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G&A Man on the Street: Biggest Challenge Facing Sportsmen?

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 17th, 2012 27

Our friends at have been polling their readers for weeks now on what shooters, hunters and outdoorsmen think is their biggest obstacle in 2012. Thousands have turned in their two cents, and it seems that over half (50.5 percent to be exact) think gun control should be the primary battle. We agree.

But this is a reader poll, we get no say in the matter. So, the G&A online editors decided to take one of the most interesting topics swirling around the 2012 election to the people that matter most: NRA members.

Check out our first ever “G&A Man on the Street” from the floor of the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis, Mo., and see if you agree with the responses. Be sure to include your own below.

On the lighter side, see if you can spot the celebrities (TV, internet and otherwise) that appear in our video. If you can, tell us in the comments and you could win a Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit.


  • Mikey

    The guys from Swamp People are in this video.

  • Brian R.

    The first winner of Top Shot, Fateofdestinee, Swamp People, Hickok45

  • Rob

    Hickok45, fateofdestinee, Jacob Landry, Troy Landry

  • Ryan

    Hickok45, Fateofdestinee, Jacob Landry, Troy Landry and Ian Harrison (Top Shot Season 1 winner) are the ones I spotted.

  • John

    Costs. I looked at a Benelli M4 today and the guy wanted $2000. I can't afford that, and the entire marketplace seems to be driven by fear. In 2009, 2010, and 2011 we were continually assured that Obama and the Government were going to seize all the guns or whatever. They didn't. They didn't even try. The country is in a close enough split politically, that there just doesn't seem to be enough momentum to justify big changes in the status of gun ownership. Also, the court SCOTUS will be a huge player, in it's present configuration for years, and they show no appetite for bans, registration or the like. Yet the scream goes on and the price of guns and availability of ammo and components just keep rising. We just concluded a war, folks. We should be seeing tons of overrun ammo on the market. But…

    Following the money, which they always tell us to do in those cool FBI movies and TV shows and you find the big profiteers are manufacturers and distributers are making big bucks, and very likely stoking the fire

  • madgorilla

    The biggest danger is the Obama administration getting reelected. Obama has vowed to gut the 2nd Amendment, and if he gets a second term, there will be nothing to hold him back. That fear is what is fueling the ever increasing sales of guns and ammo, and its only going to get worse the closer we get to November.

    • Fanoffirearms

      @Madgorilla – Where and when did Obama "vow to gut the 2nd amendment"?

      • madgorilla

        Both of his Supreme Court nominees are anti-gun, his administration has signed on to the UN anti-gun initiatives, and a bunch of other little things around the edges that nobody is paying attention to. He knows he can't go at it directly unless he gets reelected. Then he has no constraints. He has already demonstrated that he is willing to use Executive Orders to bypass Congress and the Constitution. He signed a bill recently that will let him declare martial law for nearly any reason. Under martial law he can suspend all kinds of rights without actually repealing them. Who is going to nay say him?

        • BJC

          I guess they didn't like my first comment. All I'll say is we need to vote to keep the UN out and America our country.

        • Guest

          1) The UN doesn't write the laws in the US.
          2)"…he has no constraints". We have 3 branches of government. Learn how they work.
          3) "Who is going to nay say him". See #2

          • madgorilla

            You really are naive, aren't you? His healthcare bill is unconstitutional but that didn't stop them from enacting it. His father was not a U.S. citizen, making him ineligible to be president, but he got elected didn't he? It doesn't matter how illegal the things are that he does, as long as there is nobody with balls big enough to challenge him. The media certainly isn't going to, nor will the Democrats. Even the judiciary is giving him cover. If he wins in November, and no longer has to worry about reelection, what's to stop him from doing whatever he feels like doing?

      • Dixie-Rebel

        Numerious times. Read the new book "Fast and Furious" It is full of quotes by him.

    • Mitch

      John is right, costs are the biggest concern. Costs that are being fueled by fear from the Gun and ammo companys and the fear of Obama being reelected. That same fear happened in 2008. I have not seen any proof that Obama is going after our guns. In fact just the opposite when he signed the bill allowing guns in our national parks. Even if he wanted to gut the 2nd Admenment, he doesn't have that power.

  • Richard

    There are only two problems : rust and politicians. And alas, not in that order.

  • Bulldog

    How about OLD RUSTY politicians?

  • Cptkeybrd

    like the alligator hunter said, the most important thing now is that we all stick together to preserve our rights.

  • mp5

    The Landry Boys, Swamp People, Fateofdestinee, Hickok45, and my fellow Mayor & Villian par-excellance, Bloomberg from New York appear to be in the video clip. You can see him with a white shirt,
    ID tag with assumed name around his neck and a dark unzipped jacket. He walks to the right of the screen during the interview of the woman sportster who says, "I am a little bit 'newer' to the sport." Caught you Mikey!

    • Bimmerstuff

      That couldn't possibly be Michael Bloomberg. That man wasn't surrounded by several armed security guards! Besides, I don't think anyone was allowed to be armed inside the convention center due to local laws preventing it. That is, unless you're one of the "Other Ones" that get to carry defensive arms anywhere they want to…

    • BJC

      Bloomburg would never support the convention.

  • Florida grandpa

    we in Florida have mucn pubic land to hunt on but you have to pay for range time or be in a club to shoot to get better at the sport.

  • John Fraser

    Seeing the comments about Obama and "his Agenda" never cease to amaze me. It is nothing more than far right wing propaganda to inflame Gun owners and instill fear in them. The entire argument revolves around his getting re-elected.
    They are meant to scare voters to only vote for his opponent. Who has flip-flopped on so many issues he is unreadable on ANY topic.
    It is shameful.
    The Travon Martin case is going to be used by the left wingnuts to TRY; I repeat TRY; to use this as an excuse to ban guns. Sad. But the only ones who would be hurt by stricter gun legislation are the honest caring LEGAL gun owners. It will barely put a dent or even a scuff on those who buy illegal weapons.
    I know there are many GnW readers who are bright enough to see through the smokescreen that is being put out to scare us.

  • John Fraser

    I apologize It wasn't GnW but GnA.

  • Frank Sladek

    The last guy in your video is correct. Gun Owners must “hang together” or we’ll all get “hung separately.”
    All of the comments had value, but we must all remember that the First Amendment is protected by the
    Second Amendment. AND YES we nee to prevent a 2nd. term for Barry. He’ll stack the Courts & has
    already proven to be a “Manchurian Candidate."

  • Alan_T

    The sportsmen who feel that prices and access to land are the biggest challenges won't have to worry about their concerns if Obama is reelected , because we won't have a 2nd Amendment any more . If you don't believe that , you are either naive , fooling yourself or working for the " other side " . All you have to do is look at what Rahm Emanuel ( Obama's former Chief of Staff ) is trying to pull in Illinois right now .

  • Team sarge

    The more big government gets involved the more used guns will be purchased and the fewer gun registrations will be turned in". In the past year people are saying To hell with the government and the courts we will never give up our guns". Also most everyone I know are not spending $50.00 to get a concealed carry permit. thhey have been carrying for years and have no intention of stopping.

  • missvixen1969

    I agree with most of the guys and gals in this video. It's the government and the people who don't know anything about the sport of shooting or guns. I saw Tom and Jacob Landry from Swapm People (which by the way, what they do is very important!) Also Greg Hickok45 and Lain Harrison (1st Top Shot winner).

  • Chuck

    I think there is no doubt that millions of Americans are responding to the state of the Country under the Obama administration,the corruption in Congress,the fear of terrorism but most importantly the taking of our freedoms,a huge central Government,civil disobedience all which seem to be the policies of a very sick time in America!!

    No one feels safe,many are angry. It's not just the extremists on the left that are outraged. The American citizen is also outraged as we are becoming the very same thing that millions came here to escape.

    We see a man who is taking our freedoms. We see a man who uses class warfare,racism, and spews hatred for millions who live by the Constitution and see it perverted every day!

    We see a government that would use our own military,our police,the justice dept,the institutions that are sworn to protect us as a threat rather than with pride!!

    Tyranny,bankruptcy,abuse of "executive order",higher taxes,50 million people on food stamps,blacks killing whites,whites killing blacks.

    The mood of the country is fear,hopelessness,anger and that is why many who would not own a weapon(s) feel compellws to do so. I own protection for myself,my kids,my wife,my friends and all of those who will "live free or die"

    It's on every license plate made in the great state of New Hampshire.

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