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5 Best G&A TV Gun Torture Tests

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  November 17th, 2011 10

Our intrepid men in the field for Guns & Ammo TV, have been abusing guns in the name of science for years….because it’s not only fun, it’s educational. Will a handgun shoot after being deep fried? How about if we dipped it in concrete?

Sit back, relax and find out these answers and more in our five favorite torture tests. Click through the video gallery below, and be sure to let us how you’ve tortured your own firearms.

  • Jonas

    Watching those videos HURT!

  • Geo1

    What a waste!!
    Next time you guys wanna "Torture" firearms…give um to me and I'll go to the range and put 50 or 60 thousand rounds per down range for ya'all!!!
    Long as you buy the ammo??!!! LOL!!!

  • Terry Perkins

    Rugers RULE…..

  • Shawn

    Try that acid test with a Ruger and see how it compares to the S&W!

  • Chris

    Totrure tests are a good thing provided they represent something that might actually happen. IMO, the acid test and the Deep fryer test are not realisting for anything anyone might experience. I mean if you drop your pistol into a vat of acid, I doubt you would try to retrieve it to use immediately in a gun fight, As for the deep fryer, it won't get the gun to more than 375 degrees because the oil would ignite at around 400.

    As for the sand, it could easily happen if you live in a sandy environment and drop your gun. As for lube, well I have seen folks use a gun right out of the military case that was full of cosmoline more than once, lol!

    Just my .02

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    This is a test as a no brainer and no one will do what you did in your crazy test just to see it the 1911 will fire after what you did in the deep fryer. If you are going to do a real text you shoud test fire the 1911 for 30 days straight 24 hour a day with 230 ball ammunition and see what will happen to the spring and wear on the barrel with out oiling or cleaning the gun. That would be a test I woud like to see happen and then you can tell us how bad it was on the 1911.

  • NN…

    While I do not like most torture tests, a couple of these made some sense. Will your gun run if it gets dirty as in you dropped it crossing the beach to hunt in the woods on the other side of the beach or will it work if the wind is blowing hard in the desert of the west? What would happen with your gun if you droped in in a swamp, do you know?__The over lube test should have been done in freezing weather, I think there would have been different results as it does not take much oil or grease to cause a stoppage in the cold.

  • old vet

    I don't know if these "tests" actually prove much other than the remarkable amount of engineering that goes into these machines. I remember pulling sks and ak47s out of caches after long spells of exposure kicking them loose and they would function. It's what they're made to do.

  • tlc361

    Very interesting, I have one question, where was your eye protection? No safety glasses or goggles seen.

  • Jogger

    F…ing useless test! Whats the point of frying it and then clean it before firing? I thought the whole point was to check if it worked after its been filled up with butter and oil!!

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