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First Look: DPMS GII .308

by G&A Online Editors   |  March 7th, 2014 3

The DPMS GII .308 Win. rifle combines the dimensions and components of the AR-15 and AR-10 into a new hybrid system.

A truly revolutionary weapon system, the GII is essentially an AR-10 that’s compatible with most AR-15 parts. In fact, all of the parts rear of the magwell are true to AR-15 spec, and can be swapped out with aftermarket M4-style accessories. The rifle also uses a proprietary monolithic bolt carrier group with the same diameter as that of AR-15s.

DPMS has also reduced the dimensions of the forged 7075 aluminum upper and lower receivers, while lengthening the ejection port for improved reliability. To further reduce weight, the barrel profile was also reduced from that of standard .308 Win. barrels.

Available in six different variations to fit several different objectives, the DMPS GII comes to market from $1,499 to $2,379, depending on the configuration.



  • Randolph Politte

    Well tell us more about it so we an comment on it. How rugged is it? How accurate is it at long and short distances? Is it as precise as the ‘normal’ AR-10 platfoms? Geese…

  • Rabies

    I’ve been saving up some cash for a new .308 autoloader and the GII MOE has got me excited!

  • Merovee

    Less weight can be nice, but remember, you’re shooting .308, not .556, out of this weapon. As Randolph Politte asked, how rugged is it? How’s the recoil? As I recall, the old M14, also piston driven .308, wasn’t at all controllable in full auto and it is a heavier weapon. The 23 pound M60 on a tripod with T/E mechanism gives hardly any recoil at all. Yeah, I realize the DPMS isn’t full auto, but being semi-auto isn’t the advantage supposed to be the ability to get off a quick follow up shot if necessary?

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