Blackhawk_Go_Box_Hook_Back_Accessories_FBlackhawk has introduced a new line of accessories to complement its Go Box and Diversion bags.

The company’s new Go Box Hook-Back Accessories are designed to offer a variety of storage and organizing options for critical situations. The accessories feature hook-back panel backing for mounting to any interior and exterior loop-lined surfaces, which can easily be moved from bag to bag.


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Compared with typical MOLLE webbing systems for attaching modular gear pouches onto vests and packs, hook-back pouches allow the user more customization options. The system also makes it easier and faster to add and remove accessory pouches as compared with traditional systems.

BlackHawk Concealment Bags

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There are a total of seven new hook-back accessories designed to provide additional ammo storage, extra space for medical supplies and room for tools and other items. The accessories include the Go Box ID Panel, Go Box Small Tool Panel, Go Box Med Pouch, Go Box Handgun Mag Loop Panel, Go Box Shotshell Loop Panel, Go Box Mesh Pouch and Go Box S.T.R.I.K.E. Panel.

For more detailed information, check out the product descriptions below.

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