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The Springfield 1911 Range Officer

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  August 22nd, 2011 21

Springfield 1911 Range OfficerRob Leatham of Springfield Armory and Patrick Sweeney review the new Springfield 1911 Range Officer in .45 ACP. The Range Officer retails for $929, but don’t let that price fool you, it can still compete with other competition level models on the market. Some of the features include a match-grade barrel, adjustable sights, beavertail grips, and a grip safety. So, if you are looking for a competition level 1911 and you don’t want to break the bank, check out the Springfield 1911 Range Officer.

In your opinion, how does the 1911 Range Officer compare to similar 1911s on the market?

  • Bud

    I shot competitively, with the Navy way back in the 60's. I also learned and did some match conditioning. Many of the tricks I learned, from the old masters, used to improve the accuracy, haven been included in this gun.

    It doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles that some of the Very expensive guns have but in my own opinion,they are mostly cruches that are not realy necessary for a good shooting gun. I received my Distinguished pistol badge in 1963 and held a lifetime Masters card with the NRA. This gun shoots as good as any I have shot!!!

  • Demario Williams

    I am very intrested in this magnificent weapon of choice and cant wait to buy it soon. This hand gun is a beauitiful work of art, and will be my first purchase.

  • http://n/a Kalena


    I am very happy with my Springfield 1911 A-1 Mili-Spec stainless steel. It shoot very well and the fire power can not be better. My first 1911 A-1 was a Colt back in 1970 and the Springfield is by far a much improved over the Colt. Enjoyed viewing the video with the Springfield Range Officer at the test firing Patrick and Rob. More of your video of other 1911?

  • BroncoBob

    This reminds me of when they were making this gun back in world war two,everyone made this gun Singer sewing machine,Massey Ferguson, so it dosen surprise me that it's that way today.Everyone wants to make the best 1911 in the world Ed Brown, Les Bair,all the way down to Taurus, and somewhere in between.As for me I own six 1911s mostly Kimbers,and Colts,But if I happen to run it A RO I'll probably try it and if I like it will buy it, after all you neverout grow your need for A good 45.

    • Joe Catanzaro

      I agree, I have two 1911's both kimbers (Gold Guardian, & TLE RL) both are great. But my first 45acp was a Smith & Wesson 645, most outstanding hand gun. The last one I bought is a Springfield XDm in 45acp, I only have run a few hundred rounds through it so far and it has been flawless. So far I like it alot.

    • Chuck

      I own this gun and a bunch of other handguns and long guns. I love the artistry and magnificence of a well made weapon.

      I used to collect as part of my lifestyle. Now,I am always ready to defend myself,my family,my friends,my country against those who would make it necessary.

      Springfield makes a bunch of fine weapons and I own this and an EMP as well as a Commander. I too am keen on Kimber and Sig and Glock,FN and I love the Savage 300 Win Mag I just got last week.

      Springfield is a favorite of most of my friends who work in the industry.

  • NN

    I have one, it is as advertised

  • tant72

    i own a sa 1911 loaded and im looking forward to owning a ro to go with it.

  • Jim

    I like it. I'll buy one in the near future.

    However, I'd like the front strap checkered, 2lpi,30lpi or anything in between.

  • Mark M.

    I have two 1911s, one is an old Colt made it the 1930s and the other is a Remington. I love them both and love to shoot them. I recently put lasr grips on both of them.

  • Eric R. Poole

    This thing is so much more accurate out of the box than its similarly priced competition, it's ridiculous. If you're OK with the Parkerized finish, it'd be the perfect platform for mild custom treatments aimed at satisfying your personal tastes or preferences.



    Eric R. Poole, Editor

    SIP Division, InterMedia Outdoors

    • Charles

      Fired one last week. Would keep absolutely as supplied in the box.

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    We love our 1911's no matter what make or barrel length our guns are. They are one of the best hand gun to shoot for all around defense. There is so much firepower in a 45AP with all the different ammunition you can purchase or reload. I like the XTP ammunition and he FMJ for my choice to use in my 1911 A-1. My next purchase is a 1911 in a 38/357 with a 5 inch barrel, 6 inch would be AWESOME!

  • Mario C.

    This gun is the best gun I have purchased, in my collection. I bought it to het into Bulls Eye, and I have to tell you, it kicks ass!!! You get lots of gun for little price!!! I purchased mine from Tombstone Tactical in Arizona, who had the lowest price going, without having to deal with an auction!

  • Lamont

    I purchased this gun about a month ago. I love it. It's as beautiful in my hand as it looks in the ads. It is my first 1911 and I am have great fun with it.

  • 2nd D

    After using the 1911A1 for the first 9 years of my military service and then going to the 92FS Model 9 in the military for the last 11 years (the Model 9 is a fine fire arm but the 9mm lacks alot a whole lot of knock down ) I just bought the Springfield Range Master…could not be happier…make sure you get the night sights and not just the white dot. Comes with 2 mags, holster and mag holder.

    • deathgoat

      I carried a 1911 in Vietnam. I had to carry the 92fs while working for the UN in Kosovo. It seemed like a pretty heavy gun to be only spitting out 9’s. I envied my brothers from Austria who carried the Glock 17’s if you had to shoot a 9.

  • chuck

    I would recommend the Operator! I have owned Kimber,Sig,Colt,Glock,FNN snd several different Springfield's.

    A handgun,a long gun,they are personal to the individual! I have found that the "production custom is every bit as good and well made as the Custom only hundred's,thousands less.

    Right now it about Ammo which is almost impossible to find if you can afford it which is a surreptitious way to turn a gun into a paper weight and yes,in a bankrupt America the Government has purchased over a "Billion" rounds" which is defacto gun control with taxpayer money!

    Why years and years worth of Ammo? Watch your back!

    • wilder5121

      Okay…it’s a year later. Nothing happened. Again. Still paranoid?

    • wilder5121

      Okay…it’s a year later. Nothing happened. Again. Still paranoid?

  • Don King

    I own a Springfield 1911RO and so far have had no problems out of it. I love a 1911 platform more than any other handgun on the market, but most need some serious gunsmithing and TLC straight out of the box. This one does not. The slide to frame fit is flawless, the sights are incredibly accurate, it runs smooth and perfect all the time, every time. The only reason why I would not recommend this handgun to someone is if they were looking for a CC weapon. The rear sights snag if worn concealed and is uncomfortable to carry. This is a range/competition pistol only, not a CC defense weapon. Otherwise, 9.5/10

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