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At the Range: SIG Sauer P320

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  April 27th, 2014 12

We first reported on the SIG Sauer P320 from the 2014 SHOT Show, and couldn’t wait to test it out at the range.

On this segment of Guns & Ammo TV on the Sportsman Channel we run some of SIG’s new Elite Performance ammo through the 9mm P320 and then disassemble the pistol to discuss its functionality and modularity.

For more on the P320, subscribe now to the digital edition for immediate access to our full review in the May 2014 issue of Guns & Ammo.

  • maxim

    This is a sad attempt by Sig. One of the main benefits of going to a striker is the ability to design a pistol that sits much lower in hand as there is no hammer assembly to get in the way of designing a pistol with lower bore axis. It allows for better control using modern thumbs high hold. The faster lock time of the striker and reduced muzzle flip (dues to low bore axis) of most striker fired pistols produce a better shooting gun then the older high bore axis designs like the Sig P22X series of guns. Sig by deciding to use a common frame with the P250, negated to take advantage of a lack of a hammer and designing a pistol with low bore axis. The P320 has the same high bore axis as all previous Sigs. I understand they tried to stretch their R&D dollars by redesigning the (somewhat unsuccessful) P250 but all they did is show consumers, they just do not get it. This was a half assed effort on Sigs part, and redesigning a hammer fired gun by adapting a striker to it just wont cut it. Hopefully their next striker pistol will be a clean sheet design.

    • Sergio Contreras

      I Completely and respectfully disagree. I own a P320 (one of first distributions) and have put over 500 rounds down range and I can tell you that the Sig Sauer attempt at a modern striker fired service/combat pistol is very valid. When i originally held the P250 i thought without this crap trigger this gun would be great! Well guess what? They got rid of the crap trigger! The new Striker fired system provides a short take up, crisp and consistent trigger pull and a very defined and audible reset. While the high bore axis still remains the shoot-ability of this gun is vastly improved over the P250 because you are not having to fight with the trigger which improves accuracy and follow-up shots. Should they have made an attempt to lower bore axis? Yes, but when dollar constraints and R&D timelines come into play you choose what can deliver the most bang for the buck. If you get a chance to shoot one i would take it. I am a Glock Guy but this new Sig makes me a believer.

      • BreakAwayWar

        I disagree.

        • brian piperato

          i respectfully disagree that u disagree with my respects to this disagreement

      • pat87

        I disagree as well. My agency recently tested this pistol in both the 9mm & .40 and it turned out to be the worst pistol we tested. It looks like a robocop pistol and feels like a boat anchor. Did it fire every time? Yes. There were, however, other malfunctions that we encountered with the pistol (i.e. slide failing to lock back every time, some fte).

        • Jim91

          I don’t know what was wrong with the pistols your agency tested, but I own a p320 9mm and haven’t experienced any of these issues. I’ve put around 7-800 shots through it with various ammunition (Remington 147 grain, Hornady 135 grain hollow point, various 115 grain brass case and various 115 grain steel case) and I haven’t had any of the problems you’re describing. Ejected everything I fed it and locked back every time. I will say however that the slide lock is awkwardly placed and you can accidentally depress it while shooting if you don’t watch your hands. That may explain your failure to lock back.

          As far as the weight it does feel top heavy when you initially pick it up but in reality its no heavier than most Glocks or other full sized striker fired pistols. How the pistol looks isn’t relevant to its function. It has worked excellent and the trigger is superior to many stock glock triggers.

    • John

      I disagree. The only real advantage a striker fired system gives you is a consistent trigger pull without the need for a manual safety. “High bore axis” is one of those internet fora things that gets bandied about, usually by people who don’t even know what their split times are, and therefore are not shooting or training against a timer at a level where the minimal recoil recovery time advantage that a lower bore axis pistol would give them is noticeable nor beneficial. If executed well, the P320 has a lot of potential to become SIG’s rival to the Glock and S&W M&P as an issued weapon.

      • maxim

        There are a number of advantages to a striker design:

        1. Simpler design with less parts. Less to break and easier to service.

        2. Sealed design with reduced chance of malfunction in dirt.

        3. No hammer and hammer strut in the grip.

        This last one allows for a pistol design that sits lower in hand as well as more freedom with the design of the grip as there is no strut to get in the way. This is important in a pistol as a pistol is always a compromised weapon with size being an issue. Not only can a striker design sit lower in hand, but you can also design a pistol of smaller size, yet with longer grip with better ergonomics. A compact striker gun can have more room for your hand, where as a hammer fired pistol of the same hight will have a shorter grip that allows for less control. A striker fired gun allows for more efficient use of space.

        The consistent trigger pull is not a feature of the striker pistol, but of the design of the fire control group. For example there are DAO striker designs like the HK VP70, DA/SA designs like the Walther P99, and SAO designs like the Springfield XD. There are also partially pre-cocked designs like the Glock which are somewhere between SAO and DAO.

        Historically as we switched from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols we started with SAO designs with safeties that required two action in order to shoot. Moved on DA/SA to get rid of the manual safeties, but introduced a longer/heavier first pull. When ammunition became much more reliable and second strike ability less important, we move on to partially pre-cocked designs like the Glock. It also had a short reset that allowed for faster follow up shot and this is some way mimicked the DA/SA system, having a longer first pull, followed by faster follow up shots. Now the latest move is the fully pre-cocked striker, having come full circle to SAO but now without safeties instead with an artificially long take up in the trigger. There are striker designs with manual safeties, and SAO hammer guns without so not having a manual safety has nothing to do with striker, but more to do with current trends.

        In the end Sig might have designed a better P250 with a nicer trigger, but that exactly what it is, an improved P250 with an adapted striker. It fails to take advantage of a number of things things a clean sheet striker design would allow for. From a pragmatic point of view it might be a decent gun thats shoots well enough, but from a design point of view its a failure in my mind. Im sure Sig has a clean sheet striker design in the works that will take a few years to complete, and this is no more then a stop gap solution that tries to recover some R&D dollars from the unsuccessful P250 pistol. I will wait until their second attempt.

    • BreakAwayWar

      Well Said !

  • Siggie

    It’s a normal magazine not high capacity… You are setting this gun up to be banned.

  • Erik Asher

    They forgot to mention that the P320 is able to use P250 mags and grip frames . They also didn’t mention the fact that it will be available in .45acp this year also.
    Any holster that fits a P250 should fit the P320.

  • Erik Asher

    They forgot to mention that the P320 is able to use P250 mags and grip frames . They also didn’t mention the fact that it will be available in .45acp this year also.
    Any holster that fits a P250 should fit the P320.

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