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The view from the author’s blind with the expanded BDC reference chart for 6X pinned up. Together with a rangefinder and the Monarch 7 scope even shots way out there are easy.

Review: The New Nikon Monarch 7 Riflescope

by Eric R. Poole 0

We’re not supposed to pass on a buck on Day 1 that we’d be willing to shoot on the last… more »


Remington Timeline: 1934 – Guns of Bonnie & Clyde

by G&A Staff 0

April 1, 1934 was a quiet Easter morning for Texas Highway Patrol officers H.D. Murphy and Edward B. Wheeler as… more »


Remington Timeline: 1966 – Remington Firearms in Vietnam

by G&A Staff 0

The Vietnam War placed American troops into fighting conditions the military had not faced since the “War in the Pacific”,… more »


Remington Timeline: 1956 – Shooting Star: The Legend of Elmer Keith

by G&A Staff 0

Few writers have cut a more colorful swath through American gun culture than the legendary Elmer Keith. Over the years,… more »

Remington Timeline – 2016: Remington Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

by G&A Staff 0

It’s impossibly difficult to totally understand or absorb what changes have occurred in the United States of America over the… more »


Remington Timeline: 1960 – The New Face of Remington Custom Shop

by G&A Staff 0

Change is a constant in life and the firearms business, and so it isn’t really a huge surprise that the… more »


Remington Timeline: 2010 – Remington Introduces the Revolutionary Versa Max

by G&A Staff 0

Nobody enjoys recoil, which was the genesis of Remington’s revolutionary design of the Versa Max shotgun. Remington engineers started with… more »


Remington Timeline: 1962 – Remington Model 700 Bolt-Action Rifles

by G&A Staff 0

If one had to choose the milestone year that began the ascendance of Remington Arms Co. to the pinnacle it… more »


Remington Timeline: 1941 – Remington Goes to War

by G&A Staff 0

In 1941, when the United States needed firearms for its own troops, it called upon Remington. The company responded dramatically… more »


Remington Timeline: 1914 – World War I Begins

by G&A Staff 0

On June 28, 1914, the Crown Prince of Austria was assassinated while inspecting troops in the Austrian city of Serajevo,… more »


Remington Timeline: 1875 – Remington Guns of the Wild West

by G&A Staff 0

If our Civil War had been traumatic, then the immediate aftermath was equally so. While the fabric of the nation… more »


Remington Timeline: 1816 – Remington is Founded

by G&A Staff 0

When Eliphalet Remington I moved his family westward from Connecticut to upstate New York in 1800, it was a mere… more »


Classics: Kar 98k Mauser

by Garry James 0

From the time it was introduced, the Model 1898 Mauser, with its controlled feed bolt-action system was recognized for the… more »


Frank Hamer & The Rangers

by G&A Staff 0

A young Frank Hamer — the legendary lawman who helped bring down the notorious Bonnie and Clyde — wears a… more »


Mini Red Dot Sights for Pistols

by Chris Mudgett 0

We’ve gone from mammoth red dots seen on handguns as early as 1980 to this: the micro sight. When Aimpoint… more »


Charlie Wilson at War

by G&A Staff 0

The U.S. had nothing whatsoever to do with these people’s decision to fight,” said former Rep. Charlie Wilson, D-Tx., “but… more »


A History of Pistol-Mounted Red Dots

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Our editor, Eric Poole, made the mistake of asking me an open-ended question: “What do you remember about the early… more »


Get a (Good) Grip

by Kyle Lamb 0

Most of us grew up shooting a rifle of some sort, whether it was your first Crosman 760 pellet rifle… more »


Accuracy Testing a Rifle, Part Two

by Tom Beckstrand 0

In the first part of our accuracy-testing column, we covered the importance of building a good shooting position and how… more »


First Look: Nikon’s New Fieldscope

by Todd Smith 0

Hunting is all about getting close, but it’s also about being smart. Anyone who has spent time chasing sheep or… more »