Turnbull Manufacturing has long been known for its work in restoring antique firearms to factory-new condition using traditional tools and techniques.

More recently, though, Turnbull has begun building its own line of high-end reproduction 1911s that harken back to historical arms that the Turnbull team painstakingly restores.

Using the knowledge gained from restoring original 1911s, Turnbull developed a line of 1911 pistols that include models retaining unique historical features while also offering models with modern-day upgrades. There are 12 different options in the Turnbull 1911 lineup.

One of the newer models available is a Commander-sized 1911 with a case-hardened frame, double-diamond grips and tritium Kensights suitable for concealed carry.

Turnbull is also offering a WWI reproduction of a 1918-style 1911 without the upgrades of the 1911A1 platform. These guns are offered with a finish and markings similar to those found on the original gun.

Other models and options are available, depending on what consumers desire in a custom 1911. Prices are available upon request. To find out more, visit the company’s website or call 585-657-6338.

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