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Home Defense: Ruger LCR .38 Special

by Craig Boddington 0

Over the years, the author comes to believe that the double-action revolver made the most sensible “reach for in the middle of the night” handgun.


Ankle Biters: Using Ankle Holsters

by G&A Staff 0

Ankle holsters offer an option when circumstances don’t allow belt carry.


TAR-21: Israel’s Tavor Spreads Its Wings

by James Tarr 0

The Israelis were looking for a new assault rifle, and after extensive testing, they chose the TAR-21, which stands for Tavor Assault Rifle—21st century.


Low-Light Shooting Tactics and Self-Defense

by G&A Staff 0

The confusion between self-defense and duty-oriented methods exists in many areas of firearms training, especially in the area of low-light tactics.


Red Dot Revolution

by Jeremy Stafford 0

In the firearms training world, I’ve seen many of the “next big things” fade away into obscurity or be replaced… more »


North American Arms The Earl .22LR/.22WMR

by Eric R. Poole 0

The North American Arms The Earl .22LR/.22WMR is a tiny tribute to life in the 1860s.


New Micro 9 Hits Hard and Carries Easy

by Richard Nance 0

Kimber’s New Micro 9 is a 1911-style defensive pistol that is easy to carry and delivers terminal performance. When it… more »


New Lightweight Holster Shines in 30-day Carry Test

by Eric R. Poole 0

Vedder Holsters’ LightDraw Kydex OWB proved super comfortable to carry in G&A’s exclusive 30-day carry test. Vedder Holsters is a… more »


Thompson/Center Contender Just Turned 50 And Is Still Going Strong

by Craig Boddington 0

The Thompson/Center Contender has been around for decades, and its versatility is still unmatched.


Handgunning: The Hip-Grip

by Patrick Sweeney 0

The Barami Hip-Grip is a simple device that serves as a grip replacement for revolvers, making them easy to holster.

The Croatian VHS bullpup comes in two flavors: the full-length VHS-D or the carbine-length VHS-K.

VHS: Croatia’s Unique Bullpup Carbine

by G&A Staff 0

The development of the VHS started in 2005, and an early prototype surfaced in 2006.


2017 Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards

by G&A Staff 0

Guns and Ammo recognizes the best of the new and innovative for 2017.


Barrett Model 90, 95 and 99: The Most Powerful Bullpups in the World

by Eric R. Poole 0

A look into the history of Barrett’s Model 90, 95 and 99.

The QBZ95 is surprisingly light and balanced for a bullpup, thanks to its unique barrel-centric internal design. It was also specifically designed to be capable of one-hand firing on or off the shoulder with some accuracy, which could be useful in CQB situations.

China’s Assault Rifle: QBZ95

by G&A Staff 0

The QBZ95 is surprisingly light and balanced for a bullpup, thanks to its unique barrel-centric internal design.

Vedder’s Cobra® Quick-Release Gun Belt eliminates the need for users to adjust the length of the belt each time it’s put on. The belt is very stiff, which is necessary for carrying the weight of a loaded pistol. $60

30-Day Carry: New Rig is Less Bulky and Highly Versatile

by Eric R. Poole 0

G&A’s editor wore Vedder’s LightTuck Kydex IWB for 30 days straight. Here’s what he discovered. Hailing from central Florida, Vedder… more »


Affordable New Riflescope Is Loaded With Features

by G&A Staff 0

Steiner’s T5Xi line offers German quality at an affordable price It used to be that if you wanted Steiner’s top-of-the-line… more »

Steiner’s P4Xi 1-4X variable offers excellent quality for the price and is ideal for scoping your AR-15.

New Tactical Riflescope: Great Quality and Price

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Steiner’s 1-4x24mm P4Xi is the perfect match for your modern sporting rifle. Every once in a while, an optic comes… more »

While it’s probably not a shotgun you’ll go pheasant hunting with, the KSG-25 is perfect for home defense offering massive firepower. It’s also fun to shoot.

Why This May Be the Best Tactical Shotgun Ever

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Kel-Tec’s new KSG-25 rewrites the book on defensive scatterguns with extended, dual tube magazines that hold 20 rounds of 3-inch,… more »


FS2000: Carbine on the Move

by J. Guthrie 0

How Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal’s FS2000 has made its way into being the choice of dozens of modern militaries.


Khaybar: Iran’s 5.56mm Assault Rifle

by G&A Staff 0

In 2003, the Iranian Defense Industries Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran introduced a modern-looking bullpup. It was heralded as a major achievement of the Iranian defense industry.