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Stag Arms–They’re Not Just For Lefties

by David Fortier   |  June 15th, 2011 6

David Fortier and Jim Tarr review the Stag M4.

  • geometric1

    I was told that if you were shooting an AR with a 1:9 twist barrel that you shouldn't use ammo more than about 65 grains…this 'ol boy says "up to 80". Interesting….

  • David Fortier

    I said the great thing about .223/5.56 ammo was the diverse bullet weights available running from 40 to 80 grains. This was a comment about this cartridge and the wide range of tasks it was capable of performing. I did not say a 1-9 inch twist would stabilize 80 grain projectiles. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • geometric1

      Thanks David…

      I have a Stag Model 1 and love it.

      I have sent 64 grain XM856 tracers down range to 600 yards

      without a hiccup and with MUCH accuracy. You can not find a better AR for the price than a Stag.

      Nice Vid…keep 'um coming!

      Kindest Regards…

      W.D. Fincke

      Edgewood, New Mexico

      In God We Trust….

  • vtec16

    Gotta say I love my Stag Arms Model 3. 2 years and maybe about 2500 rounds through her. Shoots flawlessly and looks good with an ACOG 4 x 32 scope with a Burris Fast Red Dot mounted at the 1 o'clock position for fast acquisition firing. Love it , Love it, Love it!!!.

    • Gunner4640

      What mount did you use for the red dot at 1:00

  • http://none J Marston

    It is nice to have you guys do videos so we can see the guns in action but

    it's hard to put the details I like to read about in a two minute clip. You just don't do the guns justice.

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