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Old School Trick Shooting: From the Hip & Quick Draw

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  October 7th, 2011 3

In this clip from Guns & Ammo TV, trick shooter Bill Oglesby demonstrates aerial shooting with some old school scenarios.

Oglesby tries to hit three balloons in the air with a .45 caliber Ruger revolver like the infamous Wild Bill Hickok, fires away from the hip with a Rossi Model 92 like Chuck Connors in “The Rifleman,” and covers quick-draw shooting with a single-action revolver using the wrist cock technique.

As you might expect from the veteran of trick shooting videos, Oglesby hits every time. Do you think you could match our expert’s skill?

  • ntrudr800

    This is why we shoot–to have fun like this. Practice safely!

  • Doc Jim R

    I prefer the ART of shooting Muzzleloading BlackPowde4r competition where it's all about making every shot as consistent as possible. Eliminate (minimize) ALL variables possible from obvious weight charge of powder & bullet weight, to thickness of patch material at 3 decimals & even the wetness of patch lube which if varies will alter velocity & the resulting point of impact.
    When you can limit all the variables and consistently rank in the top 3 you can be proud!! Just as the trick shot has mastered his skill, but moreso, because you can harvest game to feed your family. A trick shot can only show off…
    Games are fun & trick shots are thrilling to watch, but master the skills to shoot well & you have improved yourself….By buying powder in case lots (friends split case) casting lead balls with reclaimed salvage lead (Roofers throw pure lead flashing out with every new roof installed) My 36 cal rifle costs less than 5 cents per shot… THAT'S LESS THAN A 22 RIMFIRE…!!

  • Tanstaafl2

    I seriously hope he knew those bullets would fall in a safe area when he was firing up to bust balloons with that revolver.

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