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Gear Guide: Best 1911 Grips on the Market

by B. Gil Horman   |  September 19th, 2013 10

The unflagging popularity of full-size 1911 pistols and their clones keep the market ripe with all kinds of parts and add-ons. One of the most popular aftermarket parts to swap out are the grips. Changing the grips on a 1911 is a quick and inexpensive way to personalize it, while adding an ergonomic advantage.

With an endless list of options to choose from, how were the full-size grips chosen and tested for this list? First, the grips had to be practical and useable. Next, they needed to be reasonably priced for their material type or function. Finally, just to spice things up a bit, we looked for options that were unusual or unique in appearance. It wasn’t hard to find products that meet all three criteria. So whether you are looking for a hard-working grip for a good price or something with a whole lot of personality, there’s something  here for you. To wit, these are our choices for the best 1911 grips on the market right now.

  • BJC

    I have the Hogue wrap around finger groove grips and I love them. I really like the Hogue grips I put them on all of my guns. I also have the Hogue tamer for my Mossberg 590A tactical shotgun no more slippage from the fore grip.

  • Tim-LV

    Some very nice choices these days. I remember destroying the grips on a Colt Trooper getting in & out of a vehicle all day. Aluminum would have been nice.

  • Chimookman

    I bought a S70 Government Model in 1975 that came with sand blasted walnut grips with a good gripping texture and the Colt logo. Very nice looking and functional. I later put them on my S80 SE Stainless Combat Commander. Every time I take it to the range, I get comments and complements on it. The grips really grip but don’t cut into your hand as the checkered grips do when you are practicing with 1+ box of ammo in tactical classes and so on.

  • Pinetreebob

    What about Esmeralda’s grips. They are fantastic, very beautiful grips made from various exotic woods.

  • daniel davies

    Dan Eagle Grips The Best Grip On the market for under a hundred dollars.

  • daniel davies

    Dan Eagle Grips The Best Grip On the market for under a hundred dollars.

  • Nick Cantrell

    The hogue rubber grips are the absolute bests for ergonomics. No contest. Wood looks great, and the VZ grips look tacticool for “operators,” but for functionality? Hogues.

  • Guest

    Have to agree with Mr Davies don’t overlook Dan Eagle. Quality is outstanding

  • expat

    I have to agree with Mr. Davies on Dan Eagle Grips . The quality is outstanding

  • gunguy

    What about the Pachmayr ALS Series –

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