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The Best Bedside Gun Safes at Every Price Point

by Chris Hendrix   |  August 18th, 2014 9

best_bedside_gun_safes_FGun owners want to be sure we can quickly access a firearm in the event of a home invasion or other emergency.

However, we need to take steps to ensure that our guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. Whether the wrong hands are those of a hardened criminal or a small child, it’s our responsibility to make sure our firearms are readily available when needed and secured when they’re not. A popular option that balances these needs is a bedside gun safe.


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In today’s market, there are plenty of options when it comes to quickly accessible safes. Many offer multiple means of unlocking, whether it be through biometric scanners, combination locks, digital keypads or radio frequency identification (RFID) bracelets, cards or key fobs. No matter your budget, these great bedside gun safes will help keep your firearms out of the wrong hands but still accessible to yours.

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  • Joshua Gat

    Same goes for gun lock that can be mounted or attached to the bed with a trigger lock with a cable. See
    Josh Gat

    • AA

      yes the criminal could steal the safe, but at least my kid cant grab it from my bedside drawer

  • Jamal22

    A criminal would simply grab the safe and tote it off, then bust it open in their safe place. I simply keep my Glock without a round in the chamber preventing accidental discharge by me or some visiting child. My wife has a hard time charging the slide, so I’m confident a child could not.
    Reaching for a gun safe, then opening it takes longer than racking the slide. If a criminal is there when I’m not, I feel the same results would occur. Gun stolen, in safe or not.

    • knighthawk12

      That’s why the anchor hardware comes with every quality gun safe. You anchor it to the floor or wall studs so it makes it harder to just pick up and open later.
      Please use common sense beyond what is provided to you.

      • Jamal22

        A bedside gun safe comes with anchor hardware? Never seen that. You simple anchor it to the floor next to your bed?

        • knighthawk12

          Or the wall, the bedside table or the good ones come with a cable to attach to a stout object. Nothing is perfect but just make it more difficult to remove the weapon without proper opening procedures. Hell a floor safe set in concrete can be defeated if you bring a good drill and a couple of charges.

          • Jamal22

            You’re totally missing my point. Never mind.

          • airmecher1

            I have a GunVault push button combo mounted next to the bed on the wall into the studs. Yeah, a criminal could probably pry it off given time but burglars get the quick stuff and leave. Especially when the alarm is going off. I can roll over hit the buttons and be in it in less than 5 seconds in the dark, quicker in daylight. Inside is a Kimber Ultra Carry II in .40 S&W and an extra mag. Flashlight is on the dresser in a holder I made for it right next to the bed. I can be up, armed and have a bright light in less than 10 seconds, easy.

            No, it did not come with the hardware to mount it but the holes were already in it with a template to use for marking the holes. The hardware can be found at any hardware store. I used 3/8″ lag bolts in predrilled holes with Gorilla glue into the wall studs. Counting the trip to the hardware store I have less than an hour in mounting it securely. When the nephews visit I am not the least bit worried about their inquisitiveness.

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