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SHOT Show 2013

G&A’s Booth Babes of SHOT Show 2013

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 21st, 2013 12

Marketing is all about getting your attention, anything that catches your eye and turns your head is a winner. It’s really not all that scientific, but we’d say it’s an art.

The shooting industry put on a full-on marketing clinic at the 2013 SHOT Show, fighting for the collective attention of over 62,371 attendees, including thousands of buyers and more than 2,000 media representatives.

In our tireless effort to bring you everything worth a look from the world’s largest hunting and shooting trade show, we’re taking a break from the new products to admire the head-turning booth babes.

Click through the gallery, and vote below for your favorites!


  • John Doe

    This is rather disappointing to see, as my experience was being far too busy as an exhibitor to get out and see these sights! As it went, I was getting my toes flattened by hoverounds, and handed conversations with hygiene challenged show goers. Just my luck – better luck next year.

  • Ralph-f

    i'm not surprised an obscene industry would resort to porn to sell its "goods". i hope you all are out of business soon.

    • G-MAN

      Hey ralph, when some thug or doper breakes into your home to harm you or your family, make sure you hit him extra hard with that wooden spoon!

    • Bill M.

      Porn, are you kidding me? What the f Ralph?

    • Bill

      Hey Ralph! If all the gun makers go out of business, who will police turn to for their weapons? Your 911 call will be really effective then!

      What a poor, timid soul.

    • Bill


      Who will provide arms to the police when all gun makers are shut down by your standards of decency? 911 calls will work great then, huh?

    • marty

      another uninformed idiot. gun ownership reduces crime ,in every place its done. explain Chicago to us,some of the most restritive gun laws and the highest gun murder rate, grow a pair ! ,guns are tools used for good and evil ,just like bats and hammers and other blunt insterments which are used in more murders than guns.

  • Mike Harman

    to Ralph-f,

    You comment is ironic since everything the left sells is via sex. Hollywood, commercials, porn (literally), "free love" without consequences, abortion (a by product of free sex), free birth control (to have more free sex). I see no reason why an attractive woman cannot attract men to a gun booth. If the reps were SEALs (users) you would complain about war. if they were competitive shooters you would complain about inbedded violence. The truth is that Nobama's policies and liberal ideas will ensure more gun/ammo sales than any NRA ad or booth could ever do…

  • Robert

    I agree with Ralph-f. Until these companies come clean and use only family friendly advertising, I want nothing to do with them. I fact, I'm done with G&A for showing this and running their sleezy ads in their magazine. I am unsubscribing now. You have lost another customer. Please do not attempt to contact me in the future.

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    Looked like it was a good time Guns,slutty girls,and booze.I would have bought some stuff,drank some drinks,and taken a slutty booth girl back to my hotel room.Too bad I couldn't go :-)) Thers always next year as long as Obama doesn't Executive Order our firearms,ammo,and high capacity magazines away.

  • Jay

    Porn?!? Haha Not sure what photos people saw, all I saw were some cute girls, a few holding some cool firearms! Girls have been at events forever: car shows, boat shows, gun shows, comic book shows, don't know how people can be so uptight. The show is for adults anyway, guns and girls, what could be better :)

  • Larry

    Oh, yeah. Where's the porn? I missed it.

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