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12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Gun Guy

by G&A Online Editors   |  December 12th, 2011 8

Gun guys appreciate the holidays as much as anyone. Of course, their wish lists seem to be a lot easier to (1) figure out and (2) fulfill. Anything related to shooting and hunting is fair game for the prospective gift-giver, but here are a few “hot off the shelf” items that should find favor with your designated shootist. Merry Christmas to all!

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  • G. Geier

    Just to add another tip for field dressing in the dark when you don't want to hold a flashlight in your mouth, and you might already have a favorite knife you want to use, get one of those baseball style caps with the 2 or 3 LED lights in the brim. They usually run about $20 and I've seen them marked down to $10 just before Christmas in Lowes.

  • J.D.

    I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER buy anything with a zombie name or picture – manufactures and G&A take note.

    • the Duker


  • DirtyBiskts

    Flashlights and multitools are my favorite, cant have enough of those. Nothing wrong with a little Zombie action…..hahahahahah!

  • Chris Woodland

    Yep, I would definitely call this last minute gift ideas… I have a 5 year old that could have came up with better gift ideas.

  • Sarah Peters

    I had one more perfect last minute gift idea that I had to share!
    Perfect for anyone!


    hey i would say a new gun but that just me lol

  • jex2013

    How about a gun storage for his guns? he would really appreciate it because it will be very useful once he is in the firing range. [URL=""Gun lover gift ideas[/URL] like these will be highly recommended.

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