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New Desert Eagle 1911s from Magnum Research & Cabela’s

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 5th, 2014 10

cabelas magnum research desert eagle 1911Magnum Research, Inc. has partnered with Cabela’s to offer four new designs to their Desert Eagle 1911 line of pistols.

The first two models are the .45 ACP Desert Eagle 1911G and Desert Eagle 1911C pistols, model numbers DE1911GSBCAB and DE1911CSBCAB. Both models feature a precision-cast frame machined from carbon steel and a slide machined from solid steel billets, and both sport a matte black finish.

The “G” model is a full-size 1911 with 5-inch barrel and 8.625-inch overall length (OAL), while the “C” model is a commander-size with 4.3-inch barrel and 7.87-inch OAL.

These two models also incorporate an exclusive gray frame treated with a high-temperature ceramic Cerakote coating and are accented with black appointments. Either model is available now for $948.

The other two new models in the Magnum Research and Cabela’s offering are similar .45 ACP Desert Eagle 1911G and 1911C pistols, model numbers DE1911GCH and DE1911CCH. However, these models (pictured below) feature a case-hardened steel frame developed using Turnbull’s bone charcoal process. Either model is available now for $1,120.

All four models offer a slide width of 1.28 inches, a slide thickness of 0.92 inches and grip thickness of 1.30 inches. Each model also includes a high-ride beavertail grip safety, extended magazine release, beveled magazine well, aluminum trigger with an over-travel stop, stainless-steel full-length guide rod, extended thumb safety, enlarged ejection port and an attractive double-diamond checkered wood grip. The sights for all models are also high-profile sculptured; drift adjustment for windage, with a pinned-in front sight blade with horizontal serrations.


  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Looks like winner, but how well does it shoots at 25, 50, 75, 100 yards? How tight is the slide to the frame? Does the trigger breaks at 3lb or more? What kind of wood grips are on the frame? Is the barrel stainless steel? What is the total weight of the gun? Will they make a six inch model soon for hunting? Will they port the barrel and frame? Will they add a compensator or a dot scope to the gun?

    • Paul V

      Geez, just enjoy the idea for a little bit. Later you can crank up the questions and criticisms.

  • matt durham

    Nothing like gun porn in the morning. I can look at this stuff for hours (and don’t need to explain myself if I get caught!)

  • Town22

    How does it shoot at 25 or 50 feet?

  • Martin_Galts_Gulch

    Nice weapon. Nice price.
    I’m sure they’ll be tough to get a hold of for awhile.
    Probably the only thing I’d wait in line for.

  • adverse

    If it can cook, I’ll wash the dishes.

  • All the good names were taken

    The color cased model is mildly interesting, but the others are grossly overpriced. The Ruger sr1911 at around $719 brings all the same features plus stainless construction and more tasteful looks. That giant Desert Eagle logo on the slide takes about $500 off the perceived value for me. With that ugly thing and the matte finish I expected to read that cabelas was offering an entry 1911 for $459. Never pay Kimber class money for a Herters class 45.

  • johnwayne52

    The front slide serrations and the huge billboard logo on the slide need to go before I would even look twice at it. The faux color case harding job is interesting but I would not spend the extra $145.00 on it. Cabalas should be pushing American made fire arms in my humble opinion .

    • Michael

      Magnum Research is in the U.S. I shoot the Baby Desert Eagle 40 and I love it

  • kev11

    kimber class money,thats a good one,my kimber finish wore off quick,and stove piped alot,so did my brothers kimber,got rid off both,now i shoot a sig 1911,flawless,dead accurate,and reliable.I have a DE 1911g model ordered,they are suppose to be good guns.

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