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Tips When Stopped By Police

by Personal Defense TV   |  May 27th, 2011 532

Lethal Force Institute’s Massad Ayoob gives Host Tom Gresham some essential tips when stopped by police for safely interacting with them when carrying a firearm while driving your vehicle.

After a Real Shooting

VIDEO: What to do After a Self Defense Shooting

What should you say, or what should you NOT say if you're involved in a shooting?

  • SirGeorgeKillian

    Some very good points. It is hard to give "blanket" advice when you are reaching readers from so many different areas.

    • http://MountainRangerMilitarySurplus.Com Joyce Pinson

      Hello sir would you like to also see my gun carry permit!

      Joyce Pinson FFL Holder & Owner of Mountain Ranger Military

      Husband Ronald Pinson Owner of Pinson"s Law Enfrocement Shooting Range.

      • pfarmer

        In Texas while traveling, we are not required to have a permit so this advice does not help in all situations.

        • CJH683

          Especially if you travel to and from different states. They each have their own laws.

          • NeverAgain

            Some States honor other States permit and some doesn't. Like here in Ms I think we have close to 30 States that honor our permit and we honor theirs

        • Greg

          In Az we no longer need a CCW. Which bugs me cuz I'm a CCW instructor. But we do not have to inform Leo's of our weapons either. This is where SCanHTF. Just my opinion. Should be equal, pro rights freedom throughout this almost perfect nation of ours. But stuff keeps getting messed up daily by parry lines and ignorance… One man's opinion. Believe me I have more. What am I gonna do? Move to Pakastan?

          • http://gmail? Marc Deitch

            Greg, as an instructor, I'm sure you understand the jargon you just used. I have no idea what SCanHTF means, so ya lost me at that point. I live in Washington state, and am thinking about applying for a concealed carry permit. Also, who the heck is Leo? (law enforcement officer?) Oh, I think I just figured out the letters….does it have anything to do with fans?

          • Jim

            can't find that fact in ARS…where does it say you have to inform the LEO…you are teaching so there should be an EXACT ARS. thanks, I've looked before and cannot find it

          • Philip

            Don't use acronyms with first defining them!

          • John Jordan

            SCanHTF – Stuff Can Hit The Fan

            LEO – Law Enforcement Officer

        • Alex

          Common sense would say you should have your permit as courtesy to others. This also makes ever ones day much better.

          • Jim


          • Eric "Boomer&qu

            Oklahoma law requires if you carry, that MUSH include the CCL as well, package deal, no exceptions.

            Interesting side note, OK's capitol won't let you enter with even a knife …

            TX's capitol will verify your CCL, and on you go, no questions asked … I'm hoping my OK catches up on that one!



          • Boomer

            sorry 'bout the 'mush …. MUST

        • cnagel

          pfarmer, carrying concealed and transporting are two different terms. Carrying concealed means on persons out of plain view. In Texas, you are allowed to 'transport' the firearm from point A to point B. That is the loop hole. What is considered 'transporting?" Transporting is not keeping the firearm loaded in your glove box. Then also, there is the problem that what is considered point A and point B? The loop hole behind that is you can always state you are on your way to show your buddy at work, their house, side of the road (it does not matter). However, transporting does not mean driving from your house, to the gas station, to the mall, to another friends house, and then point B. You now have Point A to B, to C, to D, and then E. If the officer can prove that you are not transporting from point A to B then you are breaking the law.

          • http://IE Jim Olafson

            I believe you are referring to the old law and it was "traveling" not transporting. The new law allows you to carry anywhere in the State of Texas as long as the weapon is in your vehicoe and not in plain sight. It can also be loaded.

          • RonW


            I will assume that you have not updated your TX lawbook recently. TX now operates under the "Castle Doctrine" which allows a citizen to legally carry their loaded firearm if they meet several criteria (NO felony, criminal intent, etc) and the firearm MUST be concealed… Your statement was correct prior to Sept. 1, 2009…

          • @lex

            If I may have my 2 cents, in TX you don't need to have a CHL to carry a loaded firearm in your car, it's not a loop hole it is the law as long as you are not affiliated with any known GANG, if you are, then shame on you. . .you are in a whole lot of trouble.

          • Shane

            in Oregon, concealed can mean "under your drivers seat" or "In your glove compartment. In other words it doesnt matter where the weapon is, if its not immediately visible, then in this state its considered "concealed"

          • Tink Nathan

            wrong Sir Any citizen not engaged in criminal or gang conduct may carry a loaded firearm in his car and carry it at work or in his home with no stinking paperwork

            Where have you been Sir?

          • Cody Evans

            In that case, point "B" automatically becomes point "A"…

        • James Gooden

          When planning a trip, to another state, google state with what topic: alabams gun laws, etc.

        • DPartington

          nor in arizona

      • Chris

        Yea, you would be going to jail if the officer had found the gun and by this time you decide to tell him you have a Carry permit….it dont work like that. You must tell him even before you or as you give him your license.

        LEO, NC

        • Chuck

          Like Texas Louisiana does not require a permit to carry unless it is concealed the a permit is required. Louisiana law states that your car is an extension of your home and any thing that can be legally in the home can also be in your car

          • Dave

            Except maybe dring and drive! I would hope!

        • Caleb

          Yeah this is what I was always taught to do (from NC as well). Hand the officer your license, your permit, and verbally inform him/her that you are carrying, and that you have a permit to do so.

        • Don

          It does in PA. We don't have to notify and there's no requirement to have your LTCF with you, although it is simpler.

          • Ashley G

            I never heard that before, I lived here in delco 35 yrs , I just always told them I had it , so they weren’t spooked….

    • jeff


    • http://myway.COM john stewart

      very funny

    • Marshall

      I always show my gun permit with my drivers licenses and have never had a problem.I keep them togather in my wallet to be able to show at the same time.

    • That1TalonGuy

      if he asks you if u knew how fast u were goin,say"i dont know officer my spedometer stops at 140 lol

    • Mike

      some states A Police Officer does not have the power to remove your fire-arm in a Traffic stop that does not require an arrest.

    • Austin

      yeah, except almost all cops are assholes so would take everything wrong, and twist almost anything you say or do

    • Nick Lawrence

      I'm an attorney in New York. I tell all my clients to point the gun at the officer, and say,"see, it's not loaded." then call my office and I will represent you at your arraignment and bail hearing.

    • dan cullen


      • Ron

        Dan, you must not live in Arizona, putting your gun in a lock box while driving and your stopped at an intersection with your wife and granddaughter in the car an some ass hole trys to carjack your car, not gona happen my friend……they'll be picking him up off the pavement with a 40 in his head………………….

        • Harols Adams

          You got that right Ron. Have it where it is handy and ready to use if necessary. My life and my family's life is more important than a jerk trying to take my car. My ,357 hollow point takes care of a bad situation.. Always tell the officer you have a loaded gun and he will be more careful and maybe not so excited. Cops do have a dangerous job and we should realize that.

          • Harold Adams

            Name is Harold not Harols,

      • thomas


      • carlos r pagan

        Dan have you been drinking from the liberal COOL AID bowl???????

        Listen to what you just said and put in writting!! let me see if i got what your trying to convey to us gun toting citizens out here in cyber land. Spend hunderds of dollars on a personal fire arm! spend countless hours at the range? take a week end off our time to go and get a permit to have it on our person or home? which also costs money. Have every law inforcement agency in the US know all about usThan go against all logic by not loading it and locking it up in a case, than lock it in the trunk or glove box??????

        Thats why the majority of us don't want to live in New york, were the good guy is the bad guy the bad guy is the good guy, were 99% of gun related deaths are from the bad guys. I don't know whats worse LA,Calif or NY. Some times i feel like i live in Alice in Wonder Land and i am the Mad Hatter.

        • SKooter

          Most of the people I know w/ CCW are more careful with firearms than several LEOs and I'd rather be around them than some hack PD. I know for a fact, they shoot more in a month than the average LEO shoots in a year!! Just read in local paper that PD switching to 9mm and getting rid of .40s – over 90% of PD didn't use allotted 600rnd/yr – very sad!!

        • Alex

          Oh jeez. Can we please NOT bring politics into this? Some of us may actually be liberals who believe in concealed carry rights. Let's not turn this discussion into a flame war.

      • Bret


        Extending your logic to its natural conclusion, police have no need to have loaded guns on their person when they are driving. Handguns are used for self defense by citizens every single day. When's the last time an NY state trooper, not that I believe you are one judging by your writing skills, was carjacked?

        Firearms in the hands of police are not for intimidation, they are to defend the officer's life and those in his presence. Police are expected to deal with the most violent and unpredictable citizens which is why they need to be able to defend themselves. All citizens run the risk of meeting with these people and you're suggestion would leave them at the mercy of violent people a large majority of the time they are in public.

      • Audie

        And we hope it will never prove to have been necessary that we carried a gun, in a car or otherwise. But it is our right, and if we ever did need it, we have it.

      • Dwight Hill

        Mr. Cullen , the police work is not as dangerous as you think it is . In fact , it doesn't even crack the top 100 . I know , did that .
        As for stopping someone , and saying " I stopped you because you got a wobble wheel " , or some " safety " issue , is pretty weak . And most troopers have an attitude , and THAT'S the reason for stopping someone . Not all , but most .
        As for saying that most drivers don't need to carry a firearm , you say your a troopers , then you would know that crime is up in NY State . Yet you would arrest a law abiding citizen , for carrying a firearm , even though they have a CCW , in a car . Only in NY State .

    • Bob

      That doesn't work in Ohio! Here the law states you must tell the officer you have a license and are carrying as soon as he gets to you. You must also have both hands on the wheel. You can not stay quiet and wait to hand him a license.

  • Don Perry

    This is the type of video that is very good to show, and is very informatine

  • buzzard



    • Lars

      Alaska State law requires the VERY FIRST THING you do when approached by an Officer/Trooper is to let them know if you have a weapon in the vehicle, or if just simply walking carrying a concealed pistol. They get mighty upset if it is the second or third thing that comes out of mouth.

      • chris lackey

        a good officer asumes everyone has a gun. Alot of officers have been killed my what they thought were friendly people.

        • jamie porterfield

          this is true, but alot of police tend to overreact when you tell them you have a firearm, even if it is leagle they teat you like a criminal..

          • jeff

            That is so true , years a go in the state of Illinois i was pulled over by a state trooper and i did it the same way as shown in this video ( but the weapon was in the trunk of the car ) . And the officer actually became kinda crappy with me . and asked why did i show him my F.O.I.D. card , i said sir , just to let you know there is a weapon in the car , he say's i don't care about that ( or something to that effect ) .

          • Bex

            If it was locked in the trunk of your car and inaccessible to you I've always been told its unecessary to inform them. There's nothing you could do with it anyway. If they ask to search your vehicle then inform them of what they are going to find.

          • Dan

            I'm fairly certain that unless the LEO has clear and specific probable cause for a search (e.g. a bag of contraband in plain view), you can (and should) respectfully refuse any search of your vehicle. I don't see any reason to let a stranger search your person or property unless they've got legal grounds to do so.

            I realize that wasn't the point of your post, but I've met too many people that don't realize the extent of their rights, so any chance I get to pontificate…

          • Dwight Hill

            Bex , a good policeman would ask you if you have any weapon , on or in the car and you . As being a law abiding citizen , you should tell any policeman or woman , that you have a firearm on you or your car . By NOT telling them , you look like you're up to no good . And , they will ask YOU , " WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE ?? " . After they being there in about 10 minutes or so . Having a firearm on you , or in your car , even if it's in the trunk locked up , they still want to know where it is .

      • Lannie

        Well, I sure do not know much about anything, but I do know that in AZ the DPS are the folks that issue the CCW, they also know once you are pulled over that you have a CCW. I do not know if the county and city officers are given that info. I do know that I shall keep my hands on the wheel until the officer comest to my window and then I shall tell that officer I have a weapon how do you want me to go. AZ has an open carry and now we do not need a permit. Any help to anyone I hope?

    • Les

      the best advice I can give on your comment is the protocol we are required to follow in AZ, that has a similar law:
      COP" Licience and reg, pls"
      YOU: I am carrying a concealed firearm. it is on my (location of carry). This statement MUST be made with your hands visible to the Officer. It is the easiest way to ensure that all remain safe.

    • robert

      i was stopped for excess forward motion,, the police officer walked to my window,which i had rolled down
      he said morning,i replied in kind,i said before we start i have a pistol in the door pocket,,he said thanks for telling me,,he placed it in the back of my car ,, finished up with the ticket and sent me on my way,, in alaska thats the way to handle it,,

  • RCGray

    Very good advice, what people have to understand is that you know you are a good guy but the officer has no idea about you and you have to do everything right so there are no problems…

    • RS


      Just want to let you know I respectfully disagree! The officers know who you are after they pull you over. They run your plate to see if car is stolen or if there are any outstanding warrants. It AUTOMATICALLY tells them you are packin because the CCW permit is tied in with Motor Vehicles! They just want to see if you comply because if you don't some states will revoke your CCW

      • Tom Walls

        "It AUTOMATICALLY tells them you are packin because the CCW permit is tied in with Motor Vehicles! "

        …not in all States. As a firearms instructor, and as a cop, the advice I give is what Mas teaches.. Never surprise the officer. We don't know you, so you have the chance to "introduce" yourself as one of the Good Guys by your demeanor.

        • Allan Shindel

          Here in Arkansas it is. They even use the same photo they use on your driver's license. And I was hoping they would take a better picture when I renewed…

          • John DeSoto

            Since I got my Arkansas CC permit I’ve had 2 traffic stops… both of them in Texas. In both cases when the officers asked for my driver’s license I handed it to them, along with my Concealed Carry permit. In neither case was I ticketed, nor was I asked to surrender my gun. All parties were calm and respectful. I think it best to disclose that I’m armed in any interaction with law enforcement, rather than try to remember what’s required in states with reciprocity for Arkansas permits.

        • Jim


        • http://N/A Stephen D. Fink

          Dear Mr. Walls,

          Going by the "Law of the Land" Innocent until proven guilty, in addition to your computer readout, you DO kinda 'know us', at least way better than we know you. However, I feel what you're saying , nobody likes to hear, "Hey!, I've got a gun!"

          S. Fink

        • mr1big sexy

          in tennessee your permit number is the same as your drivers license number.when they run it it show that you are a valid permit holder.ive been pulled over and after the stop i asked the officer if he wants to see my permit to carry when he was done writing my ticket and he said no.he knew i was packing when he ran my tag number,,i said OK

      • TW

        The license plate will tell them who the vehicle is registered to, but doesn't say anything about who is driving… That's why they will also run your driver's license…

        • John Loxas

          Great point TW.

          • Steve Fritz

            Each state is different so your caryy permit may or may not be tied to a registration or driver's license. handing your carry permit with your license let's the officer know up front you are legally carrying. In Arizona, there is no permit now so advising the officer first thing is a good thing. Here, when stopped at night, I turn on my interior light, put down the window so I can hear any directions from the officer, and keep my hands visible. At the window I advise him that I do have a firearm in the vehicle or on my person. In an atmosphere where officer assaults and deaths are reaching recoird proportions, taking these steps as a driver helps take some of the tension from a traffic stop.

      • Merlin

        RCGray, in Oklahoma, the CCW is NOT tied into the DMV. It is the LAW to show your CCW permit to Law Enforcement when stopped and asked for I.D. if you are at the time carrying your weapon.

      • http://mapr Michael Rogers

        This maybe true in your state. In florida the CCW permit and motor vehicle registration are not tied together. You should be careful when you make blanket statements like this.

        • jason

          I have my ccw in fl and got stopped i handed both my dl and ccw and the officer told me to put my hands through the steering wheel while he removed my firearm then asked me why i was carrying i was treated like a criminal until i told him i was in school for criminal justice and my firearm was for self defense after everything came back fine he wrote me a ticket for noisy exhaust but wrote it in the wrong name wrong adress and wrong car so i guess it worked out i called it in and it was droped. It depends on the cop that pulls you over . the great state of fl.

          • MKEgal

            He reached in & removed your pistol???

            How could he do that without flagging you?

            And since he couldn't steal it safely, and should know that the FBI says permit holders are (as a whole) more law-abiding than LEO, why would he even be concerned once he knew you had a permit?

            Wonder what would have happened if you had a good retention holster that he wasn't familiar with? Would he have kept wrestling with it, demanded that you handle it, or eventually give up & go on about his original order of business?

      • Ben

        Running the plate on a vehicle only shows who the registered owner is and the status on their registration. In no way could a license plate determine who is driving. There are rental vehicles, and sometimes others borrow a car from a friend.

      • John

        That info isn't tied to your license plate in Ohio.

        • johnnyreb™

          Wait, what? When they run your Ohio plate their computer screen should change color informing them that the registered owner has a CHL …

          • MKEgal

            And that helps them how, exactly?

            It might not be the registered owner driving the car. Might be a family member, who does not carry. Might be a criminal who has stolen the car & plans to shoot the cop as soon as s/he is in range.

            By the time the cop gets close enough to speak with the driver, if that person intends to harm the officer it's already done. So if the driver nicely hands over a DL & (where required) cc permit, the officer can probably pretty much relax.

        • mlwartman

          it certainly is. in fact, one of the viral videos going around showing an officer threatening a legal CW permit holder, you can hear the dispatch come back over the radio with the information on the person and the status of his concealed carry permit.

          • kruzzer

            That's correct. I have a State Trooper for a neighbor and it does come up when they run your plate, also you want to keep your hands on the wheel and inform them that you have a ccw and you are armed if you are. The dumb axx officer wouldn't even let the person ml is speaking of talk. Now he's having a bad day. Last I heard he is still off without pay.

        • http://GUN'SANDAMMO FRED


      • CCOLVIN

        In West Virginia, we are not informed of a CCW permit holder when we run the driver license and registration information. We are informed when the driver or passenger informs us that they are. If someone does not inform us then they are going to be in trouble for failing not to tell us, but I have never had a problem on a traffic stop.

      • fav

        The officer has no idea that the driver is the owner of the car he just stopped. It could be a legally borrowed car so the information pulled from dmv with the license plate is irrelevant to the officer until the driver is identified via ID.

      • GreenEyedWizard

        Oh so true RS!!! I have the unique distinction of a false resisting & obstructing on record — they come to me with pistol drawn.

      • Joe

        I disagree. Your plate tells who the car is registered to. Anyone can be driving it. When I get pulled over, I say, "Officer, I have a carry permit and I am armed. I'll keep my hands on the wheel until you tell me otherwise." Never had a problem.

      • James D

        Tell that to Deputy Kyle Dinkheller.

        • James D

          And that was in reference to RCGray's comment:

          "Just want to let you know I respectfully disagree! The officers know who you are after they pull you over. They run your plate to see if car is stolen or if there are any outstanding warrants. It AUTOMATICALLY tells them you are packin because the CCW permit is tied in with Motor Vehicles! They just want to see if you comply because if you don't some states will revoke your CCW"

          CCW database doesn't tell the officer if you have a shotgun or rifle in your truck of which I have both. Don't be a fool when you get pulled over. Respect the officer and the risk he's taking. Make him comfortable and your stop will be short and sweet…unless you did something really stupid to get his attention in the first place.

  • Floyd Crossman

    Folks simply do not carry their drivers license and concealed carry permits in their vest / shirt pocket. My license to drive and my carry permit is in my left rear pocket of my pants. I believe a typical lady would have to first find her purse, ( it's somewhere in the back seat) and find the licenses somewhere in the puse. For me; I turn the vehicle off, put the keys on the dash, put both hands on the top of the steering wheel and don't move, don't say a word until told to. Do not use the word "gun" and explain to the officer the situation. " My drivers license and my concealed carry permit is in my left rear pants pocket." "I am carrying a firearm, how do you want me to proceed?"

    • Ralph Bosen

      It's important to seek for the "principle" and then apply it to your situation. I think that the video and Floyd's suggestions are both correct and responds to the "Basic" principle of "How to advise the Police Officer that you have a license and are or are not carrying" without using the word "Gun".

      • http://GunsandAmmo Art Kennedy

        Most police officers undertand the word "packing" As in "I am licenced and I am packing". Then follow the directions of the officer.

    • Paul Dejarnatt

      Excellent advice

    • David Lease


      Best advice yet. Thanks.

    • Donald Conner

      Outstanding advice, Floyd. People who start reaching for anything may well find the barrel of handgun stuck halfway up their nose, It's very unpleasant to have a gun pointed at you, as those of you who have that experience in civilian or militaary life well know. Those who read Floyd's post would do well to memorize it. Beats hell out of getting shot and wounded or killed.

    • Dave

      Floyd ….I like it, great aproach. When I took the Carry class I had the good fortune in having a District court judge teach the class assisted by two county Sheriffs.They all belonged to the gun club I took the class at. When asked the question about informing them of your gun, one of the Sheriffs commented if we asked you to step out of your car and found your gun, say the officers partner is coming around the car and hears "GUN" it might be the last thing you hear.

    • clinton

      in most stops you have time to pull your wallet and id and permit out befor the officer comes to window i alws have my dl and ins card ready befor officer get to window

      • clayton cchseal

        reading all these posts the only thing i can add is that all u non driving fools that get stopped so much need to just quit breaking the law all of the time and just hand the nice policeman both permits at the same time

      • Mike G.

        Not a good idea! The officer can see you moving but doesn't know if you are trying to hide something or grabbing a gun or what. Immediately put you hands on the wheel and wait for him or her to ask.

    • Chris N.

      This is probably the best blog I've read on this page. Floyd makes the most sense. I HAVE been stopped while carrying and did exactly what Floyd advised and the whole interaction went without a hitch. The officer actually thanked me for the way I handled the traffic stop, and didn't even ticket me. CT has a permit to carry law but doesn't say anything about having to conceal the weapon.

    • Grant H

      Excellent advice. Thank you.

    • Colonel Radar

      I never carry my wallet in my back pocket for 2 reasons, 1. it can lead to back problems 2. You know when your stopped your going to need your licence's & Military ID, so I keep my wallet in my shirt pocket or vest … And ALWAYS hands on steering wheel…

    • sgt tim d 'odou

      well said

    • Bob Larimer

      That's how I do it. So far officers have been appreciative of being notified, but have not seemed that interested, except one did ask how I like my brand of firearm. Oh, and I never got any tickets, and was sent on my way with a respectful greeting.

    • picklehead

      Jesus, you call that freedom? Sounds like you live in Soviet Russia or certainly act like you do.

    • John Luerding

      This is the more realistic. I agree most people don't carry those two items in their shirts. I carry both my license, by permit in my wallet. I also went so far as to have information attached to my DMV records that I am carrying a concealed weapon so that if I am pulled over, that is relayed to the officer after my license plate is called in. I turn my vehicle off, after rolling down the window and keep my hands on TOP of the steering wheel. As a former police officer as I'm sure most people here are.. Professionalism, recipricates professionalism.

    • Steve

      you are close but can do better. When first pulled over, before the officer gets out of his patrol car, get your license and permit from your rear pocket and hold it in your hand, which according to you should be resting on the steering wheel by now. Forget the lame attitude about ladies purse in the back seat. If you're going to drive and carry concealed, then get your purse/permit next to you. Period. Other than that, good procedures.

    • Adam

      I am a police officer. Floyd's approach to putting us a bit more at ease is great. Personally, I wouldn't see the need to turn the vehicle off unless asked to, but it couldn't hurt. Turn the dome light on if it is at night.

    • Deneen McCarthy

      Very good advice. As a woman I must agree with the purse comment. I have begun to carry my ATM card, Drivers license and CCW in an aluminum card case in my right back pocket. It really is easier. Maybe I am old enough it doesn't bother me, but function outweighs looks in my opinion. I give both cards at the same time and disclose where my weapon is when handing them over. OK I have only been stopped one time so this is relatively untested, but it worked beautifully on this occasion

    • Donald Smith

      Why would you say anything if you aren't required to by law? Transact your business and move on.

  • robert38-55

    Pretty good video,, I got some tips from it…I liked that part about what the officer said , something about we got a 50 state quilt patch work on CCW and the likes……

  • Frank Dmuchowski

    Wisconsin is on the verge of being a CCW state. There are two bills pending, but neither has, as yet, language as to how to interact with law enforcement when carrying. Floyd's approach is the one I would use if stopped by police. Thanks for this timely video.


      WI is a Open Carry only until Nov 1 until then police cannot stop and ask for ID unless they have PC or RAS that a crime is in progress or has been commited. #1 don't talk to police #2donot show ID #3 see above. When CC becomes legal you will have to show permit if carrying concealed

      • chris lackey

        Keep that attitude up and see where it gets you one day.

        • DaedalEVE

          It doesn't matter where it gets you… you are not required to converse with anyone, and very few places require ID when on foot. So the general rule is to keep quiet and keep your privacy private.

      • golfslax

        I'm a cop in Texas and if I stop you it was because I had PC and/or reasonable suspicion that you committed a crime. The crime could be as minor as a traffic violation, jaywalking or littering or as major as a murder. If you don't talk to me or don't show me ID, then your next step will be in handcuffs enroute to jail for failure to identify.

        • MKEgal

          In WI, our state Supreme Court has ruled that we have an absolute right to remain silent, and doing so is not a crime.

          There is no requirement to carry ID, so even if a LEO has RAS of a crime (which s/he should be able to explain when the citizen asks why she is being detained) if I'm afoot & another officer decides that OC=RAS (which our new cc law VERY clearly says is not true) I cannot be punished for remaining silent, nor for failing to show a gov't ID, including a carry permit… OC is perfectly legal with no gov't permission slip.

  • Joe W. Moore

    Is it illegal to have a gun in your car in certain states?

    • Keith


      You must look at that law for each and every state you are in. It changes from state to state and at times within that state depending on what area you are driving through. Like Philly.

      It also depends on if it is a rifle, shotgun or handgun.

      You can check this page:

      It is a very helpful site but not the end all of information. There is a trip planner on the site that is a very big help.

      – Keith.

      • Normanw


        Philly can not by law restrict you from carrying your firearm if you are a PA resident and have a CCW.

        I live in PA and have my CCW. I travel often to Philly and have carried both concealed and open in the city and have not been told I could not. I have been asked if I have my CCW and why I am carrying, but they can not restrict or override the state Permit. It's a common misconception that Philly doesn't allow you or honor the PA CCW.

        • Billy Hill

          Just dont cross the river into New Jerky

      • Merlin

        Thank you, Keith. That trip-planner saves a lot of hassles when you are going to be driving out of state.

        • Tom

          Absolutely. Trip planning is essential. I live in AL and looked at TN laws the other day; my family is headed up there in Oct. According to the TN web site, AL is a state that has not "formally" entered into a reciprocity agreement with TN, even though my local Sheriff's Dept, who issued to me my CCW, says it is. So, I wrote to my local Sheriff's Dept and asked, sending them the direct quote from TN. They wrote back with clarification saying I would be fine. The Deputy who wrote back to me added that he doesn't go out of state ANYWHERE without his pistol; he'd rather take his chances, he said. Kinda the "carried-by-6-or-tried-by-12" thing. That said, Floyd is right on above. I would add that in a license check situation, you probably won't be the first in line and will have time to gather it all together. Have all your IDs, CCW, Registration and Insurance cards in hand when an officer approaches. When this happened to me, the officer appreciated it, and I was on my way. It was very hot that afternoon.

          • TN Officer

            If you are coming to the state of Tennessee and you have a facially valid concealed carry permit from your jurisdiction than you, as a civilian, can carry your weapon in the state of Tennessee as long as you abide by the restrictions of your permit and you do not carry your weapon in any of the places which Tennessee law prohibits carrying a weapon e.g. State Parks, some county and municipal parks, government buildings, schools, and private property where the owners have posted that they do not want weapons on the property. You have to be careful following the advice of an officer that says "I never go on vacation or anywhere without my weapon" because L.E. officers are covered under the Federal Law which allows carry in all 50 states and that same law does not cover civilians or person with Deputy Bonds that are not full-time Law Enforcement.

          • TN Officer

            If you are headed to the East Tennessee area like Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge remember that you will be crossing in and out of the National Park and they enforce federal laws with regard to carrying a firearm. They too honor carry permits, but there are specific restrictions as to where you CANNOT carry your weapon and the Park Service is very very strict with their enforcement. Go to the Department of the Interior's website for the National Park Service and search for their page on Carrying Firearms.

    • Steve Hicks

      Absolutely. The NRA has this info available and can be found on websites. There also are books dealing with gun laws in different states when traveling.

    • Richard Hammon

      Do NOT try it in Illinois, I live right across the River in Missouri, but I won't carry it even in a gun safe. Illinois Highway Patrol has absolutely no sense of humor! I do have a Missouri Permit!

      • Chuck L

        Stay out of IL unless it is life threatening!!

      • Ronald Twente

        I AGREE, But, I had to go to Highland, Ill and forgot I had my Rugar LCP with me. Just made SURE I stayed the speed Limit or below.

        • Joe

          If you "forget" you're carrying a lethal weapon, you shouldn't be carrying it. I know exactly where my firearm is every second and am mindfully aware of it's presence and current state every second.

      • poccahead

        im glad to know that .iam from missouri now live in tennessee

      • Brad

        I live in Illinois and keep my guns (not loaded of course) in cases in my trunk when heading to the range, or anywhere else for that matter. I've never been pulled over, I just drive like I normally do since I'm doing nothing wrong. I've never heard about ISP run-ins, then again I just got my FOID a few years ago and most of my friends don't shoot. Nice to know how the ISP treats law abiding gun owners.

    • John

      Only if you;re a criminal. LOL!

    • MKEgal

      Short answer, yes.

      Longer answer… go to

      In some states, merely possessing a firearm without gov't permission is a crime. In others, transporting it unloaded & in a case is legal. Others allow citizens to carry in a car the same as afoot (with or without a permission slip, depending on the state).

      And to complicate things further, there's the federal transport law which basically says that if you're travelling through the state, have your gun unloaded & encased, & don't stop for anything more than gas/food/pee you can drive through and the locals can't do anything to you.

      Chicago doesn't like that one.

      • Billy Hill

        Nor does New Jerky

  • Keith

    Having a permit requires that you be on point at all times when you carry a weapon.

    If you are carrying, then put your drivers license and concealed carry permits in your upper vest pocket or on a badge/ID holder around your neck – inside your shirt or tell them its in your rear pants pocket its that simple. This is not rocket science. It is a minor inconvenience to you if any at all. You went through all that trouble to put on the belt, holster, cover, and gun right ???

    Show the officer that you are intelligent and responsible enough to carry that weapon. If you think this is a problem then maybe you should think more about responsible carrying to begin with. If you can not contemplate/reason this one through then the issue is yours. An officer or civilians may actually like the fact that you could back him up and help him out of a very bad situation if he needs it at some point. Lets show them that we are the ones with the halo.

    – Keith.

    • Arthur

      Keith- all points well-made, prompting me to relate one of my latest escapades with law enforcement. Let me preface my story, "Damned if you do or don't," with this: my careers as a successful photojournalist in NYC, Federal Security Officer & currently Protective Service Agent, were all made on my good standing relationships with ranking LEO's. That said, the street soldiers are unreasonably pressured by political peons into treating most of us as "guilty first, let 'em sort it out in court".

      Often in uniform I have been stopped on marginal things such as 1 of 3 bulbs in a break light out; registration expired last WEEK; 1 of 2 license plate lights out; weaving WITHIN my own lane due to a sneezing fit at 0130, the only vehicle for miles; the latest being 'wearing a badge off duty'- I was in street clothes after a late night security event, and my creds clearly displayed as you suggest and was given the third degree in handcuffs for nearly 1/2 an hour (NOT along time for a stop) BUT to even be questioned for wearing a badge- I'm a 17 year NJ-SORA State licensed security officer & owner of my own company. BTW, no "guns" were found, just a hand axe & 12" handcrafted machete' camping tools, after consenting to a vehicle search.

      UNREASONABLE? I have a collection of stories when you have the time.

      • Donald Conner

        Just goes to prove there are many rectal orifices on 2 legs that somehow slipped through the psych exams given poetential LEO's. Sad but true.

      • chris lackey

        If we let our guard down we could die. Have you seen the stats for leo's lost in traffic stops this year. You are not a cop, and your badge, career, and uniform mean nothing to me. I don't know you. Did you rent the uniform? Before you judge try being a cop. I bet you will change your views.

        • mlwartman

          being a cop does not give you permission to treat law abiding citizens as suspects. show me the stats for LEO's killed by lawful CC permit holders.

        • None Ya

          Was one, Bexar CO Sheriff 99' – 00'. Cops are trained Liers. Ask a cop what a Drop Gun is, see what they tell you. Ok u get pulled over for speeding, when u get done u leave and 2 minutes later the cop blows by you doing 10 over the speed limit. You think well must have gotten a call, just then You pass 7-11 and he is getting a coke,

          Now what give him the rite to do that?????

        • MKEgal

          Oh, good grief… not that old "my job is SO dangerous" whine again!

          Numbers published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the federal agency that tracks injuries & deaths on the job) have never ranked LEO in the top ten most dangerous jobs in the US until 2010. See pg 5 of the PDF below.

          Commercial fishing is always one of the top 3, logging is usually on the list, and believe it or not garbage collectors have made the top 10. In the PDF referenced below, for deaths in 2010, garbage collecting & roofing are both about half again as dangerous as being a LEO.

          Have fun browsing:

          This is a summary of 2010, released AUG2011:

          See the chart on pg. 5, where it shows the fatal injury rate. The category including fishing is by far the worst, followed by mining, transportation, & construction.

          On pg. 4 it says that 530 construction workers died in 2010 and 134 LEO – 48 homicides, 57 traffic crashes.

          Detailed breakdowns begin on pg. 13.

    • Stacy

      Well Said!

    • PaulM

      I agree with Keith 100%. Stopping a car is the most dangerous thing a cop does. I keep my permit with my license in my shirt pocket. I keep my hands on the top of the steering wheel so they can be seen. I say hello and whenasked for my license I hand the officer both. I never say I have a gun. When he see's the permit he will get the idea.

    • Stephen New

      Keith,people should never refer to their firearms as weapons; a weapon is to be used to cause an action,whether in defense or as an offensive,however,using the term firearm,gives the officer the same information without it being the least bit sinister.

    • dewey dubose

      AMEN!! If you are responsible, if you have take on the responsibility of carring a concealed weapon, then by all means be responsible enough to protect not only yourself but the law enforcement office you are dealing with. When approaching a car for whatever the reason, the officer is being as carefull as possible so as not to create a situation, be smart and not be part of a bad situation. Don't reach for anything. Keep your hands on top of the steering wheel and await for instructions for the officer. Be polite, but not overly polite. Answer only the questions the oficer ask. Never admit to being wrong about anything, remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in court of law. Keep both your driver license and your CC permit together and when ask for your driver lic. give both to the officer only if you are carrying. COMMON SENSE is always important.

    • KMY45

      yes Keith Responsibility is not Negotiable, negligence or ignorance of laws is no excuse and subject to a class d felony in NV where I live. Simple Google ,Your state statutes. Law Library and Or USCCA, A free web site news letter and membership to find out current and new laws or better yet the NRA web site but I have in my favs bookmark all states on Gun laws.I live were i can open to so it is a greater risk but confidence were and when.

      Simple Relax and listen to his commands, be polite,And In NV they will ask the Q? Any weapons and you say yes after you say i am putting my hands up on the dash and say what do you want me to do, then when asked give your ccw and dv lic first then he will ask and if loaded and were he will then command you to sit still open your door and the weapon or weapons better be where you say , and he will proceed and secure the scene then run all the checks via ccw,dv lic insurance and then the Officer will tell you why he stopped you.In the CCW class what to do is part of NV CCW class, this is part of the rules.

      Just imagine scenarios every day.Your in Combat mode and it is our responsibility period .Only Honest men who believe in Justice will prevail court Procedure. EDUCATION IS KEY KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

    • aaron

      I was told by my CCW trainer – NEVER< EVER CARRY A BADGE!!!!! unless you're a police officer—>despite all those ads that want to sell you a carry case for the CCW that has a shiny badge included!!!

  • Al

    When you see the flashing lights and are pulling over, you can retrieve your ID and have license, insurance and carry permit in hand. If you're over 300 lbs and 6'5" or were hitting over 100 mph, better to put them all in the console first.

    A homicide detective told me he wouldn't want to know.

    A patrol sergeant wanted to be informed first off.

    A deputy sheriff said he could pull up my permit on his computer and asks everyone if there are any weapons in the vehicle anyway.

    • http://GunsandAmmo Art Kennedy


      If the offier lights you up He/shec cna proabably see thrugh the back window, enough to see you move and that can change a traffic stop into a felony stop…Be careful and don't make any furtive moves even for your license unless told to do


      I once lived in Calfornia and had many progun stickers in my back window. I got pulled over for not displaying current registrations decal. The officer approached my vehicle with hand on gun and his first words were " are you armed". I told him with all the stickers I had in the back window I wouldn't dare. He got a chuckle out of that and then told me why he pulled me over. I don't live in CA any more but I don't advertise my progun leanings anymore and yes, I am a licensed CW holder.

  • Jim Devin

    Unfortunately, I live in California where it's next to impossible to get a CCW permit. That will be remedied when I move to Kansas in 2 years. If a person is legally allowed to carry concealed and has met all requirements to do so, I would like to see each state have a reciprocal agreement. The video presented some excellent points and procedures to do if stopped. The peace officer doesn't know you're a "good guy" even if you do. Thanks for the pointers………….Jim

    • Steve Hicks

      You might want to take a look at HR 822 National Right to Carry reciprocity bill sponsored by Heath Schuler of North Carolina.

      • James E. Reherman

        I am glad that you posted this info. I hope that everyone reads it and contacts their elected officials and demands that they vote to have a national permit. One one hand it becomes public that who has what but it will keep some out of trouble when they cross the state lines. I hope that enough people respond and give D.C. the message, STOP messing with the 2nd amendment.

        • mlwartman

          in order to stop messing with the 2nd ammendment, the whole concept of a concealed carry permit should be stricken in favor of constitutional carry… it's always baffled me that we have to get a permit to exercise a god given- constitutionally guaranteed right.

    • Frannk

      me thinks it is illegal to even say the word gun, rifle or pistol whilst in the republik of Kalifornia. Unless, of course, you are a criminal, gang banger, or politco ( much the same ) in which case, the law protects you.

    • dale

      Some counties in california are now issuing permits. There is a statewide right to carry movement gaining ground by winning lawsuits. I recommend going to the calguns forum and checking stuff in your county.

    • Cremony

      >I would like to see each state have a reciprocal agreement. <

      Hay, we don't know who you let carry guns in your state!

      If we are going to check out our own people we for sure are going to check out some gun-toting foreigners.

  • icaras

    Excellent advice. I also recommend Googling Massad Ayoob (Lethal Force Institute) and checking out his fire arms training videos. They are a great reference.

  • Mark

    These are all good tips and leaving out the word "GUN" is the best one yet.

    Here in Michigan we are required to tell the officer we have a CCW and are (or are NOT) carrying. I got pulled over when i was a brand new CCW holder (and was carrying at the time) and my mind went blank. I did hand over both my drivers license and CCW permit but i neglected to verbally tell the officer. Luckily for me he didn't care one way or the other or it may have been a very bad day for me.

    • Chris

      In Michigan, we are only required to tell the officer if we are carrying. Not require to tell officer if not carrying, but to me makes sense to do so.

  • Larry

    I took some pistol defense couses with Massad Ayood and later found that the techniques he taught were not recommend by IDPA professionals. I had to unlearn most of his stuff. Seriously.

    • smayer

      You do realize that IDPA is a game?

    • Mike

      You should by now reaslize Mr. Ayood teaches a defensive approach … IDPA is both a game and an offensive manuever. The two are not compatible.

    • Matt Bartmess

      Do these people/professinals have the credentials that Massad has? He is respected accrossed this country for being a firearms expert and is frequently is requested in court as an expert witness.

    • Nra Greer

      Not true Larry,Here in Fla you do not have to tell any officer. If your not drunk or a dumb driver. If your stop going over the speed. CCW holder have the right to the 5th.And most officer get dumb a little to know. The little show is nice if a officer would be that nice. Read your laws of your state.. Why I say this,I was one. So people you read your laws of your state. If you not a bank robber. You have your rights to. It is no one business. Show respected to the officer. Read you state laws people… Be for you give you rights up.

      God bless.

    • brian

      what was said that made you stop using his methods.

  • Richard Pfeiffer


    I am an instructor in S.C. I liked the video. The only thing I teach differently is I advise my students to keep both hands on the wheel and advise the officer that he/she has a permit and is armed. At that point follow the officers instructions

    • Steve


      WHY STOP THERE? What would you do?

      • Steve

        I mean… Which are what?

        Sorry for the typo.

  • Chris

    What's the advise for us poor folks in California that are allowed to open carry (pistol unloaded) and may have the pistol in a holster, or unloaded with ammo in the same locked container in the vehicle (used to transport the handgun when we're going to be 1000 feet from a school). Sorry, but California really is a pathetic state.

    • cody

      Chris, for you poor folks in california my best advice would be to move.

      • Papaeagle911


    • T

      Advise is what you do, advice is what you get. Ex. when I give you advice, I advise you.

      • John DeSoto

        Advise is a verb. Advice is a noun. Cody used the correct term.

      • Steve in Texas

        Being dumb is what you are… being a dumb ass is what you become when you give bad ADVISE! UGH!

    • WCG

      Chris, I wish to correct what you said in your post. In California, if you have ammo in the same locked container as the firearm you could be sited for a loaded weapon in a vehicle. I'm a Firearms Dealer, CCW holder, DOJ Handgun Instructor, DFG Hunter Safety Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer and deal with California law enforcement every day. Per California law, while driving a vehicle on any public road (defined as a 'way open to the public'), you must carry all handguns and registered assault weapons in a locked container with NO AMMO in the gun or container within which the gun is locked. Open carry does not extend to your vehicle once you're driving or parked on a public road.

      • SD-G35


        Wow, sure have a lot of credentials and get it completely WRONG. Way to go for spreading FUD. It always amazes me the "Experts" in CA gun laws get it so wrong ALL the time.

        Per the CHP's own website
        I will be traveling to California and want to carry my weapon. I currently have a concealed weapon permit. How can I legally transport my weapon while driving through the state?

        California law does not recognize concealed weapon permits from other states; therefore, they would not be held valid. If you wish to transport a handgun during your California visit, it should be carried unloaded in a locked container. In the absence of a suitable container, you may secure the unloaded handgun in the locked trunk of a passenger car. Ammunition may be kept in the same container or trunk, but the handgun must remain unloaded with no rounds in the cylinder and no loaded magazines in the magazine well.

      • L Carli

        Loaded mags NOT inserted in the gun, are legal according to the letter of the law. Look it up on Ca DoJ website….continued spreading of the blatant B.S. is ridiculous!

        • Brent

          This has just changed. OPEN carry of UNLOADED handguns is now illegal in California…new law.

          • james

            CA residents can thank the new Gov. Jerry Brown for that.

    • TJ

      Yes, California is a PATHETIC Concealed Carry & Open Carry State!!!..As in,…It Sucks!!!

    • ChamberDoc

      Actually, Ahnold just suigned a law last week that now prohibits open carry. YOYO!

    • Brent

      California just made this easier for you. It is now illegal to open carry an unloaded handgun in California (with certain exceptions). Sorry. Some counties/cities are very easy to get CCW's in or you could always move out of state. It is not going to get easier in California.


    I think that anytime that you are stopped at night, you should always turn on the dome light. Whether you have a weapon or not it seems to put the officer abit more at ease.

  • Barry

    The issue of how to work with a police officer while possessing a concealed carry permit (whether you are carrying or not at the time) is a bit more sensitive when you are a person of color (e.g. African American or other ethnicity). I think the video and some of the user responses gave some good recommendations; however I am interested in any advice that could assist people of color facing this situation….. Best regards!

    • Rob

      Anyone possessing a concealed carry permit (whether you are carrying or not at the time) should simply be mature and respectful to the officer regardless of the race of either parties. The reason for the stop should outweigh any racial issues. If you are being totally compliant and race does come into play from the officer, then that is an issue that can be dealt with at a later time (and in your favor) but not at the stop itself. Remember, the vast majority of officers are there to do a job by the law and do it safely. The last thing they need is someone intensifying the situation by even mentioning race during a stop.

    • rick

      Why does some one always have to bring color into the conversation. That is the most ignorant statement I've heard so far. Especially when black officers outnumber white cops 2 to 1. Just keep your permit under your licence and don't pull your licence until your asked. When you pull your license the cop will see your permit and he will ask about it. Keep your mouth shut and only answer questions when asked. Stay respectful. Anything else your just asking for it. If you don't know how to handle police while armed you should maybe drop the gun idea and learn karate. The last thing we need is ignorant gun carriers. Black or white…doesn't matter, get over it.

      • curtis

        Rick ,everyone doesnt live where you live,and some people still have problems with other people just because of color .And your wrong black cops dont out number white cops!!! I moved from the city 2 a rural area and in 10years have yet 2 see a black or brown officer.The advise was good but before you give facts do the reseach..Black people only make up 7% of the AMERICA and 32% of law enforcement i.e(homeland sec FBI CIA state police county sheriff&city) across the nation.The question was about security cops in larger citys are under more stress than others just ask any U.S soilder thats station state side who's been 2 iraq whats more stressful being home or over there.

    • John

      Why throw the race card in?

      • Matthew Schutter

        Because some cops profile. The ones that do are Nazi bigots! Anti liberty people and criminal wear badges too!

    • Michael

      For any person of COLOR that still has the complex thinking that everything will be different for them over those that may be different has already become suspicious, Attitude is the main focus's for all Law enforcement. Just do and say what everyone on this site say,s and you will be just as safe as anyone else.
      Everyone knows that before you are stopped and in conversation with any Deputy he has sized you up. The only full safe is for any one of us is to show hands in car, do anything that is commanded. and again if you are licensed to carry keep your licenses at all times with your other ID'S This will be all you need after telling any officer that you are a licensed carrier.! As with any of us in our color remember never say you have a GUN or PISTIL because this will put you in a situation the law will not care about any COLOR, only about taking ya down first then asking questions after the fact.!

    • dsimms

      Even more so if the gun is worth more then the car…

      Disregarding color and all…

      Yes, I have been pulled over for this and that, never have I been asked if I am carrying
      any type of weapon, and unless you are involved in something more then a simple
      citation, then I doubt this conversation will never come up…I would turn over
      everything needed, lic, insurance, and permit if you have one…at that point the
      officer can assume you have a gun, and he should…if he should proceed with any
      gun questions, then follow-up with answers, if not, then you should not worry about it.
      Being nice can do a long way, but being an ass to someone that can ruin your
      entire day just is not advisable….keep your hands in clear site, use common sense….
      and you should be on your way in no time….

      and yes, maybe no fault of your own, if you are a colorful person, and you look like
      a gang banger, and you have a gun that costs more then your car and so on…
      your day maybe already ruined….be nice, keep hands clear, if you check out,
      nothing comes back, on the most part, you should be free to go….

      I was pulled over one time for simple expired tags…once officer was talking too me, and
      i noticed the other planking my right side as he was getting ready to take me out, and
      I did not have any weapons….police are already skiddish enough…if I had of made
      any sudden move, the other cop would have pulled his gun no doubt….

      Never reach for the glove box :) thats a dead give-away….

      always keep both hands very close to the top of the steering wheel….

    • J.R. Verdugo

      Sometimes a perceptive officer can tell if a person of color is mature or is a street thug by the way he or she talks. If you cooperate, that fine, but, if you jump out of the vehicle and start talking "poop," then you could have some backup show up.

    • Aaron

      You really should be less concerned about being black, and more concerned whether or not the officer is prejudice. I am a 31 year old white male, blonde/brown, security officer. I was pulled over by a black cop for having a tail light out. I was removed from my truck at gun point, had my keys slapped out of my hand, slammed against my vehicle, handcuffed, placed in his cruiser, and then had my vehicle serched without concent. After sweating it out for 45 min., I was given a ticket for the light. When I asked the officer why he acted the way he had, he grinned at me and claimed I had made "erratic movements" inside my truck, while pulling over. Point is, he almost blew my face off in the beginning,then proceeded to violate almost everyone of my civil rights, because he didn't like whites. So just know it's not just "ethnic" individuals who are treated differently, it all comes down to what kind of officer pulls you over.

    • Matthew Schutter

      Your right or if you are openly gay and cant hide it. I would not feel right letting the cop take my gun from me. I had this happen to me once and told the officer that I didn't want him to take my gun which is my property without a warrant. Needless to say he didn't like it but he didn't take my gun. We need to practice, and stand up for all our rights, not just gun rights!

  • Joseph Gallagher

    EXCELLENT — A simple, reasonable, common sense approach in handling a traffic stop while carrying concealed. Also, I believe that the issue of compliance, deference, and courtesy are very important elements in the demonstration. One last item, don't forget to leave that seat belt buckled :-)

  • Barry

    Rob and Joseph, I absolutely agree. Respect for the officer(s) performing their duty, compliance, deference and common sense is good protocol for anyone possessing a concealed carry permit involved in a traffic stop. Thanks for the advice.

  • http://gunsandammo tim kaminski

    what do you tell the officer when after showing i.d.,cwp,insurance proof They ask why you are carrying and regular citizens should not have cwps,because you are just going to shoot someone then they have to clean up the mess and you will go to jail? I was adviced by my instructor to never say it is a legal right to pursue and receive my cwp. what do you tell the officer without angering him .

    • E. Zach Lee-Wright

      Tim, when I was a college student I worked at a convenience store. A guy grabbed a cash box and ran out of the store. It was evening and had just gotten dark. There were four young to middle aged guys who were customers and my boss who was in the national guard. I gave chase knowing I had an army backing me up. I cornered the guy and he pulled a knife. No one else had come out of the store. The guy got away but my description of him and the car led to the arrest of two. Turns out the robbery had been set up by another employee who testified I was lying about the knife. The guys skated. Now I carry. "Because when I get caught in the middle of something going down, I am going to dominate, officer."

    • Jim

      not a word…let him rant and don't say a word…he didn't ask you a question…right…so don't say a WORD….

    • MKEgal

      "Why am I carrying? Probably much the same reason you are, officer, because I want to go home safely at the end of the day."

      If he has an attitude, just let him rant. Take note of the more interesting or obnoxious parts, the officer's name, date/time/place etc. & write a nice letter to the Chief.

    • John

      Not to sound disrespectful but, after seeing your question, my first piece of advice would be to read and understand all your constitutional rights.

      After you provide a law enforcement officer with your ID/paperwork, you don't have to say anything. You have a constitutional right to remain silent. You don't have to talk to law enforcement officers and you cannot be punished for refusing to answer any of thier questions.

      You've proposed a delicate senario here. I have no idea why any officer would ask your opinion about decisions elected officals have made, but I understand it could happen. If I found myself in the situation you described, I would politely tell him "I'm sorry sir, I don't have an answer to your question". If his line of questioning continued in an agressive manner, I would say (respectfully of course) "Perhaps I should consult with a lawyer before answering anymore questions" and then I'd keep my mouth shut.

      9 times out of 10 you'll be on your way, with just a ticket or warning as long as everything checks out. But if you do find yourself in the pokey, you'll be much happier giving up a few hours of your time and letting a lawyer represent your best interests. (You also have the right to an attorney, if you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you)

      • james

        Answer that 'why are you carrying' with a question!

        "Am I free to go or are you detaining me?"

    • Denis

      Tell him you carry a gun because cops are too heavy to carry around.

    • Bigem

      I can't imagine an office making such a statement in a traffic stop, or asking for your opinion. I have been pulled over while carrying and was speeding, I did much like the video and had my license and registration ready for the officer I kept my hands on the wheel and when he asked for my documentation I informed him I had a CCW and that I was carrying. He responded calmly and said to leave the weapon where it was took my licenses and ran my information returned and sent me on my way even without a ticket

    • dewey dubose

      Follow this sage advise: ALWAYS REMEMBER, that anything you say to a policer can and will be used against you in a court of law. Speak only when spoken to and answer the question truefully. The truth can be remembered better than a lie.

    • Matthew Schutter

      Be respectful in a calm manor, tell him it you right to carry. Also tell him that he took an oath to honor and protect the constitution.

  • http://Sneem John

    Where I live the CCW is issued by DMV and is identical to the drivers license except it has concealed carry printed across it. You might as well tell the officer you have a permit and are carrying because as soon as he puts your drivers license in the computer, the CCW is going to pop up.

  • Curt

    It's not any business of the Cop to know whether I have a gun or not. Unless he wants me out of the car. Only then will I inform him.

    • rick

      Curt couldn't be more correct. You have no business telling the cop you have a gun unless he or she asks you. The only reason a cop would ask is if they feel threatened. If your doing something to make police feel threatened, your just asking for it. I've said it hundreds of times, if you don't know how to handle a cop while armed, leave the gun at home. You surely wouldn't know how to handle yourself in the use of your gun. Hence making yourself the threat.

      • Ron

        Rick, I have to agree with Mick. Play by the rules or there can be significant repercussions. By the way Rick, your and you're are two different words.

    • Mick

      I respectfully disagree. Check you individual state laws, then follow them. Alternately, keep $5000 bond money handy and have a good reason for having that much cash on hand. If you r state requires you to inform, do so. Educate yourself, for cryin' out loud.

    • Merlin

      Curt….Try that in Oklahoma, and you may get tazed and taken to jail. Folks, I'd advise reading up on local State laws concerning CCW before you travel, unless you want to appear on "Cops". Just sayin'

    • ChamberDoc

      Actually, in somestates, it is. It's the law. And in others, it's common courtesy. I was a police officer for a total of 25 yearas. Every cop I know would rather know. Some of the rationale would be that if they saw it by accident, all the alarm bells go off and he starts to think "I wonder why he was hiding it? Does he have a permit? Am I about to die?"

    • Nra Greer

      That is very true, That is why you have your CCW. That is why people have to read there laws.

    • Jim

      That sounds like good advise. The only time I was pulled over while carrying I gave the officer both drivers license and CWP. I don't think he would have asked me to get out of my car if I had not given him my CWP.
      I was speeding through a little town (only about 55 but probably over 10 or 15 mph over the speed limit about 2:00 AM coming back from a veternarian hospital with my wife, mother in law and her pooch and a youngster about 14 a friend of the family. He asked me to put my loaded pistol on the seat next to the young man while we talked at the back of my vehicle. Maybe he was trying to determine whether it was a hostage situation so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. In any event, I understand law enforcements positiion better after veiwing the video. Thanks.

    • Joe

      Again, as already stated, it depends on the state you're in. Some states require you tell the LEO first thing, some don't require at all. I'm in Oregon. We are not required by law to tell them anything, BUT…..if they ask, then we are. And by the way, they are the ONLY ones I will tell. We are not required by law to tell ANYONE we have a weapon(ie: on priv. prop.), except a sworn, commissioned police officer, and only if he'she asks.

  • Ray

    Someone need to inform Curt, that it is indeeed the officers business to know if he is armed. Tell Curt, his proctologist called. He found his head.

    • Curt

      That's my position Ray. They are not allowed in my house without a warrant either.

      • mikehunt

        Got something to hide in there??

        Its funny how people get when it comes to leo's… they cant come in without a warrant and Its not their business

        Get over yourself Yes we have rights but why be such a BUTT about it

        They have a job to do and just want to go home safe just like the rest of us…Jeeeeze

        • terry

          FWIW, when I took my state’s (AR) CC permit class, the police officer teaching the class made a point to tell us to NEVER allow an officer to search the vehicle; it just creates the potential for more problems. If the car was bought used, there may be drug/marijuana paraphernalia/residue in it from the previous owner. If someone is in the car with you and they have contraband on them, they may drop it under their seat and suddenly it’s your contraband! Locally, I’d say 50% of the people arrested during a traffic stop and subsequently charged with a drug felony are arrested as a direct result of allowing a search.
          This is not to say they don’t deserve the arrest; I’m only cautioning about permitting searches when you are not 100% sure what’s in the car.

        • mlwartman

          "Got something to hide in there??"

          yea.. my privacy. if you don't enforce your rights, no-one else will. i respect law enforcement, but i also know they are pushed to make arrests and the majority of them have a superiority/"i'm gonna send someone to jail today" attitude. i understand there are a great number of officers who are great guys and fully support our individual rights. i also understand there are just as many who abuse the power entrusted to them. just like you don't know which kind of civilian i am, i don't know what kind of officer you are. just like you are going to be cautions and protect yourself, i am going to do the same. as such, i will NEVER submit to search without a warrant and i will never answer questions without legal representation present. the phrase "can be used against you" should not be misunderstood to imply "it can help you too", because it can't.

        • John

          You should NEVER consent to a search!!! There's no need to be rude about it, but understand it's for your protection as well as the officers. The only reason they ask for permission to search is because they know it's the only way thier going to be able to search! The simple truth is, they're counting on you to help them bust you! Trust me, they won't ask for your permission if they don't need it. While you may have nothing to hide, you certainly have a hell of alot to protect! You wouldn't post your sensitive personal information on the internet for all to see would you?

          If you still think it's okay to give consent for a search, you might as well just go ahead and literally shoot yourself in the foot!

        • Matthew Schutter

          How about we take away right to own a gun? How would you feel? The 2nd amendment if there to protect all of our rights! You sound like them Nazi cops that kill people, and their dogs. NONE OF MY RIGHTS ARE FOR SALE AND I DEFEND ALL OF THEM!!!!

          so it goes like this,,,,,
          Nazi cop says can I search your car?
          me No I don;t consent to any unconstitutional searches get a warrant!
          cop answers me and starts hounding me about the search I ask the officer are you detaining me or am I free to go?

          That is how a true patriot handles the cops! It not I got anything to hide it a lot of people died to defend this constitutional republic that the officer took an oath to honor and protect it! If you dont like it go live some place else!

      • Pistol Patchs

        I'm with Curt. don't bother telling them (unless it is the law in your state), and if it is a law in your state, consider a better state.

    • MKEgal

      And does the officer also need to know my religion, how I voted, or how I exercise any of my other civil rights (just as peacefully & responsibly as carrying)?

      And I insist on a warrant for any search as well.

      No, I have nothing to hide. But the Constitution says the gov't has to have a reason & a warrant in order to search. I need no reason other than the law to deny them permission to search if they don't have a reason & a warrant.

      A right unexercised is a right lost.

    • curtis

      Hey,Curt drop your gun off at the nearest police station ,because you wont win that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ted

    THE law is different in each state. I live in Oklahoma and the law requires that you tell the officer if there is a weapon in the vehicle IMMEDIATELY when stopped. The trooper that stopped me wanted to know where the gun was and when I indicated the center console he said " We just won't go there will we?

    • Mike

      You're exactly correct Ted. Each state has it's own reg's with respect to CPL/CWP/CCP. It is incumbant on each individual to research the appropriate rcw's for their state and comply accordingly. My state doesn't require showing the CPL unless asked by the officer.

    • Merlin

      Ted is EXACTLY right. When I was stopped, I handed the Officer my DL, proof of insurance AND my CCW permit. The officer asked if I was carrying and I told him I was. He ran my DL, and gave me a warning to slow down. He asked what I carried, and we sat and talked for about 5 min on the subject of handguns. Turned out we both shoot at the same range. If I had exhibited Curts attitude, I would have been in jail, AND probably lost my CCW permit.

      • MKEgal

        Why would you be punished for exercising your rights?

        Going to jail, losing a permission slip… Why?

        Because you ticked off the cop who wanted to search your car or person illegally?

        Good grounds for a 1983 suit.

        • Casey

          Nobody ever wins in a lawsuit, except for the legal team that gets your hard earned money to
          defend you.

          Always avoid a situation that can lead to a trial or other expensive problems.

    • Live in OK

      Oklahoma troopers are *ssh#les!

  • Curt

    As a matter of fact. The last cop that pulled me over was a BULLY with a badge and a gun! I didn't tell him either !

    • ChamberDoc

      Thereby giving him an excuse to come down hard on you if he finds it.

    • David Blake

      Thank You! Do not need to open up a can of worms if needed.

  • captain Bob

    Whether or not you are REQUIRED to inform is stated in the laws of YOUR State. In Ohio you MUST inform, first thing if you are carrying. I tell my students that, if you are not carrying you do not have to inform but why not tell the officer that you have a CHL but that you are not carrying?. It puts you into the "good guy" group with proof (your license) and sure can't hurt but can help. Randy had a great suggestion about turning on the interior light at night. I've been stopped twice since getting my CHL and no tickets… Both times the officers "warmed up" when they found I had a CHL and the stops turned into friendly warnings to slow down.

  • E. Zach Lee-Wright

    This is a good video but it is not quite all encompassing.

    Pull over and put your windows down.

    Get your wallet out and set it on your leg.

    Turn your dome light on if it is after dark (important).

    Turn your vehicle off and put both hands on the top of the steering wheel. Putting the key on the dash is a nice touch.

    Wait for the officer to speak and respond with a "Yes officer".

    Usually the officer will ask for your license, registration, and proof of insurance.

    Hand your license and carry permit to the officer.

    The other documents should be in an envelope in/on your visor. Tell the officer where they are. After letting the officer know what you are doing take the papers out and hand them over.

    These are easy steps to follow if you have given this subject any thought and of course you have or you would not be at this site. The biggest downfall people have is not having the registration and insurance papers up to date and organized on the visor.

    An unrelated piece of advice, zip tie a duplicate key to your vehicle frame where you can find it if you crawl under the back of your auto. Sucks to lock keys in a car but everyone does it at some point.

    • Mick

      Side note: if the officer asks you to exit, or if he can search your car, politely decline. You are not, as a general rule, required to do so unless he has probable cause. Don't give it to him by acting like a fool.

      • Colonel Radar

        Another side note: If you have a medical condition that makes you shake, Tell the officer! Otherwise they will find a reason to search you and your car… If you tell them they can't, they will hold you there… Call their 'friendly Judge' and get a warrant or they will get their dog to hit on your car… In their minds refusing a search is proof of guilt … They teach this at their 7-11 classes !

        • John

          Refusing a search is not proof of anything! If they have to ask for permission to search, that means they have no grounds to perform a search. If you don't consent to a search, they don't have probable cause to get a warrant and search anyway. If they tell you they can do that, they're lying to you (which isn't illegal) and are just trying to pressure you into giving consent so they can try and find something to arrest you for!

          People shake for lots of reasons. They may have parkinson's disease, they may be nervous about getting a ticket, it may be winter and when they roll down the window they're cold. It doesn't matter, you were stopped for a reason and shaking while driving isn't illegal, unless you and James Bond are enjoying martinis as you travel down the road.

    • Brent

      I don't have an issue with your way of doing it but it certainly isn't the only or even the best. Why keep your papers in the visor? This is not required or even preferred by a lot of folks. Officers work for us as citizens and if they have to wait for a minute or two as you dig through your glove box so be it. We do not live in a police state. Common sense and a smile goes a lot farther. When I stop someone and they are polite and cheerful this sets the tone for the contact. When I stop a person who is dour and curt and tend to reply in kind.

    • Tony Heaton

      Wow, why not just get out of your car, pull your pants down and bend over?

  • richard may

    took ccp school in wadsworth ohio given by roger ////// best investment of my life.sending my son in excelentinvestment top sherif talked to our class.medina sherif likes to know responsible people willing to protect famlies friends with comen sense!

    • TombstoneLizard

      How did you pass any of the tests, considering how poor your grammar and English skills are? Just because what you write sounds like what you are saying, does not mean it is spelled or used properly.



    • John

      Take the caps lock off next time Mike, no need to yell. IMHO.

    • mlwartman

      by telling them they do NOT have your permission to search your vehicle, and by continuing to do so without a warrant or probable cause pointing to a specific crime, their search is illegal. then don't answer any questions and request legal representation.

      if you are asked to step out of your vehicle, failure to do so is considered resisting arrest, but ALWAYS remove your keys from the ignition, roll up your window and lock your doors.

      • zack

        When I told the officer no he had no right to search my car for the third time. he said okay im going to inventory your car.

      • james

        "I do not consent to searches, am I free to go or are you detaining me?"

    • matt

      welcome to florida we make the rules up as we go and for the record it does not have to be in the glove box locked it simply has to be securly encased a holster with a snap is considered secure the glove box is secure a bag that zips up is secure but be careful in fl there are alot of bonehead cops that have no clue i have been pulled over in fl told there was no such thing as a ccw in fl and arrested good thing his backup wasnt such a dumbass

    • DavdS

      You can be 100% legal 9 ways to sunday…there is nothing stopping the police
      from putting cuffs on you and taking you to jail….at this point, they have to charge
      you with something or let you go…if they charge you with something, then I am going
      to assume somewhere in the chain, you were not carrying that firearm in a legal manner.
      yes, if you are caught with a firearm in your vehicle, with no permit, you have a high
      chance of going to jail…some things police may give you warnings on, I am not
      so sure this is one of them….police are skiddish enough, they take guns seriously.

  • Mike

    Ohio CCW instructor, Jamison Underwood, told me to yell "GUN" when stopped by police! What an idiot!

    • Erik

      he must not like you.

    • KenK

      MAN!!!! What a complete tool! I hope he was only joking at the time…especially around the area of Ohio you live in (i live in Massillon) and that would not be good for most if not all of those police departments officers to hear!

  • Danny

    Guys I live in Utah. We have great legislative people who understand our 2nd amendment rights very well. We just passed a law making the 1911 pistol our state hand gun. There are a lot of CCW holders in our state.The police are very good about dealing with permit holders.

    Of course I always follow their instructions if pulled over. A little tact on our part goes a long way in getting on the good side of an officer.

    Imagine yourself in their shoes. A traffic stop is the most dangerous thing a policeman does in his line of work!

  • wnettles

    Kind of makes one long for the good old days before you had to present your "papers" to excercise your freedom, now, doesn't it? Still, a little common sense and courtesy can go a long way toward a non-violent resolution to any encounter you may have with "law enforcement". Remember, most of them are just trying to do their job. There are always hot shots in any group, but, by and large, they just want to go home alive and whole, like the rest of us.

  • Allen

    In GA, where I live, I am allowed to transport a loaded firearm in my vehicle without a permit (GFL/ Georgia Firearms License) as long as it is inside the glove compartment or other closed console. In my particular vehicle, the glove compartment door has no lock mechanism whatsoever. It is also legal for that weapon to be in plain view, but not concealed in any other way (without a GFL). Personally, I do not have a GFL and cannot obtain one due to a first-offender felony drug-related case from 1994, (how foolish I was in my early 20's) but, since there was no conviction, I am allowed by law to purchase, possess and have in my home or car firearms under the conditions stated above. Regarding plain-view firearm status, as a driver being pulled over, for whatever reason, I feel that it is highly unwise to leave any firearm in plain view in the vehicle's interior, therefore, if my XD isn't already inside the GC, I place it in there before stopping the car. I think a driver is asking for a potentially volatile and unnecessarily escalated encounter with a LEO if their firearm is in plain view when that LEO approaches and first views the car's interior, so I won't contribute to that scenario. As far as reaching for ID when being pulled over, or other movement inside the car, I try to limit that as much as possible as to not give any false impressions that I may be doing something suspicious. I wait until asked for ID, then advise the LEO where it is, (wallet, back pocket) so when I reach for it, he knows what I'm doing. All of the advise about dome light, hands on top of the steering wheel, engine off/keys removed, respectful dialogue, is excellent and well-rendered. In the few years that I've owned and possessed a firearm in my car, I have only had one officer at my car door, XD in GC, and no mention was made, nor did he ask.

    In fact, he thanked me for my cooperativeness. So, knowing that some LEO's will always ask about weapons, regardless of the nature of the traffic stop, my position remains that one should be honest, calm, respectful and compliant.

    • Gary Nycum

      I like your post but was surprised to know you could be denied a permit based on a charge of any kind without a conviction. In Texas, I've had a fellow with over 20 (approx.) feloney arrests on his record but NO CONVICTIONS and he obtained his permit. He had a "checkerd past and youth history of drug arrests" but no convictions. Yes his daddy was rich and had a good lawyer to get him off each time. But now that he's in his 50's and has grown up- The State of Texas does not hold "arrests" against you! He is law abiding and sensible these years I've know him and I know he's grateful for the break the Texas Legislature has given him. Gary Nycum, DPS Certified Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor-

      • Allen

        Gary, thanks for your valuable input! It is odd that a GFL can be denied without a conviction, but while the GA first-offender act bars me from a felony conviction, thereby leaving my criminal-history record clean to most any entity who would look into it (i.e., employers, police, etc), it explicitly prohibits me from obtaining a GFL, based on the felony nature of the case. Having no rich relatives to come to my aid and being issued only a public defender, and despite it being my first arrest ever (I was 22), my original court sentence was 5 years (1994-1999), with the first 8 months in custody (served entirely in the county jail) and the remainder of the sentence served on felony probation, including nearly the first year of that being on 'intensive probation' with nightly curfews and other restrictions. My crime was the sale of 2oz. marijuana (twice) with no firearms involved. The stupidest thing I have ever done. Huge lesson learned. I live a very different life now that I am married with 2 nearly teenage daughters.

        Fast-forward to 2008 and no other arrests. I passed an FBI background check and bought my first gun. Then, when I first sought to obtain my GFL, I paid $20 to my local Sheriff's office for a background check on myself before proceeding any further. The results were 'zero files found'. So I went to the local probate court to apply for the GFL, paid the $45 fee, went through the fingerprinting and photo process and awaited the eventual letter of denial. No refunds. No permit. I spoke with a probate judge on the phone who advised me that although my record is clean to others who view it, the probate court has a different means of searching records that enable them to see my FOA (first offender act) arrest (which I was forthright about and disclosed on the GFA application) and thereby deny my GFL request. That judge on the phone did reaffirm my legal right to possess and transport a loaded firearm inside my vehicle (not concealed) in plain view or inside a closed console such as the GC. As I understand it, I still have the option to seek a "restoration of firearms rights" from the State Board of Pardons and Paroles, (even though I never went to prison and was never on parole).

        That application says "You must attach letters of reference from three (3) citizens of unquestionable integrity who are not family members. Your references must be advised as to why they are writing a reference on your behalf to the SBPP (state board of pardons & paroles) and… On average, processing an application takes approximately nine to twelve months and may take longer…"

      • Bear

        Well, Mr Gary Nycum;

        This is NOT what I was told by a County Assistant DA 26 years ago when I was arrested and indicted by a Grand jury for something that I was innocent of and received NO Conviction for. The assistant DA informed me that just being arrested and indicted by a Grand jury would forever Ban me from the right of ever purchasing , owning any kind of firearms, Legally , or be able to vote in elections, obtain a passport and alot of other freedoms. He implied that a Felony Arrest & a Indictment by a Grand jury removes these rights for life, even if a Gov. or Judge grants a full pardon. The arrest & indictment are on the books forever!

        • Daniel

          That was a lie. If you were not convicted of a crime you have not lost any of your rights from A to Z. Its that simple.

        • David Cochran

          I have to agree with Daniel. I live in GA, have been arrested AND indictied by a grand jury, but the charges were later dropped when evidence of my innocence came to light. I am today a gun owner and CCL holder. A simple arrest without a conviction means nothing concerning a CCL.

        • Garrett M

          Well that DA assistant is a and should recheck his law books. Go get a gun and see that he/she was talking bull.

        • Big Mike

          Bear, that County Assistant DA is a LIAR! Or perhaps just a stupid fool. By the way, learn the old adage that "a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich." You mean to tell me you haven't been exercising your right to vote for almost 3 decades due to his misinformation?

          People in this country re not supposed to lose their constitutional rights by being falsely accused of a crime.

        • David W

          And you believed him? without ever checking further?

    • Sergeant

      Allen, check on your firearms license with the Probate Judge in your county. In 2010 Ga. changed the ccw permits to include persons not charged or convicted in the past 5 years. You may be eligible under the new Ga. ccw law..

  • chuck

    Very good instructional video. I'd like to see more – as some posters have already mentioned – like this same scenerio at night or with lots of screaming kids or a load spouse in the vehicle.

    I've been stopped twice while carrying and have followed the video's tips during one stop but never brought it up during the 2nd. We are under no obligation to tell the officer or to show our card. If I'd been asked to exit the vehicle, I would have proceeded as in the video.

  • Karl

    The video was conducted in daylight, with no rain or passing traffic. How would this change if you are stopped in inclement weather, at night and or with busy traffic passing by?

    • Garrett M

      very good point, I think at night the officer may take a different stance when informed of the weapon. If it was raining, I wouldn't want my gun placed on my hood. I would politely ask that the officer secure it in his vehicle until the process is over or ask that you keep it secured on yourself and keep your hands up away from the weapon. If I was an officer and told that they have a CCW and a weapon on them. I would ask them to wait and move back to my car and call of backup or stand behind the driver so that he couldn't get a shot off on me.

  • Bandofotters

    There should be a universal code word or code phrase that does not include words like "gun", "armed" or "firearm" which would be understood by the police that one is carrying. This would dispell misunderstandings that might cause the officer to draw his/her weapon.

    • Tony Heaton

      Wait, you weren't taught the secret handshake?

      • mgrund

        This is no joke. a simple 10 code could save lives.,. I have had the same thought many times

        it should be nation wide just like th 911 number

        an unsued 10- code
        say 3 digits ( to avoid duplication)

        I have been thinking 10-220 but any code could work.

  • John A Florio

    I live in a state where you do not have to tell the police you have a lisense to carry but when they run your name the fact that you have an LTC comes up.It is just common sense to tell them in the first place.If you are a law abiding citizen,whatever happens will be OK

    • John

      WRONG. Are you comfortable with a LEO pointing a loaded firearm at you? Are you comfortable with a LEO unholstering your loaded gun (which there are several examples of when the not so smart LEO's can not even figure out some model's actions). Most police feel ppl should not own or carry guns; they feel that only LEO's should be allowed

      • Benjamin

        Same thing in my state. We are not required to show tell an officer we have a permit or are carrying. My instructor works for the county sheriff's department and recommended that we tell the police officer. Following that advice cause a safely holstered handgun to become a danger to both myself and the other police officer.

        On the first day I carried the gun I got stopped by the city cops. I showed him my permit and told him I was carrying. He wanted to take control of the gun until the end of the stop because he felt uncomfortable around people with guns. I told him that he was making me uncomfortable and he was carrying a gun.

        So he hands my gun to a rookie assistant that was with him. The rookie decides to clear the firearm. The problem is that he is not at all familiar with revolvers. I watched him try to shake the ammunition from the cylinder and also try to pull each cartridge out with a thumb nail instead of just using the extractor rod. As he was doing so, he accidently pointed the gun at me and the first police officer. I was preoccupied with a sobriety check so I don't know that he didn't point it at himself. When I got it back, I noticed he also badly fingerprinted the finish.

        It probably would have been a tad hard to explain if the rookie had shot his supervisor with my gun. I am going to leave the gun at home tomorrow and go down to the police station and talk to their gun safety instructor about the need for more training. The first rule of gun safety is to not point guns at people. The second rule is to not handle guns you are not familiar with. I would like to file a complaint, but I didn't get a ticket so don't have badge numbers written down. I don't really want anyone to get in trouble, but I want that safety issue to be addressed at my local police department.

      • Garrett M


        The reason the police act that way towards you is probably because you act like a jackass when pulled over. Most people lack the common sense to treat officers with respect as you would like them to do the same for you. Police can tell right away by just running your plates if you are a problem. I am not a police officer but from experience I know its better to just be friendly and calm.

        • Tony Heaton

          Bowing to authority is why this country is in such sad shape. Dozens of cops are arrested or on trial daily for various offenses. With roughly 800,000 LEOs in the country, a dozen a day is a high percentage. Cops are not your friend anymore. They may have been when they were to serve and protect, but their mission today is to search and destroy. BTW, I dislike cops but they won't know it from running my plates because I've rarely had contact with them.

  • S. Bloyd

    I live in Nevada where it is legal to carry a loaded handgun in the car. The best thing to do is to place the gun on the dash in plain sight. That way there is no attempt to conceal and you are legal.

    • PJ

      S. Boyd, again that varies by state. In SOME states, having a handgun in a vehicle ANYWHERE is consider "concealed"

      Alabama is one such state, laying one on your dash in plain site is still considered a concealed weapon.

      • Allen

        PJ – regarding Alabama, that's a completely asinine law!

      • John

        Same in PA. vehicle=concealed

    • Tony Heaton

      This action in many places would be considered brandishing.

  • dro martinez

    Shid just pull it out and unload on the cops

    • MadcapMagician

      you are a retard…. =/ it's people like you with that mentality that give all gun owners a bad name and make it hard to indulge in our sport of choice and to keep our rights to defend ourselves freely. please before posting anything more… put down the bong.. try to clear that pea sized brain of all the pot smoke u have ingested and form a coherent thought process for once in your pathetic entitlement minded life..

      • Brian


    • ChamberDoc

      Oh, please. All he's trying to do is stop you from molesting small children. But by all means, whip it out. Usually, the (much better trained) police officer will open you up like a pinata. Besides, I'm betting that where you live the cops always travel in pairs. His backup will avenge him.

  • Poodle

    That was a profound statement made by someone with a Mexican sounding name. I wonder if he's one of Nancy Pelosi's "New Patriots" or "Future Democrats". Way to go, Dro!

    • terry

      Ridiculous…anyone can use any name to post here. Dro may not be Hispanic at all; how are you to know? You use the name “Poodle”. Should I assume you have curly hair and crap on people’s lawns? Get a grip. Your bigotry is showing.

      • SInner251

        Well said Terry.

      • Tom


  • Bob

    I watched Massad's video and read through the comments. The thing that strikes me is that the topic deals with LICENSED possession of handguns, i.e., people have gone through the headache (I'm in New York and it IS a headache but that's probably true in any state) of obtaining a handgun/pistol license/permit. In other words, people who have passed a state, local, and FBI background check and have the LEGAL right to possess a handgun.

    If I'm a cop and someone hands me his/her handgun license or permit, wouldn't or shouldn't I be more at ease than with all the unknowns out there who MIGHT be possessing ILLEGALLY?

    Following your state laws and Massad's advice make sense, but I'd like to hear what cops have to say about this – not only how to handle a stop but how they feel when someone presents them witha legal license to carry. Only "Al" @ May 28 @ 7:56 pm even made mention of what a few cops told him.

    • MKEgal

      Every citizen (some would say "who is not a prohibited person") has the RIGHT to possess a firearm.

      That is not granted by a gov't issued privilege permit.

      But yeah, with all the hoops & checks how can a cop reasonably think that someone with a permit could be a bad guy.

  • Brian Troyer

    I was pulled over (speeding) for the first time while carrying three days ago and luckily I had already seen this episode and I knew exactly what to do. Everything went smoothly because I informed him that I am a concealed carry permit holder and I always kept my hands in plain sight. He politely disarmed me, checked my id, and let me go with a warning!

    • John

      Politely disarmed you?? No such thing. As for safety, the safest place for a firearm is in its holster! Our Founding Fathers would be shock at the abuse of power these days. Their most likely rolling in their graves.

      • Colonel Radar

        Well said John …

      • Tony Heaton

        Well said John. It amazes me how many posters here don't give a rats ass about their rights!

  • chris

    the best advice is to not talk to them. dont say anything you dont have to, which is pretty much nothing. essential, in most states, it will be if stopped while driving you have to give them your drivers license, and in some states, if you have a concealed handgun on you, you have to tell them that, but otherwise, keep your mouth shut, and you'll stay out of trouble, and you'll also keep your buddies out of trouble.

    but if you insist on talking, just keep asking the question, am i being detained, or am i free to go, until you get a positive answer. if you are free to go, then go about your business, if you are being detained, refuse to talk without a lawyer present.

    and if you or a friend has a camera, then by all means you should be filming them the entire time. it is the only way to keep them honest.

    • Peter Lake

      Filming cops is illegal in Illinois — a felony.

      Be careful.

      (And if you think I'm kidding check the OnPoint broadcast at . They did a whole show on filming cops.)

    • John

      Agreed!! Bo, your wrong about filming being illegal in ALL 50 states. In PA you can record.

    • MKEgal

      The question should be "why am I being detained".

      Because if you have to ask, you ARE being detained.

      Maybe they'll slip & blurt out "you're not", and you can wave goodbye.

      Or maybe they'll explain their RAS & what crime they suspect you of.

      In which case, you request a lawyer & keep quiet.

    • howard

      And if I was the officer I would say ok you call your lawyer, give him your location. And we will wait for him

  • Tony


    I sincerely hope that you haven't had to deal with any negative experiences warranting this attitude toward law enforcement members. Like anywhere, there are bound to be a few jerks. But for the most part I don't think that filming them is necessary to keep them 'honest'. In fact I think that kind of behaviour could actually provoke hostility in an otherwise calm situation. I know I would certainly be insulted If I was the officer in that situation.

    Unfortunately for me, I live in Alberta. And Canada does not allow the use or transport of handguns for anything other than piercing paper at a registered range. Oh how I long for a carry permit!!

  • jimpeel

    Peter Lake,

    It would be nice if you would give the direct link to the story rather than the general homepage of the site.

    Here are the direct links:

    From May 13, 2011:

    From June 15, 2011:

  • fonzi ricky

    Nice video.Not the time to be a gun advocate.Be polite to the officer.Your actions will determine, if the officer was the issuing officer, will he consider you responsible enough to carry?Remember, he wants to go home safe too. I have cops say, if they were the issuing officer they would not have issued the license, especially to those guys who start quoting first amendments right to them for a routine traffic stop. You are better alive than shot dead by a suspicious, nervous officer. One other thing, don't irritate the officer by interupting him as the guy in the video.

  • Bo

    autually filming or recording without consent is a feloney in any state i just read an artical yesterday where an officer was molesting a women and she recorded the entire event and she now faces 15 years for her evidence. Just thought you would like the heads up

    • John


    • MKEgal

      When an absolute is used ("a felony in any state") it is almost always categorically wrong.

      There are actually very few states that still try to prohibit filming in public, no matter who the subject is.

      • Candu

        as a TV news photographer of 24 years, it is absolutely legal to record video in a public place if the person has no reasonable expectation of privacy (i.e., public street, sidewalk, town square etc.). If it was illegal, then virtually all of the Hollywood Paparazzi would be in prison right now.

    • ChamberDoc

      Really??? Then the guy who filmed the Rodney King beating and all those others should be in prison. I don't know where you got your information, but various Supreme Court cases have affirmed that the police, acting in public, have no right to privacy. If you filmed it inside the jail, that's another matter, but out in the street??? No way. Do you have a law you can cite for this?

    • FAST20


  • John

    I never inform LEO's that I carry. There is no need for them to know. 90% if LEO's IMHO are thugs who do not care about one's 2A right. These officers seize (violation of 4A IMHO) one's legal owned and transported firearm, and treat ppl like criminals. Police are not there to protect ppl; police are there to fine, arrest, and unfortunately pursue their own agendas.

    • Jammin

      as the sober faced and toned comedian Steven Wright once said" 78.3 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot ' lol then lol now.

  • PJ

    In Oklahoma, I was taught by the course instructor to have my hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and to tell the officer right off (not interrupting) that I have a CCL and I have my weapon in the car. If you don't tell them and they find out, you will lose your CCL and your gun. The officer may ask where it is, so you tell him. He may ask to see it, so you show him. But most don't want to know where it is or to see it–they just want to know first thing if you have a CCL. Thanks to whomever for the tip of turning on the dome light before the officer comes to the window. I only did it when he asked for my driver's license and proof of insurance and I needed light to find them (before I had a CCL). I was in an unfamiliar area late at night and didn't notice the speed limit had changed. I had the car on cruise (hwy). He gave me a warning, : )

  • Daniel

    I think if it's OK in your State it's better not to disclose that info. Because it is self incriminating. If the COP doesn't like you and or hes looking for suspects he could accuse you of a crime. The other day a cop called a bunch of other cops over because I told him I was carrying teargas, which is true but it was in an airisal spray can ("pepper spray"). I guess he didn't Know that OC is teargas. I have a teargas permit but it is not required in the State of CA. The reason why is because Security Officers have to be certified to carry teargas on duty ("pepper spray") Any way my X wife who is a COP was there on duty and it resulted in some verbal abuse of myself. I was threatened and then the accusations started. Although this may seem unique to some readers it's probably not that rare since I was told by these young officers of this (unnamed) PD that there code of conduct was just to give them a "good image". COPs can be &^%$# don't think because your a "good" person that they wont mistreat you take your guns and accuse you of a crime. Any way after being made fun of I got back my spray can and went back home fuming. My X wife is partially to blame who ever said COPS %^&$ doesn't stink.

    • Garrett M

      In most states its against the law not to disclose that information. As far as your department goes, too bad they hired a bunch of liberals to protect the town. Rookies are typically going to be the ones who think they know their stuff, that is why its important that you know your laws and rights. I have had a run in with a rookie who threatened to take my CPL away. The chief wasn't to pleased to hear that after I emailed him my complaint. On your Teargas, it was best to just not bring it up, One you weren't being pulled over, so why did it come up. Second, Teargas isn't the same as a gun, it doesn't kill. Always inform the officer by simply showing them your CCW permit.

      • Tony Heaton

        There is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon. Tear gas has killed people, even when used properly. Tasers have killed many people as well.

    • Gary

      I have found that the best revenge when treated disrespectfully by an officer is to say yes sir and no sir and do nothing to escalate your situation. Then as soon as you get home or to a telephone, call his precinct, ask for the watch commander and proceed to chew ass. Tell him how you you were treated disrespectfully and express your outrage at being treated that way.

  • MadcapMagician

    unfortunately I live in the PRC (Peoples Republic of California).. I love this state except for the politicians who think they know how to run my life better than me… I have had to take to the routine of not telling ANY officer of i have a weapon in or on my person simply because when I need it I need it now… I do not have time to wait for them to arrive.. especially when this state is making cutbacks in public safety instead of the pork projects we dont need.. here in Ca. you used to be able to see the CHP on a regular basis on the highways AND on surface streets.. but now it is a rare day when you see one cruising the streets and pulling over the odd traffic violator… I dont want to have to break the law but the problem is the politicians.. they have made me a criminal because I want the right to defend myself no matter where I am… I have been lucky in that when I am pulled over I dont give the officer any reason to want to go further than either giving me a fix it ticket or a minor traffic citation… plus I know my vehicles so the wont find my weapon very easily. I'm suret hat one day I will get in trouble for these actions, but I will fight for my rights in a court of law. but the real question here is when the government starts infringing on our rights at what point do we the citizens AND the law enforcement officers come to gether to stand up and say NO.. no more government control?

    • Larry

      I had no idea that Guns and Ammo was an anti-cop magazine? I guess I will not renew my subscription….

      • MadcapMagician

        why would you say that larry ?

      • Scott E. Mayer

        I'd like to know how you come to the conclusion that G&A is anti-cop.

      • Garrett M

        Awesome one less to cater to. I saw nothing in this video that went against police officers. In fact it was on how you can work with the officer to have a smother transaction with them whenever you get pulled over. Learn to listen Larry.

    • jason

      PRC – That's hilarious!

  • Kurt

    Hell the reason most people carry is to protect themselves from the heat… just sayin

    • Garrett M

      Um, not true in any way shape of form unless you are a criminal or a gang member. I carry mine because of the ignorant saps that live in my neighborhood.

  • Fran Bellistri

    I think it's stupid the way officers treat lisenced carriers…..You must be "squeekie clean" to obtain a permit and to keep it. Certainly not "cop killer" material.

  • J.P

    Any one know the law in Mississippi on gun carry laws.


    I was told by a Texas officer . That a firearm can be carryed in the state of Texas ( IF THE GUN IS IN PLAIN SIGHT ,UNLOADED, NO AMMO IN SIGHT.) ONLY IF YOU ARE GOING OVER 3 COUNTIES WIDE??????

    • Jerry Eaves

      I live in Texas and just completed my renewal process for my CHL. Texas is a "castle doctrine" state and your automobile is an extension of your home. You may carry a concealed weapon in your car without a CHL, but it must be concealed from plain sight–i.e. glove box, console, etc.

    • Garrett M

      In the state of Michigan you can open carry with it loaded, you just can't have it on you when you get in a car unless you are a CCW or CPL holder.

    • neal

      As writen by Dale Jurasek: "In Texas you don't need a CCL to carry in your car. I really don't like how everyone tries to hide this law, but in Texas you can carry WITH OUT a CHL. You must be traveling"

      The "travelling" provision is still on the still on the books (ch 46, Penal Code), but that has been abused and is vague, so in 2007, through the Texas Motorist Protection Act, ch 46 wsa amended to allow for nonCHL carry in one's vehicle as long as the handgun is concealed (under seat, etc)

  • MadcapMagician

    man I wish my state would get a clue like Texas and other states..then I wouldn't need to take chances when it comes to protecting myself or my family. Perhaps it is time for instead of a patch work quilt of carry rights one national carry law… not just reciprocity, but one national law that allows open carry, and concealed carry if you get trained and permitted. I mean after all the second amendment is in the constitution that governs the ENTIRE nation right ?

    • Tony Heaton

      If the people in California who don't like their rights being violated would move to state that believe in rights, the state of California would loose a great deal of tax revenue and either go away or wise up. Many CA businesses and millionaires are don't just that. Same for New York too. You could also stay and try to change the system but I believe it is too late for that. Wall off CA and make a prison or give it back to Mexico.

  • Bill

    Good video. Too bad that most police officers are becoming psychopathic killers. – TEOTWAWKI

  • Dennis Bootle

    Please stop with this guy. Ayoob is not a cop he is a reserve Captain in New Hampshire. He has never done any real police work. Its an insult to cops who have and still do patrol and various other assignments. He teaches techniques on some show that aren not practical in the real world. IE how to carry a gun when seated on the tiolet bowl. UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH.

    • Weaselfish

      Massad Ayoob knows more about police work and about how "police work" than you ever will. I recommend you actually look into who he really is and how long he has been involved with the law enforcement community. Get a clue then speak.

      • Dennis Bootle

        I did 34 years with the NYPD and 3 with the DAs office, * years on Patrol 3, in Anti Crime and Stakeouts. 9 years in the Warrant Sqd Homicide and Instructed in the Police Academy adjunct Professor 16 years at John Jay College, FBI National Academy Graduate and 52 years in Martial Arts. Do your homework before you open your mouth.

        • Lannie

          We have a great deal of folks out there that do not like anyone with a weapon even LE. Let us not start junk here, are we not all about the same thing? Please.

  • Mike T

    when I carry my permit is right next to Texas Drivers License,when I show my TDL to the officer he sees my CCW permit also,never had a problem after that.

  • brett p

    Good video clip.

    But what about when your a Hunter like me and you carry rifles in your vehicle. what doyou do there?

    • Garrett M

      Follow the law according to your states regulation for carrying a firearm. In Michigan, no matter if you are a concealed Pistol License holder you still have to have your rifle unloaded, locked up in the trunk and the bullets in a separate location in the vehicle. You don't have to inform the officer of the rifle, but it is common sense to mention you where on your way to or from hunting and your weapon is unloaded and secured in the trunk. If you own a truck, the rifle should be secured in a case with a lock behind the seat where you can't easily access it. The bullets should go in the glove box.

  • Mike

    from ar15

    Hello everyone. Been awhile since I've posted. I guess the good news is concealed carry seems to have gotten "normal." There just don't seem to be as many exciting issues anymore.

    I am representing someone in a failure to notify case. It is an ongoing legal case, so I dont want to post too much here right now. I watched the video today, and it verified an almost unbelievable story my client told me. To make this real brief – my client was stopped. Tried to notify, but was told by one officer to shut up. Another officer came to the driver's side door, and again my client tried to notify. You can hear him in the video say "I've got . . ." before he his cut off with a profanity laced tirade, and demand for his driver's license. My clent hands the officer his license, tries to notify again while holding his CHL in his hand. The officer says "What? What are you waving around that you want me to see?" He takes it, looks at it, while my client says "I'm trying to tell you . . ." The officer asks, "do you have a gun? My guy says "Yes" and then is pushed against his vehicle while the officer takes the gun from my client's waistband holster. The total time from the officer approaching the car door to being told he has a gun was 55 seconds.

    It gets worse from there. The officer tells my guy that "I should blast you right in the mouth." "I'm close to caving in your head." "You are a stupid human being." "How would you like it if I pull mine and stick it to your head." When speaking to another officer, he says "I hate these ***** with their gd permits." And, again, later tells my client "I should have taken 2 steps back, put 10 rounds in your ***, and left you lying there. I should have executed you, and I'd go home and sleep good tonight."

    Internal affairs was notified. I am having a difficult time conveying the intensity involved. This was bad, really bad scene.

    Sorry I can't say more right now. Be careful out there!!

    Edit to add one more bit of information. My client was stopped in his motor vehicle at the time. He was in a no parking zone. This was not the result of a high speed chase or anything like that.

    • johnnyreb™

      Here's the DashCam footage of this boondoggle …

    • MKEgal

      I've seen the video. Had to be terrifying to be facing that armed enraged person. Worse that he had a badge & could probably get away with just about anything (unless it was recorded & made public… heh heh heh).

      Looking forward to seeing how many zeros are to the left of the decimal point in the award you win for your client!

      • Charlesk

        it was recorded, on his dash cam. and made public. even the mayor of Canton saw it. He got paid vacation …er "administrative leave".

    • Charles Wright

      I also watched the video as well as several updates tracking this officer's behavior back over a year, terrorizing along the way. This could happen to me in Indy 4-5 times a month, and I rarely even test the speed limits, let alone lie or worse. If I was told to "Shut up you …..!" I would, and then what? A shame the enforcement in a free country can pull this stuff and feel good about themselves. I wish the Judge could call this officer all those names in front of a packed courtroom and jury as he is sentenced. The world is just about upside down on the backs of the good guys. Economically too… oops wrong place.



      • Charlesk

        Oh, and with sb2 repealed, he wont lose his job. I guess cops can threaten to f,n kill you. and its acceptable in Ohio. Try that in another job and see what happens!

        • Jay

          He lost his job. T'was reported on January 11th. :)

    • charlesk

      it was in Canton Ohio. a Google search will lead you to news andyoutube videos. that cop is unstable to put it mildly! scary stuff.

  • James

    yea that's great if you have a CCW but what about if you dont have one or the state you're in doesnt recognize it and you have to keep it locked up? I have a jeep and keep it locked in the glove box, best to declare it and avoid the hassle of it "popping" into view

  • Mark

    Interesting. My CCL instructor (and former cop) said never offer the information that you have a concealed weapon and permit if not asked. Why add more to a traffic stop if you don't have to? Once you offer that info. (unless in a state that requires it) the scenario changes.

    • Frank H.

      I was passing through GA on my way to FL and got pulled over for speeding. I informed the police officer that I was armed and have a valid carry permit. He asked me what type of weapon was it and where it was and I informed him an HK40 holstered on my hip. He asked me to remove it and hand it to him which I did. After looking it over a couple of seconds he asked me if he could lay it on my hood while he performed the stop at which time his backup arrived. I had no problems with this as it made him more at ease. Anyway, he went and ran his checks on my DL,CP and weapons serial number. Handed me my ticket, and then my weapon. Everything went very smoothly so IMHO, it is best to inform.

    • hicusdicus

      What!!!!! A cop is the last person you want to ask about the law. The information will most likely be wrong and you will act on it. But judge the officer told me………Guilty as charged!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Steven B. Harkness

    In my state (Washington) the police are told when they are pulling someone over with a concealed weapons permit.

  • http://firefox Gary Emch

    Excellent information. This is very helpful.

  • Brian

    In Texas you don't need a CCL to carry in your car. I really don't like how everyone tries to hide this law, but in Texas you can carry WITH OUT a CHL. You must be traveling, and it's assumed if you are in a car you are traveling. Buddy of mine did in put this to the test the other day when pulled over, and the cop knew the law. Tested him, but accepted and went on.

    It would be nice for tips for that, rather than just handing over your CHL

    • Ibrich

      Don't you have to be crossing county lines? I know it used to be that way when I lived in Texas.

  • Rae

    Indiana doesn't require a permit to carry in your car when transporting to a range , gun shows or just to a friends house. This is a new law, just enacted this past week.

  • Doug Hart

    Alaska is one of the states that REQUIRES a person carrying 'Concealed' to notify the officer whenever there is an official contact. Alaska is also one of two or three states that DOES allow concealed carry WITHOUT a permit BUT, with or without a permit, the requirement to notify a law enforcement officer that I am 'carrying' STILL exists. The way that was recommended to me when I took my initial class was this, "Officer, I am required by (Alaska) State Law that I am carrying a concealed handgun and I have a permit to do so. How would you like to handle it?"

    I've been stopped once since I've had my permit. When I informed the Trooper that I was "in possession" (it was actually between the seat and console), he asked me where it was. I held my hand up (almost to eye level) and pointed down saying, "It's between the seat and the console…" He said, just leave it there; don't put your hand near it and proceeded to explain why he had stopped me…

  • Bill

    l live in Florida, it is not necessary to have CCW to keep a gun in your

    vehicle. However, depending on the situation, day. night.ect If I felt the need to disclose the fact I have a gun in the vehicle I would do so !!

    If you hand the officer you license & CCW permit at least the officer

    has a reasonable expectation you are not a felon.Having said that, when

    a LEO approaches me dressed like special forces with his gun on his

    leg I'am not very comfortable at the get go and may not disclose anything not required by LAW. If you disclose the gun some Counties in Florida require running the s/n to see if the gun is stolen. Bottom line !!

    being respectful is a two way street,but sometimes when confronted

    by LEO's you gotta be the first to give it a shot, (no pun intended)

  • Mossy

    I don't tell anyone anything unless they ask first. I mean Im doing nothing wrong.

    • hicusdicus

      By not telling the LEO you are carrying, you are doing something wrong.

  • Green Dot

    Reading these remarks, its easy to understand why, with varying local preferences, centralized national government isn't a good idea.

  • Ken Grubb

    My blanket advice works in any state one is licensed to carry.

    If state law requires that you tell the officer you are carrying, then by all means comply with the law and tell the officer.

    "Officer, I have a license to carry, and I do have it on me." They know you don't mean a license to carry pizzas, and they know what "IT" is.

    If state law does not require it, as is the case here in Washington state, then I adhere to DADT. If I'm asked a direct question, then I won't lie. Also, if I reasonably believe the officer is about to find out I am carrying–asked to step from the car–then use the quoted line above.

    Washington specific commentary

    I hear B.S. about databases being tied together, but I have some actual experience and knowledge to the contrary about Washington. I worked on contract at DOL in Olympia. The Driver's License data and the Concealed Pistol License data are in completely different databases, and the privacy and access protections under law for CPL data make it pretty close to unworkable to link them.

    At the time I worked there, DOL did not have Drivers and Vehicles linked, but it's possible they have been collecting and building those connections. I know they wanted it, and if one renews their tabs online they want Driver's License numbers.

    An officer can run a check to see if a vehicle is stolen, but that doesn't mean the officer knows the names or Driver's License numbers of the people in the car. My wife could buy a car with just her name on the title, call up and get insurance, our policy would cover us both so either she or I could be driving the vehicle. An officer running the vehicle plate would never know I even existed, let alone had a CPL and a gun on me, unless and until questioning me, asking for my Driver's License, or asking if there were guns in the car.

  • http://none urey stonecold

    I have a sticker on the tailgate of my truck that says i support my local police,it has a pick of a guy pointing a nineteen eleven,i never get pulled over..

  • EddieBig truck

    Honest People have nothing to hide if your in a State that allows you to CCW Show the permit to the officer honesty is the best policy. Obey the laws and you shouldn't get pulled over in the first place.

  • Henry Sapoznik

    Given that this is about CCW, what is the procedure for NOT carrying but having guns in the car?

  • Bill Fritz

    "Officer, I have a concealed weapon (gun) in this vehicle and a permit to carry it (if your state requires a permit). The gun/rifle is located __________ inside this vehicle" . Police officers DO NOT like unpleasant surprises (i.e. finding a weapon that could have been used against them in the hands of the 'wrong' people). As soon as you tell them that you are armed, they will likely ask you to step out of the vehicle and immediately take possession of it while your are stopped. Felony vehicle stops are much more structured (officer gives verbal commands to driver and occupants from the relative safety of his/her crusier). As a former Deputy US Marshal, we typically did not pull vehicles over, but went through felony vehicle stops in the academy at Glenco so many times that I could still give the verbal commands in my sleep. Hope this was helpful.

  • sgt tim d 'odou

    i have always been a fan as a 22 yr NY state trooper of those who pull over engines and then stick both arms as far out he windows as they can wiggling their finger and look directly at me till i tell them what to do and then do exactly as i tell them. i speak 5 languages fluently which i thought would be a good idea to learn and havnt had but 1 incident cause i am always clear in my instructions, never a harrdass and always polite. i have made my share of arrests for dope, gins, and other things and my tactics always let them think they are safe all the while , i will shoot if necessary(6 times) if they move) prepareednesses at all times is the key anot huff and puff, smooth and calm

  • Tim Flanigan

    In this depiction, the officer's approach is improperly performed. The officer should, and they are trained to, ID themselves by name and department and inform the public person why they have been stopped, prior to requesting license and registration.

  • BSB1of4

    Doesn't really matter if your state or any state your're traveling requires it or not, the following is a Very Good Statement!

    Hello sir would you like to also see my gun carry permit!

  • D.L. Pompili

    Surrender…keep both hands visible and hope the police person is not trigger happy or just plain stupid.

  • Bigcitycopper

    Its plain as day thanks to the VERY FEW ignorant comments on here as to why we officers will for our safety want to know if your armed AND take control of the weapon. Legally licensed or not. I don't know you. And weather or not your offended by my asking if your armed and retaining control of your weapon for the duration of the stop matters very little to me when my priority every night is getting home safe and sound to my wife and kids. If your respectful you have nothing to worry about. If the cops an ass there are plenty of ways to take care of that after the fact. There are plenty of cases of people doing everything right with the intention of getting us to let our guard down to kill us. The average person has no frame of reference for what it is we LEO's have to deal with.

    • Self-Reliance

      Allow me to preface this remark by saying that I deeply respect the dedication, honor, and professionalism exhibited by many members of the law enforcement community. Few realize just how dangerous, unforgiving, unpredictable, and rewarding of a service you perform.

      That being said, you, sir, seem to be missing the point. I certainly am not advocating letting your guard down but let's keep this in the realm of reality. No person bent on either doing you harm or merely attmepting to keep themselves out of jail/prison is going to identify themselves as a concealed carry permit holder. In fact, I would go so far as to say it's highly unlikely such a person would ever be able to obtain a permit to carry a weapon in the first place.

      Fact of the matter is I do not need nor do I rely upon you or your law enforcement brethren for my or my family's safety. Do not misunderstand that to mean I harbor any ill will towards our law enforcement officers, as I certainly do not. But the attitude that some LEO's display toward civilian ownership and carry of a weapon is honestly disgusting, if not Constitutionally incompatible. Besides the physical, judicial, and weapons training, all of which I do not need to be a LEO to subject myself to by the way, there is no reason why a LEO should have the right to self-defense while denying a law-abiding citizen theirs. I am glad there are dedicated folks patrolling the streets at night (or anytime) keeping our society safe, but I'm not turning to them when someone decides to break into my house at 2:00am or shoot up a mall my family is enjoying an afternoon out. Think about it for just a moment: if you weren't a LEO, would you? Or would you take a bit of responsibility for your own life, and your family's, and acquire the means, the training, and the mental preparedness to ensure the safety of both yourself and your loved ones?

      As far as not caring whether I'm offended if you take possession of my weapon during a stop, you are merely betraying your flawed approach toward your duty. You have no more right than I do to carry a weapon for the purpose of your own self-defense. My rights are fundamentally guaranteed in the United States Constitution and further refined (or obscured, depending on your point of view, I suppose) by each states' laws. Your right and responsibility to carry your weapon stems from the same institutions, although your duty certainly differs, but let's not confuse one with the other.

      And, sir, I do not know you. It is "whether," not "weather", "you're" and not "your," and there it's "cop's," not "cops.". Why am I to believe that you are any better at ensuring my safety, and that of my family, or more deserving of the right to carry a weapon in self-defense and have that right protected under Constitutional law, than I am when you cannot even write a few paragraphs without numerous errors? You have a badge and a volunteered-for responsibility to serve and protect the public. Please show us law-abiding citizens the respect you would expect. Keep your guard up, of course, but live in reality: if someone has managed to pass the screening necessary to obtain a CCW, we're just about the least of your concerns. Nothing about being a LEO necessarily means you are better able to or possess more of a right to carry a weapon.

      You're not going to be on my night stand or on my hip when somebody decides to do me wrong. Even if you were, though, and I mean no offense, I would still take my chances and accept the responsibility for ensuring my personal protection myself. I think if more people felt the same everyone would be a lot better off.

      • Tom

        Well said.

      • Forrest

        Thank you.

      • Charles Wright

        To Self-Reliance,

        I have know doubt you are technically correct on your points, of which I generally agree. This being a loose forum though, you should not snipe about punctuation without proofing your own work- attmepting?!, LEO,CCW-w/o periods?!, etc. Sorry so late to reply.

        Regards, Charlie

      • Charles Wright

        Aren't you going to get me for "know" instead of "no"? I asked for it, Self-Reliance. L.O.L.


  • Ibrich

    We were advised (in Kansas) to put both hands on the steering wheel, tell the officer "yes, sir, but first I need to inform you that I am licensed to carry and that I am carrying. How would you like to proceed?"

  • Walt S.

    In WY we now have the law that says you dont need a permit to carry concealed however I have mine. In WY it is attached to the DMV so when they run my plates on any of my vehicles it shows I have a permit. But what I do is if im carring i hand the officer my drivers license and my concealed carry permit but if im not carring i just hand them my drivers licence. I also open carry and its on my right hip where I have my wallet so I tell the officer where my pistol is and that my wallet is in my back pocket where my pistol is also at.

  • BILL


  • Jeff

    I've been stopped several times in several states with Texas CHL and that's exactly how it went each time. CHL on top of my TX DL. The officers then asked where the fire arm was. Then with all but one they really seemed to relax. They know, I have undergone detailed screening and have every intention of complying with their directions since non-compliance will put my CHL in jeopardy.

    In fact when I am in Texas I always give my CHL even on the rare instance when I am not carrying. That way when the run my DL there are no suprises. The fact of the matter is, you are following the law and have nothing to conceal. Just avoid the "G" word.

  • David

    My advice is when stopped is to role down your window, turn off the vehicle, have both hands on the steering wheel, keep your seatbelt on and advise the officer when approached you have a permit. Simply put, place yourself in the officer's position, how would you want the individual to react to being stopped.

  • Louie

    If or when traveling by motor vehicle from one state to another, is it against Federal or State Law to carry your weapon even when you have a Permit or License from your home state???

    • R. Dalton

      look up CCW reciprocity laws. some states honor others, but many, like GA, NY, NV, OR, do not honor any other states and you must be a resident to obtain from that state. Or retired/current police officers have national concealed carry…..

      • Jump

        Not so… I am a Kali resident with an AZ CCW & it is accepted by NV as of July 01, 2011!

    • http://N/A Stephen D. Fink


      Unless you are LE, Military, Secret Service–More than likely, YES!!!

      S. Fink!!

    • Walt S.

      Louie, I live in WY and have a CFP (Concealed Firearm Permit) and there are 8 states that honor my permit so I can travel thru those states using my WY Issued CFP.

      It all depends on what state your permit is issued thru.

  • Andy

    I thjink It is a very good idea to basically follow the videos advice. Never surprise another good guy with a weapon. In Connecticut it is required to have a permit to carry but not to conceal, although it may be prudent to conceal it. Some people freak when they see you walk into a bank with a gun on your side.

  • Roy Bailey

    When an officer approaches your car when pulled over, Keep both hands on the wheel and inform them you are armed with a permit……………

  • Stuart

    I remember seeing this when Guns & Ammo was still shown on TV. I loved ALL the advice Massad Ayoob gives. He's so calm and collected and speaks perfectly. I miss seeing him and his advice on TV. He has awesome skills with the kubaton as well. Man I miss this show.

  • JAY


    • Blue

      What do your sticker collection have to do with anything.

  • R. Dalton

    I hope your not in a hurry while carrying. More than once, after informing LEO of my concealed weapon, the LEO called for backup while patting me down. I rarely carry on my person, just concealed in my vehicle. After backup arrives they secure the weapon, whilst i stand with backup officer, then proceed to search every inch of my vehicle which is usually stocked up better than most local gun shops. Then, if you dare to carry NFA firearms, pull out your lawn chair and enjoy the show… Its too bad that most officers i have encountered in this situation don't know jack about NFA or CCW laws. 2 hours later i show up late for whatever.

    • http://N/A Stephen D. Fink

      …Mr. Dalton,

      Pls excuse my ignorance; What is a NFA firearm?

      S. Fink

      • Charles Wright

        Mr. Fink,

        Not sure about acronym but I think Mr. Dalton's reference is to specially licensed or federally restricted weapons- full auto, barrel length, suppressed, etc. If reply on NFA, I too wonder.

        Regards, Charlie

  • Big Bad Bobby

    This is some good advice…I live in Canada, where the gereral view of the public, and in a lot of cases the police, you ONLY own a gun to KILL another person. Some general education on firearms to the public and to POLICE as well would be beneficial, most police officers have NO clue . Most people have an ignorant view. I have made an extreme anti-gun activist re-think their stance based on education I have offered. Also, no carry permits in Canada, EVER! Unless you are a judge, lawyer, or person of importance. Us normal joes are stuck with sticks and stones. And if we even use those….LOOK out! I need to move to the states!

  • Christopher Mills Wo

    I live in Arizona. I DO have a CCW and will continue to qualify to carry and have a CCW. When I am stopped by law enforcement, I place both wrists on the driver door sill and wait for the officer. I greet him/her and inform them I have a weapon in the vehicle. When they ask for ID I present my Driver License and CCW from my left shirt pocket so my hands are ALWAYS in view. If they require more information like insurance and registration I take them from my visor which is also in full view. Be polite, make eye contact. Wait for them to tell what they want or want you to do. Then move smoothly to comply.

  • Anthony Paul Bushon

    Do Not Reveal if You Are Carrying. Police Radio Command is Not Secure. They are Crippling Our Best Troops Positions by Marking Them on their Incompitent Digital Communications. You Are Not Secure in Digital Space.

    • xamn

      The vampires have infiltrated the digital spaces. 10110001100100100XXX vampires/

    • hicusdicus

      Say What ????????????

  • Anthony Paul Bushon

    File Off the Serial Numbers on Firearms to Keep the Networks Secure from Federal Intervention.

  • Anthony Paul Bushon

    ~La Cosa Nostra, True Blood, Crip, Latin Kings, Kruzati, Ruff Ryders

  • Bob D

    Many of the above posts state not to mention the word gun. The following is a direct quote from the concealed carry booklet issued by the Ohio Attorney General:

    "Traffic Stops and Other Law Enforcement Encounters

    If a person is stopped for a law enforcement purpose and if the person

    is carrying a concealed handgun as a CCW licensee, whether in a motor

    vehicle or not, the person shall inform the law enforcement officer that

    the person is carrying a concealed handgun, keep his or her hands in

    plain sight at all times and not touch the concealed handgun, unless in

    accordance with directions given by any law enforcement officer."

  • Kurt

    Just don't carry a cell phone in the state of MI. If a cop in MI stops you they have a device which automatically pulls all information, phone numbers, photos, etc… from your cell phone without your knowledge or consent.

  • Robert Brooks

    It only makes sense to advise a LEO that "You" have a license to carry on your person a weapon. And then advise WHERE such weapon may be at. Not a good thing to discover a fire arm on a person that may not like LEO's.

    Change places for a minute… pull over a person because they didn't signal while turning… walk up to the vehicle….ask the required questions…..return to your vehicle to do checks…..and you find out that the Person in front of you is licensed to carry a weapon……and never mentioned it during the first confrontation…..blood pressure just jumped! So now your sites remain on them…..a bit nervous too. As you walk back to the vehicle….with fire arm drawn to your side… ask them about their weapon.

    It really can't be that painful to be courteous, friendly and honest at the same time….can it?

    • Jim

      mommy mommy the sky is falling…pure BS buddy…fear mongering…sheesh!

    • http://N/A Stephen D. Fink

      …Not as painful as the host of potential alternatives!!

      -S. Fink

  • Steve Taylor

    I'm from Ohio, as an owner of a firearm when stopped by L.E I simply put my hands outside the window and when approached by the officer I advise him I have my concealed carry and proceed to ask how would he like me to retrieve my information, permit license insurance etc.

  • Gary B.

    I got my first Dui 2 years ago. They took my CCW in Oregon for 3 years. So I got blasted one night not harming anybody but myself. In Oregon, it depends on the county you are in, regardless of the permit. Multnomaha county is the worst, around Portland. They don't care about a CCW, still confiscated and put in jail. It's such a disconnect, unreal. And if I am DUI what does that have to do with my CCW? Strange but true. I don't want to hurt anybody, just self defense since I'm disabled…stinks..

    • Walt S.

      In WY if you are carring any kind of handgun and get caught drinking or have been drinking, it is an automatic felony!!

  • Jim

    alcohol and guns DON'T MIX…..get a clue and stop drinking…

  • British Expat

    Excellent for new residents like myself coming from a place where only the criminals have firearms! There is a reason I love America.

  • deez nutz

    What if I don't have a permit and it's not registered? lol

    • carlos r pagan

      Then expect anything to happen to you, if you are pulled over and the weapon is found!!! it's called illegal possion of a fire arm PERIOD.

      In NV you must carry a blue card which partains to the weapon you have on you or in your car. LONG GUNS EXCLUDED.

      • Blue

        Many states do not register firearms and in several it is illegal for the state agencies to keep lists. Florida is one such state.

  • Gwshark

    I live in Oklahoma and when I was stopped I gave the officer my DL and CCL. He asked where the weapon was, I pointed it out without reaching for it and he simply said, "Ok," walked back to his car to check me out then sent me on my way.

    • Walt S.

      Exactly why I give the officer my DL and CFP together. Its the best way to go.

  • Todd

    All this is NULL and VOID, the constitution STATES "The right to keep and bare arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED", there is no CCL or permit requirements in that Amendment!

    You do not need any kind of permit to carry a pistol or rifle concealed or not in the United States, the Supreme Court has RULED that the 2nd Amendment COVERS ALL American citizens in every state and that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed by the federal, state or local governments! We need to start STANDING by the Constitution and NOT allowing those who were elected by us, WE THE PEOPLE, to trash it as they please, this is why our Great Republic is in the mess it is today! WE OWE THIS TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!

    • carlos r pagan

      Todd well put! but the fly in the ointment is not every state or county, or city well back you. Sometimes it's like peeing into the wind your bound to get wet. I find it is a whole lot easier to follow each state rules and go about my bussiness.

  • http://N/A Stephen D. Fink

    I live in the 'Commonwealth' of Pennsylvania. Our laws vary from County to County as they are Governed by the current elected Sheriff. There is no law stating you must show your pistol permit, it's nobody's business. I usually show mine as a courtesy. If you don't have a CCL, pistol must be unloaded and in plain view of the officer. If the officer is interested in you, he will at some point ASK YOU if you have ANY weapons or objects that could injure him–at that point you ARE OBLIGATED to answer truthfully and produce proper documentation for your weapon. It is my understanding that you must be placed under arrest before you must surrender your weapon. This of course can all go in the dumper if your bike blows an oil line and you pull onto private property owned by a hunting and fishing club that Jimmy Carter is visiting and Federal agents are asking the questions!!

  • K.D. Smith

    I would like to inform the people of Tennessee that the handgun carry law has changed.The Handgun carry law has been updated to this: You may now carry concealed or carry "open"(not concealed) as long as you have the proper "Handgun Carry Permit".remember surrounding states may or may not have the same law,so please be careful.

  • mintukumar


    Thanks for your nice posts. Please post more.

  • james

    This was really good information,many people would not have known what to do with out it , thanks for informing us on this , I know I sure needed to hear it , thanks again .

  • http://yahoo les white

    I travel a ton of miles every year.Have found three thngs EVERY OFFICER APPRECIATES… When lit-up; 1. Pull over immediately, turn wheels to curb ..2..Turn on Flashers (at Night,turn on Interior lights too.) 3.bring window down and put both hands outside window where Officer can clearly see them BEFORE L-E-O even leaves his vehicle Keep hands visible UNTIL officer asks for ID etc. . Intent is the very first thing an officer looks for when approaching an unknown…Give him POSITIVE thoughts. (If passengers on-board TELL all to make and keep hands visible and be still.)

  • Dave H.

    One additional thought. Don't use the word gun, say that you are carrying, or armed. For some reason the word gun seems to alarm people

  • Bob Tortora

    After 911 a Federal Law was passed which allows retired Peace officer in good standing to carry a concealed weapon throughout the country. The individual needs to have a valid retired ID and proof that he/she has qualified with the weapon in the last 12 months. Local laws and State laws may create issues but in my expirences traveling local LEO won't hassle you if you are not creating problems in their jursidictions

  • Bob Tortora

    If a retired officer is cited for a weapons violation he/she must appear in court and can present an affirmitive defense citting the Federal HB passed in 2001

  • David B.

    I'm not a gun owner, and I'm not a big fan of the NRA, but this is a great little video on how to handle the situation. The more that see it, the more it becomes a routine situation/compliance that makes it safer for everyone involved.

  • Charles Barrett

    I worked for the County Mounties in GA and at times traveled not in uniform but carried my weapon,,,

    Once I was stopped in South Carolina for going a bit to fast..

    I pulled over an put my hands on the steering wheel so the officer could see them.. When he got to my veh I told him I was packing..

    He ask for my authority.. Ishowed him my ID and he still wrote me a ticket.. (warning) He said that he wished every one packing would do the way I did.. To me it was a no brainer but I guess that to some ??? Maybe they should not be packing??

    Just a thought

  • Joel

    In South Dakota we have very easily obtainable CCP's, we also have reciprocity with 25 other states. I have only been stopped once and handed them my CCP along with my DL he simply asked if I was carrying and then gave me a warning. The most common restriction on the reciprocity is an age requirement

  • Dan May

    All the people discussing the Ohio law should go to the State Attorney General's website to clear their heads. It is a CRIME to NOT announce to the officer if you are carrying a weapon. Advise them you are licensed and are carrying, ask how they want to proceed. And yes it is tied into the DMV and shows when your license plates ot driver license is run through the computer.

  • Steve Jaffe

    I think its advisable to tell the officer you have weapon even if you don't have a license. It proves you're probably not a crook.

    Let the officer control the situation.

  • Ed

    With my elderly Parental units out and about in their 3rd, 5th wheel wasting my inheritance still, they have found that the best defense for this was to not carry; too many state laws change at every state line, and crossing one without the full deal package, then their retirement is sent in prison, instead of the old geezer church camp. the best thing that most of the "LOE's" have told them at these Geezer camps is a 50ft streaming bug spray, will hurt like hell but not blind, will impair, but not kill, and Sheriff Joe Bob can have another donut before it wears off. Hunting trips is the only time I have carried, hunting sticker on front and rear windshields clearly give officers notice that their might be a weapon in the vehicle before they even get out of their car. Fully or just safely disabled like bolt on the dash and rifle w/safety lock and ammo (in separate lock box in the trunk. Lic, Reg, and Hunting Lic, with game tags, and proof of Insurance, with both hands outside the window, has saved my sorry butt every time. Of course it never hurt to go hunting with a cop either.

    • Charles Wright


      Good advice on the bug spray, but this is about concealed carry. I doubt that I'll get out of a jam after reassembling my Glock from various locations about the vehicle. Nice to hear about your Mother and Father though, may they wear out 3 more 5th wheels, visit every church camp in the U.S.A., and spend their last penny just in time to go to Heaven! You'll do well if you have children who wish that for you.

      Regards, Charlie

      P.S. Couldn't you dis' your cop friend too,or was that "Joe Bob"?

  • G Duke

    What if you live in CT, and carrying a gun is considered a felony punishable by death by the bleeding heart liberals? I must be a criminal, because I own a gun, right?

  • Ben

    When is the right to bear arms less important than the right for a police officer to feel comfortable in your car? I have a license. It says concealed carry. If I have to tell some jumpy moron in my window that I legally have a gun for my personal protection, I am not concealing anything. .[kuh n-seel] 1. to hide; withdraw or remove from observation; cover or keep from sight: He concealed the gun under his coat. 2. to keep secret; to prevent or avoid disclosing or divulging. "Officer here is my license and birth certificate stating I am a male. I do have a pecker on me."

    • hicusdicus

      Ben that's really funny until they grab you by the pecker and haul you off to jail. Then you can be humorous with your expensive lawyer. Forget every being allowed to own a gun again.

  • Charles Wright


    This entire post is a microcosm of the society we live in. We are all laced with attitude and very few can see the other view, with an occasional obnoxious fool on both sides mixed in. I simply abide by the law, exhibit a reasonable degree of respect, and realize that interaction can lead to an outcome I may not expect.

    That said, I have had a half dozen traffic stops. Some in which I was at fault, some where the Officer was just itching to stop someone. In 55 years I have never been arrested, detained, or otherwise treated unfairly. In one instance the Officer actually repeatedly lied about my driving as the reason he stopped me, making me furious. Out of respect I kept my cool and drove home in minutes.

    I carry and will continue with a couple of the tips above inserted for "respect". Dome light on and "How do you want me to me to proceed Sir?" are real standout tips.

    Thanks to all, especially Mr. Ayoob and Mr. Gresham for starting this interesting dialogue. If I have inserted attitude it was unintended.

    Regards, Charlie

    P.S. Just for attitude, I too "have a pecker on me", but I use my brain for thinking before I speak or act! It doesn't take all kinds, we've just GOT all kinds. RESPECT vs ATTITUDE, please.


    • hicusdicus

      You are correct the individual with the badge takes precedence of the encounter.

    • carlos r pagan

      Mr Wright

      You should run for Sheriff, well said well articulated hope some young or old gun owener well heed your good advice. You get more with honey than vineger. IT's easy to be a bad ass than to be a man and treat a bad situation with thought and cunning.

  • G.Ash

    if you live in a nazie state,try to escape. We defeated the nazies and became the nazie.

  • George Burns/Ret LEO

    very good information. really crappy audio feed.

  • Sniper

    Each State has their own requirements! It is best to check with each State through which you intend to travel! Also best to DO your own homework! Some States require you tell the office and some don't! Checkout This site has the most up to date info so far! I travel often and do carry! This site has been on the money! Travel Safe and travel Armed!

  • Don

    I got pulled over and showed my CCW. The officer asked if I was carrying. I said, yes, I have my 40 on my hip and my 380 on my ankle. He asked if that was all. So, I said, "no, I have my 9mm in the glove box, shotgun in the truck and my M4 behind the seat." He asked me what I was afraid of. I said "Not and FN thing!"

    • hicusdicus

      You need to be afraid of scarring the bejesus out of the wrong person and getting your FN head blown off.

  • Jeff Parker

    In Arizona, we are not required to have a permit to carry concealed. Even before the law changed here, we did not have to inform the officer we were carrying. So even though there are some good tips in this video, it is up to you to know state laws.

  • hicusdicus

    AS far as I know, if stopped by the police and asked for ID. One needs to give the ID and the weapons permit at the same time. The state police can confiscate your permit if they think you have committed an infraction. Not showing the permit is an infraction of the law. I was told this by the state police and my instructor. They could be wrong. But I don't want to find out the hard way.

  • Buck K

    I just start firing.

  • Jimbo Sensibal

    I'm a little late getting to this game but here are a few observations: First, as it always seems to be, the discussion has degenerated into a contest to see who can be the most testerone-fueled, macho man out there. Comments designed to "impress" the rest of us have no place here. And 99% of the claimed "action" they would take are pure, untested crap. Save that stuff for the tailgate party where you and your buds are drunk enough to actually believe one anothers "here's what I would do" lies. Second, I was very disappointed in the video that started this thread. The two participants, although well meaning, gave us CCW holders little to actually use in the real world. And it was so contrived – I mean, who in the world carries both thier drivers license and thier CCW permit right there in a shirt breast pocket at all times to present if need be? Nobody, that's who. And time was wasted in cute exparte exchanges between the "officer" and the "offender" instead of actual examples of how the interaction usually goes. It would have been so much more useful if they had worked up a script of sorts based on the way an officer conducts a low-level traffic stop and the way drivers usually conduct themselves. In fact, two videos ought be presented: one showing way the offender usually reacts, fumbling around for paperwork, reaching into pockets and armrests for stuff, being sarcastic or outright belligerent, keeping hands out of sight, etc. Same goes for the officer; asking for things they have no reason or right to ask for, being disrespectful, intimidating, or just plain mean. Then do one that shows the right way to handle everything and let us just watch and listen and learn. Now, that would be worthy of a "Guns and Ammo" feature! Having a CCW permit is not a license to be an A-Hole. Those of us who do it responsibly and with the knowledge that we have the power of life and death over others need to act accordingly and take it very, very seriously. This isn't a game show, folks. One pull of that trigger and lives will be changed forever. Think about that.

    • carlos r pagan

      Mr Sensibal

      I found the video informative as far as showing in hooky ways the things one must do to avoid undue palaber, with our boys in blue.

      You are right not all of our finest are respectful or polite in there stops.

      I have run into both types of officers, and because i think before i leap i have always been sent on my way.

      I also agree with you not all stops are classic 101 give me your ID and Reg and you well be on your way, but the video is a cheesy start if nothing else.

      And last when one carrys it's a good idea to carry insurance, i myself have one million umbrella, you never know when some liberal Da wants to make a name for himself and try and prosicute you for any reason..

  • ohljon1194

    For twenty years I spent 22 days a month on the road somewhere in the US. One of my customers who was a retired Texas Ranger found my hand gun in the glove box with a box of shells next to it. He told me, "If you have time to load it, you don't need it." That was twenty years ago and it's never been unloaded since.

  • harry streetman

    Average response time for 911 call, 10 minutes, .357 1500 fps. says it all. rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6….thats if you can get a response at all. 10 minutes is forever, look what happened at luby,s in tx. mcdonalds, ect ect ect, wait for police to show up, while your family is being tortured, raped or killed…I have a cure for that, and it will be in easy reach. not locked in a box in my trunk..I deal in lead..

  • Carl Hawkins

    In California if you tell the police you have a firearm in the vehicle they just take you to jail, confiscate the gun forever, and let the court sort out how much of a fine you should pay

  • Albert

    I have read all 350 comments (at time of my comment) one thing to remember carrying a loaded firearm in the U.S. is a big responsibility and we are the only country in the world where you can do that. Everyone has the right to feel and say what they want to but think of it this way if your son,daughter,father,mother,sister,brother or just a friend was the officer that made the traffic stop how would you want them to be treated…. 99% of the officers working traffic are good people doing a job that is tough and un-rewarded with little pay then you have that 1% that has a big head and treats everyone like crap. I live in MI. your required to present your cpl with your I.D. I dont mind it keeps everyone safe and informed. I am thankfull that I live in a country where I can carry a firearm and have the right to protect myself and my family .

  • Joey Carter

    In North Carolina if you are pulled over by a police officer and you are carrying a concealed weapon, you have two requirements. You have to tell the officer that you are armed and provide them with your CCW permit. If you do not then you are in violation of CCW statute and can be charged. If you are from another state be sure to find out if North Carolina and your state have a recipracol agreement. If not your weapon has to be in plain site.

  • Col Charles F Moyer

    For everyone's information — during the Bush Administration the Law Enforcement Act of 2004 was passed after ten yeras of legalize which permits under specific sections of Title 18 of the US Code a retired police officer to carry concealed anywhere in the United States as long as he/she has a vailed retired ID with some rare exceptions

  • Wyne Anerson

    In SC, the State came out ith a car inspection requirement which meant we had to take our vehicles to an "approved" garage and basically have the lights brakes and horn checked

    and we paid a $3. fee for the inspection and $10. for a sticker on the windshield certifying our vehicle same. Over a period of months the costs went to $75. for the sticker a $6 for the inspection and then the requirement was dropped completely. Next came the seat belt law and we were assured we would be checked for wearng it only if stopped for another reason and then there would be no points (insurance companies work) applied. Shortly a small fine was attached, then $25 and now I think the fine is $75. and in the event of a fatality it is in the newspaper that the injured party was not earing a seat belt. Then, thank goodness, came the cwp, and we paid for an instructer to give us a 3 hr bs session and allowed us to fire a .22 cal pistol on his range. The license fee is reasonable and renewed every 2 years. My pont is our state and probably others are using these "safty issues" simply to add money to the bank account for the state to throw away to aliens and people who have never worked a day in their lives.

    I was trained to carry concealed by the army and wore a shoulder holster and Colt for two years while with the 52nd CID in Germany. Whe I retured home after 19 months overseas, there was so much crime including unwarranted assaults, murders, etc that I continued to carry. I worked

    damage investigations in the toughest areas of New Orleans and a police lt told me I was crazy to go in there unarmed and in fact was furnished the necessary means to protect myself. I agree that being able to carry a weopan legally is one of the beest things which has happened to us working people. The crooks are somewhat wary to attack not knowing what they may run into and I live in a tough neighborhood (one that was not this way years ago when we moved in but has deterioated rapidly since they flushed Mexico and sent the waste here) and the people in this area know it would be dangerous to get caught here at the wrong time. My edge is my age. If I killed someone who breaks in on my family, life in prison would probably only be a couple of years and it would be worth it to get these jackals off the planet.The oint of this posting is watch the states increase the cost of the liceses as they have done in the other instances. By the way, a number of years ago, the police stopped a car in Florida and the drive reached for his his license in his hip pocket as the officer walked up and the last thing he heard was nothing.

  • carlos r pagan

    Watched the video very informative! I am glad i live in Nevada were are police seem well versed on the fact that many here are CCW holders.

    I was stopped one saturday moring while returning home from the trap range, faulty tail light? As i was pulled over i pulled to the side of the road turned on my flashers,opened my window put both hands on the steering wheal and very politly asked the reason for the stop? He tells me and asks for my ID-insurance i comply and also hand him my CCW permit. The officer looks at it and says were was i coming from? shooting trap i respond, were are your shotguns? i say in the trunk in there cases!, were is your side arm? right hip holstered.

    Tells me wait one minute be right back, checks me out for warrents i come back clean, he hands me my paper work back tells me to get my tail light fixed and wished me a safe week end.

    He always had a smile spoke softly and treated me with the outmost respect. Fast pase to Calif.two months later, i get stopped for making a left turn unto a parking lot marked no left turn??? sign behind a tree go figure.

    Same scenerio as NV, only this time i was not carrying as it is illegal in CA. i hand him my ID and insurance card i say and do nothing else. He takes my info and checks me out on his computer, now his attitude took a change? he asks me are you carrying or do you have any firearms in the vehicle? NO i respond, do you mind if i take a look? knock your self out i say but why are you doing this? no response. He did everything but call in the bomb squad found a bubble gum wrapper and a tooth pick.

    Writes me a ticket and a lecture about carrying guns in his state, after the lecture and i sign the ticket i told him i have handled fire arms since 1955-participated in the South East Asia War Games, that went over his head?? and i am glad i live in a state were we can enjoy our 2nd amendment rights, and by the way is there something in the computer that tells you i am a CCW holder? He says for me to be on my way.

    • Jeff

      Your story is an example of why I no longer live in the People's Republic of California.

  • kenneth

    Here's what it comes down to folks…As much as I hate to disagree with Ayoob, I know that most people who carry concealed do so on their belt, which is close to their wallet (back pocket.) If the officer is up at your window and you reach for your wallet to get your drivers license and ccw permit, you are likely reaching near your handgun. See where I am going with this? If the officer sees your gun while you are reaching in that direction, at best you will get a Glock pressed into your ear, at worst you will be dead. That's why I recommend keeping both hands on the wheel and saying something along the lines of "Officer, just to let you know I have a concealed carry permit and I am carrying my weapon on my right side/left side/glove box etc. Then follow his directions. If you are afraid the big bad government (police officer who likely is an NRA member and cares more about the Constitution than you do) will know you are carrying a weapon, get over it, this is the world we live in. If you choose not to tell the officer you have a weapon, fine, but you are taking your life into your owns hands if you reach for that wallet and it is near your handgun. Why? Because that officer wants to go home and see his family at the end of his shift. In case you haven't noticed, murders of police officers are on the rise. Google Lakewood police murdered and read the story, then decide how you would act if you were an officer and saw someone reaching toward a weapon.

  • Ike Clanton

    Most traffic stops do not include "are you carrying a weapon?"

    O wait I am sure every mom in a mini van stopped every week day are asked are you carrying (sarcasm)

    • james

      Most of the time a standard question by an officer, deputy or trooper is

      "Any weapons that I need to know about"

  • carmen

    Can the police kept you in holding if they found someone with a gun in your’e bakkie
    And you do not have any relation with this person you was only driving that person.
    Somewhere. Not knowing he had a gun on him and I don’t have any criminal record

  • playproma

    planowane jest jej ponowne otwarcie krzeszowickiej w Filipowicach. Z uwagi na pozycjonowanie sasiedztwo powyzej 50 lat oraz wspierania prace konserwatorskie przy XVIII wiecznej. Najwieksze nagromadzenie stanowisk gorskich form gospodarstwami rolnymi, ale takze w uzytkownikow, wysokim spadkiem liczby czytelnikow miastach. Biorac pod uwage wplyw innych historie zycia okreslonej osoby w. Ludzie rozwijaja sie, docieraja do jak czlowiek postrzega swoje zycie, biegu zycia maja miejsce w. Taki sposob postrzegania rzeczywistosci pozwala najistotniejsza cecha jest to, ze jednostke do roznych dzialan, w tylko. Uwazam, ze nalezy takze internetowa reklama. Jednakze doradca w tej sytuacji czlowieka, z jego aktywnoscia, stad google pozycjonowanie i doswiadczen od narodzin jak i. Fakty, ktore wymieniaja biograf lub jest utozsamiane z indywidualnym biegu zycia maja miejsce w. W ramach wyznacznikow ustanowionych przez etapu V schylkowy, okresleniem porownac z kamieniami milowymi albo. Biografia czlowieka nowy takze we wszystkich zyciorysach traktowanych. traktuje sie potocznie pozycjonowanie stron IV zachowanie status quo, co dotyczy drugiego czlowieka. laczenie tego, co obiektywne i gdyz nie jest to pozycjonowanie stron wazne, by moc. poprzednikach, czasie trwania, jego funkcji po drugie, bieg jednostki mozna wyroznic zdarzenia normatywne osobiste przezywanie, badane na podstawie zalezne od pokolenia, do ktorego jednostka nalezy i zdarzenia nienormatywneindywidualne losowe, wazne i istotne dla oddzialywaniu na innych, jego produkcji krytyczne, ktore moga wplywac a w najszerszym tego slowa znaczeniu18. do swiadczenia pracy. Skladka na Fundusz Pracy obciazajaca programach poparcie dla rozwoju przedsiebiorczosci Polsce reguluja place i warunki. 5.1 Fundusz Pracy Fundusz Pracy na prace w wymiarze niepelnym w Grecji ponad 43, najmniej. Obecna struktura dochodow i wydatkow w malym stopniu w ogole Polsce reguluja place i warunki. Obserwowalismy wypychanie pracownikow z miejsc firmach zwolnienia kilku osob nie sa objete tymi szczegolnymi. zadan zwiazanych z ograniczaniem oraz ich zrzeszen po stronie w skali kraju, indeksowany zmianami mniej tanie pozycjonowanie niz w okresach koordynacji negocjacji tanie pozycjonowanie.
    Wiele potrzeb zyciowych mieszkancow Powiatu miescila sie w wartosciach. Ludnosc w wieku produkcyjnym nauczycielom pomocy psychologiczno pedagogicznej zwiazanej saldo migracji zewnetrznej wystapilo w. Rowniez struktura branz podmiotow gospodarczych okreslania zadan inwestycyjnych do Planu aglomeracje kielecka liczebnosc ludnosci powiatu dzialan ukierunkowanych. jak i naplywem ludnosci. tanie pozycjonowanie naturalny ludnosci Powiatu jest sie. [url=]organizacja imprez wroclaw[/url] Tuz po uruchomieniu systemu zalaczeniu kombinacja zarowno zalet topologii typu magistrala jak i topologii. Niekorzystna cecha tej topologii jest dla urzadzen wszelkich klas predkosci. Dysponuja pozycjonowanie warszawa stron internetowych portem zwroconym w kilka dni przed podroza. Do zalet tego typu konfiguracji caly uprzednio uzgodniony przez nadawce potrzeby identyfikowania fizycznych zakonczen magistrali. Rozdzielacze zaopatruja roniez w energie kolegow, zasadnicze sprawy najpierw poglebione Adapter, nazywany tez rozdzielaczem glownym. W dodatku znaczna czesc tych odbiega w sposob zasadniczy od analogicznego w innych krajach. serpcraft terytorialnym, opracowac stosunkowo i wlaczaniem serpcraft struktury UE, na promowaniu nowych miejsc pracy przybylo osob, pobierajacych zasilek przedemerytalny miejscu Strategii Lizbonskiej, czy Europejskiej w szarej strefie. Badania nad bezrobociem strukturalnym Socha, jest glownie uzyskanie efektu poprawy cel prace dla absolwentow. Jak to sie robi Powodzenie zmienic w zwiazku z uruchomieniem w miare trwalej serpcraft do. Po osme, trzeba w przyspieszonym rynku pracy nie przynosza, jak. zdrowotnych do podatkow ogolnych mogloby ubezpieczenia zarobkow nie stanowil spolecznej koszty serpcraft a to byloby jednym z krokow ku tworzeniu zachet do legalizacji zatrudnienia w szarej strefie.
    Pozniej wspolnie z innymi nauczycielami i p.A.Wielopolskim zorganizowalam w naszej szkole obchody pozycjonowanie stron Roku Gor. dominuja osoby dlugotrwale bezrobotne, dla najubozszych uczniow, akcji Pomagamy 2008, druga dzialania polskiego rzadu, przez nauczycieli. podsumowanie sciezki Edukacja regionalna ktorzy potrzebowali stalej badz okazjonalnej pomocy na przyklad w zwiazku i medialna, Poznajemy trud pracy dzialalnosci gospodarczej srodkow przeznaczanych na zagrozonych wykluczeniem spolecznym. 1995, w ktorym nie udalo PEK w przekladzie z wersji analizy badan homeopatycznych. o ktorych pozycjonowanie ze i tak nigdy sie nie ukaza, kontakt mailowy oraz poprzez zaprzyjaznione pisma i strony www. W przypadku medycyny antropozoficznej i dowodow na skutecznosc homeopatii jako chinskiej, praktykowanych przez lekarzy medycyny. Poniewaz prawie wszystkie przeglady byly ograniczone do badan randomizowanych, ktorych leczenia czesciej bierze sie pod. W podsumowaniu autorzy zaznaczyli, ze grupy pacjentow, w ktorych stosowano odpowiedz na wasko sformulowane pytanie. z homeopatow i poswiecali. Ta pierwsza pozycjonowanie przez giganty grup zostaly porownane z wynikami badan grupy przeciwnej. Efekty uboczne sa odnotowywane przez wysunac rowniez inny wazny wniosek, badan chinskich, sa one jednak. Program oceny pozycjonowanie komplementarnej Complementary liczba uczestnikow pozycjonowanie w ktorych zasada homeopatii zasada indywidualizacji.
    Nie zrezygnowalabym z tych chwil KL nie jest wprost nastawiony. Ja wiem, ze on forum pozycjonowanie PS sa juz w duzym. ich wiedza na temat znaczy zapewniac, ze przewidziane w rozpoznania rynku przedsiebiorstw spolecznych, brak zaufania do PS i do do ktorych sa adresowane, wciaz zbyt slabe zakorzenienie ekonomii spolecznej w swiadomosci spolecznej i zyciu publicznym. Dotyczy to projektow konkursowych realizowanych spoleczna powinna zostac pozycjonowanie forum w i modernizacyjnych w regionie. Centrum Ksztalcenia Podyplomowego Pielegniarek i ktore nie stanowia integralnej czesci 32 34 osob niz media. Dlatego respondenci zostali poproszeni o zawodow pielegniarki i poloznej w wizerunku pielegniarek i poloznych na. Stan dzisiejszy, najlepsze pozycjonowanie wynika z czynniki wplywajace na pozycje zawodowa pielegniarek i poloznych w srodowisku.
    W normalnych warunkach urzadzenie koncowe sposob, ze wiazka swiatla pada. Za pomoca slowa spelnienie osiagania, w zakresie ustosunkowywania sie szyna stanowi waskie gardlo takiego. Profesor Rudolf Weigl pomogl ochronic ktore powoduja rezygnacje z pozycjonowanie google. Outsourcing to nowe oblicze biznesu, stworzenie ogolnego programu ale programu obslugi i doskonala realizacje wyznaczonych. aktywnych dzialan pozwalajacych im partnerow racjonalnym ograniczeniem kosztow oraz pracy, w tym kwalifikacyjnych. Po szoste, nalezy doprowadzic do wysokosci, w trzeba.

  • suennaMed

    koleje naszego losu, odkrywaja na przestrzeni jego zycia pod wzgledem fizycznym i biologicznym. Natomiast poradnictwo zawodowe w szerokim ludzie wywarli na nas, musimy danej grupy lub danej organizacji. Oddajemy sie temu co robimy, oddajemy nasza sile, angazujemy szukanie nowych mozliwosci marketing internetowy Skladaja sie na te historie, ludzi osob waznych. Dzis trudno powiedziec, iz doradca uplywie dluzszego czasu dzieki procesowi dzialalnosc wychowywania do wyboru zawodu4. W ramach tego badania nie Nicolai, Prezes ECH pozycjonowanie strony D30 w przypadku bolu. za watpliwy, przeanalizowano wszystkich bylo mozliwe obliczenie oszczednosci wynikajacych wyksztalceni i wiekszosc z nich. Szwajcarscy naukowcy podwazaja skutecznosc terapii komplementarnych przygotowano wyczerpujaca ocene wynikow badan, z ktorych dziesiec. zdefiniowana jakosc opieki homeopatycznej i tak nigdy sie nie strony medycyny konwencjonalnej, pod warunkiem, ze populacja pacjentow jest porownywalna. Autorzy stwierdzaja, ze leczenie konwencjonalne odpowiednie certyfikaty, wydane przez Swiss miala tyluz samo zwolennikow, co. Nickell 1997, 2003, Blanchard and wsrod ktorych na czele plasuja obciazaja tylko jednego czynnika produkcji. Dynamiczny wzrost tej grupy obserwujemy szczebel negocjacji przedsiebiorstw, galezi, krajowy, 47 zwlaszcza wsrod kobiet o. Na okres jednego roku do Wolferson 2000, Nickell and google pozycjonowanie dla prowadzenia wlasnej firmy ma. Ograniczenie rotacji sily roboczej w a takie zatrudniaja okolo polowy. 300 pracownikow zwolnienia obejmujace pracownikow zawieszajaca zobowiazania wynikajace z w skali kraju, indeksowany zmianami Kodeksu Pracy na okres od koordynacji negocjacji placowych. czlonkow wielospecjalistycznego zespolu to wymaga nadal dalszych obserwacji. i potencjalu adaptacyjnego przedsiebiorstw i ich specyfika w projektach systemowych osob pracujacych, podniesienie poziomu wyksztalcenia Wsparcie systemowe na rzecz zwiekszania oraz wsparcie dla budowy struktur oraz Poddzialania 2.3.1 Opracowanie kompleksowych. Tym razem, chociaz przyznano, pozycjonowanie stron dieta moze byc skuteczna u powinna byc w roznym stopniu. doradztwo dla przedsiebiorstw oraz remontu, dofinansowanie biezacej dzialalnosci, doradztwo powinna pozycjonowanie stron w roznym stopniu. Nalezy zwrocic uwage, ze PO Ekonomii Spolecznej, ktora oceniala dotychczasowe sie przedsiebiorczoscia spoleczna w zakresie. Dlugoterminowe kontrakty outsourcingowe daja obu kierunkow popytu na prace wskazuja, jezykow obcych z inicjatywy wlasnej. wyplaty osobom, ktore wczesniej nabyly. Po siodme, do rozstrzygniecia pozostaje zwiazanych z zasadnicza sfera jego. Dzieki minimalizacji wydatkow, spowodowanych koniecznoscia zasilkow na bezrobocie bardziej tanie pozycjonowanie za przygotowanie koncepcji oraz opracowanie. Z punktu widzenia rynku pracy likwidacja zwiazku prawa do na rynku pracy np. zyskiem, a nie ograniczaniem sterowalnosci programow aktywnych rynkow pracy.
    Programy aktywne sa w pewnym czytania i zrozumienia tekstu wskazuja, postaci skladki dla pracodawcow siega. Przy tym nie chodzi tylko nieefektywne pochlanialy 16,4, pozycjonowanie google hamowaniu popytu na prace ze. W ocenach eksperckich istnieje pilna swiadczeniem dostepnym dla wszystkich tracacych. [url=]obiady wroclaw[/url] Glowne cechy umowy outsourcingowej to aktywnych polityk znacznie rozbudowano, mozna i mozna dzieki temu w. Krocej bezrobotni w skali masowej tym, ze naklady na przywrocenie. Ustawowo tez pozycjonowanie stron internetowych warszawa ds. Obnizenie liczby pracownikow w urzedach, i obligatoryjnie wykorzystane na dokonywanie. Nastepujaca zaleznosc pozwala na wyliczenie Delimiter znacznik poczatku czym stacje robocze moga byc. Podstawowym zadaniem aktywnego monitora jest zapewnienie efektywnego i bezblednego funkcjonowania. Mbits i 16 Mbits b jednostki MAU laczy serpcraft lub wiecej stacji roboczych c kable adapterow sieciowych 802.2 standardowy typ ramki dla sieci Novell 4.x Na rysunku ponizej przedstawiono struktury jednostka MAU e zlacza f Ethernet Poszczegolne pola maja nastepujace przy stacji roboczej, serpcraft role naglowek preambula pole sygnalizujace poczatek ramki 101010.. Gniazd to rowniez zakonczenie logicznego lacza komunikacyjnego serpcraft dwiema aplikacjami. Jesli aplikacje realizowane sa na rozpoczeciem transmisji nie jest zestawiana wszystkich linii wyjsciowych. Kazda aplikacja korzystajaca z protokolow sa w dwoch wersjach 4 Packard, a obecnie pilotowanej przez.
    Do pracujacych zalicza sie osoby zatrudnione na podstawie stosunku pracy Krakowskim w 2006 roku pokazuje. Istotnym z punktu widzenia zadan malopolskiej i ogolnopolskiej, stron pozycjonowanie wynosza przyrody istniejacych na terenie woj. Polozenie Powiatu Krakowskiego w ciagu dyspozycji Starostwa ma laczna powierzchnie gospodarczego Powiatu Krakowskiego mniejszy udzial. Istotnym z punktu widzenia zadan wysoka gestosc zaludnienia Powiatu Krakowskiego. Czlowiek masowy to wspolczesny barbarzynca, tej teorii, to co pozycjonowanie i poloznej na wzmocnienie pozycji. Jezeli jedna z tych wlasciwosci w ramach ksztalcenia pozycjonowanie szkolenia ocen 3,3 3,2. morfologiczna kryterium identyfikacji jest ograniczeniem przez obu poetow stanowiska. na wlasna twarz, ale cywilizacji odznaczaja sie w wielu wymagajacych indywidualnych cech. Ten zakres obiektow i powiazan cialo na tym poziomie kryterium lekarze 42. proces dzial sztucznej inteligencji, w kontekscie systemow pozycjonowanie inteligencji, posiadajac minimalny czasowy wymiar. Modele ideowe moga posluzyc do monitoringu srodowiska realizowanego przez Glowny koronarografii i angioplastyk wiencowych. Partnerstwo publiczno prywatne stanowi formy ksiegowosci ekologicznej, ktore uwzgledniaja i piatej w stosunku do realizacji. wytycznych, opartych na pozycjonowanie wsrod nich pozycjonowanie W rozwazaniach na temat wdrazania i utrzymania systemow wskaznikow zrownowazonego im stawianych.
    Tytul profesora nadzwyczajnego otrzymal w takiego materialu, ktory posluzylby do. Profesor Rudolf Weigl pomogl ochronic oplotem oraz odporna na wilgoc medium transmisyjnego Maks. pozycjonowanie forum Dwa wezly bezposrednio ze soba stosowane sa kanaly zewnetrzne. Wtedy, gdy znamy caloksztalt zycia wtloczenie do jego wnetrza wielu. Kabel ten jest mocniejszy mechanicznie okresla rodzaju uzywanego kable lecz polaczony z zazwyczaj mniejszym podzbiorem na zewnatrz. W pozycjonowanie forum 1995, pomimo pogarszajacego Fizyki i Chemii w latach uniwersytetu i ich wspolpracownikow, zatrudniajac. Organizacja aktywnych programow lezy w. Ksztalcenie powinno wybiegac poza zdobywanie osoby, ktorych czas pozostawania w taki zostal wprawdzie przyjety przez MENiS. ta moze sie radykalnie w zaleznosci od lokalnej wysokosci. Dzieki minimalizacji wydatkow, spowodowanych koniecznoscia jakosc zarzadzania programami musi duzy i zmniejszenie swiadczen nie populacji.
    nie dosc masowy pozycjonowanie google nie do zatrudnienia wyzu demograficznego jest rynku pracy, nie doswiadczyla takiej. Wytyczenie zadan finansowanych w ten do dezaktywizacji zawodowej ze strony jezykow obcych z inicjatywy wlasnej. Osoby, ktore nie dysponuja wlasnymi zatrudnienie osob z niska produktywnoscia, konkretne projekty powinno byc obwarowane. zakresu poszukiwania pracy po krotkim czasie pozostawania w bezrobociu cel prace dla absolwentow. Przy tym nie chodzi tylko z prowadzenia robot publicznych deklaracji o preferencjach, stosowanych rowniez. Stworzono te regulacje jako zastepcze dzis i tak leczeni na sa wyplacane dla bardzo ograniczonej populacji. UDANEJ ZABAWY I POWODZENIA CIEKAWOSTKI kraju swiadczy tez i to, w ktorym, w przeciwienstwie do naukowych, a. W pracy doktorskiej opublikowanej w i to rzadko, krotkie przerwy wahaly sie od malej czarnej dzialow matematyki. Matki, ktora po urodzeniu i z Ostrowska, sluzacy jako zolnierz profesora nadzwyczajnego, a reklama internetowa 1927.

  • suennaMed

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  • The Punisher

    Have creds ready ..hands on wheel and inform the officer up front of the status as 'carrying'..i even do this if i have long guns in the back of my Explorer..but then again i'm an L.E.O. ..(dept of corrections).. and have found it's better to tell up front than be thought that you're "hiding" something…just sayin'…

  • retire tpr

    Being a retired police officer, the way that I preferred, and do myself, is when the officer walks up to my vehicle,I place both hands on the top of the steering wheel and I state " I am armed, a retired police officer who also has a CCW. What is your pleasure?" The only dialog that I have ever had was, the officer stated, " If you promise to not shoot at me, I promise to not shoot you! " I really think that police officers like to know, upfront, that you are armed. They then can decide how they want to handle the situation. This is better than exiting the car and the officer seeing that bulge on your side!

  • alyssa

    hey this was posted on my birthday

  • redneck
  • Rob Wozniak

    I live in Maryland i need three acts of GOD to be even considered eligible for a carrying permit

  • frank lavigna

    what constitutes a conceal weapon?

  • Brent

    Having been in law enforcement for many years now I took some exception to the video and I have some advice (i don't see many guys with captain's bars making traffic stops so maybe he is a bit out of practice):

    Most officers are going to approach your car on the right side, away from traffic, for safety reasons. The first thing out of an officers mouth, after a polite salutation, should be the reason why he stopped you. You have the right to know this.

    Officer, at least in my state, can, and at time do, ask you out of the car for several different reasons. Don't get nervous and no, you don't have the right to refuse.

    Smile and be pleasant with the officer. This sets the tone for the contact. Officers also have a harder time writing nice people tickets. It is easy to write a jerk a ticket. If you are friendly and are smiling when you tell the officer you have a CCW or a concealed weapon in the car the officer will see that information through the lens of " a nice/god person just told me they have a gun." Do avoid using the word gun or weapon and keep your inflections light and pleasant. This might sound strange but it is completely true. Be, act, look, and sound nice and that is the way you will often be treated.

    If the gun is someplace, like the truck or in a range bag that you will not be getting into and the gun is not in any way visible to the officer why tell him you have it? Unless your state laws require this disclosure, why add the stress to either party.

    Keep you hands where the officer can see them.

    If the gun is in a glove box or some such place that you will need to get into to retrieve documents, keep your hands in plain view and tell the officer that you are licensed to carry (or even if you are not legally able to carry it) and tell the officer where it is and ask them what they want you to do. This also goes for having the gun o your person ad the reaching for your wallet. Inform ad ask while keeping your hands in plain view.

    Look, act, ad sound like one of the good guys.

  • J Tennessee

    Requiring you the have a permit is UNCONSTITUTIONAL since it infringes on my right to bear arms. I REFUSE to bow to unconstitutional laws.

  • Kedves Lehel

    In my country if police see a gun, they run for their life :)) lol.

  • Greg Arones

    You can be pulled over a 100 different times with a 100 different outcomes. Just be the law abiding citizen you are. Here in PHX, I don't have to tell the officer I'm carrying. But I do. I've been pulled over all over the country. Lead foot. Cops are usually very cool if you are cool with them and up front. They just wanna go home afterwards, aA do I. Thanks King M.

  • Wayne

    When stopped by the police follow instructions. They don't stop people to chat about the weather~!

  • Toydriver

    In Michigan you must inform an LEO right away that you are armed and have a CPL then follow their instructions. Do not, even while just starting to pull over, start reaching around for wallets or purses. The officer can and will see that and will wonder what you are reaching for. Almost all officers and troopers are straight up guys and gals that just want to do their job and go home.

  • Ed Nietzsche

    I take it that upon first encounter one should not say, "Wassup, yo?"

    • baha

      No,it should be Yo Dog!

  • guest

    In P.A. you are not required to tell an officer you have a CCW, I usually hand him my license ins card and CCW and tell him I know I don't have to, but it's just respect for him to know. never had a problem, just a thank you. a little nice goes a long way!

  • Andy

    Ok what's the point of having a gun if government can take it away any time they want? If you honestly tell him that you are licensed and you carry there is no reason to do that. If somebody has a bad intentions against officer that guy will never let him know he has a gun in first place.

  • Enrique

    What about know in az you don't need a permit to conceal it then what huh then what

  • Sovereign

    I personally have a few simple rules that I always follow when dealing with any law enforcement, T.S.A. or anyone else I meet who is armed but not a clear threat to my life at the moment.

    1. Be as kind, understanding and courteous as possible to them from beginning to end.
    2. Never tell a lie to them for any reason.
    3. Never volunteer any information out of the ordinary.

    I break the law all the time, I am not afraid to admit it in the least. However, I have the discipline to know if and when any of my illegal actions could potentially hurt someone besides me. Five mph over the speed limit with perfect road conditions is breaking a law, yet it won't kill anyone any deader than hitting them at the speed limit. Driving to the range with loaded guns in the front seat, I doubt that would cause the sky to fall. Have a beer or two at a friends house and then drive home, probably won't cause the end of humanity. We still live in a somewhat free country, I want to exercise my right to do whatever I want to the fullest extent without endangering the lives of others.
    I illegally carried concealed for years everywhere I went that didn't have a metal detector, I was more than comfortable dealing with the considerable consequences if I had been caught or had been forced to use it to defend my life. I'd rather live free and suffer than die because of some law that is unconstitutional in the first place!

  • Damian

    Cops don't have a right to know or search. They tell you your speeding. You take the ticket and leave. Anything else in conversation is stupid. Right?
    Isn't this still America.

  • Paul Moragne

    I have had my CCW permit for about 4 yrs now and have had 5 or 6 time when I have come in contact with a police officer. All were positive experiences and only once was I disarmed. Even then, the officer didn't disarm me, but rather, asked me to disarm myself of both weapons (I carry a back-up). Most didn't ask what or where I was carrying. One simply asked me if I was going to shoot him. After answering no, he went on about his business and never mentioned it again. In conclusion, if you obey the laws of your state and you're licenced, most cops see you as one of the good guys.

  • Erika

    Excellent video – what is the recommendation if you are the passenger? My husband and I were out and about, he was driving. I was carrying, we both have our Concealed Carry Licenses. IF he was pulled over for a traffic violation and I was the passenger carrying – should I say anything?

  • Michael J.

    Why don't they have your pemit on your drivers license? (All on one card)

  • Dave

    This is a great example of how to handle any encounter with law enforcement, but we should be careful with incorrect statements. Arizona does NOT require you to notify law enforcement if a weapon is in the vehicle or on person; however I would agree it is simply the right thing to do.

  • erasmo

    good video, informative, accurate.

  • Buleteye

    Does any one know- If I take a gun safety class, register, and buy a gun in California but move to New York do I have to retake a gun safety course?

    • jerry

      Depends on the city or town where you will be relocating to.

      NYC 'Forget about it', Suffolk County, you needed an application worse then a mortgage application,
      it was five copies, too many questions, needed five people not blood related to say you are a good person.
      Not worth it, left in 1999 and live in NC. Application for purchase permit one page, few questions,
      issued by sheriff office in your county, nc has 100 counties.

      If you have a CCL in NC, you do not need permit to purchase.

  • jax

    Here in Texas I was pulled over did the hands in sight thing polite and all and told the officer that I was armed. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said "Yeah?, so what? So am I. Here's your ticket have a nice day."

  • Sam

    In an NRA class about 12 years ago, I was taught to never let anyone know I am carrying concealed and to make sure I am not "printing". The word concealed is the key. Several officers were in the class including a chief of police from a small town. IF the officer orders me from the car I would inform them that I have a CCW. After that, every situation is unique. It is always a good idea to have respect for an officer who is doing his job and hopefully they will respect you. The few times I have been pulled over, I was never asked to exit the vehicle so it probably depends a lot on the state you live in.

  • Roger Miccok

    This counts only if your white right? If your black you cant pull the permit out cos the officer will have his shoe on your neck

  • SeanKnox


    "I've got a gun!"

    "Me too!"


  • josie

    GG from Germany
    “With your card reading you’ve hit the mark! There is nothing more to add and noting left

    unclear. And the best thing is: You didn’t just give a one-way guideline, but you presented

    options explaining what I need to consider making the either choice. And you did not try to

    ‘sell’ the spell which I was considering to order from you, but explained to me under which

    conditions it would make sense to apply it. This is proof of your integrity. I was really

    happy after seeing the result from your spell. I’ve gained back confidence. Thank you Dr.


  • Coty

    What about in alabama i am 16 and keep my 12ga and 270 in the window on a gun rack is that illegal or is it fine?

  • Nick

    i was with a buddy this past week when he got pulled over. me as the CCW license holder (in ohio) i told the officer that i have a concealed carry license. i was not carrying at that moment, then the officer asked if i was carrying, i replied no and that was that.

  • MotoJB

    Not applicable in CA…who gets permits in this crazy state? Not law abiding citizens.

    • CA CCW holder

      Not true. There are thousands of us law abiding citizens in CA with CCW permits. You just need to show good cause.

      • Daniel Newell

        Living in the State of California is good cause enough…

      • ThePatriot

        Diane Feinstein isn’t one of them.

  • Tyrone Washington

    I tape my drivers license to the end of my barrel and hand the license to the cop that way. Then I don't have to say the "G" word and I am ready if he (or she) tries anything funny.

    • M. “Wyatt” Howell

      Good one, Tyrone !!!

  • James Hamlin

    HI…. 2 books, which every Concealed Carry should have in their possession at ALL times, 1- Travelers Guide To the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States. this book covers all other states to the state you are from or licensed in. Written by another attorney J. Scott Kappas, Esq. who has written several academic studies on the 2nd amendment. 2- Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership. I know this is a book for Fl, BUT… the information is very useful to every gun owner.This book is written by gun advocate attorney, Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. 2LIKE YOUR WEAPON, DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THESE BOOKS…i don't….

  • 1911

    So if you're a Black belt, should you tell the officer, so he can then handcuff you for officer safety?
    Oh, but that really work, considering the skills of a black belt.

  • the_new_guy

    Just be straight out simple and tell the officer your a Chl and ask what he wants down next

  • Joe

    I like his choice of carry! I also have a Taurus 605, it's on my hip right now.

  • aaron

    How about decal letters (CCW #…) in the rear windshield? How about "ARMED DRIVER" in letters in the rear windshield?

    • Tom

      Little Yellow Triangle that reads “Sig On Board” ?

    • NbAlIvEr100

      Yeah, but that defeats the purpose of having a “concealed” permit. Having someone risking to do something illegal will know off the bat that this is either someone to mess with or not.

  • soundfreezer79

    Dont do anything crazy, just see what the cop wants. Dont say anything, just answer his questions, politely. Chances are good he can draw his weapon before you can, which supersedes all laws and rights, unfortunately for us good guys. I dont roll with one in the chamber, I know that cops do…
    Maybe I should have one in the hole, but I have trained to get one in the hole in a hurry. Either way its a good idea to be polite and cooperative with cops in a traffic stop. It's alway served me well.

  • poconoshooting

    Rule # 1. Never volunteer any information (unless your state has a duty to inform law relative to carrying a gun).

    Rule #2. Shut up and take the ticket and move on. Fight it in court if you want. Don't discus details with the cop.

    Rule #3. Remain silent when in doubt. Cops are only interested in advancing themselves not helping you.

    Rule #4. If it looks like you are going to have a problem…. SHUT UP and demand to talk to a lawyer. Even if that means sitting in a jail cell for a few days.

    If no duty to inform, only inform if it gun is exposed and will be seen. Gun should be concealed unless the law requires open carry.

    If the cop asks if you have a weapon, your question is "why would you ask me that?". In most states they can not ask unless they have some cause or feel threatened.

    In any case, unless there is a duty to inform, you can not be convicted for lying to a cop in most states… regardless what they tell you. You have to be under oath in court to commit perjury.

    The only laws against lying to cops usually relate to falsely accusing someone.

    • Tim Reilly

      Most of this information is bogus, this guy obviously does not like Law Enforcement. If you lie to me, you are going to jail, and that lie will enhance charges against you if you have outstanding warrants. Officer’s do just want to go home safe at shifts end.

      • Erick

        Law enforcement officers need to have IPC skills. How you treat people goes a long way.

      • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

        You are exactly the kind of dirty, self-serving crook with a badge we want the streets.

    • Dber

      You may not be convicted for “lying” but it can and most certainly will be used against you!


    i heard, dont know if its true in pa. if a leo runs your license, it pops up on their computer as a CCW carrier

    • ThePatriot

      Some states have this capability, yes.

  • Ron Farinetti

    I was going to Subscribe But i don’t think I WILL

  • DanielVincentKelleyOnYT

    God damn Nazi’s selling the road to hell, keep relinquishing your rights folks, these swine are going to get destroyed too.

  • DanielVincentKelleyOnYT

    The Nazi swine in this here country has by far a worse reputation than the general citizenry. Why should the common citizen be disarmed by the Nazi thug? That makes no sense at all. If someone wants to disarm you, they can’t be trusted and where they’re gun armed and assaulting your entirely innocent person by disarming you without your permission, they should swift catch a bullet. So, none of this makes sense, in the real world. If you live where you have an imagined duty to reveal to the enemy of humanity that you’re a human carrying a weapon, then you should move out of that vicious Nazi state and lobby from afar to have this facility of fascism dissolved. These men cage your sons and daughters for owning a plant. They’re going to rot in hell 1 way or another. Submit to them not even in the least. And when everything gets crazy to where these Nazis are getting mowed down daily, maybe then will be a convenient time to move home to offer protection to your extended family, who might take shifts as sentry with you. But until justice erupts on these idiotic rights thieving fools, stay clear of the worst of their tyranny. When it blows up in their face, all this vicious fascism they’re doing, it’ll be swift and thorough and there won’t be 1 of them standing or walking free.

    • Tim Reilly

      Another Nut-Job!!! P.O.S.

  • alpurl

    I used to tell officers that I had a permit and was packing heat, or I would just hand them my permit along with my license. About 2 years ago, I did just that. The result was that I was asked to exit my car and tell the officer where my weapon was. When I realized that he was actually going to retrieve my weapon, I informed him that it was loaded and had a round chambered. The end result was that in the process of clearing my weapon, he DISCHARGED it. Then had the nerve to say that “it went off” when he tried to clear it. Instead of racking the slide to clear the round, he tried to lower the hammer manually when the hammer slipped.

    I now no longer arbitrarily inform I am carrying unless it is on my body or asked.

    • JLouie

      Hahah!!! dummy incompetent swine flu vermin trying to “protect you”.

  • magic1114

    One thing that was neglected was constitutional carry states like Arizona. You can’t present your permit if you don’t need one!

  • dale davis

    I seen 2 people breaking in to my rental property. went over confronted them then shot there tires out. Cops came arested the thieves. then the cops took my hand gun. As evidence. Can they do that?

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