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Shooting the New Ruger Single-Ten .22LR Revolver

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  September 20th, 2011 18

Earlier this year, Ruger introduced a classic gun, the Single-Six, with some exciting new features. The new Ruger Single-Ten in .22LR still carries the classic lines of the Single-Six with a a 5 1/2-inch barrel, walnut “Gunfighter” grips, Williams fiber optic sights (click adjustable for both windage and elevation), a satin stainless finish and a 10-round cylinder.

If you were around in the ’50s you probably remember the Single-Six from shows like Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger and even Roy Rogers. Now, you can have that iconic style with four more rounds and all the fun of the .22LR cartridge.

J. Guthrie and Ruger’s Media Relations Director Ken Jorgensen take the Single-Ten to the range to spotlight this throwback revolver with a new twist.

Weight: 38.00 oz.
Grips: Hardwood Gunfighter
1:14″ RH
MA Approved :
Suggested Retail: $619.00

  • J Hall

    Any plans that Ruger will make a single/double action ten – 22 LR anytime soon?

  • Ben O'Brien

    J Hall,

    It's available in single action, click the link above for more.

  • http://RayinMaine Raymond Craemer

    What about a .22 WMR cylinder ???

  • BCP3

    Doesn't say anything about an extra cylander for .22 mag. So is less, more? Sure costs more.

  • bigjohn

    Ruger is very smart. Instead of making an extra cylinder for this gun in 22 mag they brought out the new SP101 in 22 mag instead. Now you have to buy two new guns or stick with the old securtiy six. I one in 22 lr with the extra cylinder. If I had been smart I would have saved money and purchased other combination revolers in two calibers instead of buying so darn many rugers in various calibers. Hind sight is always 20-20. Ruger figured that out and now chamer their revolers in one caliber for the most part. Smart for Ruger bad for the rest of us!

    • Joe Catanzaro

      bigjohn, where did you see the SP101 in 22 mag. Ruger only lists the SP101 in 22 LR on there web site. They do not offer any hand gun in 22 mag.

  • Dale

    Asking price is outrageously high!! NO SALE HERE!!!! I have the current model Single-Six in stainless and like it very much, as I do all Ruger products. I would like to have this new model, with the additional .22 WMR cylinder, but at half this asking price, which approximates what I paid for my current model. Has Ruger heard the word "recession"??

    • Doug MacElroy

      -Dale says it all….. Way to high..and I have 3 Rugers.

      And don't look like I'll have 4.

  • p. o'brian

    IF they did away with the godawful ugly front sight, they'd have me buying one.

  • http://Kivaari Don

    I guess after 40 years, the price has only gone up 10 times. The stainless steel Single Six revolvers (and this 10 shooter) were nicely made with a better feel then the old blued guns. All stainless grip frame and ejector rod makes them feel like a real gun.

  • bontai Joe

    Gee golly whizz, that is a lot of money for this gun. I like it a lot, but not $619 worth. And even if one of the large chain stores discounts it, it's still gonna be over $500. As a side note, did you guys see him shooting at that target that was mabe 15 feet away? Kinda hard to miss at that distance, isn't it?

  • SoneBezi

    This too! was my first handgun as will it be my son's! I would really like to this in 17 hmr ! ! ! ! !

  • Quick Draw

    If they were really smart they would have come out with a 7 shooter, then an 8 shooter, then….well you get the idea…….LOL I agree a 10 shooter

    in 17 HMR would be great and a duel cylinder .22 LR & .22 WMR would be fun too! Lowering the price and removing that ugly front sight are valid ideas for the furure.

  • vern fisher

    I would welcome the 22LR only chambering if it means that the bore diameter is no longer a compromise between the 22 LR and mag, thereby providing better accuracy. Did they make this change?

  • Tony Morrison

    I have one of these 10 shooters. THey are wonderful if you love to shoot as much as I do.

  • Dave P

    No 22 Mag rifles available! How come?

    • Larry Schwarm

      CZ Offers Several Semi Autos

    • Sr71jim

      Lots of bolt actions

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