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Run Two Miles and Shoot a Handgun!

by Brock Norman   |  June 6th, 2011 6

David Fortier visits Ft. Benning for the United States Army Small Arms Championship. The pistol phase of the “Assault Team Match” combines physical stress with marksmanship.

  • SFC(ret) Steven Shap

    I shot USACAM in 1992 at Ft. Benning and in 1995 at Camp Robinson. Myself and teammates all were multidisiplined.

    And participated in 2-3 disciplines each. Both years there was arun similar to the one in the video. I was amember of the 94th arcom"s team.

  • ntrudr_800

    Hmmmm, physical stress + target practice. Makes more sense than Cherry Coke!

  • Gary Emch

    I really like this. I served eight years eight months active duty then another four to five years in the Army, Navy, and Air Force Rerserves before a degenerative injury from my service days put me out. Man I wish I were physically able and young enough to try this.

  • englishbob

    Ah, this brings back memories!

    Back in the 80's and 90's when I served with the British Army, this form of activity was regular and known as "March and Shoot". 3 mile speed march, then a 500 yard obstacle couse, immediately followed by a weapons test!

    If any of you fellas had served in the UK on exchange tors and the like, that's why there was invariably a range at the end of every assault course!

    • centermass556

      Englishbob…the units I have been in, this is a regular practice also..We call it stress fire. We don't do the obstacle course, but we do significantly raise the heart rate. Its a great teaching tool for a brand new soldier who just shot expert and then can't even hit the 50M target after a good 15 minutes of calisthenics….

      • Mack Missiletoe

        Gee, thanks. Kinda sounds like real life.

        I need to run more…

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