Ultimate Father'™s Day Gift Guide for Shooters

Ultimate Father'™s Day Gift Guide for Shooters

It's that time of year again. The weather is warming and the birds are chirping, but that equates to a lot of extra work for good old Dad. To thank him for all of that post-winter cleanup he's been doing around the yard, consider rewarding him this Father's Day with one — or all — of Guns & Ammo's Father's Day gift ideas. We've done the legwork so you don't have to and drummed up 11 gift ideas that Dad will love.

Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA; $70

If Dad travels a lot, especially internationally, he will appreciate Streamlight's ProTac 1L-1AA Dual Fuel High Lumen Tactical Light. You might be scratching your head at the model name, but it signifies that the light can be powered by a single lithium CR123A battery or a single AA alkaline battery. The light benefits from Streamlight's TEN-TAP programming, allowing the user to choose from three programs, including high/low/strobe, high only and low/high. With a CR123A lithium battery, the ProTac throws out 350 lumens on high for one hour and 30 minutes or 40 lumens for a whopping 14 hours. The AA alkaline battery boasts a lower output of 150 lumens on high for one hour and 20 minutes or 40 lumens for seven and a half hours. Either way, Dad will be good to go with a light that can slip into his pocket. Streamlight.com

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Streamlight TLR-1 HL; From $250

If there's a bump in the night, Dad is going to want the power of the sun attached to his pistol. The closest thing to that level of retina-searing photon power comes in the form of Streamlight's TLR-1 HL 800-lumen firearm-mountable white light. The TLR-1 HL allows Dad to use two hands instead of one, a technique the whole family will appreciate if Dad needs to make a low-probability shot. If Dad likes lasers, even if only to amuse himself by coercing the cat to repeatedly jump on the wall, Streamlight offers a TLR-2 HL, which offers the same 800-lumen light coupled with either a red or green laser. If Dad is going to use this system inside the house, save yourself some coin and go with the red laser. If he's going to rely on the TLR-2 HL outside the home, G&A recommends the green-laser model because the green color spectrum is visible in all lighting conditions. Whichever model you choose, you'll have 800 lumens of light on tap. Streamlight.com

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SIG Sauer P320 X-Change Kit; From $400

If good old Dad is one of the growing SIG Sauer P320 owners, give him an X-Change Kit instead of buying him another pistol. The X-Change Kit allows shooters to reconfigure their P320 into another sized pistol and/or change the caliber. As an example, a full-size P320 in .40 S&W can be swapped into a subcompact with the 9mm X-Change Kit.

The X-Change Kit comes with everything Dad needs except a chassis, which he already has and can remove from his other pistol in about 30 seconds. The kit includes a new, complete slide assembly, barrel, grip module and magazine. Just add ammunition. Once Dad has been tipped off to the genius that is the X-Change Kit, he can add others to his growing collection and proudly strut into the house, kit in-hand, knowing he hasn't technically bought another gun and saved a few Benjamins in the process. Sigsauer.com


Magpul DAKA Pouches; From $20

Who can't use a rugged weatherproof pouch for everyday carry or travel? Each DAKA is constructed of reinforced polymer that is similar to Hypalon, only softer. Each seam is sonic-welded, making them virtually impenetrable by the elements. The DAKA would be waterproof if it were not for its sole weak link: the zipper. Alas, nothing with a zipper is waterproof, which makes the DAKA water-resistant instead of submersible. However, Magpul went the extra mile by utilizing YKK AquaGuard zippers, which are the best in their class and smooth to open, while easily shaking off rain, snow or mud without breaking a sweat.

I label mine using the dot matrix and a magic marker, and I store everything from snacks, medical supplies and maps to my cellphone, tablet and associated charging cables when venturing outside the house. Heck, I even store extra cotter pins for my tractor in them. As if you needed any more convincing, click here for a short video by our friends at Magpul. Magpul.com


SB Tactical Collapsing PDW Brace; $300

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has recently come to their senses and reversed their opinion on shoulder-firing AR pistols with stabilizing braces attached. You can do it, just don't modify your brace. The timing couldn't be better. SB Tactical, the originator of the pistol stabilizing brace, just introduced a collapsing PDW brace for AR pistols. Now Dad can adjust the length of pull of his AR pistol, making for a much more compact, useable package. It also adds a high CDI (chicks dig it) factor, which is always a plus. The brace is three-position adjustable, comes complete with a proprietary receiver extension and utilizes your standard bolt carrier group. Just install, enjoy and grab your range buddy's attention with SB Tactical's PDW brace. Sb-tactical.com


CrossBreed Founders Series; From $70

CrossBreed Holsters recently released their Founders Series of holsters and belts. We love 'em, and Dad will, too. The Founders Series utilizes old-world leather that presents a unique look. Belts and holsters are made from 100-percent, vegetable-tanned leather, free from dyes and lacquers. Instead, natural tallows and oils are applied to the hides under pressure to produce their unique appearance.

Each leather piece ranges in color from a chocolate brown to a light tan with a contrasting gain. We've been using the Crossover belt for a year now, and it has become a staff favorite for its stunning good looks, functionality and ease of obtaining the perfect fit, with or without supporting a pistol. SuperTuck holsters include new fit options, to include SureFire's XC1 white light, suppressor-height sights and compatibility with slide-mounted red dot sights. Crossbreedholsters.com


Warne Torque Wrench; $65

By nature, dads love tools. All tools. They tend to collect ones that they'll only use once, just to say they have them. Don't feed that beast; instead, buy him a tool he will use again and again. Warne Manufacturing Company, known for their scope mounts, has recently debuted a new line of wrenches designed for the firearm owner. Our favorite is their TW65 quarter-inch driver that is preset to 65 inch-pounds, allowing shooters to precisely tighten the common half-inch hex nut found on most scope rings and bases.

The TW65 signals the user with an audible beep, and an illuminated red light activates when the torque value has been reached. Many scope rings and bases, to include those made by Warne, will return to zero if removed and reinstalled in the same location with the same amount of torque applied. Even if you don't switch optics often, this is a must-have tool for any range bag or workbench. Warnescopemounts.com


Champion Steel Targets; From $15

The ping of steel is music to Dad's ears, especially in the context of shooting. When Dad is concerned with striking a specific sized target zone, steel gives him instant feedback and is the way to go. It's fun too! Champion's new steel targets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We're particularly fond of the full-size, 66% and 33% IPSC targets that are constructed of 3/8-inch thick AR500 steel.

There are a number of reasons you should be paying close attention to these targets. First is the price, they start at only $15 for the square and circle 4-inch gongs. The 33% IPSC is only $35. Second is availability. These targets will be available at most of your local big box stores, which means further savings, as you won't pay shipping charges on heavy steel. Third, instant gratification. Or, in your case, if you've been slacking on ordering a gift, drive on over to your local retailor on the way home and pick a few up. Championtarget.com

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Federal Practice & Defend 9mm Bulk pack; From $50

This couldn't be a legitimate Father's Day Gift Guide without some practice and defensive ammunition. This year, we decided it would be appropriate to incorporate the virtues of both by bringing you Federal's Practice and Defend bulk pack that combines personal defense ammunition and ballistically matched training loads in one convenient, affordable package.

For 2017, Federal made these products even better by combining their top-of-the line 124-grain HST load with American Eagle 124-grain FMJ training rounds. This combo pack offers realistic practice ammo with a similar recoil impulse and virtually identical point of aim/point of impact between the two loads. Federalpremium.com


BCM Colonel Knife; $150

Yes, this is Guns & Ammo, and we recommend you carry a firearm for self-defense, but a knife has its place. If we had to carry just one, Bravo Company's Colonel Blade Low Vz-Pro would be our choice. Why? Simplicity. There are no complicated10. Bravo Companygrips, stances or drills that must be memorized. If you can throw a punch, you can use this knife to defend yourself.

The Low Vz-Pro Colonel Blade boasts a nitrocarburized, single-edged 2¾-inch blade constructed of N690Co steel for long-lasting edge retention and features a contoured 3-inch handle shaped to promote consistent tip-to-target contact. The grip panels are of textured G10, while jimping at the spine and hilt increase grip adhesion.

Sheaths can make or break a blade, and BCM did it right. The Kydex sheath has a small footprint, and the G-Code belt clip incorporates a negative angle designed to force the sheath and blade handle closer to the body. The folks behind the design are the real deal and mostly come from U.S. Army Special Operations backgrounds. Bravocompanyusa.com

Guns & Ammo Subscription; $13 for one year, $21 for two-years.

Yes, that's right. You can get Guns & Ammo delivered right to your door each and every month. It's a gift the whole family can enjoy, and what dad doesn't want that? My motto is to never do math in public, but as I see it, you're saving a ton of cash subscribing to the most widely read gun magazine in the world. A two-year subscription (24 issues) is just a greenback more than the cost of four issues purchased at the newsstand, an 82-percent savings. Go ahead and follow this link. You'll thank us later. Subscribe here!


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