Our friends at SportsmenVote.com have been polling their readers for weeks now on what shooters, hunters and outdoorsmen think is their biggest obstacle in 2012. Thousands have turned in their two cents, and it seems that over half (50.5 percent to be exact) think gun control should be the primary battle. We agree.

But this is a reader poll, we get no say in the matter. So, the G&A online editors decided to take one of the most interesting topics swirling around the 2012 election to the people that matter most: NRA members.

Check out our first ever “G&A Man on the Street” from the floor of the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis, Mo., and see if you agree with the responses. Be sure to include your own below.

On the lighter side, see if you can spot the celebrities (TV, internet and otherwise) that appear in our video. If you can, tell us in the comments and you could win a Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit.


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