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Marine Refuses Plea Deal in NYC Gun Possession Case

by Dylan Polk   |  February 15th, 2012 240

Ryan JeromeNew York City’s totalitarian gun laws strike again — and this time, authorities are going after a member of the armed services.

Ryan Jerome, a 28-year-old former Marine and New York jeweler from West Bend, Ind., has refused to enter a plea deal after being charged with felony possession of a handgun, garnering support from fellow Marines and Second Amendment supporters.

According to The New York Post, Jerome bought the legally registered .45-cal Ruger to New York while transporting $15,000 worth of gold to a Long Island refinery. He was arrested during a visit to the Empire State Building while alerting guards to the firearm, per the instructions of a sign that said all weapons must be checked in.

Prosecutors have offered Jerome a misdemeanor deal with no jail time in exchange for a guilty plea, but Jerome won’t budge, arguing that he does not deserve a criminal record and seeks to have the charges dropped entirely.

“The New York District Attorney’s Office is offering to allow your client to plead guilty to a single Class ‘A’ misdemeanor in full satisfaction of all charges,” wrote lead prosecutor Joseph Davis in a letter to Jerome’s lawyer, Mark Bederow. “This plea deal is made available to your client with the understanding that should he decide to accept said offer, he would be sentenced to pay a fine of $1,000.00 and required to perform 10 days of community service at a place both parties could agree was appropriate.”

Handgun possession is a felony in New York City regardless of whether the gun is legally registered anywhere else. The maximum sentence faced is 3 1/2 years in prison, but prosecutors usually offer plea deals in such cases.

How strange that Mayor Michael Bloomberg claims to support the Second Amendment, yet has no problem allowing a law that infringes on the rights of law-abiding citizens — a former Marine, no less.

  • Mark Lewis

    so wait, he was conceal carrying illegally in New York ? Was the vist to the Empire State Building part of his business? I hate to be this guy, but he's guilty.
    I cant take my Glock 26 to Chicago even though I have a CHL.
    If I "Registered" it with the State of Texas (which is actually illegal here) it wouldnt matter.

    • Ron Dimmer

      IT's people with your thinking that gets obama and bloomberg elected and the screwed up assi ine laws that we have to contend with! I stand with this man and would like to help him and support him. Is there a way to keep up with this story and keep apprised of the situation.

      • Frank Zagger

        Good for you and good for the marine who is unjustly charged. I am willing to contribute to his defense if needed.

    • Stabaho Nation

      Rational people understand this. The law is the law, however ridiculous it is.

      • Dave

        There is nothing rational about that statement, especially when the lower law making organization is violating the highest rules in the land. That's like pretending a law against the existence of Judaism would be okay in the U.S. if one city suddenly decided to create and enforce it. Both the real law in New York and, the hypothetical antisemitic law are unconstitutional, and irrational to support in any manner.

      • Richard Corl;ey

        Try telling that to the Attorney General, ATF, Homeland Security, the President and Congress and Senate. Who are the most UNLAWFUL People in the USA.

      • Philip

        The "law" is NOT just "the law". Some 'laws' are unconstitutional, like this one… made up by these nitwits. That is why there is the US Legal system that intercedes and reverses these unconstitutional 'laws'!

      • Raul

        Lets make a law that Red Headed people can't vote. Is that a valid law? NO! Neither is this.
        Read the Constitution. It's time that we all got frisky before it is too late.

        • Bob Hoffman

          Until it turned gray/white, that 'law' wouldhave made me 'ineligible' to vote! (Scary thought)

      • Rick Meyers

        Not all laws are good laws. For example: Slavery laws. It takes people to recognize that they can be wrong, but many rather be complacent, disingenuous and estranged to self defense, principles and morals than to accept that they are in fact circumventing natural rights with perverted ideologies that are commonly based on emotional rhetoric.

      • AMERICA

        Not when it violates constitutional rights its . Then its we the people have a responsability to correct the problem.

    • Robert A real Texan

      We need to kick your ass out of Texas for starters. Let me see you transport gold with out self protection. Somebody finally stood up to gun control in NY, I suppose you will also vote for obama.

    • Jamie Spaulding

      What you fail to consider in your logic is that the NYC & Chicago laws are unconstitutional. The Second Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear (carry) arms shall not be infringed. See the post below for the priveledges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment that insure that the rights and priveledges of citizenry are guaranteed to all citizens. This one needs to go to the Supreme Court while we still have 5 judges there that can read!

    • obozo is muslim

      The 2nd Amendment is MY PERMIT! Damn the laws men write for what is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT!

      • Blue Centurion

        How do you figure? God didn't write the constitution…..and the last time I checked "Ruger" and "firearm" are not in the bible. Wait a minute….are you one of those Bible Code guys?

        • spike1point5

          nice one mate :D The point is, maybe the law is stupid, but it's like a referee during a match: doesn't matter if it's stupid, DO WHAT HE SAYS. Same applies to gun laws. If the law says that he should not have the gun at that time, then he should not have the gun at that time. Basta. Being a stupid law does not make it ok to break it.

          • David

            On the contrary; being "a stupid law" (read unconstitutional) does mean it is ok to break it. That was the point of the Dred Scott decision. This brave marine is willing to take his case beyond the local courts to argue that what he is accused of doing is in fact permitted by the constitution and NY's law abridges that right; the God given right of Life (and the ability to defend it). Each of us must be willing to stand up to bad laws (stamp act, tea tax…) in order to have them defeated in the courts. Furthermore, when we serve on juries, we must be willing to invoke the act of jury nullification if we believe that a person is accused of an unconstitutional law!

          • Gordon Graham

            Spike ,it is a tough one .But this Marine is on the cutting edge of getting this anti 2nd ammendment law overturned.If unconstitutional laws remain uncontested ,all we can expect is more of the same.Next, it may be my state or your town,eventually the whole nation ,only murderers and thieves and rapist will have firearms.We need to keep pushing back or get over run. I know Spike, I suck at Political Correctness,but I love freedom too much to give up without a fight. They might win but I'd rather die than give in to tyranny.

        • A cop

          You are an idiot. Learn grammar. "a women?" "who would let me deposit your….?" I don't agree with the dufus at the top of this thread in the least. I happen to be one of THOSE COPS, and I would like to have more armed citizens out there. Might put me out of a job.

    • Al Brady

      That X Marine is guilty of violating an illegal order!

      • Gordon Graham

        And when gun ownership and concealed carry becomes illegal. There are a whole lot more of us that will be guilty of violating an illegal order. In the words of wisdom spoken by Uncle Ted Nugent. If they come to disarm me they can drop dead. Also he said that Piers Morgan could suck on his machinegun. Got to love that Uncle Ted! I concur!

    • HoosierDaddy

      Just that simple , huh? There is a law and he violated it , therefore he is GUILTY.
      Never forget , under Hitlers laws , the Holocaust was considered legal and ethical.
      If we read the 2nd amendment which supercedes ALL States rights issues (at least it is supposed to – again , according to the Constitution) , how can he be guilty ?

    • wayne

      That is only if you consider such laws as legal. I don't .

    • Gregory K. Sloat

      (having trouble submitting reply)

    • Gregory K. Sloat

      (splitting this into 4 parts to get it posted, last first):
      Part 4.
      Remember, the PEOPLE created the government (not the other way around), and the government is subservient to the PEOPLE. The PEOPLE are sovereign, and it's an INDIVIDUAL sovereignty (a republic), and NOT a COLLECTIVE sovereignty (a "democracy," i.e., two wolves and a sheep). If more Americans understood just what our Constitution is and the rights it guarantees—not grants, for that which a government grants, it can also take away—rights that we already have by virtue of our birthright from our Creator, which are unalienable (meaning that they can’t be transferred or taken away), we'd be a lot better off.

      Regarding the Second Amendment, though, Ted Nugent once provided the definitive answer in an interview with Charlie Rose. When queried by Mr. Rose as to whether he had a "carry permit," Mr. Nugent responded, "The Second Amendment is my carry permit."

      If you want to (re)claim your rights, start exercising them. I wish the best to Ryan Jerome.

    • Gregory K. Sloat

      The trouble comes when the state (which has the power of force) threatens We The People with incarceration (or worse), and we back down. Every time tyranny goes unchallenged, it gains just a little more power over us until we find ourselves at a place like our current critical juncture. It takes someone of courage who is willing to stand up in the face of tyranny and say, "NO, not on MY watch" (a little Oath Keepers lingo). Ryan Jerome appears to be such a person. Now, if we ALL acted with the courage of Ryan Jerome, not only would we not have to worry about our rights being trampled, but we would be able to keep our government in check, as it is supposed to be. The Second Amendment is our “insurance policy,” our “court of last resort” over an out-of-control government. Without the ability to defend ourselves from our own government, we are nothing but slaves.

    • Gregory K. Sloat

      (splitting this into 4–maybe 5–parts to get it posted):
      Part II
      It is so important a principle that he ends the delivery of the Court's opinion with the following sentence:
      "Thus, the particular phraseology of the constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written constitutions, that a law repugnant to the constitution is void; and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument."

      What this means is that any law that is faulty–defective, runs afoul of the Constitution, is repugnant to it–is void. It also means that any law that is built upon the foundation of another (faulty) law, is itself, like the faulty law that preceded it, void. That hasn't stopped the criminals in our government from passing all kinds of illegal and extralegal laws during our country's history, but unless the laws stand upon the firm foundation of our Constitution, the who lot is only a house of cards, toppled by the authority of the Constitution.

    • Gregory K. Sloat

      (splitting this into 4-5 parts to get it posted):
      Part I.
      Just in case the Constitution is not good enough for you (it SHOULD be, as it's the final authority on the law), there was a little case in 1803 called Marbury vs. Madison. Chief Justice John Marshall wrote the majority opinion for the Supreme Court. One of the things he wrote stated something very important to our rights. He talks about laws that are repugnant (opposed, contrary, objectionable, offensive) to the Constitution at quite some length, such that he mentions the word repugnant in context with the Constitution no less than five times.

    • Gregory K. Sloat

      (Had to break this up to get it posted; start here, then four more parts):
      This reply is not just for Mark Lewis, but for all you legal eagles out there who say, "the law is the law." OK, if that's how you want to play it, let's actually use the law, the law that trumps all OTHER laws. It's called the Constitution. Maybe you've heard of it. In it, there are some Amendments, the first ten of which are called, "The Bill of Rights." Now, the SECOND of these, called (appropriately), the Second Amendment states, in part, "…the right to keep [that means own] and bear [that means carry] arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED [emphasis added]. So, just what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do you NOT understand, huh?

    • Dennis Brislawn

      Mark, there are parallels in other cases that make his claim of innocence more compelling. For example, a prior federal law required citizens to report their possession of items regulated under the National Firearms Act. When they complied they were prosecuted. This was deemed to be a violation of constitutional protections such as the right against self-incrimination… resulting in a change in federal law. This is why now you cannot own a non-registered NFA firearm such as a silencer and then later bring it into compliance. The fix in the law says you cannot have it… and it is contraband. Period. So here, when our former Marine complied with the law… he is self-incriminating. There may be other charges, but this is a pretty solid defense about the consequences of complying with law.

    • Raul

      Just because there is a law does not mean it is illegal. When this POS is out of the White House or after the war things are going to change. FOR THE BETTER

  • TBB

    Constitution of the United States "Article IV, section 2; The Citizens of each State SHALL BE ENTITLED to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." Nuff Said!

    • hicusdicus

      Well why don't you explain that to the NYC prosecuting attorneys. Meanwhile you sit in jail.

      • Pathfinder

        To bad our judges and lawyers aren't smart enough to read and understand what that says and what it means. We have the RIGHT, we should not have to fight to keep it, it is given to all law abiding citizens of The United States of America!!!

    • P.Petrov

      I am from eastern Europe(former communist state!)and in the past we have looked upon US and the second ammendment as the absolute embodiment of freedom!!!
      Now with such actons taking place we wonder if nasty coms have jumped over to You and have taken the reins in places like NY?From our view it is like that.
      P.S.Even now the "reformed"police is taking back the legal hand gun permits from many who have them under the pretext that they do not NEED THEM ANY MORE!!!The guns are taken to the police until sold(which never happens!!!),so they END UP CONFISCATED!!!This is taking place in year 2012!!!The criminal activity on the other hand is rampant!!
      The country I write about is Bulgaria.

      • Donald Smith

        This isn't new. NY and NYC have been oppressive for more than a century.

  • ahyup

    Meanwhile the crooks with guns go mostly unmolested.

    They do a great job nailing honest people who make a mistake and try to do the right thing when they see a sign though.

    • Alex Povolotski

      I concur. The guy followed the sign, was in legal possession of the firearms, notified the guard as sign instructed and eventually got arrested. Definitely honesty is not cherished here any longer and imbeciles rule the wise men. Indeed, the end of the world is coming…

      • BullsEye

        "Handgun possession is a felony in New York City regardless of whether the gun is legally registered anywhere else". He was not in legal possession.

  • jack c

    This country and the city of new York and Chicago (mayor rahm,obamas buddy) like protecting only themselves and gangbangers.

  • Rick

    Yo .NY wake up. This man served our country and for his efforts he gets slapped in the face like this?
    shame on you and your city.And as for your mayor who claims to be in favor of the second amendment rights to allow these laws that are worthless in stopping crime to continue to be inforced makes him a hipacrit.Mr Blumegurg you can't have it both ways. Either you are in favor of the second amendment rights or your not.
    As for the prosicuter you should have never brought these charges aginst this man in the first place.
    If i read this right he is a jewler transporting very expensive items to another place makes him a target for robbery and he has a RIGHT to protect himself.
    Just go's to show how New Yorkers are foolish and just how stupid these guns laws really are.

    • J.Allens

      Think about this, Pee on a Crucifix, they call you an "Artist"

      Pee on The American Flag, they call you a "Constitutionalist"

      Pee on a Police Car, they call you a "Freedom Loving 99%

      Pee on a dead Taliban that just tried to kill you, you're a "Villain"

      Don't you love the “Main Stream Media”

    • hicusdicus

      I bet Bloomburger has armed bodyguards. He is after all he is one of the privileged.

      • Robert

        hiscusdicus, I said that long ago – Bloomberg I'm sure has plenty of guns, they just happen to be carried by a bunch of body guards, and probably a few personal guns as well. The rest of us? Just too bad, I guess.

    • thomas mancinelli

      rick,its not newyorkers,its the idiot politicians that make these stupid laws,im a retired detective and have a valid full carry n.y.s pistol permit,on the back of my permit it states"not valid in the city of n.y. without the permission of the police commissiner. neddless to say i carry in n.y.c as th saying goes id rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.

  • Stevens

    That's BS! He informed someone that he was carrying a sidearm as requested by a posted sign and he gets in to trouble for doing so. NOT cool!

  • cheech

    this is what happens when you try to do the right thing, gang bangers ,crooks and child molesters get smacked on the wrist honest people and veterans are not treated with the the same respect i moved to texas from the new york area for just that reason ,new jersey and new york law officials suck, it is easier to arrest honest people than the criminals, the good people don't shoot at you!!!

  • IGO

    ALL gun owners should boycott NYC for as long as they refuse to honor the 2nd Amendment.

    • Art Kennedy

      I do as well as Chicago, Canada and Mexico……

    • Bill M / IL

      AMEN. Do not reward these kooks with your vacation dollars!

    • MEMAY

      Add Chicago to that list my man!

    • hicusdicus

      I think everybody should boycott NYC. I think it would be a good idea to cut NYC loose and tow it out to sea and scuttle it, cab drivers and all.

      • gjv

        Yes and lets do that to Cook Co. Il

    • DHurdle

      Is it a coincidence that the cities that still fight individual's rights to be armed are the same cities who have the longest history of government corruption scandals ?

    • Buckeye

      I have…I hate that place

    • Ironeagle

      On the contrary,all legal owners of guns that have carry licenses should GO to New York City and walk the streets with signs saying they are carrying concealed weapons that are considered LEGAL everywhere else. In this case I believe that there's truth in numbers.

    • @ColtFL

      I did. I moved to Florida. I have had a lot of interests in my 60 years but he one that has stayed with me is shooting and for business reasons I have been forced to live in NYC 6 times on and off and finally took substantial pay cut and moved to Florida. I am like a kid a in a toy store now. I can drive 15 minutes from home and shoot all afternoon for $9. I can buy one or more guns a day. Best part is that I can carry a concealed gun everytime I leave my house and feel confident that at my age I do not have to run away or fight off a younger man.

  • wjohnson

    I visited NYC once. Some hoodlum tried to sell my fiancee and myself crack cocaine on the street. I told a cop who informed me "I don't care." I swear, this is totally true. Meanwhile, they arrest & prosecute an American Marine. Despicable city, and btw, a despicable mayor. It kills me that guy was ever a Republican.

  • Mickey Rat

    Bottom line..we ALL know not to CCW in NYC. Declaring that you are invites arrest. No matter WHO you are. He should have known better. I am on his side but he stepped in it all by himself.

    • Dave

      True but it is the city that has the problem. It needs to go through the court system with hopefully a favorable result. That way the law in New York is changed.

    • Peter Lake

      Yes, Mickey, I agree with you.
      I'm on his side, but he did step in it himself.

      However, I hope he'll get the good folks from the Second Amendment Foundation or a similar like-minded group to bring the case to trial.
      They helped me in Los Angeles by filing a class action suit that finally broke the stranglehold on obtaining CCW's there and I hope people here will contribute to the 2nd Amendment Foundation, not just write a note in cyberspace.

      • Robert Proctor

        Very interesting, Mr. Lake. I will read the link and let SAF know that I appreciate their efforts on behalf of our freedom. And thank you, Mr. Lake, for taking a stand on behalf of Californians! Grass roots is our only hope of leading the "leaders".

    • Dane

      Exactly !!! And this is what the NRA INSTITUTE FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION IS FOR , If they don't jump on this I will NEVER send them another penny ! One must break an unconstitutional law for it to be heard and hopefully overturned . If none are willing to stand up then all will be stepped on . For all that say he knew he was breaking the law , and it is his fault , HOW DO THE BOOTS OF TYRANNY FEEL ON YOUR NECK ???

    • Philip

      Perhaps he did it purposely to challenge this illegal law.


      Do you not know how to fight something that should not even be a law. What is wrong with you NYC people. You people need to fight this and get it changed. ALL New Yorkers need to start carrying its your right. YOU NEED TO ORGANIZE

  • Dan

    I have to agree that NYC has some BS laws, but like others have said before it's his own fault for not knowing the laws before going there. I appreciate his service, but read the laws of where you are going.

    • FormerFed61

      As I understand the situation, he checked the carry lasw of the State of New York and found out he could legally carry in the state. However, NYC has its own law forbidding concealed carry even if you have a New York state permit! What rational thinking individual would imagine that a city could pass a law that was in direct violation of their state law?

      • Norm

        Those type of conflicts occur rather frequently. Michigan is nominally an open carry State, however I don't recommend anyone trying it here. Local, badge heavy authorities often arrest and detain legal Michigan CPL holders, and detain their weapons.

        In the end, the best, perhaps the only way for justice to prevail is nullification. That's risky business, but a Marine taking it to court can produce the result most of us want.

    • Buckeye

      He was carrying $15K worth of gold. They will slit you throat for $1500. As the constitution says,we have the right given to us by God not the government, to protect ourselves. Ask Bloomburg how many body guards and the political elite have at their disposal.

    • Raul

      You are a PCF

  • Fred

    Bad guys get to carry guns and the police don't go after them, Good guys carry guns with permits (although not good in N.Y.) and follow rules go to jail. Please send Mayor Blumeurg to Wyoming and see how much he will have here

    • Walrus

      Fred. Trust me, you don't want Blumeberg in Wyoming. You have a beautiful state with great people. Don't be the next state to get skrewed by liberals escaping their fouled nests.
      I recently traveled through your great state on a drive from Alaska to of all places, Massachsetts and had the pleasure of staying in Murdo S.D., the hometown of your Senator Thune.
      BTW, it took me five months to receive my ccw permit for this state. Alaska requires none, other than being an honest citizen and non-felon.
      Sic Semper Tyrannis



    • Anon O Muss

      Jesus, dude! Turn off your caps lock key.

    • Flintlock 1986

      The law is the law; change it by voting or writing your congressional rep. I served over 20 years in the active military and retired with honors. I and my wife have CCPs, my children grew up around the world, military family, but knew how to safely load, unload and fire each of our many registered weapons. I'm a member of the NRA and, by the way, I'm also a REGISTERED Democrat. Change comes from within. President Obama is our Commander In Chief, please remember but more importantly, respect his position, that of our elected President. One last thing, I actually lived in Chicago, Oakland, Dallas and Monroe..where have you lived, and what have you done for OUR country? Been there, got the t-shirt and still legally carry. They call me Top.

      • richiecotite

        preach! not everyone on the "left" is a gun hating hippie!

      • HoosierDaddy

        Top ,
        One manner of bringing down an unjust law is to break it , challenge it and hope for a favorable judgement , chasing it all the way to the supreme court if need be. It is still a peaceful process and he did not violate anyones rights. (My opinion , the law actually violates his rights)
        I always wonder why people are so quick to follow throw a dude under the bus because "he broke the law". So did EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Founding Fathers just by speaking out against the crown.
        Then they wrote our Constitution , which we seem to casually just toss away now-a-days.

        You know the Constitution right ? The document you swore to uphold and protect , over all others , for those 20 years. The one that is being trampled by so many who think it is outdated.

        I understand "respecting" the President and his office , but that does not mean one must blindly follow him. Hitler was voted in also , and all of the Nazis claimed they "were just following his orders".
        We know how that turned out.
        Semper Fi

      • George William

        Top, you are wrong in so many ways.

        1.) The right to bear arms is Constitutional and not to be abridged (limited) by any state.
        2.) Others on here are also veterans and we have done our time and share too.
        3.) The anti-gun laws in Chicago just got overturned by the SCOTUS, New York should follow shortly. Those laws are wrong.
        4.) The whole thing of respect the position if not the person is horse pucky and you know it.
        5.) I have worked and lived many places too. Following local customs is normally what is expected. But, contrary to what some believe, New York is still part of the USA.

    • hicusdicus

      A vote for Obama is a vote for giving yourself hemorrhoids.

  • Antonio

    The fact that he turned in his firearm (and this recently happened with a woman at the WTC reflecting pool), speaks of his integrity. State law, however, sees it differently.

  • LEVI

    He has been taught by the military to fire guns and well at that. We are preaching to the wrong crowd. Thank God for guns and the NRA

    • Buckeye

      Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum!

  • Rich Ralston

    All you posters that declared his guilt because he should have known better, are nothing but a bunch of sheep. You all deserve Blumberg and his totalitarianistic, liberal edicts. I'm glad you're in New York, and not in Wyoming. You make me sick.

    • Ralph

      Rich, not all who live in NY agree with the laws, but everyone must obey the law of face the consequences He declared himself guilty. Personlly if I were to carry in NYC, I know it's illegal, I would shut my mouth and mind my business. I would not be stupid enough to declare " here is my gun"
      (NRA life member) I live in NJ where the laws are possibly worse, I do not deserve this infringement on my rights. I also take steps not to be caught in violation, and cause myself more problems.

    • Inksling

      Hold on there Richie, climb out of your dog food… & anyone else having the same thought; having a ccw, or whatever you want to call one, the possessor is alerted to the fact that although the preamble to the constitution states "that all men are created equal" (and Sam Colt made them more equal); one state permit may not be recognized in another (an argument topic for another arena – a'la drivers license) let alone in some cases statutes differ from county to county & cities enacting their own restrictions!! The NYC Sullivan Laws are of the most restrictive in the country, have been on the books for years, yet the rest of the state is not subjected to them. Bottom line: if you are going to carry responsibly (& legally), it is incumbent on oneself to know if the permit one holds is valid from where one begins his/her journey to the destination (including any side trips) and all places in between. Laws are subject to being changed, hopefully equality will prevail (some are still fighting for that in other areas of life); others are forgotten, but still "on the books". To the best of may knowledge this is one (paraphrased): It shall be illegal to shoot rabbits from the 3rd Avenue ell in the borough of the Bronx… the Bronx being a borough of NYC. Now while it's possible to find rabbits in some of the green places called parks (that really have green areas, not asphalt covered set asides), the 3rd ave. ell will be a problem – it doesn't exist any more but the law does, & the mayor & others have sworn to uphold the law er.. all of them…

    • hicusdicus

      You are bordering on being an idiot. The law has no provisions for ignorance of the law.

  • Damian

    I live in PA, 1/2 of a mile from the NY border and have a CCP in my state. It makes no sense to me that if I am good enough in my home state to carry a firearm that I should not also be able to carry in others. As a contractor about 98% of my work is in NY and I carry thousands of dollars worth of tools. Unfortunately, should I be approached by some thieves looking for some drug money, all I can do is throw my hammer at them.

    • cabioman

      Well said, and Throw it hard Damian!

    • John Owens

      The US Supreme Court ruled that people do NOT have claim on the Police to defend them. Police, just like Sheriffs 200 years ago, are there to catch criminals, not be your security guard. So, when we come into a city like NY, we are not permitted to protect ourselves from people who wish to do us harm and steal our property??? What sense does it make that the govt of any chunk of land can tell you and your family that you cannot protect yourself with a weapon??? Remember, we the people give the govt its power. WE collectively charge THEM to do what WE want to delegate to them. They CANNOT take powers away from US. Any power we have delegated to govt, we first must have ALREADY POSSESSED! They have the power to POLICE, not because they are GOVT, but because we first possess it, and then empower them to perform some of that function: that part which is harder for us to do: track down criminals. Remember, 200 years ago, a rancher would track down the rustler, bring him to the court and turn him over to a Sheriff and Judge for prosecution. We DON'T need a policeman's permission. It is our RIGHT. No local law can erase the 2nd Amendment. And who of you can't see this PLAINLY???

    • ARsrule

      I have always lived by the credo that one of my friends passed on to me many years ago. "Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six." Keep it concealed and don't say crap about it unless it has to be used then if its court and jury vs. injury or death I will choose court and jury. Even though I may lose at least I will live to lose not die by some punk who wouldn't obey a law if he was paid to. Maybe someday before we are all gone from this earth the truth and common sense will prevail but when they elect crap like we have running the country and NYC that day is still a long way off and if Barry gets re-elected that day may never have the chance to pass. As a side benefit If we can get him defeated don't you think that LA,Chicago SF, NYC etc. will be burned to the ground? All told we could win two ways in November!

      • norm

        Before the local concealed carry law was enacted, I carried illegally for 20 years based on your quoted credo. I held a CPL for nearly that long, without ever firing my weapon. I did deploy it on a number of occasions.

        Even shall issue CCW laws are violations of natural rights and the Constitution's 2nd amendment. They convert a natural right into a privilege, which I can't support so I no longer have a CPL, but will not hesitate to carry when I deem it appropriate or necessary.

        • ARsrule

          I know exactly how you feel. Luckily where I live is a fairly crime free area and thankfully I have never had to draw my gun and hope I never face that situation. I do live close to VA Tech and have made numerous trips through that area and wondered if I might have ever been in a restaurant, mall etc. with that nut and if he might have gone off there instead of tech. It was a sad situation that may have been so much less deadly if not for the ridiculous "gun free" zone that was legislated by the administration in charge. They should feel responsible even if they aren't held accountable by law.
          It is so sad that in a great country like the one that we used to have that lying, cheating, crooked, politicians (notice I said politicians not one party in particular as they both have become disgusting failures) try to tell us what we cannot do with our Constitutional rights. There is going to become a point where something is going to have to happen in a major way in this country for us to get our rights fully returned to us. What that means I am not exactly sure but we all know what it took about 236 years ago and now they think they can just legislate them away because it scares the hell out of them to know that there are armed Patriots out there. I wonder what happens if they do?

    • Buckeye

      Is your hammer registered?

  • DoctorWho

    I am way pissed off that this good man is on trial, but We have to tread lightly too, in other words, avoid Imperial entanglements as Obiwan Kenobi said in Star Wars, if I am carrying a firearm illegally in some jurisdiction, In sure am not going to bait the lion by visiting a place with a security checkpoint / metal detectors, where I will be arrested for possession of a sidearm.

  • DoctorWho

    And PS, as despicable as Mayor Blownhead Poopypants is the "Sullivan Law" in NYC was enacted in 1911, an ancient unjust law that has remained on the books unchallenged by the sheeple of NYC since then.

    Baaaaaahhhh ram ewe !!! The people of NYC deserve such unjust laws.

  • Southern Grey

    It should be of absolutely no consequence that he's a former Marine. The important criteria is that he's an American and in America we recognize that we each have the god-given right, not amendable privilege) to keep and bear arms. The actions of NYC and as another stated, Chicago, cannot be viewed as anything but infringements on that right.

    It is time for the populace to raise the level of the protest to another higher and much more irritating level. The squeaking wheels get the grease they say. And complacent people get crushed by government run amok.

    • Highlander

      First let me say don't blame all NYers for the stupidity of NYC. I live in upstate NY and have held a CCW for 18 years. Also for the record I'm a retired and disabled Federal Officer. Disabled in the line of duty figthing convicts.
      I also hold a CCW for PA and have for 22 years when I worked and lived in PA. This allows me to carry in 26 States other than just NY. The NY CCW is only good for NY. I know the laws and know I can't carry when traveling through NYC I agree it sucks,but I know the law. I would be in as much trouble as he is. We need to fight to get the bill H.R. 822 passed that will solve our right to carry in other States. And all of you need to join the NRA who support our second ammendment rights. Next and even more important we all need to vote idiots like Obama and Bloomberg out of office. It's our right to vote and we need to do so to make the changes needed. We can't whine about what happens when we don't fight for our rights. I feel for the Marine as all of you do. My own Father was a Marine. But folks laws are laws. Even if we don't agree with them.

      • Highlander

        These States and cities that don't support the constitution of our country need to be forced to comply. That was the whole idea of the second ammendment to begin with. That government would not infringe upon our rights. These spineless officials who have their security assured need to live in the real world where the rest of us do. Mr. Obama,Mr. Bloomberg hold hands and walk through Central Park tonight WITHOUT YOUR GUARDS see how far you get. That's how the rest of us have to live. You would be pissing your pants when the punks pull their illegal guns and knives out. And oh my that's right you can't protect yourself then because YOUR LAW says that only the criminals get to carry weapons in NYC. Anyone else see a problem here?? Well that's my opinion.

        • Highlander

          And for the record I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR YOU MR. OBAMA.
          Folks we need to take our rights back from the spineless politicians who think that they know better than all of us do. We need to vote. We need to fight for our rights.
          THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT EUROPE OR THE UN. We make our own choices here. There not made for us. No matter what you two want.

    • Raul


  • FDH

    Glad it was changed from ex-Marine to Marine.

  • tanstaafl2

    I grew up in upstate (western) NY and we universally hated NYC. If it had broken off and sunk into the Atlantic, there would have been celebrations from Buffalo to Lake Placid, and all points in between. Outside NYC, the rest of the state is very small town, very Norman Rockwell.

    NY state requires that all handguns be registered and permitted, but NYC won't even honor THOSE permits. You have to get a special permit to own a handgun in NYC.

    • Buckeye

      My prior post was for NYC. I have been to upper state and it is wonderful… as are the people. Just to clarify.

  • Shalimar

    I'm not even American (I'm Canadian) and it's very simple in the end.

    As passed by the Congress:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    No state can legally over rule the constitution in such a manner . Some have tried and LOST.. and NY knows damn well they do not want this in court in front of any judge never mind TSC. They will toss it long before and the NRA etc will be all over this one.

  • cabioman

    I think his service as a Marine is an issue from the perspective of common sense, If his service was typical of most, he was issued a rifle at the age of 18. He was sent to foreign countries to use that weapon in the furtherance of our Country's foreign policy objectives. Now at age 28, with a decade's more experience under his belt, the government of N Y City is going to criminalize him for carrying a pistol for self-defense reasons ( I say $15k of gold is plenty of reason to be armed, particularity in NYC). This whole scenario smacks of governmental hypocrisy. Here is the break between the rule of petty laws from the rule of common sense.

    • a friend

      I agree with you, bloomberg is a "gun hater" and a phoony!!!

  • Frank Merchlinski

    This Marine has not done a thing wrong, except being in that hole they call the big apple ! Marines never did or will back down from a fight, and he will go forward with his head held high ! We really came a long way to get to 2012 and it at least for me it stinks ! Semper-Fi

    • a friend

      Right on!!!

  • Von Lute

    I am a native New Yorker, retired Marine, and have a NY CCW permit! Yet, it would still be illegal for me to carry in NYC!! Just how idiotic is that. The "Sullivan" laws date back to the rampantly corrupt political and "law enforcement" dynasties that no longer exist (well, maybe!). Still, 2d Amendment applies, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!!

  • bootman

    It's time NYC was held accountable for violating the Second Amendment denying it's people the rights they are guaranteed by our Constitution.

  • Peter H. Tilem, Esq.

    I am an attorney in New York that handles a considerable number of gun cases annually. In addition, I am a former prosecutor in the Firearms Trafficking Unit of the prosecutors office that is handling this case. Firstly, theses cases are beatable. Secondly, in Queens, which is an adjoining County and the New York Airports are located the prosecutor's office routinely offers my clients Disorderly Conduct pleas which are non-criminal. It is absolutely outrageous that they want this hero to have a criminal record.

    • hicusdicus

      It is outrageous to make any law abiding citizen a criminal over an unconstitutional law.

  • Man from Texas

    Man from Texas,
    We as citizens have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, do it, having a weapon and not needing, is better than not having and needing….get it. Keep your rights, do not give up your weapons. You will need it to protect yourself and your family, and your nation.. God Bless the United States of America… oh I am sorry was I not politically correct in my statement…. WAKE UP PEOPLE…

  • lazyj

    NYC has it backwards,they protect the bad guys and punish the just. As a former truck driver, we would carry our guns in to protect our lives. Sometimes we had to park by the docks overnight just to stay in line to unload. Or at some warehouses. We would only use our guns to protect our lives. We would go to jail, but thats better then being put in a casket. People have to stand up for their right to survive.

  • mike

    Regardless of the wisdom of New York city's gun laws, everybody knows you can't carry in the city. I don't know what this guy was thinking, but he made a serious mistake and now he seems committed to defending a legally indefensible position. The whole thing is a shame, from every perspective.

    • SteveA

      Mike, your an idiot. The law is illegal which makes it null and void. Thus he didnt break any law.

      • Chris

        Though I'm not against your argument, you really can't call anyone an idiot if you use the wrong "you're."

    • Greg

      You say everybody knows that you cannot 'carry' in NYC, than I guess all the bad guys did'nt read the memo, You and your fellow citizens of NYC need to demand your 2nd A rights and not with the BS fees you are charged !

  • Ralph

    after all these commens above
    bottom line, it's his responsiblity to know the law. He is guily and a trial probably won't be in his interest.
    We all agree the law is wrong, "the law is an ass"
    I wish him luck!

  • Max

    Come to New York and do your bussiness , but don't worry , you won't need a legal gun cuase not even the crooks have guns! Oh wait—– and we wonder why this country is in a hand baskit. Like I said before THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not the associated countries of america. A permit should mean anywhere in this country that you may travel.
    Let the good people make this country great again.
    Leave this Marine alone New York and let him go, he fought for you and you treat him like crap.
    Won't be long and all the good folks will leave New York .
    God Bless the USA

  • MadDog2047

    Semper Fi Marine! However, in NYC, even if U R right, with a hand gun, U R wrong!! YOU will be found guilty bcz they will make an example of YOU. Now if YOU were a criminal, YOU would NOT have checked it in and YOU would be OK and NO charges.! NYC is a STRANGE place for visitors. All they want, it seems is your money and do not CARE about the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution seems not 2 apply to the ORDINARY People, just those that have the power. You can bet your a$$ that Blumberg and family are protected by people with weapons!

  • Dad

    Law is clear. He as a former Marine shoud be an exemple of a Law abiding citizen – and he failed.

    On the top he is arrogant. Go to jail.

    • hicusdicus

      Are you bloomburgers dad?

    • HoosierDaddy

      As a Marine , he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution aganst ALL enemies forgein AND domestic.
      It is your ignorance that allows you to call him arrogant.
      It is this ignorance , if left unchecked , that will bring doom to this country.

    • Iceman

      What part of "The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" don't you understand Dad? and you are right, the Law is clear, and WRONG!!!! there can't be such a law legally! Since the USSC ruled that the 2nd. amendment is the law of the land and does pertain to individuals and not just the National Guard, the root of the NYC law is false to begin with. Also, YOU are arrogant to judge someone should go to jail because you don't like their position! He actually did just as the law requested, how was he to know that the inmates are running the asylum? SO DAD, go to the East side and throw yourself in the East river, just like me and mine have done since the 50's- oh wait, you can't, NOW IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!! See?

  • Snug

    Of course N.Y.C. wants anyone to commit anything that can be construed as a crime prosecuted.That is reserved for the mayor and other politicians . After all they did conspire to make "straw purchases "of firearms across state lines with impunity.Maybe the A.G. ,Eric Holder should look into this,because that is what the B.A.T.F.does for himin Arizona.

  • Carl K.

    Too many people refer to the 2nd ammendment as pertaing only to "a well regulated militia". According to the U.S. Code, the United States Militia consiste of "all able bodied men between the ages of 19 and 47". It seems reasonable to require that this militia be armed and ready to serve at a moments notice.

    • Big Daddy Rich

      Everyone should read the Federalist Papers. It can be likened to an owner's manual for the Constitution and explains certain things quite clearly, in particular what was intended with the 2nd.

  • MMcQuown

    The Sullivan Law was enacted not for the safety of the citizens of New York but to disarm Big Tim Sullivan's political opponents. Even upstate cops cannot carry in NYC. That's why I now live in PA.

    • Mike

      A police Officer in the State of NY can carry a firearm any where in the State of NY no matter where he is a Police Officer. NYC local laws do not override State Law. At one time NYC tried to not honor CCW's issued to retired Police Officers by the other counties in NYS but when threatened with retaliation of the other counties not honoring retired NYPD officers permits the city backed down. Under Federal Law HR 218 a current sworn Police Officer can carry concealed in any state irrespective of the States Laws. A retired PO of any state can carry in any other state irrespective of that states laws and irrespective of having a ccw or not as long as that retired PO has met certain training qualifications.

  • FafaMike

    The gentleman should know the rules when carrying a handgun to another state, however as we all know,,, The city of New York is run by a bunch of F—N A–Holes… Firearm confiscated,sent to the Gentlemans home via USPS,,(all charges paid for the marine, including court costs and everybody have a nice day)but the city of New York till this day cannot get their priorities right

  • Brent

    The second Amendment says "right to bear arms". Does not say anything about what state or city that it's illegal.

    Second thought. If New York honors our home states drivers license and car license plates, then why not a registered firearm?

  • Coinneach

    The second amendment applys to ALL states of the USA. So tell me how this guy is guilty. I know one thing, I don't plan on visiting New York, and I NEVER will.

  • Tim McGuire

    Every Marine should immediately write the NY governor and the NYC Mayor and the NYC Chamber of Commerce and state you will not spend one more dime in that state until this Marine has all charges dropped. Why do the sheeple of NY and the brain dead folks in Chicago continue to live without their full constitutional rights. Its well past the time people did something about this.

    • American


  • Ray

    Wait a minute! The sign said to notify security or whoever was running things there if you posess a weapon or firearm. Then you tell me it's illegal to carry a gun in NYC…isn't that self-incrimination or entrappment? How silly is this?…think of it. Maybe just revenue enhancement….plea bargain?….just give us money and we'll let you go. We don't care that you are a law abiding citizen…No wonder why Chicago and New York are turning to crap…that's why years ago I moved to the suburbs of Chicago. Only the criminals like cities.

  • Liam Brannagh

    One of my great faults is that I try to be objective. I do not feel the Marine should be punished. I also feel that those who sent him into harms way should have informed him of the the issues with the NY law. The NY law, and I am a New Yorker, is an insult to the Second Amendment. However, until it is overturned by proper authority, any citizen in legal posession of a handgun in other jurisdictions, should be made aware of the problems in NYC; especially those who are sent there by their employers.

  • American

    I am an AMERICAN and no one should be able to tell us what state or city we can carry or own gun in!! Next thing you know they will tell us what we can eat and were we can sleep!! Its crazy! What has happened to America??

  • Bill B.

    NYC and their ilk of gun haters are an abomination to law abiding citizens everywhere. Rather than carry his gun to the Empire State Building maybe he should have left it in his car to be stolen by some lawless low life. By doing this he would have been compliant with NYC's useless law. Don't worry Marine, NYC's laws will protect you from the hordes of criminals that roam the city unabated. When is the last time you saw a criminal compliantly read a sign and then follow the directions and identify himself as a gun owner? That's right…..never! Why do you think they are called criminals? Good luck Marine, you'll need it!!

    • American

      Exactly!! I totally agree..Had it been a criminal he woulda just carried it on in and never obeyed the sign!


    They should impeach Mayor Bloomberg. This Judaist told the Wall ST. demonstrators to stay as long as you like. They violated many city laws. As an example one was rape, striking a police officer, defacating on public property, burning the American Flag, just to mention a few. He could care less about people Second Amendment rights. This Mayor Bloomers thinks he walks on water like Obama. He had the City Council change a statue that a Mayor may only serve so long. The people of the wormy rotten apple deserve this mayor. They voted this jerk into office.

  • Dad

    The sign is to fire arms possed by legal CCW for NY City. Even a security guard that can carry a fire arm in NYC can not take inside Empire State Building.

    He was not legaly in possesion of a firearm. His CCL was not valid in NYC.

    I have my CCL from Texas and before I Travel, I check what states and cities recognize it.

    By the way, state of New York does not recognize any other state CCL. I can ot carry a gun anywhere in NY state, because my Texas CCL is not valid there. This is their law and I abide to it.

    PS: This is a very good example when a Law works, who does remember NYC in the 80s ? The crime rate in NYC is 20% of what is was in the 80s. Do you know why ?

    • middle o da road

      I have to give you a thumbs up on that. The laws do suck, but damn they really did clean up NYC. When I was a kid, the city was a friggin mess. Now I can bring my family in and spend the day and/or night there. I have to say, if I don't have to carry in NYC to protect myself anymore, then so be it.

      • Gordon Graham

        I am happy you feel safe. But I believe it may be because of police presence.Got to give New York's finest credit. But all it takes is one crazy with a gun to change your feeling of safety into fear. Seeing no carry laws mean nothing to the lawless.

    • hicusdicus

      It did not have anything to do with the gun laws. The crime wave went down after roe versus wade and more efficient law enforcement. Your statistics are bogus. Scientific American had a rather lengthy article on why violent crime went down. Maybe you should read it.

    • Abnrgr

      Yes, I do. It was not by prosecuting honest gun owners, that's for sure. And it was not because of Koch, dinkins, or bloomberg, but rather Rudy Giuliani ensuring criminals, not honest citizens, were ruthlessly prosecuted.

  • Daniel McGinn

    The constitution is the supreme law of the land. Laws that violate the constitution are not legal. Unfortunately many politicians, lawyers, and law enforcement officials no longer want to honor the constitution and believe that THEY are the over riding authority.
    @Dad, NY cities crime rate dropped because they went to a zero tolerance policy for several years. The police were enforcing even minor laws such as loitering. A lot of bad guys were arrested or at least driven undercover, or to another city. It's been proven that the severity of punishment does not reduce crime nearly as much as the likelyhood of being apprehended. Gun control had very little to do with it.

    • Dad

      You are right with ZERO TOLERANCE – including gun control. I lived in NY and remember the news of 5, 10, 15 shots, rampages EVERY DAY. What is the situation today ? With ZERO TOELRANCE the BG moved and the city is safer now.

      He as a former marine should respect the Law and know the limits of his CHL. Period.

  • American

    Cause the criminals hacked the poles and changed the rates?

  • just no

    Ran a big rig into the city for years, always had a sawed off 12 gage Model 97 Winchester at my disposal. Still have but but i do not go to to the apple anymore. Never needed it, never wanted to need it, but dammit i was ready.

    • MIKE

      Sawed off 12 Ga is illegal in every state of the US. It is a violation of Federal Law also.

  • Scott Nelson

    I believe this comment came from the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson: "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. – 1764." Truer words couldn't have been spoken. (Lifted from a G&A Handguns post on presidential firearms, but worth passing on.)

    I sure do Hope Mr. Jerome can prevail in court. It would benefit all Americans if he were to win this case.

  • Jib Quinn

    In an ideal world there would be a way to separate this petty dictatorship from the United States.
    That having been said, how could he not have known the consequenses of bringing a handgun into the People's Republic of Bloomberg?

  • The Hammer

    Just to let people of the US know. You need a license/permit just to buy ammo in NY or NJ. Thats correct not just a gun!( AMMO!!!) What part of the 2nd ammendment that I was required to read and learn did this come from? People of NY and NJ don't give up your rights. In the last one hundred ten years over 12 nations forced their people to give up their arms. If people would just read history they would find that 60,000,000 citizens were
    than shot or killed by their on nations. Please remember that the US only lost 50,000 people in War II. These nations found it easer to kill their own people than to deal with their needs. It is history and history repetes itself time and time again. Once our constitution is gone we will not get it back when good men do nothing!

  • T.J.Doyle

    " What part of you may not infringe on the right of the people to bear and keep arms do you not understand"?
    Who gave the Cities or the States the right to supercede the Constitution? The Constitution may not have been written by God, but he inspired the Founding Fathers. This Document is like no other before it or since. The City or State's have no standing in the matter of our Constitutional Law. It is the Supreme Law of the Land. The President of the United States swore an Oath and is charged with defending the Constitution. However he thinks it needs to be changed as he say's it is outdated. Read the Constitution before you make any Moronic comments about it. If you want to surrender your "GOD GIVEN RIGHTS", then you deserve to be a Slave. Firearms have two enimies, Rust and Politicians.

  • spike1point5

    Sorry, but he's guilty. Whether or not the LAW is correct or not is a different matter. The thing I don't get is, unless his visit to the Empire State Building was part of the bullion transport (which seems unlikely), why was he carrying? You HAVE to obey the laws of whatever state you happen to be in, one of the first things I got taught. Legally, he's a sitting duck. There can be no getting past the fact that he did break the law. I would dearly like to say I support what he's doing, but I can't, not in good conscience. I would love to carry my Browning in New York, but I don't. BECAUSE. IT. IS. ILLEGAL. That is, sadly, the final word. The law is the law, and until that gets changed, he is guilty.

    • amermctv3

      You are exactly right! I would love to carry my compact .45 with me whenever I do work or visit family and friends in NY, DE, NJ or MD, especially in Baltimore, but I know it's illegal. Frankly, I can't believe he was stupid enough to illegally carry a gun to the Empire State building in the first place.

  • Shooter308

    NYC SUCKS!!!! Bloomberg can SUCK on my sniper rifle!!!!

  • amermctv3

    Fortunately, i live in the beautiful State of Pennsylvania, which is a "shall Issue" State for CCW. As a law abiding citizen and responsible gun owner, I know that my neighboring States of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and New York. do not share reciprocity with the gun laws of Pennsylvania, so I never carry when I visit those States. Being a Veteran wouldn't absolve me from getting arrested if I did carry one of my guns into a neighboring State, and it doesn't absolve this former Marine either. He should have had more common sense than that, and left his gun somewhere safe before visiting the Empire State Building. Just because we don't like a law that's currently on the books doesn't justify breaking it.

  • Gtom

    Many have said it is the law that you can not carry in NYC without their specific license, the new law passed by our congress states that we all must purchase health insurance or be fined. When are the citizens of this country going to realize that our government is not protecting our rights they are passing these laws against the will of the people. Vote them out and change the laws!

  • coolerhead

    Whether a law is just or unjust, constitutional or unconstitutional, you violate it at your peril. Unless you plan on being test case and take it to the Supreme Court you are advocating criminal behavior. As presumably law abiding citizens, we shoudl work the system and support the NRA to effect teh changes we all agree are necessary.

  • middle o da road

    Did anyone read the actual news article as it appeared in various newspapers? He spent a week in NYC walking around with the gun on him everywhere he went. I'm sorry, but everyone on this site knows about NYC's gun laws. If you don't know that you can't carry in NYC, then you probably never even heard of 9-11. Yes, the laws are whack. Yes, they are possibly overreacting to losing 3000 people in those attacks. But the law is the law. The guy was on vacation, plain and simple. Empire State Building isn't in Long Island, not even close. His statements are a bit fishy: hotel safe was full, so he had to carry $15k of gold wherever he went, and thus the gun. I own more than $15k in gold. That's not even a pound! Stuff is as heavy as lead. Would a pound of lead fill your safe? I'll credit him for serving our country, I sure will. But, there is more to this story than you will see in gun mags. I don't agree with many laws, but I don't advocate breaking them on principle. Sure, next time you get pulled over in a speed trap (which is unfair), pull out yer gun and start a shootin'. Seriously?

    • spike1point5

      nicely put, mate. with you 100%

  • Ricky Price

    I love guns better then most me, but if I have to go to another state for some reason and can't take heat with me I go another route. Either I carry a sharp knife or a club. I'm not taking sides for NY. You got to used common sense.

  • frankgon4

    The Marine followed what the sign said to do and is arrested. This is wrong. At some point, humanity and reason should come into play.
    This is one of my pet peeves. I am thanked for my service in the Military. Seems it is okay for me to go over seas and kill people, but if I legally carry a gun in Texas – the same people that thank me suddenly turn on me.

    • Dad

      The sign is for WHO posses a NYC CHL license. If you are not in possesion of a NYC CHL, you can not carry a handgun. Simple.

  • Marine Sergeant

    I cannot believe my eyes as I read the totally ignorant posts from foreigners and ignoramuses on our own soil. For our own, I say brush up on your rights, and know the difference between those and your so-called "privileges". To the foreigners I say, remove the stone out of your own eye before you try removing the stone in your brothers eye. Just because a law is passed, does not make it right, nor do you have to obey bad or illegal law. If it were so (e.g.) cases like Nuremberg would not have happened, and if they passed a law that you had to jump off of buildings at the age of thirty, we'd rid our population, quickly, of the low IQ pool…That Marine has more balls, more common sense, and is doing more for the return of the Rights of the People in this one stand than most his detractors have done in their lives. Semper Fi!

  • Ray

    If handguns are illegal in NYC, why would they even have a sign up to check your weapons???? No one is suppose to have one.

    • Dad

      Nobody is saying handguns a illegal in NYC. You need a SPECIAL CHL for NYC, without it handguns are illegal.

      The sign is there for WHO legally posses a NYC CHL.

  • Gary

    Shame, shame, shame on NYC. This was a dishonorable thing to do to this U.S. Marine. Common sense must prevail in some cases, and this was one of them. Too many politicians who make/enforce U.S. laws have never served in our military services and cannot appreciate the sacrifices made by our service members and veterans. Did Bloomberg ever serve? I didn't think so. What's wrong with this picture? Do the right thing, NYC. Hang in there Brother, and Semper Fi – USMC/Vietnam 72, 73, 74

  • Randy

    Concealed weapon, tell no one and check no weapon and if they have metal detectors then return to the car and leave it or avoid the place, but this Marine has been in harms way for his country , New Yorks sorry law enforcement and the Govenor should be Ashamed of this.

  • Don Dempsey

    In Florida, Law Enforcement Officers with the Fla. Dept. of Law Enforcement, are all plain clothes officers, and they work extra to assist jewelers in moving expensive cargo. And the jeweler can be a Concealed to Carry person. I think if they looked at the New York law, it has not accomplished what they set out to do. While attending the FBI National Academy I spoke with some New York officers who were in my session and the majority did not agree with it.

  • DHurdle

    If we were to sell NYC to the highest bidder, how far would it go toward settling our national debt ?

  • bubba

    about 20 or 30 thousand gun owners should go to the big apple with a old throw away pistol an flood the jails and demand a trial by 12

  • Nick

    The simple answer: other states should stop recognizing NY driver licenses. Thus, driving without a license. Thus, seize car and lock up New Yorkers. Also, no longer recognize NY LEOS interstate with right to bear weapons. Arrest them. Also, time to put up large tolls on roads going into and out from NY. Let's see, how about New Yorkers have to pay a head tax when they travel interstate. Of course, no one should recognize a New York marriage license, either. The sullivan law was meant to disarm uppity Irish. It is now used against all citizens who are told that they are dumb to be out at night. NY police have no obligation to protect anyone. New Yorkers in der stadt crowd like birds avoiding a hawk. Alas, once an empire state, they are now sheep. The NY Giants play in NJ.

    • highlander

      First let me say don't blame all NYers for the stupidity of NYC. I live in upstate NY and have held a CCW for 18 years. Also for the record I'm a retired and disabled Federal Officer. Disabled in the line of duty figthing convicts.
      I also hold a CCW for PA and have for 22 years when I worked and lived in PA. This allows me to carry in 26 States other than just NY. The NY CCW is only good for NY. I know the laws and know I can't carry when traveling through NYC I agree it sucks,but I know the law. I would be in as much trouble as he is. We need to fight to get the bill H.R. 822 passed that will solve our right to carry in other States. And all of you need to join the NRA who support our second ammendment rights. Next and even more important we all need to vote idiots like Obama and Bloomberg out of office. It's our right to vote and we need to do so to make the changes needed. We can't whine about what happens when we don't fight for our rights. I feel for the Marine as all of you do. My own Father was a Marine. But folks laws are laws. Even if we don't agree with them

  • Kirk

    It is a shame. He should have known the gun laws in NYC are worse there than here in California. Thank you Arnold S. Kennedy. He took a chance and then got honest. Going to carry a concealed weapon, better check. Having served in the Corp and am an avid gun owner, I appreciate his moxie and hope he triumphs.

  • Loneagle

    The Second Amendment doesn't mention anything about Cities or States having the right to deny Citizens "the right to keep and "BEAR" arms", nor the right to restictive licenses. They are getting away with it because WE are allowing them to!!! They are breaking the Second Amendment of the Constitution and should be convicted in Federal Court and imprisoned for doing so!! And any Federal Judge who does not agree, should be promptly removed!! It is up to US to see to it!!

  • bhp9

    The constitution means what the sitting supreme court says it means regardless of the original intent of the founding fathers. Anyone even remotely familiar with the rulings and even the most resent statements of some of the justices knows that. Your rights are what the sitting justices determine they will be and they are backed up by the people who enforce the law.

    Shocking to people who believe an ancient piece of paper is going to jump out of its glass case and save their rights but sadly this has never happened nor will it ever happen. Thats reality, like it or not and no one has ever been able to change it. The people who rule decide what the rules will be according to their own desires of the moment, or orders from higher up the chain of command.

    Even past rulings favorable to gun owners are often ignored out right by anti-gun governors, mayors, and justices with a wink and a nod. Often years of law suits are the result with no guarantee the people in power will not still win in the end, they usually do as they have unlimited amounts of your tax dollars to fight you with. Your funds on the other hand are finite.

  • highlander

    These States and cities that don't support the constitution of our country need to be forced to comply. That was the whole idea of the second ammendment to begin with. That government would not infringe upon our rights. These spineless officials who have their security assured need to live in the real world where the rest of us do. Mr. Obama,Mr. Bloomberg hold hands and walk through Central Park tonight WITHOUT YOUR GUARDS see how far you get. That's how the rest of us have to live. You would be pissing your pants when the punks pull their illegal guns and knives out. And oh my that's right you can't protect yourself then because YOUR LAW says that only the criminals get to carry weapons in NYC. Anyone else see a problem here?? Well that's my opinion.

  • highlander

    And for the record I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR YOU MR. OBAMA.
    Folks we need to take our rights back from the spineless politicians who think that they know better than all of us do. We need to vote. We need to fight for our rights.
    THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT EUROPE OR THE UN. We make our own choices here. There not made for us. No matter what you two want.

  • Randy

    The mayor of new york city is a lying double standered rat. he is a gun hater and wants everyone to turn in there guns when he has and carries and also has a bodyguard..
    I respect this Marine and back him 100%. I know my words mean nothing but had to voice my thoughts

  • Mark

    Just another example of a bureaucrat that has sworn to uphold the Constitution who through their own arrogance, follow their own agenda and do what ever they please. When will the American voter wake up, reject the candidates that wish to impose their will on free people and elect people that will stand up for common sense and not only follow, but BELIEVE in the Constitution!

  • Jim

    Just out of curiousity, how's that total ban on guns work for crime reduction in places like Chicago, NYC, and Washington DC? Has it totally eliminated violent crime like it's said to? Never can get a politician or other gun-grabber to answer that one.

  • mike g

    our current government is full of communists they cant control you if you have a firearm think about adolf hitler you have to bring caous before you can have order criminals go unpunished or slap on hand law abiding people throw the book at its a sad country we live in today

  • terz81

    With the right legal council This Marine can win this fight.
    Yes the city of New York and others have these laws but there have been recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions
    that call these very laws in to question, in fact Cities like New York and Washington D.C. and Phili., pa
    have chosen to ignore these Supreme Court Decisions, thus they are in violation of the law, that is why new york offered a plea deal.

  • Dennis

    CITY-ITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tyrants try to intimidate,but are wimps in wolf attire.Stand fast MARINE,till they stand down.You obeyed a sign they had no right to post in the first place, the constitution is clear on this issue,the second amendment was put into place to protect us from the likes of THEM.I hope to get updates on your case.Hang in there MARINE,you are not the only victim…..SEMPER FI

  • Joe

    Can you still have a gun in your vehicle? In Fl, you can have a gun in your vehicle w/o a ccw. ??

  • Bill

    Obviously the work around is to NOT tell but don't go in. You have the right to change your mind, this is still America.

  • Mike Conner

    I love that they have asked him to perform community service in addition to his $1000 fine. Hasn't this Marine done enough community service protecting OUR rights? …like the right to bear arms? The laws in any "non-gun" state are Garbage. It is still done by the criminals, that is why I either don't go to NY (and California), or if I have to I'm gonna be breaking the law. Tell that to Hillary…and her and Obama's UN Small Arms Treaty!

  • Chouck0101

    SHEEPDOG!!! His only mistake was “checking his firearm at the door”, unless they had metal detectors. Jerome is doing what is necessary to get the job done, and change the gun laws in N.Y city. It takes action to make something like gun laws change, and this marine is taking action! We all need to send emails to the mayor of N.Y telling him to wake up and smell the coffee that the criminals or already drank. Does he think criminals walk around thinking I should check my gun at the door. If criminals abided by laws then the mayor wouldn’t need private protection. It’s not the politicians and the laws that protect our rights as Americana’s its people, people like Ryan Jerome that protect what we most of us forget we have…rights!!! Don’t make an example of Jerome, make him the reason gun laws in N.Y city need to be revised and changed…times are changing so should the laws that governs them…Email Mayor Bloomberg!!!!! And support Ryan Jerome__

  • Mike

    The big joke here is the NYPD and the Mayor's office have full page ads offering people money to turn in guns.
    How is it these people aren't being arrested?

  • John Howard

    May New York city rot in hell. This marine put his life on the line for our country. This is the way this city recognizes this?

  • 2manyhobbies

    They. (Meaning we the people yes that includes the state of NY) trusted this man with far more destructive weapons than a hand gun, but now they rush to treat him as a criminal and he says NO to a bogus deal to cop a plea.
    This American hero may just be the one to take it all the way, stomping the highly illegal NY gun laws into the dust of obscurity where they so rightly belong! OORAH!

  • Floyd McCarty

    No I do not believe in gun limitations of any type. But everyone knows California and New York are the most ridicules places in the world. Sorry for this mans issue but did he think they were kidding? Lets fight but be informed.

    • Shalimar

      Look north of the border for even more stupidity.. or at the UK.. or South Africa.. etc etc,.

      NY is a farce for sure.. but sadly there is much much worse.

  • lee

    Way to go Ryan. Bloomburg is an idiot. He would not even be in office if he did'nt buy his way in. When are p[eople ever going to smartin up and use a little common sence. People need to vote for candidates that uphold the constitution not people that want to change it.

  • Norm

    Hope it isn't black, high capacity or an assault hammer.

  • BJC

    Why aren't these New York and Chicago law's deemed unconstitutional and eradicated. It's a shame that Bloomburg is empowering the criminals by restricting law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves.

  • Shalimar

    Indeed many are surprised.. but your 2nd comes from the magna carta which apples to us as well.. though we sadly do not have that enshrined as the US does. (very sadly).
    I'm one of the few that continues to fight to eliminate the BS laws up here as well as helping to prevent such in the US and elsewhere.

  • Dave

    most of the Dumbocrats in politics don't know how to read the US Constitution as if it doesn't refer to them as a citizen as long as they can protect themselves and their family they don't care about you.

  • a friend

    I believe the NRA will get on top of this one. This is harassment. Why have a law that anyone can get a "Deal with" if it isn't for publicity for Bloom Berg and that other BS group: Mayors against the second amendment!
    Keep up the good work Mr. marine nad lets get the NRA on athis stupid city!
    Gunney, where are you??????

  • Greg

    My state of Michigan honers a NY state or NYC carry permit, but NY does not honer my MI carry permit,duh?

  • Patrick

    Never tell ANYONE you are carrying a gun.

    • Mark Santos

      Good theroy,but you are required by law in just about every state to tell a police officer that you are carrying concealed, especially if they ask you!

    • Raul

      Or better yet. TELL everyone.

  • spike1point5

    no, it;s not. They are not in violation of the Second Amendment, as the right to bear arms is not being infringed, provided you have the REQUIRED paperwork. The 13th makes an exception for "as punishment for a crime" and the fourteenth doesn't apply because Due Process upholds prohibition and licensing laws. Also, the Privileges and Immunities is fine, because New York IS upholding the second amendment, as shown in 2008 when the Supreme Court re-checked the various state laws, and if they were consistent with the second Amendment (columbia v heller) and evidently New York is fine, otherwise the law would be repealed. Therefore, he is still doing something illegal, and I would not be surprised if he gets the book thrown at him.

  • Mark Santos

    one more reason not to go to NY! All you 2A types out there need to boycott that city, and any business related to that city. there are alternatives out there, seek out business's in gun friendly states that fit your needs .Sooner or later the voters of that city will wise up and kick those Douche bags out of office! who am I kidding they will countinue along like sheep to the slaughter!



  • Alex_Streich

    As a former District Attorney, I'm wondering where the proper exercise of prosecutorial discretion has gone. Appropriate law enforcement actions may have included the issuance of a police report and initial confiscation of the firearm. But the DA could have stopped the process at that point. Charging this man with a crime under these circumstances accomplishes nothing towards furthering the goals of our criminal laws: to protect the innocent and maintain order. Filing the charge is also a waste of judicial resources, and a great example of why our courts are overburdened and inefficient.

  • dstudie

    New York is a cesspool run by criminals protecting criminals. Bloomberg is the head criminal and the police force is infested with lowlifes and thugs, drug dealers and shakedown artists. New York politicians have absolutely no respect for the Constitution and consider it a stumbling block in the way of their communistic goals of total control of the lives of the citizens. They actually spit on the Constitution. Never mind that the gun law is unconstitutional, no crooked NY judge will ever go against it. They are too corrupt. It is truly sad, but in NY only criminals have rights.

  • Raul

    Buy Ammo and practice every week we all need to be proficient.

  • Raul

    Jerome. You can count on me to help finance your defense.

  • amarica

    Maybe its time other states put sanctions on these big citys and states that violate our rights . Most of them have no oil ,crops,or even water in some to sustain themselves. How would they like a little embargo on them.

  • Jim

    Anti-gun numb skulls! When will these people learn that the laws they say effect criminals only hinder the law abiding…we call them criminals FOR A REASON people! How can I feel safe when the state governments are restricting my constitutional right to carry and posses arms, and the fact that states (*cough* new york *cough*) that have assault weapons bans restrict the carry capacity for a law abiding citizenry while criminals run around with their ILLEGAL GUNS and HI CAP MAGAZINES. Silly politicians, criminals VIOLATE LAW and therefor will not take the LEGAL high road to obtain a fire arm. Pull your heads out of your what ever and smell the coffee, or is gunpowder?

  • Les Rogers

    Why don't a few million of his brothers and sisters in arms mail a letter of disgust to mayor Blumgerg. Pointing out the many reasons they should not visit NYC. And express how they plan to share their feelings with as many of their friends that will listen. I suggest letters because they can't just be deleted. NYC will have to spend cold hard cash to get rid of them. This could take awhile, and it is sure to make the news. How much bad news do you think they want.

  • Edward Lewis

    It sounds to me as if his Constitutional right "to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" was infringed. The law he broke was against the law. That's what happens when the states write laws that are outside of the scope of their jurisdiction; that is, in conflict with the Federal Constitution.

    "If guns kill people, mine must be defective, as up till now."

  • 2nd amendment

    Coministic places like New York love crimanals, not law abiding citizens that belive in 2nd amendment right to defend yourself ! !

  • Mike Elgan

    No such thing as a former Marine.

    • ken

      semper fi

  • josh

    Hes a US Marine he fights to keep us free and safe so we dont have to. and he was carring $15.000 dollers worth of gold i woolda carred a gun to and im a bounty hunter

  • cappy

    ny city is nuts…..Blumberg is disgusting!

  • gunnerk19

    Bloomberg's a freaking Elitist moron who has served 2 terms too many as "Hizzoner"…

    Funny how he, Shumer, Fienstein, appellate and circuit court judges, and attorneys in NYC and NYS are granted the right to carry firearms for their own protection (if not provided bodyguards outright), but the rest of the populace are left to fend for themselves with less…

    You "Noo Yawkers", like lemmings running off a cliff, keep re-electing this worthless boob, so I have no sympathy when your individual rights are trampled upon because you do it to yourselves…

    Next time, smarten the f*** up, get rid of Bloomberg and things might change…

  • LexingtonNC

    Is there a legal defense fund set up for this guy? I'd like to kip in a few bucks.

  • 1911 a-1

    this should not be a case of right or wrong, it is a case of weather a person who is in good standing with the state they live in has the right to carry a gun. the fact that he was a marine just goes to his favor. he check the weapon and mad not attempts to try to sneak it in. it pains me to say that in our current ass backwards system some states have not recognized the right to carry a gun even if you are a lawful citizen. i work at a pawn shop and i deal with large amounts of cash on a day to day deal. adding to that i work in a town that is very very unsafe. for some book worm who has never had a gun pointed at him who lives high on a hill, i feel your pain brother stand fast and hold the line every true red blooded American is behind you!!!!!!!

  • ToryII

    old story.

  • Cremony

    >a former Marine, no less.<

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine

    • Cole H.

      He was willing to risk his life to protect you from a crazy, drugged up, Jihadist with a Russian AK. What are you willing to do for him? Seriously.

  • For America

    I remember a thing called the Million Man March. How about a Million Gun March to the Capital. Exercising our 2 Ammendment Rights. Who's with me?

  • Ricochet

    First, wouldn't the Firearms owner protection act at least partly come into play, protecting gun owners from gun laws in jurisdictions they pass through when they own a firearm legally and have any legal use for it in their destination? Second, wouldn't the posted sign be in violation of the fifth amendment, you can't be made to self-incriminate yourself. Thirdly, regardless of the draconian NYC gun laws, it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. With any luck, the 12 on the jury will have at least one sensible person who believes in the 2nd Amendment and could prevent miscarriage of justice.

  • Robert Mansouri

    All this talk of unjust laws seems like nothing but rhetoric. The fact is, this man unwittingly carried a firearm somewhere where it was against the law to do so. If so many of you feel that a great injustice has been done then I'd suggest getting up off your asses and actually doing something about it.

    “If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law” ― Henry David Thoreau

  • G E Diego

    N.Y.’s gun laws protect the criminals and thugs. Of course the wealthy and political hook up folks have guns and guards at there walled residences with door men and such. I hope a jury responds in a positive way for Ryan Jerome.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I hate New York.I love the people of New York and New York itself but the laws and Mayor Bloomberg,Blumberg,Idiot needs to go and the laws changed back to not infringe on the Second Amendment rights of responsible law abiding citizens.The Marines charges should be dropped A.S.A.P.

  • Randy Scott

    New York respects no one, that is why Hillary, Bill and Wiener all want to live there.

  • USMC034181mm

    There is no such thing as a “former” Marine, Once a Marine Always a Marine….That is why we say SEMPER FIDELIS

  • Ted Nugent

    Why am I here? This is muck water news. One sided, jaded. Now, I completely want him to be set free of all charges based on the story, but please everyone reading this know that real news isn’t “one sided”. This is muck gathering bad journalism. It is propaganda, just like Trevon Martin. News to confuse, obfuscate, and when all else fails, manipulate poles to make the desired out comes preferable. Left vrs Righ Paradigm. I advise you to see both sides for what they are. A LIE. STATES RIGHTS ALWAYS!

  • JustMe

    @ Mansouri… the only problem with your argument is that “laws” made contrary to the constitution are not “laws” they are, in this case, the overzealous political efforts of a traitor who somehow got into the mayors office of the largest city in the Untied States (no, not a type). I agree with your “get off your asses and do something”, I’m game… lets go!

  • Vladimir

    Michael Bloomberg is a god damned hypocrite! He surrounds himself with armed bodyguards while denying his “subjects” the right to a handgun for self protection. He probably even keeps one tucked in away in his nightstand. Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  • Doug

    Thank God he wasn’t packing a 20 oz soda,people coulda been been killed!!! This whole thing is a “Microcosm” of things to come in a Nanny state…….It’s spreading folks.

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