The newest additions to Sig Sauer’s line of elite performance ammo are .38 Special, .44 S&W Special and .45 Colt.

In 2004, Sig Sauer entered the ammunition market with its Elite Performance line of ammunition. This year, Sig is introducing its first revolver ammunition for personal defense in three popular cartridges: .38 Special, .44 S&W Special and 45 Colt.

“With the recent proliferation of small frame revolvers for personal defense, the demand for ammunition in these calibers is growing significantly,” said Dan Powers, president of Sig Sauer’s Ammunition Division.  “Sig Sauer continues to expand caliber offerings for handgun shooters, which now includes the revolver market, and there will be introductions of additional revolver calibers in the coming weeks.”

All three calibers of Sig’s elite performance ammo are available in the Sig V-Crown jacketed hollow point round. Sig Sauer’s proprietary V-Crown stacked hollow point is designed specifically for personal defense, and promises maximum accuracy, reliable, uniform expansion and optimal terminal performance.

The .38 Special load will use a 125-gr JHP with a muzzle of velocity of 900 fps; .44 S&W Special will feature a 240-gr JHP with a muzzle velocity of 800 fps, and 45 Colt will use a 230-gr. JHP at 950 fps. Sig’s V-Crown bullets use a toothed cannelure on the bullet’s shank to prevent jacket separation and low flash propellants are used to protect the shooter’s night vision.


In addition to the three initial loads of elite performance ammunition offered for self-defense, the company is also producing Sig FMJ full metal jacket loads in .38 Special.  Designed specifically for practice and competition shooting, these premium target rounds feature solid brass cases and durable, copper-jacketed bullets that remain intact on impact.

The precise, uniform profile of the SIG FMJ bullets results in maximum accuracy and consistency, while dependable primers and clean burning powders are used for reduced barrel fouling with more reliable functioning. The muzzle velocity for the FMJ loads is identical to the FMJ ammo so recoil and point of impact should be very similar.

Sig’s brass cases are coated with a product they call DUCTA–BRIGHT 7A, which helps prevent corrosion and ensures slick ejection of spent cases. All of Sig’s Elite Performance ammunition is manufactured in the United States by Sig Sauer.


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