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Ruger Mini-14 Now in .300 Blackout

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Ruger is adopting the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge into its product line by introducing a new version of the Mini-14 Tactical rifle, chambered… more »


2016 Presidential Election & Gun Owners

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During the past decade, we’ve seen retail stores cleaned out by the surging demand for firearms and ammo. In fact, a recent report… more »


Free Aimpoint Micro T-1 with LWRC Rifles

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LWRC has partnered with Aimpoint to launch a new limited-time Step Up Promotion, in which buyers purchasing select LWRC rifles… more »


Thompson/Center Arms Reintroduces G2 Contender Rifle & Pistol

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Thompson/Center Arms is bringing back its popular and versatile G2 Contender platform, now in a complete rifle or complete pistol… more »


Trijicon's New AccuPower Riflescopes

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For 2015, Trijicon is introducing an all-new line of sporting riflescopes designed to offer shooters superior optics for applications ranging… more »


Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Guns

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Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to thank the mothers in your life for all the great things they do for… more »


First Look: HK P30SK Subcompact

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Ahead of the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, Heckler & Koch has introduced the P30SK (“SubKompact”), a new 9mm… more »


SIG Sauer MPX Now Shipping

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SIG Sauer has announced that its highly anticipated MPX, first introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show, is now on its… more »


2015 NRA Show Preview

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CLICK HERE TO SEE NEW PRODUCTS FROM THE 2015 NRA SHOW The 2015 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits are set… more »


SIG Sauer Supersonic .300 Blackout Ammo

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Ever since SIG Sauer introduced its Elite Performance Ammunition line in 2014, the company has continued to update and expand its… more »


VIDEO: "Suitcase Gun" Assembles in Seconds

by Dusty Gibson 0

At first glance, you might think the CDR-15 rifle from DRD Tactical is just another AR-15 with a fancy paint… more »


New Optics-Ready Pistols from Kahr

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For the past year, engineers at Kahr Arms have been redesigning the company’s existing line of premium pistols, and the… more »

Flame-thrower. WW2 reenacting.Kiev,Ukraine

Top 10 Gun Movies on Netflix

by Keith Wood 0

If you like guns, you probably appreciate great gun movies. I’m talking about war movies with great battle scenes, crime dramas… more »


New "Pocket AK Pistol" in 7.62x39mm

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Heizer Defense is expanding its family of pocket pistols with the introduction of a new offering chambered in the 7.62x39mm cartridge…. more »

SIG FMJ Ammunition

SIG Sauer to Make FMJ Pistol Ammo

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SIG Sauer continues to expand its line of Elite Performance Ammunition to include full metal jacket (FMJ) centerfire pistol cartridges. The new FMJ… more »


Gun-Free Zones Film On Outdoor Channel

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Your browser does not support iframes./ In a life-threatening self-defense scenario, would you rather grab a gun or your cell phone?… more »


VIDEO: Nighthawk G&A Signature 1911

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CLICK HERE to bid on the Nighthawk Custom Guns & Ammo Signature 1911 serial number GA00001 at to support our veterans…. more »


Winchester's New Long Beard XR Magnums

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Winchester Ammunition is expanding its Long Beard XR turkey loads in 2015 to include a magnum option for hunters. Winchester created… more »


KDG's FN SCAR Adaptable Stock System

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Kinetic Development Group (KDG) has created a number of tactical solutions for the FN SCAR rifle platform, and the company… more »


POF-USA Introduces .308 D.I. Rifle

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Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) is well known for its innovation of the AR platform, and the company is continuing this… more »