The G&A online staff was able to get a look at three new LWRCI rifles for 2013. First, the LWRCI Six8 UCIW (Ultra Compact Individual Weapon) rifle, while early identical to most ARs, features a blown-up mag well and upper receiver to accommodate its 30-round Magpul 6.8x43mm magazine, available exclusively through LWRCI. The Six8 also features an 8-inch barrel, a shortened UCIW stock and buffer system and is fully ambidextrous, featuring ambidextrous safeties, bolt catches and mag releases built into the rifle.

LWRCI also introduced its 16-inch LWRCI SPR, which features a longer, modular rail system and will also be proprietary to 6.8x43mm, rather than a modified 5.56 rifle.

Finally, we got a look at the LWRCI IC (Individual Carbine), which features the same ambidextrous lower—with ambi safeties, bolt catches and mag releases—along with a mono-forged upper receiver, which features a barrel extension integrated into the upper receiver, eliminating the barrel nut and featuring a torque ring that allows for more precise torque settings, and makes the upper receiver lighter and more rigid.

Check out the video straight from the 2013 SHOT Show.


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