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The Best Home Defense Lasers at Every Price Point

by Keith Wood   |  December 22nd, 2013 13

When laser sights became widely available to consumers more than a decade ago, I didn’t pay them much attention. They appealed to Hollywood because of their aesthetics—but most folks thought they were kind of a joke.

The first time I used a quality laser sight in a low-light situation, I realized lasers were real tools with real-world applications. When I attended a Crimson Trace sponsored event at Gunsite a few years ago, I used their laser in conjunction with a white light to “fight” my way though a shoot house in the pitched-black desert night, I was sold.

Despite the fact that most of us conduct our firearms training during daylight hours, bad things usually happen at night. Realistic home defense scenarios involve low light, movement, difficult angles, crucial target identification, unorthodox shooting positions and the panic of a life or death encounter—none of these are conducive to precision shooting.

A laser—preferably in combination with a white light—allows the homeowner to identify a threat, acquire a sight picture (the image of the laser on the target), and stop the threat without changing one’s focus from the target back to the sights.

Let’s say you find yourself in an awkward shooting position, such as holding your child or a phone in your weak hand, while holding a handgun at the retention position. Due to the close confines of a hall or doorway, you can fire accurately during an otherwise hopeless situation with a laser.

Also, a laser can be used as a compliance tool. When a red or green dot appears on a bad guy’s chest, there’s a good chance it will stop him/her from advancing their threat.

There are a variety of quality laser products on the market, so let’s explore some of the best options for home defense.

  • Big Daddy

    How about the LaserMax Genesis rechargeable green laser? I have four of these and they work great; I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about the battery/batteries dying. I just plug ‘em in to recharge every few days. They’re about $250, and OpticsPlanet has the best prices I’ve found.

  • petru sova

    Unfortunately you left out the most important aspect of why more people do not buy laser’s and that is the problem of how to find a holster that will fit the gun with the laser attached. I would love to find out which “in the waste” holster would fit a Glock 19 with a crimson trace laser.

    • Bryan


      I have a question for you. I was thinking about getting a Sig M11A1 until I read your post from August at the end of the American Rifleman blog: If you feel so strongly that the workmanship, design, and balance are poor then what would you suggest as an alternative to this gun for a compact, indestructible military grade 9mm that has better workmanship, balance and design? Thanks in advance for your suggestion.


    • DustyG223


      1. The article is not concerning lasers for concealed carry, it is explicitly titled home defense, and carrying inside the waist is not necessarily the primary method of carry in the home.

      2. Crossbreed makes an inside the waist holster to fit a G19 with Crimson Trace Laser Grips:

      Several other companies, such as Forest City Tactical, will be glad to make you a custom holster.

      Hope this helps.

      -Dusty Gibson
      Online Shooting Editor

    • Rick Knapp

      Do you ever actually read an article before you comment? I know you love to jab at folks for their reading comprehension, but your comments indicate that it is yours that needs work. We won’t get into your spelling or grammar.

      • petru sova

        It is naïve to assume people are not going to want to carry a gun with an expensive laser they just bought. Many buyers leap into one before they look so to speak and later find out their options may be limited or those available are bulky or not as concealable as they might have wished for. Nor do they research the reliability of laser’s as there have proven to be some very expensive ones out there that often break very soon in their short lives. Other problems are batteries that go dead or circuitry that fails. I think that exploring the pro’s and con’s as well as exposing the “turd” laser’s out there would have been a much more educational article but this is verboten in the world of gun writing because it would not sell some brands of laser’s or holsters. Avoiding the discussion of the holster issue was deliberate also as again it would have cut down on the sale of Laser’s. And lets not forget that even at home a holster is sometimes needed as well because you may have both hands occupied when working around the house or in the garage and need or want a weapon instantly available if it is late a night and you are moving cars about in the drive or unloading or loading your vehicle again late a night.

    • John Cip

      I have a grip laser on my Glock that takes up little room. Also, a grip laser holds its accuracy as compared to a clip on.

    • Perry

    • mk3509

      DESANTIS IWB fits my Glock 19 with my crimson laser. About $25 online.

  • trainerguy

    I think you mean “waist” rather than “waste” unless your Glock is in the trash.

  • petru sova

    I find that reading the comments that are permitted at places on the net that sell Laser’s such as Amazon, Optics Planet, Midway USA etc. will often give you a real and sometimes shocking education on the pro’s and con’s of Laser’s as well as exposing the “turd” Laser’s that fail to perform or have faults such as awkward or hard to use switches, palm switches that do not work well or only work well when shot right handed etc.

  • CommonCents

    What is more desirable if you have to make a choice, mounted tac light or laser?

    What is feedback on the internal guide rod lasers? closer to the barrel for accuracy? leaves room for a tac light as well.

  • John Cip

    There is a real need for the laser. As we get older, our eyes don’t focus well. An accurate red or green dot solves this. problem.

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