TC-Dimension_001Thompson/Center Arms has issued a major recall for all its Icon, Venture and Dimension rifles.

Last week, T/C Arms released a public safety notice saying the company identified a problem in which the safety lever in some rifles can bind, preventing the safety from fully engaging. When this happens, moving the bolt back could move the safety into the fire position.

T/C Arms stressed the rifle will not fire unless the trigger is pulled, but is recalling all rifles manufactured before June 13, 2013, as a precaution. The company urged all owners to stop using the rifles immediately and send them back to be inspected or repaired at T/C Arms’ expense.

For more information on how to return your rifle, contact Thompson/Center customer service, which will send a pre-paid shipping label. Once the rifle is inspected, it will be returned with a small marking on the safety along with a red star on the package’s label. Any owners outside the U.S. should check this list of authorized warranty centers.

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