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Zombie Nation

First Look: Remington Versa Max Tactical in Zombie Reaper Z Camo

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 28th, 2012 2

When we weren’t busy popping zombie skulls at Outbreak Omega 5 in Morristown, Minn., we were able to get a look at some of the coolest guns made especially for zombie slaying. Among them was the Remington Versa Max Tactical in a special Reaper Z camo finish. This semi-auto shotgun features Remington’s SuperCell recoil pad, along with an adjustable comb and an included Picatinny rail. The Versa Max Tactical also features a skeletonized charging handle for quicker bolt manipulation, plus an 8+1 mag tube extension and an extended choke tube. The Versa Max retails for around $1,399.

The folks at Remington were able to give us a sneak peek at the world’s original and largest zombie shoot. Check out the video straight from Outbreak Omega.

  • John

    An 18 inch barrel would be nice.

  • Bryan

    I purchased the Versa Max on Friday 11/30/12. (PROBPLEM #1) When the barrel is installed, the back of the fore-end moves up and down even with the magazine cap fully tightened. (PROBPLEM #2) During the first hunt the bolt handle literally fell off into my hand. I was in waist high water and this piece could have been dropped into the water and lost. The bolt handle comes off and it installs with some force by pulling or pushing. There is a notch in the handle that locks the handle into the bolt assembly. This piece was fully inserted when I started the hunt. (PROBPLEM #3) Shortly into the hunt, this Brand New Remington Versa Max Jammed Every Single Round! At this point I only shot 1 single box of Remington Hyper Sonic 12Ga 3” #2 shot rounds through this brand new shotgun. The extractor sheared off and was completely flush with the bolt head. I am in the middle of my first hunt with this shotgun and the fore end is loose, the bolt handle is in the boat, and my Versa Max shotgun is now a single shot shotgun. I am furious with Remington and the Versa Max.

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