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G&A’s Holiday Gift Guide for Modern Sporting Rifles

by G&A Online Editors   |  November 20th, 2013 3

Those of us who own AR-15s understand the sense of pride we take in accessorizing our modern sporting rifles. There’s always a new piece of gear out there to make rifles more personalized and enjoyable.

Whether you’re creating your own wish list or shopping for someone else, G&A has you covered. Come range time, our holiday gift guide for modern sporting rifles will have you singing yuletide carols to the tune of your favorite rifle.


  • John C Sell Jr

    I must really laugh at the VCOG. 2 of my ARs together do not cost what that 1 optic costs. There may be a few people that can justify that but I know I can’t and the majority of the people I know can’t and if they could, they would rather spend it on another gun, ammo, and other accessories including a nice but affordable optic.

    • Rafael

      Agree John! I don’t like optic’s. I believe that is a great tool for someone with bad sight to stay in the game longer. But 2,270.00 for a scope,is a waste of money. Especially when you can get a real good decent one for under 500.
      Scopes do not guarantee you hit the target!!!

  • pope

    Santa carrying a piece? how offensic=ve to all catholics !!!!

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