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Holiday Gift Guide (2019)

Holiday Gift Guide (2019)

Streamlight TLR-7 A - Weapon Mounted Light with Two Switch Position Options


The TLR-7 A is an extremely lightweight rail-mounted tactical light, delivering 500 lumens and running on a single CR123A lithium battery. It includes customized ambidextrous rear switches with either a low or high position to match your shooting style. It features a rail clamp that is designed to rapidly attach/detach from side of compact and full frame weapons. The TLR-7 A also includes a “safe off” feature to prevent accidental activation. 
The TLR-8 A with a red aiming laser and the TLR-8 A G with a green aiming laser is also available.

Hornady SnapSafe Lock Box

Holiday Gift Guide

Hornady’s SnapSafe lock boxes are on our radar. A sneak peek at Guns & Ammo’s editor Eric Poole’s review describes them best: “Hornady has continued that business model and expanded who may be a potential customer. Store valuable belongings out of sight while maintaining easy access.” These nifty safes can be taken anywhere and store more than just your gun. They’re large storage capacity is great for tools, firearms, equipment, documents, passports and more. They also offer theft protection for an SUV, car trunk, under a back seat of a truck, and for the intrepid traveler in your life, in the pocket of your luggage — yes, they do meet the TSA airline guidelines for firearms, but it’s always good to double check. The SnapSafe has a heavy-duty 16-gauge steel exterior with a rugged 7-gauge steel door, internal hinges and premium gas shocks that give it its smooth, safe (and quiet) operation.

If you were a big fan of your high school locker combination lock, then you’re in luck. SnapSafe offers three ways to lock up and open up these nifty lock boxes: Key lock, combination lock and 2-pack keyed alike. And they’re all under $45 dollars. That’s a reasonable enough for Santa to bring one for you too!


Kel-Tec Catch 22 Ammo Dispenser

Holiday Gift Guide

Kel-Tec has the perfect Christmas gift exchange and stocking stuffer .22 ammo dispenser. At $12.00 a pop, it’s a very affordable add-on gift for the gun enthusiast. Ironically named the “Catch 22 Ammo Dispenser,” it’s one of the easiest and safest gift decisions you’ll make all year. This ammo holder clips to a belt or pocket for easy access and holds 50 of .22 LR, 30 of .22 WMR and 30 of .17 HMR. Shipping rates are super reasonable, and timing makes sure that it’ll arrive when you need it to. And it’s an easy surprise to hide in someplace other than the attic. (Cue “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”)

Kel-Tec is social media savvy, so follow them on Facebook, post your questions to the experts, and see what other products they’re testing and recommending. But for a nice little dent in the stocking with less wrapping paper, or a gift that people will be fighting over at the next white elephant Christmas party, look no further than the Catch 22. Pick your quantity — one for you, one to knock off the list — it’s worth every penny, and more.


SIG Sauer Starter Pack - Basic

Holiday Gift Guide

The SIG Sauer Basic Starter Pack is the perfect gift for the newbie shooter in your life, and at $49.99, one could purchase this bundle for other newbies, too. The starter pack includes SIG’s branded eye and ear protection, gun lubricant, bore solvent, firearm degreaser and 12.5”X19” training targets. And they make it easy to purchase. When you add all four items to your shopping cart the discount is applied at checkout.

SIG Sauer offers four flat shipping rates, and this is pretty important for those last-minute Christmas shoppers. Your gift is packaged and shipped within 24 to 48 hours of the order. Standard shipping typically takes 7-10 business days, unless you choose overnight and 2-day air shipping. There’s same-day shipping for orders placed before noon Eastern. Have adventurous family and friends? SIG Sauer has 2-day air shipping for customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

If you’re a touch-it-before you buy it kind of person, SIG Sauer’s website features a dealer locator finder. Enter your zip code and select a radius to find a store near you. And don’t forget to keep your eye on promotions. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find more than the starter pack to wrap.


Kimber Pepper Blaster II

Holiday Gift Guide

Kimber’s Pepperblaster is a great gift for anyone who can’t carry a gun to where they’re going, whether it’s a teacher in school or a college student living on campus, it’ a can-do solution for non-lethal personal safety. And what we like best about it is you don’t need to wait until the perpetrator is up close and to make it effective — it’ll shoot up to 13 feet away at a very fast 112 miles per hour. Just as impressive is the 45 minutes it disables the bad guy.


Another nice feature of the PepperBlaster II is that it’s a highly-concentrated pepper spray, not an aerosol spray like days past, which means it can sit unused without losing pressure.

The PepperBlaster comes in three different ergonomic designs depending on personal comfort. Each includes two highly-concentrated pepper solution charges. Each charge has a shelf life of 4 years. Replacements can easily be purchased and sent to wherever it needs to go. Accessories like holster and pouches are also sold which make this a great gift idea for both men and women. The $35.99 price tag means that making a PepperBlaster II gift basket this year will be even easier.


Camp Chef Pro 90X Three-Burner Stove

Holiday Gift Guide

If you know someone who likes to grill several meals at one, the Camp Chef’s Pro 90X Three-Burner Stove is for them. It’s three cooking surfaces mean that a pizza, a pot of chili and a party-size serving of brats can all be made at the same time. And for friends with a more refined pallet, gives other mouthwatering recipe ideas like baked brie and Roasted Stuffed Pumpkin, all of which pair really well with the 90X.

The Pro 90X Three-Burner Stove has all the features that the its cook-it-like-you’re-home grill does except the size. No bigger than a large tote bag, the 90X can slide into the back of an SUV or truck with ease, and its compact fold-up design means no reassembly required once you get to where you’re going. At only 60 lbs., its size makes the Pro 90X a great tailgate griller and 5-star camping essential.

Some of the Pro 90X Three-Burner Stove features include appliance-style temperature controls, a matchless ignition, adjustable leg levelers for uneven ground, a three-sided wind screen, and three 30,000 BTUs/Hr. cast iron burners. It also includes a 3-foot hose and regulator, and for anyone who wants to throw a few extra goodies in their stockings, the 90X is compatible with Camp Chef’s other 16 in. accessories.


Flir Thermosight PTS233

Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, so close your eyes — no, wait, open your eyes and imagine you’re hunting bear in the black of night in a cool Alaskan forest. You’ve left the safety of your camp to trail the sound of a bear. Just as you thought you saw her first, she sweeps you off your feet and takes you back to her cozy little den to meet the fam. Ouch.

Now picture this: You’ve left the safety of your camp to hunt the growling, sniffing, hot-breath-like bear in the middle of those same dark woods, but this time you’ve found her first. But how? You brought your handy Flir Thermosight PTS233. Mounted on your rifle, it not only let you to see clearly through the dark with its thermal detection, you’ll have bragging rights back at the cabin — the PTS233 thermo sight captures your shots with recoil-activated video recording and image capture. So, unlike the bear, you won’t be going back empty handed. Your adventure and fireside bear rug are now saved for generations to come.

Flir’s advanced image processing creates spectacular imagery, giving the user crisp sight, day or night. It’s small and mighty at just 8.7”x 2.7”x 3.3” and weighs in at only 1.4 pounds. With the purchase of a FLIR ThermoSight® PRO PTS233, the lucky recipient will get a thermal weapon sight, two CR123A batteries, a spare battery case, a 3-inch USB to USB Type C cable, a lens cloth, a quick-start guide, and a hard-carrying case. Not a bad start at all for $2,199. The only question is now, are you going to share?


Walther PPQ Q5 Match Upper Conversion Kit

Holiday Gift Guide

“Once you know the difference between all right and exceptional, all right no longer seems good enough,” so said a modern Alexandra Stoddard, and this couldn’t me truer than in Walther’s new PPQ Q5 Match Conversion Kit. It has everything to push your giftee’s Q5 to the far limits of its potential as a Q5-style not unlike that of a custom-built handgun: A slide, 9mm 5-inch barrel and stepped chamber, recoil assembly, all internal components, LPA rear sight, LPA fiber optic sight, and a test target showing a 5-shot group at 25 meters. And we couldn’t agree more when Walther describes it as platform that gives the shooter maximum accuracy, power and speed.

So, there’s no need to spend more cash on a whole new competition or polymer 9mm sub-compact pistol because Walther has you covered. And who wouldn’t want to be the first in the family to own one? This steel-frame Q5 Match kit retails for around $599, and at the time of this writing, will ship to Christmas trees everywhere in time for the holidays.


Umarex Ruger 10/22 .177 Air Rifle

Holiday Gift Guide

A welcome addition to this year’s SHOT Show, Umarex has given life to the next best replica air rifle: the Ruger 10/22 .177. A twin to the Ruger 10/22 rifle, it’s like it in many ways except for where it gets its power, and that’s in its two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. But this is more than enough power to push plinking to the brinks of the real deal with its proven accuracy and good muzzle velocity. When shooting has finished, the magazine drops free to give the authentic Ruger rifle feel, and the bolt cocks the rifle when actuated, giving the shooter the option of a single-action, 3-lb. pull or double-action.

This CO2 powered beauty is quiet when shot from its 10-shot rotary magazine at an average of 650 feet per second (FPS) with lead pellets, and the receiver is tapped so your lucky gift recipient can add an aftermarket rail. The fixed front-sight tops top it off as the Ruger 10/22’s rifle-world doppelganger. 40 to 60 shots is about how many it takes before the CO2 needs changing.

With a reasonable price tag of $130, the Ruger 10/22 .177 air rifle is a great value few can argue. So, wrap it up and put it under the tree for a fun Christmas morning! But remember, like batteries for a new toy, the CO2 and magazines are sold separately.


Rock River Arms NM A4 CMP .22 LR Upper Half

Holiday Gift Guide

If you want to give nothing but the best, look no further than Rock River Arms to deliver. Born from a 50,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Colona, Illinois (just an hour north of Guns & Ammo headquarters), and rigorously tested by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one of the Rock River Arms newest family member is beating other barrels and taking names.

Fitting right into their mantra of providing the finest fit, finish and function, the MN A4 CMP Trainer Upper Half .22LR is forged A4 with a 20-inch barrel of stainless-steel HBAR with a 1:16-inch twist. The A4 CMP muzzle device is an A2 Flash Hider with ½-28 thread; the handguard has an RRA NM CMP TRO free-float rail and topped off with a NM sling swivel. The NM A4 CMP Trainer Upper Half also comes with a bolt-carrier group and charging handle assembly.

One doesn’t need to be a government official to reap the benefits of this Rock River product; This barrel is for anyone who loves their rifle enough to take it to the next level. Luckily, it’s out there for a cool $720 — a very exciting Christmas gift indeed.


Desantis Nemesis

Holiday Gift Guide

How can a thousand people be wrong? With a near 5-star review on and perfect one on its home site, the Desantis Nemesis has become the perfect pocket-holster for the active conceal carry shooter this Christmas. And the reasons lie in its cleaver engineering. The Nemesis has a tacky exterior that keeps it from moving out of its position in the pocket, and the slick pack cloth interior has a low-friction draw which ensures that the only thing that comes out of the pocket is your pistol.  And it’ll go anywhere the gun owner wants to go, both comfortably and discreetly. The Nemesis foam core conceals any outline outline of the holster so that it blends in with the other pocket requisites like keys and phones, and it’s small enough to keep people guessing which is which.

Wear it and forget it. The Nemesis is the perfect year-round holster for people who are always on-the-move and want to “wear it and forget about it.” Its discreet style gives its owner the flexibility to slip into a pair of cargo shorts for a full day of walking, and just as easily wear it in a pant pocket for a night out with friends. And at just $26.99, just about anyone can make the Desantis Nemesis a nice stocking stuffer for this lucky gun lover. With its good looks, comfortable carry and enviable price point, I’m sure even Santa will want one.


Crimson Trace Laser

Holiday Gift Guide

Crimson Trace lasers leads the pack as the best in firearm red and green laser sites. As Guns & Ammo’s contributing writer Alfredo Rico put it, “Affordability, quick sighting, custom molded construction and ease of installation attract shooters to using Crimson Trace lasers.” Instinctive Activation allows the user to activate the unit ­simply by obtaining a firm and natural firing-hand grip. They are some of the most comfortable, dampening felt recoil, which makes this a great laser option for the ladies on your Christmas list.

Crimson Trace lasers also carry the bragging rights of being the world’s only grip-integrated laser sight. Pressure from your middle finger closes the circuit on a pressure switch that activates the laser, and you’ll have more control over the pistol because you’re applying more pressure to the grip. Relaxing your grip deactivates the unit. It’s as easy as that. Most models feature 4 hours of run time on a 1/3N lithium battery. And they’re affordable. With a price range from a $100 and up, you can decide whether you want to make this a stocking stuffer or a big-bow gift under the tree.

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