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First Look: LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

by Dusty Gibson   |  October 31st, 2013   |   14
LaserLyte Trainer Target Plinking Cans

Photo by Mike Anschuetz

Anyone who has ever practiced dry-firing knows about the anti-climactic nature of standing in their living room, repeatedly drawing a pistol and discharging imaginary rounds into their walls and furniture. Obviously, guns don’t go “bang” or cause a target to react when dry-firing.

LaserLyte has forever changed the world of dry-fire practice with their laser training systems. One of their flagship products, the LT-Pro Laser Trainer, enables shooters to engage reactive electronic targets with a laser beam.

The LT-Pro slides into the muzzle of a LaserLyte Trainer Pistol—or a real handgun of your choice—turning at-home training into an entertaining activity, especially when paired with a Laser Training Target. LaserLyte targets record where each laser hits the target, and give immediate feedback on shot placement.

LaserLyte has taken their reactive targets one step further with their new Laser Plinking Cans. Now you can practice and plink in the comfort of your home, all while avoiding boring dry-fire practice.

When shot with a LaserLyte laser, Plinking Cans tip over and give shooters immediate feedback on their hits.

The Editors at G&A tested these cans at various distances, racing each other to see who could knock them over faster. We found the cans are responsive to laser hits out to at least 90 feet.

LaserLyte Plinking Cans will be available in the first quarter of 2014. The package comes with three cans, three 9V batteries and an instruction card for $104.95. The LT-Pro Laser Trainer is sold separately.

Check out our exclusive first-look video of LaserLyte’s new Laser Plinking Cans.

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  • squareWave

    Kinda neat. Think it needs a lower price point though.

  • Joe Sobotka

    I agree with squareweave. Very Cool! However a bit pricy considering its $120.95 for the LT-Pro Laser Trainer then an additional $104.95 for the cans totals $225.90. A bit expensive for me just for dry firing practice. Unless I win the lottery, I’d rather spend the money on ammo or towards a new firearm.

    • Jones
      • Joe Sobotka

        Thanks for the info. I like Midway USA and order from them often. However with the 2 combined, its still a bit pricey just for dry fire practice. But thats just me. If others can afford it,, cool.

      • Orville Thomas

        Thanks for the tip. I’ve seldom seen Midway sell anything for less than retail or more.

  • BJC

    I can buy 22lr ammo for $70 per 1000 and can’s are free. This Laser Lite setup is way too expensive.

    • Brady Saunders

      Your house must look like crap. My house is way too nice to be shooting 22lr at cans inside of.

      • BJC

        I don’t shoot inside my house Goober, but if I had to I would use those small round plastic pellets not live rounds. All I’m saying is it is a lot cheaper to go outside and shoot cans with 22’s.

  • Todor Stefanov

    is it working on airsoft guns? Thanks

  • TriggerJerk

    Cool idea, but for the price. Better to buy a BB gun, pellet pistol, or even a decent airsoft gun and choose your own targets. After all, shooting the same three tin cans gets boring real fast. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I shoot my cans until they look like shrapnel. These you have to reset every shot. Definitely in the “Gimmick” category; a solution without a problem.

    • Brady Saunders

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you someone who has COMPLETELY missed the entire point. *applause*

      Seriously, this product is made for you to use INSIDE your house, with your REAL guns (you don’t need the goofy dummy gun, you need a laserlyte trainer). Suggesting a BB gun instead is like someone wanting to buy a car and you suggesting they buy a racing video game.

      • TriggerJerk

        Ahh…did you actually read my _entire_ post before you jumped on the sarcasm button? And no, your analogy doesn’t hold true, either. As a licensed pilot, I have spent many hours on a simulator which have made me a better aviator, without the expense of fuel. insurance, etc. Trigger time on a good firearm replica translates to better shooting in the real world, plus you don’t have to stop every three shots and reset the cans. But I get the impression that you really want or already have these toys, so congrats! Let us know when you want to sell them.

  • RandomThoughts

    Thank You G&A for handing the gun grabbing crowd more firepower to attack our rights.

  • m444ss

    By the time you buy the cans and the laser, seems like a lot of money. Throw in the dummy gun, and my piggy bank comes up empty. Good idea, LaserLyte, but too expensive for most folks. Like TriggerJerk, who comment below, I’ll stick to my pellet gun, lead-free pellets, and pellet trap in the basement.

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