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Shooting Through Glass

by Brock Norman   |  May 25th, 2011 10

Effective ways to shoot through vehicle glass whether shooting from inside your vehicle or shooting from the outside to stop an attacker’s vehicular assault.

  • weatherby

    I found it interesting.

    I would have liked to see slow motion video after it exits the winshield and some penetration testing after it went through the windshield too would be good to know.

    I guess another rental is in order

  • Don Perry

    Very interesting video, I would have liked to see what different calibers would do to the door

  • http://google B Lovell

    Very interesting, I agree with the first two responses.

    • KW

      Most pistol calibers have the same effect on a door or other compartment of a vehicle. The door and similar structures offer little protection. On occasion the bullet will strike intervening objects like the window motor or other reinforcement and it will limit the penetration. I have put 22 lr from a Mark II pistol through a door and it still had enough energy left to penetrate a metal 55 gallon drum. As for rifles, the engine block is the only part that I would want to use.

  • Devon

    They did something similiar on another site some time ago (about three to five years) that was a bit more in depth than this short video.

  • rsagun

    They said it's more accurate when the pistol's muzzle is touching the glass. Is that so?

  • Juan A Be

    that mp5 at the end was just too awesome for words

  • Chris

    The video appears to be missing. Please correct the problem.

  • J.R. Verdugo

    Where's the video? How come I can't get it?

  • Steve

    As others have noted, the video is now missing.

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