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For the Love of Competition

7 Must-Have Items for 3-Gun Competitions

by Mike Schoby   |  August 14th, 2012 9

If you haven’t at least heard about 3-gun shooting matches by now, you must be hiding under a rock. But for the uninformed, 3-gun competitions are one of the most exciting shooting sports to hit the stage in a long time. Essentially melding gun handling skills, accuracy and speed into one package, 3-gun utilizes a wide variety of skills with three firearms: rifle, pistol and shotgun. While it really is easy to get started in 3-gun competition, there are some must-have accessories that make the experience much more enjoyable, as well as seriously improve your overall performance.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Hey! Check it out. The new WalMart shopping carts!

    Does this replace golf bags?

    • Alan_T


  • Alan_T

    Hmmmmmmmm while it is usfull information ( more for some than others ) , it kind of sounds like a sales – pitch to me .

    • Griff

      Me too.

      • Mack Missiletoe

        Yup! However it is nice to see new products and to keep up with what is going on

        Right now a few websites I've visited are really pushing 3-gun competition.

        I am pondering some rimfire competition though. I heard there's a place a little ways off where they do rimfire steel matches. That would be a blast for any age

  • fzrryder

    Check out the link below for your chance to win a free gun:

  • Fix your site

    This site fails… can only view the 1st two pictures, and only half of the second item’s description.

  • NC Steve

    and this is why i don’t but this shitty magazine. the is the exact type of bull shit they expect people to pay for in print form.

  • David Cloutman

    “You can adapt your wife’s jogging stroller and strap some gun racks on it, but a better idea is to buy…”

    Doesn’t this strike anyone as more than a little sexist? Women shoot in three gun competitions? And why can’t a man push a jogging stroller? Why is it the wife’s jogging stroller? Oink.

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