SOD-Side-ViewTired of scrounging around in your pockets for a quarter to adjust your scope windage a few clicks? Leupold & Stevens, Inc. has heard your weary cries and answered.

The company just introduced its brand-new S1 and S5 screw-on scope adjustment dials, allowing shooters to adjust elevation and windage quickly and easily.

SOD-Head-on-ViewThe all-aluminum dials are well-knurled, enabling gloved users to make adjustments without issue. The S1 dial is engraved in 1/4 MOA increments, while the S5 offers .1 MIL adjustments. Both dials are equipped with a locking zero stop.

“These screw on dials mean no more lost caps or the need for a coin to make adjustments in the field,” said Tim Lesser, director of product development for Leupold. “This is another example of how Leupold listens to our users in the field and then finds a way to make their experience even better.”

The screw-on dials replace the factory turret caps and automatically align with the adjustment slot while being tightened down. They are compatible with most Leupold riflescopes, except for the VX-1 series and older scopes with friction adjustments.

They are also compatible with scopes equipped with bullet-drop compensating reticles.

The standard scaled dials are $50, while custom BDC dials calibrated to customer’s ballistics are $60.


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