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8 Key Factors for Determining a Gun’s Value

by S.P. Fjestad   |  October 9th, 2012 2

Every gun’s value is directly determined by how desirable it is. Based on over four decades of experience in both the new and used firearms marketplace, I have determined there are eight main factors that contribute to each gun’s unique “desirability mix.” Each one needs to be carefully evaluated before an accurate value can be determined.

Think of this desirability mix as a slot machine with eight tumblers, each representing one of the key factors listed below. Each tumbler has a number 0-10 on it, representing each factor’s “score” – the higher, the better. When the handle is pulled, the tumblers start spinning, and after each ones stops indicating the individual score, the total score will determine every gun’s overall desirability factor. Using this scoring system, very few guns will ever get a total of over 60 points out of a perfect score of 80, since factors seven and eight will typically have no influence on these “whales.” Those extremely high point total guns are out there, and when they come up for sale, large seven digit jackpots are usually the result. An extremely low score indicates the gun’s value might be the sum of its worn out parts, and has little or no collector or shooting value.


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  • L. A. Pollitt

    I have E-mailed my Broker with MYRL and advised him that I am considering dropping all business with Bank of America: Credit/Stocks, Etc. With probably 80 million Gun Owners in this country; maybe we can bring B of A to its knees

  • Callum

    This is going to suck. I really want an Arsenal AKM, but the election is coming up and now I'm screwed if I want a decent priced rifle. Gosh this sucks. Why do there have to be anti-gun people out there. You people just screw-up the economy (if there were no guns, the government would have less money to collect on taxes. Silly Obama, assault weapon bans don't work. And for saying that on the debates that you want to institute an assault weapons ban, you can kiss your presidency good-bye.) and get us no where in terms of controlling criminals. Criminals are people who break the law, no stupid ban will work. There's something nice called the black market if you people don't know that any criminal can access! My rant is done.

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