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Using Shooting Gloves

by Kyle Lamb 0

The question often arises: Should I wear shooting gloves? The argument seems to be that if you are a civilian… more »


Hunting in Africa With the Merkel Helix RX

by Len Waldron 0

A single rifle, two barrels — one for big bullets, the other for small ones — and a plan for… more »


Beckstrand’s Favorite Remington Model 700

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Remington unveiled the Model 700 in 1962 (although the bulk of the design work was done in the ’40s with… more »


Honorable Service: SIG Sauer M11-A1 Review

by Eric R. Poole 0

The M11 compact service pistol is the U.S. military’s variant of the SIG Sauer P228. Though now retired from civilian… more »


American AUG: Steyr AUG A3 Review

by Eric R. Poole 0

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Steyr celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. Named for the Austrian city in which the… more »


The Royal Irish Constabulary Carbine

by Garry James 0

Over the years, many have pointed to Britain’s “unarmed” police forces as an example of what can be done to… more »


Seven Decades of the Weatherby Mark V

by Stan Trzoneic 0

Out of all the one-man operations in the past dealing with the making of rifles and related gear, Roy Weatherby’s… more »


Is Having Restrike Capability Worth It?

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Wagner’s opera “Siegfried” opens with the Mime forging a sword, which Siegfried, in testing, shatters. What use is a sword… more »


Meet Steve Hornady

by Joe Arterburn 0

Steve Hornady dismisses the notion he has been a pioneer in the ammunition-manufacturing industry, even though decades of innovations indicate… more »


CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster Review

by Richard Nance 0

Several years ago, CrossBreed Holsters popularized the hybrid holster market by combining a Kydex shell with a leather backer. Its… more »


Beretta M9A3 Handgun Review

by Tom Beckstrand 0

In case you haven’t heard, the military is looking for a new pistol. The program is called the Modular Handgun… more »


Boddington’s Bucket List Guns

by Craig Boddington 0

So, what guns should you shoot before you cast off this earthly veil? I suppose such a list would be… more »

Variable Power scopes

Why You Need a Variable Power Scope for Hunting

by Craig Boddington 0

Back in the 1960s, when I was a young shooter, variable-power riflescopes were fairly new and widely distrusted. In those… more »


The 1983 World IPSC Championship Top 16

by G&A Staff 0

The competitors in the 1983 IPSC World Shoot VI may have accomplished more for the gun industry than any other… more »


The Spanish-Built Ruby Pistol

by Garry James 0

Despite the fact that Europe had been expecting some sort of major conflict for almost 20 years, when war finally… more »


Review: LaserLyte Color Guard Trainer Target

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Over the course of writing The Shooter’s Bible Guide to Concealed Carry, I learned a great deal about what it takes… more »


Debunking the Myths of Appendix Carry

by Keith Wood 0

There are as many ways to carry a handgun as there are body types and all have their strengths and… more »


Review: SIG Sauer MCX

by Tom Beckstrand 0

More than ten years ago, I used two rifles daily in Afghanistan. My daytime rifle was a customized AK47 that… more »


Classics: Springfield 1911 Government Model

by Garry James 0

Today, the 1911 Government Model, in all its incarnations, is one of the most popular pistols in the world. However,… more »


Cars & Guns: A Look at Rock River Arms

by Eric R. Poole 0

Driving muscle cars is like shooting in a lot of ways. They are both quintessential Americana and signify control over… more »