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Walther PPQ

by G&A Staff   |  July 12th, 2011 12

Walther’s new PPQ semi-auto pistol is available in either 9mm or .40 S&W. Key features include fully ambidextrous controls, interchangeable backstraps and a “Quick Defense” trigger.

  • DirtyDevonHammerhand

    It great gun as I see it. I don't whether James Bond will like it.

    • P.J.

      I like the looks of it as well. Looks comfortable as other Walther's I've held. 007? Where are you?

  • MEdmunds

    I'm anticipating on getting thePPQ as my next defense weapon.

  • Monderno

    We recently reviewed the PPQ, and wow, we were very impressed!

  • Harold Burns

    im thinking of getting this ppq as my 1st defence weapon.

    • big rob

      you will love it

    • Jon Sanders

      not recommended as trigger is very touchy. start woth something you can decock. besides the light trigger there isnt one safety on this weapon. I carry it for these reasons and I have more training than most people have schooling. try the ppx with a single double action then step up.

  • James Bond

    I love this gun.

  • dynamiteutah

    This looks like a great gun! I love their classics including the PPK



  • Jennifer Rebekah Billis-Gehrke

    I am hoping to get a CCW soon and know a guy who has a Security company. He showed me his 9mm PPQ today. It wasn’t a heavy gun and not overly big or small. Had a nice fit. Now I just need to get it done. :)

  • BigMac

    The Walther PPQ has been an absolute joy to buy, hold and most importantly, shoot. With large amounts of training I do in my private time, I try to stick with the 9mm for cost reasons and availability. After deciding I wanted to replace my Sig Sauer P229 9mm I debated, researched and fired the Walther PPQ 9mm, Walther P99 9mm, Beretta M9A1 9mm, Beretta PX4 9mm, Heckler and Koch P30L 9mm, Smith and Wesson M&P Pro 9mm, Springfield XM Tactical 9mm, Glock 17 9mm, Glock 34 9mm and Sig Sauer P226 9mm. All of these pistols were put on trial by me
    at a local gun range over the course of approximately a month and all pistols had the same manufactured 200 rounds of full metal jacket put through them. The Walther PPQ was the second to the last pistol I tried and it was fantastic. The ergonomics, the recoil, the handling, the superb trigger and the extremely good accuracy. Undoubtedly the Walther PPQ wasn’t at the top of my list for a possible replacement at first but after firing it this pistol is definitely what we call, “On time and on target”. To give a little more weight to my opinion I served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2001-2005, worked for private contractors through the D.o.D. in the Middle East from 2005-2008, and now I am a law enforcement officer in the State of Florida. In all that time I have shot and qualified and been an expert with numerous pistols and by far the Walther PPQ is the best weapon for me. Today, I put 1,000 rounds of Fiocchi 115 grain full metal jacket through my Walther PPQ without any
    cleaning during the course and it did spectacular. During the firing I didn’t experience one failure to feed, failure to fire, stovepipe, magazine problem or anything. My Walther PPQ now has 1,500 rounds fired through it without a single issue. This is something I cant even say about my duty issue Glock 22. 40S&W. With my brand new duty issued Glock 22 in September 2013 I fired 1,000 rounds through the same course with Federal 180 grain full metal jacket and experienced 1 stovepipe, 1 failure to feed and 1 failure to eject properly. This pistol is so good I have decided to assist my fiancé and family in getting their hands on one and I would never recommend something to them I didn’t absolutely trust with their lives and mine. If your considering getting a pistol, do yourself a favor and at least look and try one of these wonderful pistols.

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