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Ruger Firearms

by Guns & Ammo Staff   |  July 22nd, 2011 10

President of Ruger Firearms, Steve Sanetti gives us a look at the new .22 Charger pistol, NRA Mini 14, RCM bolt action rifle, and the LCP pistol.

  • George Smith

    Are these coming to California? Anyone?

    • Bexarpaw


    • Ronny

      I have no idea why people live where they can not exercise their rights to fire arms. The companies who sale, make, or repair why live, own a business involving fire arms/hunting/self defence in a state that denies your Constitution wrights? Taxes you to death and targets you for frivolous lawsuits to run you out of business or bankruptcy? Try a friendly state like TEXAS.

  • George Smith

    I'm referring to the .380 LCP by the way..

  • ntrudr_800

    I recently bought a Ruger Gunsite Scout and also bought a used Marlin 25MN. Both are bolt actions (.308 & .22WMR respectively). I REALLY like Ruger's checkering on the Gunsite Scout! I wish the Marlin had checkering on it to help grip it better, but it does not :(

  • robert38-55

    I have always liked Ruger firearms,, these are great.

  • SpotLight

    Is this out of date??? The announcer said 2008 Shot Show.

  • ScubaSteve

    Spotlight…My thoughts exactly. The comment about the NRA Mini-14 was that it would only be available in 2008. I borrowed a friend's LCP a year and a half ago, so it certainly isn't new.

  • joe

    Hey Cali. you made Ruger mess up the LC9 wiyh all them safties do us and the U.S, a favor Leave the rest of America out of your crappy gun laws.

  • JRR

    Doesn't it look like the President of Ruger is pointing that LCP right at the interviewer's face? maybe it was the angle of the camera or something?

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