Classic configuration with your choice of three grades of walnut. Both versions feature dual cocking cams and a chrome-plated bolt for silky smooth operation and are fed by 10-round rotary magazines. They’re also compatible with widely available 10/22 magazines, as well. An interrupted top rail makes mounting optics simple, and these guns are compatible with Remington 700 pattern triggers. All of the Model 2020 Rimfires come with 20-inch barrels, and all are guaranteed to shoot 1-inch groups, or better, at 50-yards with match ammo and a skilled marksman. These refined rimfires are extremely well-built and accurate, and could quickly become family heirlooms to be handed down to the next generation of shooters. 

MSRP: $434 - $1,099 | 

Folds of Honor Hoodie: Freedom Isn't Free


Why They’ll Love It: The most comfortable and stylish way to honor the sacrifice of our military and first responders, and support the children and families of our nation's fallen heroes.

The Folds of Honor hoodie is more than just comfortable apparel; it's a symbol of deep respect for the sacrifices and service of American heroes. Designed for proud patriots who understand that freedom isn’t free, this pullover blends the standard comfort of a favorite pullover with an athletic fit and a two-ply hood, making it suitable for both workdays and weekends. Best of all, this is a gift that gives back. Folds of Honor has already provided more than 50,000 scholarships to the families of fallen service members and first responders. By wearing this pullover, you not only enjoy its cozy features but also proudly support the Folds of Honor mission.

MSRP: $65 |

Leupold BX-4 Range HD Binoculars


Why They’ll Love It: The quality and durability of Leupold binoculars with the added benefits of a built-in rangefinder and ballistic software.

Carrying binoculars, a rangefinder, and a personal electronic device with ballistic data into the field or at the range can be cumbersome, but Leupold has developed an all-in-one solution for this issue. The BX-4 Range HD 10x42 range-finding binoculars weigh just 39 ounces and measure less than 6 inches in length, making them suitable for high mountain hunts. But despite their light weight and compact design, these binoculars offer Leupold’s True Ballistics Range/Wind software with 25 ballistic profiles so you can perfectly match your gun and load to the onboard ballistic calculator. Battery life is an outstanding 3,000 actuations and these binos can range deer-sized objects to 1,100 yards and reflective objects out to 2,600 yards. Twin top-mounted operation buttons allow you to quickly range targets and adjust settings, and the power button is reversible for right- and left-handed shooters. Built-in angle compensation allows you to adjust for angled shots and the bright, clear OLED readout offers instant holdover data as well as wind holds. In addition to this user-friendly onboard technology, these binos feature Leupold’s Elite Optical System with superb light transmission and management and excellent glare reduction. Like other Leupold products, these waterproof, fogproof range-finding binoculars are backed by a lifetime optics warranty and a two-year electronics warranty.

MSRP: $1,600 |    

MTM Case-Gard Ammo Crate Divided Utility Box


Why They’ll Love It: Makes transporting and storing ammunition and other items simple, safe and secure.

Founded in Dayton, Ohio, in 1968, MTM Case-Gard is a family-owned company that offers American-made molded polymer products to help simplify the lives of shooters. Their new Ammo Crate Divided Utility Box offers 17.5-inches of interior storage space and comes with three partitions so that ammo and other accessories can be easily divided. The stackable design further improves the space-saving and storage capabilities of these crates, and tie-down and strap-over points make it easy to secure to a truck or ATV. The heavy-duty latches and O-ring seal help keep out moisture and debris and the robust handles allow you to carry up to 75 pounds of ammo or gear in the crate. Four padlock tabs make it easy to lock the Ammo Crate Divided Utility Box for improved security. Molded construction makes this crate very light but also extremely durable, and the dark earth color allows it to blend in with natural surroundings while hunting ducks or doves. MTM Case-Gard’s products work as excellent gifts because they make storage and transport so much simpler, and this is a product every shooter will want in their gun room.


MSRP: $25 |

SIG Sauer ROMEO-X Red-Dot Sight


Why They’ll Love It: Based on the Mil-Spec ROMEO M17, the ROMEO-X is a rugged, reliable optic that’s available for full-size and compact pistols.

Red-dot sights have become almost standard equipment on pistols, but few red dots offer the long list of features found on SIG Sauer’s new ROMEO-X optics. Based on the company's M17 military-grade pistol optic, the ROMEO-X is available in Pro (full-size) and Compact versions. ROMEO-X red-dot sights boast a precision CNC-machined 7075 aluminum housing that is both lightweight and durable as well as an aspherical lens that virtually eliminates distortion. SIG wisely built the battery compartment onto the side of the optic so you can easily swap out the battery. You won’t have to do so very often, though, since these red dots feature a 20,000-hour battery life with MOTAC (Motion-Activated Technology) that allows the red dot to enter a resting state and power down. Movement immediately reactivates the sight so you’ll have a clear sight picture anytime you’re ready to fire. There are 15 brightness settings (12 day, 3 NV) and reticle options include a 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, or a circle/dot combination. The Pro version fits R1P and R2 and Delta Point mounts while the Compact version is compatible with the popular Shield RMSc micro-red-dot mounting footprint. Deck height is very low so ROMEO-X optics will co-witness with most iron sights, and the easy-to use side-mounted buttons allow you to quickly switch brightness settings.

MSRP: $449 (SIG ROMEO-X Pro), $399 (SIG ROMEO-X Compact) |

Federal Train + Protect Ammo 


Why They’ll Love It: Their favorite range and personal defense ammunition in one package.

Traditionally, firearm experts have advised purchasing practice ammunition that closely matches the performance and feel of your personal defense loads. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get ammunition for the range and defense in a single box? That’s precisely the philosophy behind Federal’s Train + Protect line of handgun ammunition, which use Federal’s VHP hollow-point bullets. Available in seven popular self-defense chamberings (.380 Auto, 9mm Luger, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and, most recently, 10mm Auto), Federal Train + Protect ammunition is the single-source solution for your range and personal protection needs. The ammunition is designed to combine precision accuracy with dependable expansion. What’s more, this high-quality product uses Federal reloadable brass and reliable primers for consistent performance in any conditions. It’s advisable to train with the ammunition you plan to carry, and Federal has made that easier than ever by offering 50-count boxes of Train + Protect ammunition at reasonable prices. Go ahead and train with your carry ammo.   

MSRP: $40 - $58 / 50-round box |

GOSAFE Mobile Safe/Mobile Mag


Why They’ll Love It: A pistol magazine that doubles as a gun security device.

The GOSAFE Mobile Mag is a functioning magazine that, with the turn of a key, makes the gun inoperable. There’s also a GOSAFE Mobile Safe that fits into the firearm's magazine well but does not hold any ammunition. The Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe have garnered the backing of security experts such as Mark “Oz” Geist, a member of the Annex Security team during the terrorist attacks in Benghazi in 2012. GOSAFE magazines represent and creative new take on gun locks. Any time that you want to secure a firearm, simply by insert the included key into the magazine's base and rotate. The action deploys a trigger bar block to render the gun safe and locked. Without the key, any unauthorized person who locates the gun cannot use it. Unlocking the 10-round magazine allows it to function normally, making your firearm ready for use. If you’re looking for a mobile security device that locks your firearm when you aren’t carrying, but keeps it accessible and ready should the need arise, this is a superb option. 

MSRP: $80 (Mobile Safe), $100 (Mobile Mag) |    

Hornady Square-Lok


Why They’ll Love It: Show off your prized firearms while maximizing storage space for guns and gear.

Hornady Square-Lok panels attach securely to the walls of your home or office and offer a variety of space-saving storage solutions for your firearms and accessories. The hidden mounts allow you to lock the panels firmly to the wall and mount multiple panels side-by-side as needed to store all your supplies and firearms. Square-Lok panels are available in two sizes (18x36 inches or 12x18 inches) and are sold in twin packs. Additionally, Hornady offers a long list of accessories including shelves, drawers, baskets, horizontal and vertical gun racks, and much more, so you can customize your storage panels to fits your needs. These are great for reloading rooms, offices, garages and safe rooms, and they make the most of your space by storing important items on the wall where they can be easily organized for instant access. The durable panels are easy to install using basic tools and they can transform a cluttered workspace into an organized showroom.

MSRP: $67 (two 12x18-inch panels), $160 (two 18x36-inch panels), accessories from $10 to $95 |

Trijicon RCR


Why They’ll Love It: The RCR is everything we love about the RMR red-dot sight with the added reliability of a fully enclosed emitter.

Trijicon’s tough-as-nails RMR has been a leading reflex sight for many years, and now the company is offering an enclosed emitter version of the sight known as the Trijicon RCR for Ruggedized Closed Reflex. Open emitters are popular, but there is a risk that debris could enter the sight and cause a failure. Closed reflex sights like the RCR prevent that from occurring by completely encapsulating the optic’s emitter. The RCR uses the same popular footprint as the RMR and comes with patent-pending capstan screws that lock the optic in place. The unit is powered by a single top-loading CR2032 battery that doesn’t require removal of the sight to replace. You won’t spend a lot on batteries, though, because the RCR boasts a battery life of six years of continuous use on setting 5. There are a total of 10 different brightness settings including three night-vision settings and super bright setting for use in full daylight. The unique housing design deflects impact away from the lenses and the 3.25 MOA dot is easy to adjust with 150 MOA of travel at 1 MOA per click. This is a great optic for anyone, especially new shooters and those whose eyesight may not be suited for traditional irons.

MSRP: $849 |

Streamlight Wedge XT


Why They’ll Love It: The compact, ultra-bright Wedge XT is an ideal EDC light.

I believe that everyone should carry an EDC light, and the Wedge XT is the ideal option. Measuring 4.25 inches long, 1 inch high and weighing just 2.62 ounces, the Wedge XT is compact and comes with a deep pocket clip that allows you to secure the light in your pocket for instant access. The tail switch is easy to locate even in total darkness and provides an instant beam of up to 500 lumens and 1,900 candela with an 87-meter beam on high. The low setting offers 50 lumens and 200 candela with a 28-meter beam distance, perfect for finding dropped keys in a dark parking lot or any of the hundreds of other uses you’ll find for this light. The rugged anodized aluminum body is not only lightweight but durable and the Wedge XT is impact tested and IPX7-rated, meaning it's water-resistant to 1 meter. The Five-Tap feature prevents the light from accidentally turning on in your pocket while the TEN-TAP programmable switch allows owners to set the switch to High/Low or Low/High settings. Battery life is 2 hours on high and 11 hours on low, and the light can be fully charged using the USB-C charging cord that is included. This lightweight, intuitive EDC light is convenient for daily use and packs a 500-lumen punch when you need it. It’s also backed by Streamlight’s limited lifetime warranty.    

MSRP: $155 |

Safariland IncogX


Why They’ll Love It: A stylish IWB holster with smart features that allow you to comfortably and securely carry a handgun.

As someone who carries almost every day I can assure you that while not all IWB holsters are up to the task, the IncogX certainly is. This holster boasts a Boltaron body with microfiber suede wrap that not only looks good but stands up well to the abuse of daily carry. Passive trigger guard and ejection port retention holds your firearm firmly in place until you need it. There are fits for a variety of popular pistols with or without a light, and these holsters are compatible with micro and full-size red-dot optics. All IncogX holsters come with clip strut shims measuring 1/4-, 1/8- and 3/8-inch, and there’s an optional magazine caddy with tension adjustment. The flexible finger tabs allow for rapid installation or removal of the holster.  If there’s someone on your shopping list that’s been looking for a versatile, comfortable and secure EDC concealment holster, then Safariland has you covered with the outstanding IncogX.  

MSRP: $90 - $120 |

Franchi Momentum All-Terrain Elite


Why They’ll Love It: This handy bolt-action rifle is loaded with great features and has proven to be extremely accurate.

The Momentum All-Terrian Elite is an extremely versatile rifle. With its short 18-inch barrel, the All-Terrain Elite is the most compact of all Momentum rifles and boasts an overall length of just 40 inches. That makes it perfect for hunting in blinds or treestands, but it also makes it a great truck rifle. With its 10-round detachable magazine, extended optics base and rugged flip-up iron sights, this handy bolt gun is a modern twist on Cooper’s scout rifle concept, and that makes it suitable for just about any task. These guns are chambered in .223 Rem. and .308 Win., so they’re suitable for a wide variety of game, and the rugged TrueTimber Strata polymer stock and Cerakote Midnight Bronze finish make the All-Terrain Elite virtually impervious to the elements. The rifles are also very accurate and are backed by a 1 MOA guarantee. The raised polymer cheekpiece and TSA recoil pad enhance shooter comfort while the removable muzzle brake cuts down on felt recoil. Weighing 7.5 pounds, the Franchi is the ultimate all-purpose bolt-action that looks as good as it shoots.    

MSRP: $1,449 |

Fiocchi Knock Down Rifle Ammunition


Why They’ll Love It: A monometal hunting bullet that delivers on its promise of superb performance.

If you’re going to call your ammunition “Knock Down,” it had better perform. Thankfully, that’s exactly what Fiocchi’s new centerfire hunting rifle ammunition does. The all-copper bullet has a hollow cavity that initiates expansion while the rugged metal construction promises straight-line penetration and excellent energy transfer. That makes Knock Down ammunition ideal for a wide range of game from hogs and antelope to bear and elk. These cartridges utilize a proprietary powder that burns hot and creates consistent velocities. An added advantage of this powder is that it reduces fouling and eases cleaning. Knock Down ammo is available in eight different cartridges ranging from .243 Winchester to .300 Win. Mag., and includes popular options like 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., and .30-06. Because it’s lead-free, these cartridges are also legal for hunters in states or jurisdictions with lead bans. Despite their rugged monometal construction Knock Down bullets are streamlined to improve ballistic coefficients and offer outstanding accuracy. No matter what that hunter on your list if chasing this year, there’s a Knock Down bullet that’s up to the task.

MSRP: $36 and up | 

Winchester SXP High Grade Field


Why They’ll Love It: This rugged pump shotgun offers high-end features at a value price.

I cut my teeth on Winchester pump guns and have found them to be reliable game-getters and smooth-cycling clay smashers. The current lineup of SXP pump shotguns is expansive, but it’s the company’s new SXP High Grade Field that’s most eye-catching. The grade II/III Turkish walnut stock has a sleek satin finish that looks good with the gun’s glossy black receiver and barrel. Four locking lugs at the front of the bolt and an inertia-assisted slide action make the SXP reliable and fast to operate, and the between-the-hands balance allows it to swing smoothly on a clay target or rooster pheasant. The receiver is made from aluminum so it’s light and durable, and the chamber and barrel are hard chrome lined. A drop-out trigger group makes maintenance simple, and I think the forward-mounted crossbolt safety and rear slide release button is the most intuitive control layout ever designed in a pump gun. Backboring creates consistent patterns for excellent accuracy and the Inflex recoil pad does an admirable job of managing recoil even with heavy 3-inch magnum loads. Available in 12- or 20-gauge, the High Grade Field is a worthy successor to Winchester’s storied pump guns of the past. You simply can’t beat the quality of this shotgun for the price, either.

MSRP: $550 (12-gauge), $570 (20-gauge) |

Bushnell Match Pro ED 15x56 Binoculars


Why They'll Love It: High magnification with a MRAD reticle makes calling shots a breeze.

Bushnell has always been a go-to source for quality sporting optics at competitive prices, and the company's Forge 15x56 binocular came out of the gate as a high-clarity optic that reduced eye fatigue. The Match Pro ED is built on the Forge framework, but now includes a much-requested MRAD reticle, dubbed the Shot-Call MRAD. The beauty of including a reticle within a binocular is that the spotter can see exactly what the shooter is seeing, and speak to them in the same units of measure they are holding or dialing on the riflescope. Dual-adjustable diopters let the user keep both barrels focused and the reticle sharp, and a reticle level ensures the crosshairs can be oriented correctly regardless of how the barrels and bridge are adjusted for fit. It's a smart design and a comprehesive solution that remains more portable than a traditional spotting scope.

MSRP: $699 |

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