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New for 2014: CCI Suppressor 22LR Ammo

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 19th, 2014   |   29

Now that suppressors are legal for hunting in several states, many folks are getting stealthy with their small game hunting.

Brand new CCI Suppressor 22LR ammo is loaded to cycle reliably while maintaining subsonic ballistics and 70- to 75-percent noise reduction, compared to standard velocity ammo.

CCI Suppressor rimfire ammo is very similar to CCI Quiet ammo, except the Suppressor ammo is loaded with a hunting bullet, while CCI Quiet is intended for target shooting.

CCI’s new Suppressor 22LR ammo is on the market now for about $3 per 50-round box.

Watch our exclusive video from the 2014 SHOT Show for more information:

  • Bull

    bull crap you won’t find it for that!

    • Cajun Shooter

      When it comes to 22 ammo we won’t find it at any price.

      • Frank

        Cajun Shooter,
        Look at They have the Norma Tac 22 ammo and the price is $5.24 per fifty.

  • madfam004

    I have not been able to purchase any 22Cal. in the last two years. So I just had to switch to air guns for target shooting. And it is a lot cheaper to use.

  • madfam004

    How I gauge ammuniton availability is by going to the store and having access to the ammunition I need and not by rushing in the early morinig hours and beat some else to purchase ammunition. Now that is nonesense. I am too proud to reduce my self to that level.

  • mikebke

    I have no problems finding (American) .22LR ammunition here in Sweden.
    CCI Standard is my favorite. Works fine in my Benelli MP95, the 10/22, and the rimfire conversions Ii have for 1911 and AR-15.

    • Les Beal

      Send some 22lr ack to us. Bet shipping would not be worth it.

  • evi1joe

    70-75% quieter? The sound barrier alone adds 50% and they slowed it down 20% so that’s how they got that number–but I’ve never seen ANY CCI for $3 per 50rd box. More like $8-$10. I just want the heaviest bullet that can (a) stabilize enough to shoot safely out of a 3.5-4.5″ barrel (like the P22 and SR22) and (b) can go >925fps out of a pistol barrel. So far the CCI-made Gemtechs at 42gr seem best, I get them for $60/500, which comes to $6/50…twice as much as these supposedly.

  • Lightning Bolt

    How can we order them for $3..a box I want 50 boxes

  • mac

    22 quiet is great for bolt action not for semi., since 22 hard to find I really enjoy shooting AK47 it so cheap to shoot for now, and the second is ar15.

    • John

      Really???? $3 for a box of 50???? Where can I buy 1000 boxes?

  • Jeremy

    It’s the ammo hoarders and scalpers that are screwing everyone else. Dont blame CCI or magazines for quoting msrp. Shun those individuals who buy all that ammo out from under you. Heck kick em in the gonads if you have too. (Just kidding). Government conspiracy blah blah.

  • James

    Hey CCI, how about just make more regular 22LR and forget about coming out with some new “quieter” suppressor ammo! That would impress me a little more.

  • Rafael

    Is the DHS buying .22 also??? Where is available??? REALLY??? G&A Don’t allow people to come and lie on camera and then post for us to see. They know is not available and retailing cheap if can be found!

  • zebradog

    Just more 22LR ammo that I won’t be able to find anywhere.

  • Retired Gunny

    To those who cannot find .22 ammo:
    It all depends on where you shop. Since October, 2013, I purchased over 1,500 rounds of target grade ammunition. Not supersonic, not hypersonic, no hollowpoints, and no oter claims to marketing fame.
    Yes, for Eley 10X ammo and others you will pay a premium. But a good shot with a quality .22 can get a beter chance at a head shot on any squirrel or rabbit if his choice of gun/ammo can deliver sub 1″ groups. My 6-shot groups from a 1947 S&W K-38 Target Masterpiece with Remington Target ammo can be covered by a nickel with room to spare. Do you think a squirrel knows the difference what is blowing his brains out?
    Get to gun shows, larger big box (Bass Pro) and LOOK AT THE SHELVES. .22 ammo is available, just not stingers, hornets. blasters,and any other macho-label. But standard ammo that will take out anything with proper shot placement can be had ($ 6.25 per 100) if you think that your shot can take 2/10,000ths of a second longer.
    Become a sharpshooter or better, practice enough, and you’ll find that you will be able to use “ordinary” .22’s for most of your shooting.

    • Retired Gunny

      Sorry, that is a 1947 K-22 target masterpiece tht gives me the groups. I shoot Bullseye with revolvers: K-22, K-38, and a custom shop S&W 25-5 in .45 Colt.
      I typed faster than my brain recognized what I was writing. Probably the cause of my typos as well.

    • Jim

      There is no Bass Pro shop in my area, and all they do is ‘ship to store’, not to mention, when I go to their site to look, most all their .22 is sold out.

    • SickleCell

      Lots of us have semiauto .22s that won’t run on anything BUT high velocity or hypervelocity .22 LR ammo. “Standard velocity” and “target grade” ammo, for us, isn’t good for anything but malfunction clearance drills.

      I have a Ruger Mk III pistol with 25K rounds on it. It should be “broken in” enough by now. Yet standard velocity ammo won’t cycle it at all unless it’s squeaky clean and dripping with oil–and even then I can’t get through a mag without two or three failures to eject. Yes, I put a Volquartsen extractor and firing pin in it. Yes, I replaced the extractor spring, the mag springs, and the recoil spring. Yes, I bought new factory mags for it. Yes, I had a gunsmith check the headspace. It still needs high velocity ammo to run. High-dollar target ammo just doesn’t have enough punch to cycle the gun reliably. My 10/22 is only a little less finicky.

  • micko77

    I have found no U.S. production .22LR ammo within 50 mile of my home for over 2 years, gun shows and Bass Pro included (I won’t spend a dime at Dick’s, so don’t know what they have). Fortunately I had a fair amount when the availablity took the hit, but my supply is running low. There is the occasional box of Aquila or Armscor for $4.00/50, but that’s it, and max of 2 boxes per customer.

    • michael aller

      LOl Dicks does not have 22 Cal. either.

  • Bob

    I live in Central California and have not been able to purchase any CCI 22lr ammo in stores or on line for over a year, so learning of a new CCI 2lr product doesn’t excite me very much.

  • Jim

    ‘CCI’s new Suppressor 22LR ammo is on the market now for about $3 per 50-round box.’
    Really? Where? There hasn’t been any .22 ammo available in my area for a couple of years or so. Almost every other caliber is available, but no .22’s. A person has a better chance of finding hens teeth than they do finding .22 ammo. And if you do find some, be prepared to pay outrageously inflated prices.

  • Daryl

    Until CCI has enough 22LR to supply old stock they shouldn’t be developing new ammo. Thia guy is on dope if he thinks this will be out for $3, common. Don’t even show this crap.

  • Bill777

    Maybe it’s 30$ a box or 300. if there is no supply, what difference does the price make?

  • SacrificialLamb

    45 years ago I was taught Gun Safety while honing Skills with 22s. As a Longtime ReLoader I never thought there’d be a day that it was cheaper to shoot 45s. Like Madfan we haven’t seen 22 ammo available in 2 or 3 years here in the MidWest. Hopefully the Hoarders can get their fill and the Manufacturers can get caught up enough that a 50 round box of CCI Stingers won’t break the Bank. Until then I’ll continue shooting 2 or 3 Hundred Rounds of 45s for the Current Online Price for a Box of Stingers. No Blame Game here just think its a Sign of the Times. Safe Shooting to All.

  • Not a sheep

    Clueless writer to say $3 a box and knowing this falls in the same boat as any other 22 caliber rimfire. Why print a article as this. Before this B.S you could not buy a box of CCI anything for 3 dollars.

  • Not a sheep

    To hoard ammo it has to come in to a retailer to purchase correct. In my area Gander Mountain no 22LR in a month Dicks Sporting none in a month Walmart {5} 525 Boxes in a month. So where are the hoarders purchasing these piles of ammo many of you are talking about. You must live in a gifted community where ammo flows freely to the retailer I do not. When the hoarder word a rises how about Cheaper than Dirt sticking claws in the public with the $20 + for mini mags Shame on you CCI to sell to a distributor as this….. CCI your not free of blame.

    • SickleCell

      Wal-Mart employees across the country are constantly getting caught hiding the .22 ammo on the loading dock, then selling it to friends and relatives who “flip” it on Armslist at a 600% markup.

      The ammo companies are running three shifts, all out, 24/7. The government is not buying up the .22 LR ammo and dumping it in the ocean.

      Do you want to know where it all is? Go to Armslist and Gunbroker. Gougers, speculators and scalpers think the world owes them a living (“hurr durr Y do u h8 captialisms? hurr durr r u a comunist?”), just because they have a brother who works at Wal-Mart. They’re the ones who are buying it all up straight off the loading dock and trying to resell it.

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