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Safe Haven: Gun-Free Zones Documentary Airs on Outdoor Channel

by G&A Online Editors 0

Your browser does not support iframes./ In a life-threatening self-defense scenario, would you rather grab a gun or your cell phone?… more »


Guns of The Iditarod Trail

by Peter B. Mathiesen 0

If you asked any musher on the Iditarod Trail about their biggest worry, you may be surprised to hear that… more »


First Look: SureFire XC1 Pistol Light

by G&A Online Editors 0

For 2015, SureFire has introduced a new compact pistol light, the company’s smallest and most compact to date. The new… more »


Field Test: Mini Red Dot Sights for Concealed Carry

by Jeremy Cantrell 4

Without a doubt, one of the most noteworthy “gun porn” moments from my youth was when Arnold Schwarzenegger acquired “the… more »


G&A Basics: 5 Tips for New Concealed Carry Holders

by Richard Nance 10

Its often said that carrying a concealed handgun is a lifestyle. Truer words have never been spoken. Adding a concealed… more »


First Look: Taurus Curve

by G&A Staff 217

Rather than develop another pistol that requires people to conform around the dimensions of a gun, the new Taurus Curve conforms around the… more »


Best States for Concealed Carry 2014

by G&A Staff 142

It has been nearly 30 years since Florida started the CCW ball rolling across the nation and the modern concealed… more »

right to bear arms

Federal Judge: D.C. Gun Carry Ban Unconstitutional

by G&A Online Editors 10

On July 26, 2014, a landmark decision by a federal judge in the District of Columbia (D.C.) struck down the… more »


First Look: Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard Handguns with Crimson Trace Lasers

by G&A Online Editors 5

Smith & Wesson has teamed up with Crimson Trace to enhance the M&P Bodyguard line of handguns with integrated laser sighting systems. Built… more »


First Look: SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

by G&A Staff 9

Ammo choices just got wider with SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition. Yes, you read that right; SIG Sauer is now… more »


At the Range: Executive Protection Tactics

by Guns & Ammo TV 1

Like it or not, we’re surrounded by deadly threats every day. Threats become even more common with executives, celebrities and… more »


How to Choose Concealed Carry Insurance

by Chris Hendrix 40

Most of us carry at least one insurance policy. Whether that policy covers your home, your car, your health or… more »


G&A Basics: How to Reload Handguns

by Guns & Ammo TV 2

Keeping rounds in your handgun in personal defense and competition scenarios is vital when engaging targets. Each situation warrants a… more »

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser

Revisiting a Classic: The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser

by Patrick Sweeney 0

The message was intriguing, but it also brought with it a reminder of the passage of time. LaserMax wanted me… more »


First Look: Remington R51 Sub-Compact Pistol

by G&A Staff 80

New for 2014, the Remington R51 Sub-Compact pistol was designed as a modern version of Remington’s original Model 51. Originally… more »


The Best Home Defense Lasers at Every Price Point

by Keith Wood 12

When laser sights became widely available to consumers more than a decade ago, I didn’t pay them much attention. They… more »


Update: Springfield Armory XD-S Recall

by G&A Online Editors 29

In Aug. 2013, Springfield Armory issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols. Springfield Armory… more »

laserlyte plinking cans

First Look: LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

by Dusty Gibson 14

Anyone who has ever practiced dry-firing knows about the anti-climactic nature of standing in their living room, repeatedly drawing a… more »

Personal Defense TV Range Drill

Personal Defense TV: 2x2x2 Range Drill

by Personal Defense TV 3

To quickly incapacitate an assailant, shot placement is critical. Delivering multiple shots to vital areas of the body in a… more »

Carl Sanders

Read & React: Indiana Pastor Pulls Gun on Robber

by G&A Online Editors 20

A little faith in the Lord goes a long way when faced with a potentially deadly situation, and that faith… more »

Mossberg 500 Flex Home Defense Shotgun

G&A Perspective: Why the Mossberg 500 is the Best Home Defense Shotgun of All Time

by Brad Fitzpatrick 97

Today’s consumer has a wide variety of choices when selecting a defensive shotgun, but which of these guns earns the… more »

San Antonio burglary

Read & React: Would-Be Burglar Killed by Homeowner, Neighbor

by G&A Online Editors 13

A San Antonio homeowner gave a would-be burglar the chance to leave, police say. Instead, the criminal ran at one… more »

French jeweler

Read & React: French Jeweler Shoots Robber, Charged with Murder

by G&A Online Editors 72

Generally speaking, most of the self-defense stories we hear about come from the United States. It’s interesting, then, when international… more »


Caracal International Recalls All Model C Pistols

by G&A Online Editors 0

Caracal International, LLC has issued a major recall of all Model C pistols. On Mar. 28, Caracal originally recalled only a… more »

Jon Lewis Alexander

Read & React: Liquor Store Clerk Pulls Gun on Robber

by G&A Online Editors 6

The term “badass” gets thrown around a lot these days, usually for Hollywood poster boys who pretend to be tough… more »


Springfield Armory Issues Safety Recall for XD-S Pistols

by G&A Online Editors 54

Springfield Armory has issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols. Issued Aug. 28, 2013,… more »

Rodney Long

Read & React: Iowa Hostage Kills Fugitive After Prison Escape

by G&A Online Editors 15

A manhunt for an escaped convict in Iowa ended last week with a gunshot from a homeowner protecting himself and… more »

Steve Sahin

Read & React: Pizza Restaurant Owner Thwarts Armed Robbery

by G&A Online Editors 1

“We don’t call 911. We use Colt.” A poster emblazoned with that warning hangs on the wall of Steve Sahin’s… more »


First Look: Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun

by G&A Online Editors 36

In 2011, Missouri-based Heizer Defense entered the personal defense market with its diminutive Heizer DoubleTap, a pocket handgun built specifically… more »


What’s the Best Subcompact 9mm on the Market?

by Dusty Gibson 105

With all the subcompact 9mm pistols on the market today, choosing the right one for you can be a truly… more »

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