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SHOT Show 2011 Media Day – Steyr Booth

by Brock Norman   |  May 31st, 2011 3

George Wehby and Scott E. Mayer try out the Steyrs at the 2011 SHOT show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • robert38-55

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neat!!!!!!!!!! I like those Steyrs!!!!!!!! amazing some very unique features on these steyrs,,, where exactly are the Steyrs, made? what caliber can one get them in? I like the way that barrel can be cooled or changed out on that rifle… I noticed that the ejection port is a little further to the rear, than on most semi-autos……..??? Designed that way for what purpose?

  • smayer

    Robert, that's an AUG. They're made in Austria, come in 5.56 and are bullpup design. They're also completely ambidextrous. You can switch out that ejection port to the other side for lefties.

  • robert38-55

    What a versitile weapon!!!!

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