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Touring a Chinese AK47 Factory

by Garry James 0

Back in the late 1980s, an AK47 coming into the United States had been produced in the People’s Republic of China…. more »


Review: POF ReVolt Rifle

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Good rifles are always designed to meet specific needs. Cartridge selection, action type, size and weight specifications are all created… more »


Sniper Supreme: Model 41B Swedish Mauser

by Garry James 0

If you’re going to be neutral, it’s wise to have a damned good military capability. There’s probably nothing harder to… more »


The Iconic M1 Garand

by Garry James 0

The American GI had a great advantage in World War II: He went into the fight carrying the best battle… more »


How to Properly Zero a Rifle in Five Steps

by Craig Boddington 0

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going hunting or planning a fun day at the range; you want to hit what… more »


10 Great Savage Rifles & Shotguns for Any Shooter

by Drew Warden 0

Long guns are, and have always been, great tools for shooters. Rifles and shotguns are versatile firearms that can be… more »


6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Firearms at Home

by Dusty Gibson 0

Whether you’re looking to boost the performance of your firearm or just want to add a personal touch, you don’t… more »

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