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First Look: FNH FNS-9 Striker-Fired Pistol

by Guns & Ammo News   |  August 19th, 2011 18

The new FNS-9 pistol is the first of its kind in the FN Herstal lineup, and has an exclusive look at the striker-fired offering being put through its paces at the range.

FNH will be introducing the FNS-9 to the US law enforcement market later this year and to consumers in 2012. This gun has multiple internal safeties, an optional manual safety and ambidextrous controls.

See how it performed.

  • James Dobbs

    Should have done a retake of video and eliminated forgetting safety. That is what is going to happen under stress. Looks like a lot of thought went into gun design. Would like to try one someday.

    • C Sosa

      I just got one yesterday, I fired it today for the first time, let me tell you, it's awesome. It cost me 425 with my LE discount, and it is by far the best gun I ever owned. The trigger is a little different, but it is designed to have a very short reset on the trigger. My SWAT buddies LOVED it. My recomandation, GET ONE, if you can, if not, find a cop who has one and make friends with him. It's a very nice pistol.

  • D. Murray

    Looks interesting! I understand, since it's aimed at LE, the use of the night sights. Having said that…how about a version with the sights on the prototype? Almost all of my handguns wear a FO front/all black rear sight.

  • James

    Hate to be a grammar fiend, but "it's" means "it is". The possessive is spelled "its".

    • Instructor

      Hey grammar fiend, I appreciate your concern for the integrity of the language, but you should know that in American usage, periods (and commas) go inside closing quotation marks, colons and semicolons go outside, and question marks and exclamation points may be inside or outside, depending on the content of the sentence. Of course, if you're British, your punctuation is correct.

  • cantspellnorwrite

    Why don't we all go back to grammar school and forget about the new FN-9 gun. The gun will not be available until late fall anyway and will only be available for the law enforcement. In the meantime it is back to school time.

  • Deputy Jake

    Another attempt at being a Glock. Just give it a rest you guys! There is only one Glock. Always has and always will be. Manual safety? Really? Why was my time. Just keep buying Glocks, or a Sig , if have no need for the extra cash.

    • Justin

      FNH has been in the game a little bit longer than Glock buddy. Roughly 4 times longer. Always with the glock guys saying there guns are the best and nothing else can compare. The Colt 1911 lasted many years until other companies wanted in on the koolaid.

    • pocketdrummer

      I own a glock 23, but I abhor the grip angle. If it weren't for that, then I'd be right there with you.

      Unfortunately, the grip angle kills it. I've been looking for a viable alternative ever since. I'm hoping that this FNS fills that position so I can sell the glock and be happy with a natural point of aim.

  • Pyrolighter/fighter

    FN's are some of the finest shooting guns out of the box. Price point is nice too. I could always use the extra cash for rounds down range.

  • jathtech

    Many people like manual safeties. there's many reasons for it. I like manual safeties too. Not because I like to keep my finger on the trigger like a tard, but because it gives me a little more confidence when I have single action, or a light trigger pull on a striker fired, weapon. And there are many instances where COPS have misfired Glocks. Yes, they were probably tards, but the manual safety could maybe have prevented it.

  • Derek

    I know a lot of it is due to the shooter, but that gun sure does a nice job of snapping-back on target.

  • DM

    Looks like the Smith & Wesson M&P.

    • bobevans97

      It looks thinner and more concealable.

  • Phillip

    Why can't these guys go to a range at a time no one else is shooting? Talk about a poor qualtity video.

    • pocketdrummer

      There are no such ranges where I live… it's always packed.

  • john

    jathtec: scold time :could you please use a different perjonrative. AS these people are not tards they are unconsciously incompetent, lazy, contemptuous, or other suitable adjective. Retarded people are unfortunate enough and do not need stigma talk

  • Tom

    Saw it, bought it , love it, and i wouldn't have a Glock if it were given to me.

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