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Gear Guide: Best Ways to Trick Out Your AR-15

by Dusty Gibson   |  September 17th, 2013 34

Maj. Gen. William H. Rupertus definitely got it right when he penned, “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”

While most AR-15s will likely never see combat, the Rifleman’s Creed emphasizes the importance of building a bond with your rifle, learning how it works and respecting it as a best friend or brother.

Every AR-15 owner’s agenda should include copious amounts of shooting, cleaning and tinkering. Getting to know a particular rifle inside and out ultimately translates to operating it more effectively.

For many, tricking out an AR-15 is the perfect way to personalize a rifle and simultaneously build a bond with it. The amount of interchangeable and aftermarket parts available today make the platform an open canvas for infinite customizations. Most folks who buy a new AR-15 usually have plans for how to accessorize it before they even bring it home. Others build theirs from scratch with superior components right out of the gate.

Those who have an eye for the AR-15 platform can appreciate how small details really make one rifle stand out from another. While some high-end accessories cost more than an entire rifle, the average enthusiast is usually looking to add form and function at a reasonable price.

As per Maj. Gen. Rupertus’ wisdom, those looking to make a rifle their own must learn its parts and accessories. Take a look at some of the best ways to trick out your AR-15, and transform it into something you can proudly call “my rifle.”

  • name

    What gives? I can only view these slideshows for the 1st and 2nd pic then it hangs up. What a pain.

    • Dean

      when in dought re-boot

    • DustyG223

      Thanks for your feedback. Our web development team is working on a fix now. What browser are you using?

      • TexBaggs

        You web dev guys should test with every available browser, and on Windows and MAC platforms well before adding any additional ads. By asking which browser is like admitting poor testing before implementation. It’s not the customers job to find bugs after your page in in production.
        Thanks for letting me vent! :)

    • Dee

      Agree, only way I found to view the slides was to refresh.

  • paul

    The annoying advertisements in the right column are superimposed on TOP of the text which makes it impossible to read the comments on the pictures. This must be fixed!

    • Al Wilson

      I agree! I’ve spent the last 5 minutes trying to get rid of it. :(

    • DustyG223

      Thanks for letting us know, our web development team is working on a fix now.

    • DustyG223

      Thanks for letting us know, our web development team is working on a fix now. What browser are you using?

      • Carolyn Bauer Gramm

        Internet Explorer 10. The Guns & Ammo ad and video and everything below them overlay the right two inches of the article text.

    • Cody

      Works for me just fine!

    • huntervic

      Brain Beatings

      These jam it in your face ads are a big bother. You jam it in my face and I won’t buy your stuff, at all.

    • Dieter Gould

      I don’t have a problem with them… You might want to get a larger Monitor. Possible a 21 or 22 inch…

  • 2War Abn Vet

    There’s a reason ” most AR-15s will likely never see combat”. They’re sporting rifles not combat weapons; no matter how many times lib/socialists claim otherwise.

  • Grnyammer

    I’m running IE 10 and the add blocks the last part of the written text.

  • Kevin A

    I really enjoyed the article up until the last paragraph of each picture description which was obscured by this freaking advertisement panel. Good article, poor website design.


    Dusty: What brand and model of Flashlight is this? Thanks

    • DustyG223

      That’s a now-discontinued SureFire M900 Series with a clamp-on filter.

      • FUBAR

        Figures! Seems like every time I find something I really like, it is no longer made! :-( Is there anything else out there that is comparable? Also, what kind of stock, fore grip and Eotech model are on this rifle? I really like this particular set-up. Just needs a suppressor. Thanks for the reply Dusty…. I appreciate it.

        • DustyG223

          Glad to help. As far as lights, check out the SureFire Scout M300, M600 or Elzetta ZFL-M60. The stock is a Vltor EMOD, and the foregrip is from TangoDown. I believe the optic is an EoTech 512. When it comes to EoTechs on a carbine, I prefer the EoTech XPS 2-1 for its single-dot reticle and more compact profile.

      • jim

        hey just getting into AR’s,what brand is that? I particularly like that American flag!

        • jim

          Actually I like the whole set up!

  • omning

    Try out for checking out accessories/color combos/camo on your ar15

  • Cdn Phil

    You guys should check out Mission First Tactical gear. American made and excellent quality with a great range of products. it gets a better independent reviews by customers up here than some much more known brands.

  • GunGuy

    I agree. I tried to read on an iPad and you have annoying ads superimposed over the right 2/3 of the text and cant get rid of it.

  • balloo93

    You guys do realize that the MBUS held up better than any of the metal back up iron sights in a independent drop test right? The only exception were metal flip ups that did not lock in the upright position. The MBUS sights had a small amount of give and therefore absorbed the blow better.

  • Christiano

    Also, I will like to add that the AR-15 rifle is available in a wide range of configurations from a
    large number of manufacturers. These configurations range from short
    carbine-length models with features such as adjustable length stocks and
    optical sights, to heavy barrel models.

  • ebrima

    oh no,all this is just for killings
    so plz no more blood shed in

  • ebrima

    dangerous weapon,
    it has nor mercy neither good

    • 1LTLos

      Silly person, I have personally abruptly halted two late night break-ins from developing into all out losses of life and property because the first thing I did after being assaulted at my front door in 1999 was to purchase a Colt AR 15. The firearm shows no mercy but I did. The lousy chimps on probation were up to no good by sticking with the crime style they know best – but I got them a few more years in the slammer.

    • Jack

      So is a knife. What about the 22 students killed by one guy with a knife. You didn’t hear about that all over the news did you? They and you just want to focus your hate towards guns.

  • Jimbob

    only one way to make it Unique.

  • j-rod

    anyone know where to get that custom safety? its the 6th picture.

    • jrod

      and does anyone have any info on getting a stippling tool

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