PDTV host, George Wehby, demonstrates operating a pump-action shotgun if one hand is disabled.


PDTV's Director, David Flores, locks off a remote camera on the berm.


Clint and Heidi's dog, Boo, is part of the PDTV team--especially at lunch.


Heidi Smith makes several guest appearances this season on Personal Defense TV.


Wehby and Smith work on a special show celebrating the 1911 pistol and the personal defense techniques that have evolved around it.


Ever try aiming through a tiny camera viewfinder, outside, in the snow?


Don't miss PDTV Season 6 where you can see Wehby make this awesome shot!


Oops! Seriously, it's fake blood. Tune in for a Skills Drill on how to handle a gunshot wound.


Nate sets up a mini camera to catch a close up of the bad guy going down.


Smith checks his suppressor before filming a segment on practicing how to transition from the carbine to a handgun.


Wehby takes aim before he blasts a bad guy with a Thunder Ranch edition of the Mossberg 500 shotgun.


He's not sitting down on the job. This season, see a Skills Drill on drawing while seated.


Clint Smith stands tall on his range at Thunder Ranch.


A final thought from Clint Smith and the Personal Defense TV crew.


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