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California Senate Approves Package of Gun Control Bills

by Dylan Polk   |  June 3rd, 2013 23
California gun legislation

California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, second from left, discusses a package of proposed gun control legislation at a Feb. 7 news conference in Sacramento, Calif. (Rich Pedroncelli/The Associated Press)

California has never been known as a haven for gun owners and outdoorsmen, and it looks like the Golden State’s reputation is about to be tarnished even more.

On Wednesday, the California Senate approved a package of seven gun control bills by a 22-14 vote, the latest wave of anti-gun legislation introduced in direct response to the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Among these is SB 53, a bill that would require a background check for anyone purchasing ammunition. In addition, buyers would need to submit their information and a $50 fee to the California Department of Justice, which would keep a record of “qualified” buyers. Buyers would then need to present a driver’s license or ID to buy ammo after that.

“To purchase a product that has the potential to maim or kill another human being you can (now) walk into a gun store, no questions asked, I think that’s a little outrageous,” Sen. Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, told the Los Angeles Times.

Not all Democrats were as gung-ho as De Leon, however. Sen. Roderick Wright, D-Inglewood, citing Americans’ right to own firearms, said the right to purchase ammunition to go with that firearm is “implied” in the Second Amendment.

Also included in the package is SB 374, which would ban the sale, purchase and manufacture of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. Subjects—er, citizens who own such rifles would be required to register the firearms with the state.

Furthermore, the Senate approved SB 396, a bill banning magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds; magazines may not be grandfathered in. In addition, the Senate passed SB 47, which would ban the so-called “bullet button,” a device gun manufacturers have placed on California-legal ARs—which do not have detachable magazines—which pops the mag out of the rifle when the tip of a bullet is inserted, similar to a typical mag release on any AR model. Because the device does not operate by the user’s finger, it is not legally considered a detachable magazine.

Other measures included:

  • SB 755: Anyone convicted of additional drug or alcohol offenses would be barred from owning a firearm.
  • SB 567: Shotgun-rifle combinations would be added to the list of already banned shotguns.
  • SB 683: In addition to handgun purchases, a firearms safety certificate would be required for rifle purchases as well.
  • SB 299: Gun owners would be required to inform law enforcement officials when a gun is lost or stolen within 48 hours, punishable by a $100 fine.
  • SB 293: Borrowing from the latest James Bond film, SB 293 would require all firearms sold in California to be sold with “owner-authorized” technology—such as biometric readers—to prevent anyone other than the owner from operating the firearm.

The approved legislation will head to the state Assembly before making its way to California Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. There’s still hope that these measures won’t make it that far, but given California’s torrid relationship with outdoorsmen, that seems rather unlikely.

If you’re a Californian looking to relocate—or if you want to see how good you’ve got it in your state—check out our 50 best states for gun owners in 2013.

  • Daniel

    What about functional antique muzzle loaders? Can I open carry those?? Loaded??? =-)

    • bryan_herbert

      Open Carry no longer allowed in California, period.

      • Matt Surber

        prior military and military are still promited

  • bryan_herbert

    This CA DOJ report from 2011 shows how incompetent our lawmakers are.

    While looking over the pie charts and bar graphs you will notice data gathered over the last 10 years by the Department of Justice shows not only do we not have an ‘assault weapons’ problem, we do not have a rifle or shotgun problem either. So why has Sen. Feinstein and other lawmakers chosen to ban modern rifles like the AK-47 and the ever popular AR-15? Why did our state legislature choose to author 32 new gun bills in response to the Sandy Hook shooting? Why ban bullet buttons, 30 round magazines and cosmetic features like pistol grips? Why reclassify certain shotguns as ‘assault weapons’ because of Picatinny rails and hand straps? We have had AKs and ARs in California for YEARS… the cartels could have brought non-CA. legal versions in from other states or even Mexico at ANY TIME if they wanted to – and gun related crimes still continue to drop, as much as 40% across the state. Yet, our lawmakers continue to adopt and amend gun laws, ban firearms and those who carry out these laws continue to deny concealed weapons permits to law abiding citizens because they don’t have ‘just cause’.

    With a 5-7 minute response time from the police and a state law that says I cant take my gun out to the carport to confront a burglar breaking into my car or someone assaulting a family member because the carport is not attached to my apartment therefore its not part of my home. I’m not sure its worth staying in California and fighting anymore. Hell, some guy broke into my neighbors apartment Saturday afternoon, another neighbor saw it happening and called 911. The suspect got away on a bicycle before the police showed up – its a good thing that guy wasn’t there to kill someone! Like my other neighbor who was stabbed to death last December after going outside to investigate a car alarm. The cops couldn’t get there fast enough and he bled out in the driveway.

    I have family and friends in Nevada and Arizona, I think its time to dig up my native roots and replant them where they’re appreciated.

    • darrell_b8

      The left wants you defenseless so they can have their way with you. If you don’t like it, whatcha gonna do about it?? Also, their ‘minority’ partners can then have a free for all getting your ‘stuff’; whatcha gonna do about it? It takes almost an hour for police to respond to a call in Detroit. But the cops have GREAT pay and pension. Whatcha gonna do about that?

  • fsa0033

    Really don’t want any of those Californians coming over here to stay. They messed up their state by voting for those morons. Biometric…they’ll just cut off your finger or the ring to use it. Nice.

    • Cole Johnson

      Not all of us voted for these UnConstitutional cowards!!! Every time i talk to frankenfeinstein about any of this, she cuts me off and starts the ” I believe this is best” speech! She does not care or listen to the voters! So some of us Commiefornians are moving! And we are coming to your state or a state near you! The ones moving to your neighborhood are not the ones voting for these Aholes! So please, give us a break and do not judge us by those who got what they voted for! We are not the bad guys! We did not vote for these atrocities called politicians! Thank You for your cooperation!

  • Sparten1

    CA is a classic example of “if it doesn’t work, keep doing it and expect different results.”

  • Guest

    SB293, when did they actually start to make and sell signature guns?

  • HopingForSanity

    de Leon has always been a fool. Clearly doesn’t understand the Constitution and the reasoning behind its provisions. Guess he was too busy screwing off since he went to UCSB, aka the University of Sex and Beer, but actually got his degree from some second rate HS-with-ashtrays college

  • Michael Broening

    california the moron state..lmao..what a bunch of dumbfcukers!!!!!!! if i lived there it would be time to move the hell out thats for sure..what a bunch of dumb ass liberals..lmao

  • Leatherstocking

    Well California, many engineers (including this one) have moved from California because of your destruction (not infringement) of our second amendment rights. California companies are pushing hard for more H1B visas to bring in foreign engineering talent (from places that have no gun rights) because they can’t find American engineers to do the work. Perhaps if they were not passing these destructive bills they could create an environment where Americans would be comfortable living in.

  • Tim

    Well here is another not free state just like New York. It seems these states are being lead by people from Cuba or North Korea. Suppress all freedoms to the people living in these two states. Well, look at who the leaders of the states and that says it all.

  • BJC

    As far as I’m concerned if there were an earth quake that sinks Ca into the ocean it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Ca is full of stupid anti American people and politicians. I would only let the people who disagree with the anti gun politicians out before the quake.

  • Carl Petite Sr.

    If the idiots really pass this piece of manure, we will leave this state and not even look behind for fear of being turned into a pillar of salt. When the real wage earners finally leave, who will pay for the misfits left behind?, I will not be part of this stupidity any longer, I came here in ’55 and only family has kept me here, if they would get their collective heads in order they would leave as well. An original Democrat, turned very proud Republican.

  • JiminGA

    Welcome to the peoples Republic of California, where unicorns roam free (after a roaming fee) and privileged teens try suicide because they were refused permission to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. And that old piece of paper on display in DC (the Constitution) isn’t relative to today. All this anti-gun, freedom crushing by state governments will keep the SCOTUS busy for years.

  • Chris Allyn

    They left a loophole. Go to another state and buy it. Bring it back. According to CA law, it is allowed unless it is a prohibited round.

    • Follower of JESUS


  • NicePiece

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say the British Government had a foot-hold in California.

  • Ryan

    Why do people still live here? They also passed a bill giving the OK to give licenses to illegal immigrants. LEAVE THIS STATE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! I won’t even vacation here anymore, I won’t be giving them any more of my hard earned money from this point forward!

  • John Kline

    sounds great

  • Jeff Shouse

    Aaaaaah… Fascism .

  • Thomas F. McDonald

    hahahahah, the gangs will run the state, just take your locks off your doors, ladies be ready to be raped, the state won’t save you and the Police will be there first thing in the morning,

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