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Working With Clint Smith on Personal Defense TV!

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 25th, 2011 6

PDTV host, George Wehby, demonstrates operating a pump-action shotgun if one hand is disabled.


PDTV's Director, David Flores, locks off a remote camera on the berm.


Clint and Heidi's dog, Boo, is part of the PDTV team--especially at lunch.


Heidi Smith makes several guest appearances this season on Personal Defense TV.


Wehby and Smith work on a special show celebrating the 1911 pistol and the personal defense techniques that have evolved around it.


Ever try aiming through a tiny camera viewfinder, outside, in the snow?


Don't miss PDTV Season 6 where you can see Wehby make this awesome shot!


Oops! Seriously, it's fake blood. Tune in for a Skills Drill on how to handle a gunshot wound.


Nate sets up a mini camera to catch a close up of the bad guy going down.


Smith checks his suppressor before filming a segment on practicing how to transition from the carbine to a handgun.


Wehby takes aim before he blasts a bad guy with a Thunder Ranch edition of the Mossberg 500 shotgun.


He's not sitting down on the job. This season, see a Skills Drill on drawing while seated.


Clint Smith stands tall on his range at Thunder Ranch.


A final thought from Clint Smith and the Personal Defense TV crew.


  • Steve Durham

    You Mr.Smith are my Hero. Saving my pennies to come to Thunder Ranch. You're one of a kind.(Gotta go,I'm tearing up)

  • Vic Rivers

    I love this guy. Also saving my pennies to come to Thunder Ranch.

  • michael j mcgowan

    Have been to thunder ranch, the guy has his act together

  • Dave Evans

    I went through Thunder Ranch in 1996, when it was in Mountain Home, Texas. I learned more in the 5 days there than any comparable period I can remember. Clint is one of a kind and an outstanding instructor. He is also hilarious in his talks to the class, so you remember what he says! If you can at all afford it, go! You will never regret it.

  • Randy H

    Tough to decide which to go to–Clint Smith's, Mas Ayoob's, or Jeff Cooper's place. Cadillac, Lincoln, Rolls… (no particular order). Mas seems to have pioneered looking at the aftermath and what antigun or unprincipled DA's try to do to you (or seems so in early articles and then over the years), and could write a thesis on his research. Clint is just great in common sense and experience and smarts. Gunsite–maybe gold standard?

  • Otter

    It appears from the pictures that full size auto's are being used and demonstrated for self-defense. The majority of people who have concealed carry licenses that I know, carry compacts with 2" or 3" barrels. I hope the show demonstrates these types of weapons too.

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