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Personal Defense TV

Guns for Family Home Defense

by G&A Staff   |  August 2nd, 2011 31

In this segment of Personal Defense TV, Technical Editor Dick Metcalf and police sergeant Duane Long explain that when family home defense is on the line it’s best to choose a gun that all members of the family are familiar with using. It’s important that everyone in your home be aware of how they can contribute to a safer environment.

What gun do you use to defend your home? Do you have an ideal family home defense gun?

  • Randy Bynum

    I was disappointed to see the women be handed a gun and then immediately place her finger on the trigger. That is place the finger should NEVER go until the person is ready to fire and the brain gives the command. Otherwise, a very nice and informative video. Let's all be more careful with what we show people.

    • Steve

      Exactly, thought same thing.

      • Jeremy

        Yep, me too.

    • Lee

      Question: Why would you be pointing if you are not goint to shoot? Do you say Boo! at the same time?

  • Bill

    @Randy Bynum


  • joe

    wrapping the thumb arund the rear of a semiauto is a no-no

    • pyrolighterfighter

      Just asking for a band aide.

  • Mike

    The video appears to show a person testing the fit of the gun to her hand. That's good, but she did not get a proper shooting grip on the gun. As already said, the finger was on the trigger before a shooting grip was taken and the finger remained on the trigger during the transfer. It would seem that her instructor needs a refresher course.

  • Roy Robinson

    Interesting,when I took the FBI handgun course everyone used a revolver with a t rigger pul of about 9lds. we put our finger on the triggers when we drew the weapon. Better idea is to never point a gun at anything until you are ready to shoot. It has worked for me fo over 40 years.

    • Matthew Oakey

      Sorry Roy, the FBI was wrong for many reasons and for many YEARS with their Firearm Training Techniques.

      The ONLY & BEST Idea… NEVER place finger on trigger until you are prepared to fire at your target!

  • barry

    Good observation re: improper handgun handling. Missed

    by the "experts"……..

  • Stepin Fetchit

    I recommend a revolver to ladies and gentlemen that need a gun for protection but have no experience with guns of any kind. Pretty simple, only one moving part to put the weapon into action. Add Crimson Trace grips and you've a winning combination. My wife and Daughter are both armed in this manner for home defense. My background: Defensive Equipment Program Manager for an unnamed Federal Department.

    • Shane

      I recommend that they get some training and experience BEFORE they buy a gun. Giving someone with "No experience" ANY type of gun is asking for a disaster.

  • Eddie

    +1 on the gun handling comments.

    My home defense setup starts our (wife and I) Gatekeeper door alarm, then my 9mm Beretta w/crimson trace grip + a flashlight and the remainder consists of my wife going to our master closet/safe room where there is a cell phone, land line phone, flashlight, glow sticks, her 9mm M&P, soon to get a laser grip, my tactical AR-15 and plenty of defensive and frangible ammo, we live in an apartment. We practice at the range once a week and try to practice the break in scenario about once a month.

  • Johnny

    WHY do I counnuly see improper handgun handling. Wow .. Lets Muzzle the guy handing me the pistol several times and place a finger on the trigger while doing so…

  • dan detmer

    I teach a class for women only. Taught women from age 20 to 71. Quite a few women cannot tolerate the recoil of the snubbie .38 special in the alum-alloy frame. I have had women REFUSE to shoot a 38 spcl snubbie more than once. Could they learn to shoot it over time – probably, but getting them to practice with it might be a problem. My point is that the small .38 spcl is not the gun for everyone.

    • hicusdicus

      They can either tolerate the recoil or get the holy crap beat out of them. Their life is at stake! Give them a public defender have them point in the direction of the attacker, pull the trigger until it quits firing then call 911.

      • Arnold

        Do not make false choices;tThat is not their only choice; my spouse has an SR22 with stinger frangible rounds in a 10 rnd mag — she does not have to choose a pistol with heavy recoil. These highly effective bullets are lethal. Since the choice is this or nothing, it is a wise choice. I prefer my .45 but recoil does not bother me and i practice frequently; spouse is the opposite.

    • bushmaster69

      Since concealment is not an issue with a home defense gun , a full size weapon is usually easier to handle as well as shoot accurately.

    • Spud

      Agreed. That is the wrong gun for some ladies, and the hammerless model has two strikes against it.

    • Shane

      I agree. The best all around home defense weapon in my opinion is a 20 ga. pump, youth model w/ shortest possible barrel. Load it up w/ #8 bird-shot. At 20-30 feet its just as deadly as Buck-shot but will not penetrate through multiple walls and kill someone three rooms away if you miss.

  • hicusdicus

    Those guys look like they should be hanging out in burger king instead of teaching their 1950 personal self defense techniques. With advent of the hand held legal sawed off shot gun loaded with #4 or buck and ball who would want to mess with bullets. Bullets miss, over penetrate and are seldom instantly lethal and require constant practice. Point your .410/45 at an attacker pull the trigger 2 or 3 times and the attack is over. Then your legal problems start and that's what the so called gun experts never bring up.

    • Arnold

      .410/.45 are not legal in CA so i guess you will be arrested or, as you say, "have the holy crap beat out of you". The frangible .22 bullets do not over-penetrate and are much more accurate than a .410 — read the accuracy reports. Frangibles transmit all of their energy to the target. Also, you can hit innocent family members who might be next to the attacker because of the .410 spread. With a 10 round mag, you are unlikely to miss all of your shots and it is very accurate.

  • Mick

    Our house now has my wife and I, but all 3 sons grew up with same system: First, external security, including door/window locks, bushes short, no knob access from door windows. Ground level: OC spray, Mossberg Youth Model with I/C choke, #4 Buck within 1 step of door, not seen until looked for. L-frame with hot Buffalo Bore 158gr. .38 HP's. Second floor: Another Mossberg setup, Model 19 with same pistol ammo in most defensible room, with dedicated cell phone, light stick with attached spare key for police to enter, solid core door, plenty of brick and 100-yr-old oak in construction of room, lathe and plaster walls. Spare ammo for all guns, plus 00 buck, slugs, and 12 ga. Mossberg in closet. Various high-intensity flashlights salted thru house, as well as J-frame in eldest's pocket at all times. Bo, jo staff or escrima sticks randomly. Oldest person in house responsible for first gun, orders. If he goes down, all by age. My then-9-yr-old backed me up once when hostile neighbor ranted. I'd trust him more than most 25-yr-olds; he is now Navy Gunner's Mate 3rd class, top of class with 3 primary guns either hand or one handed. I think they have a clue. Reason for Youth Model? Everybody could manage it, even if I did get my nose tapped by my thumb now and then.

  • Mick

    Much shorter note: I used to shoot PPC at the Quincy police range back in the 80's. Very friendly town and department, and shot my best-ever score there in the pouring rain. Forced me to FOCUS on front sight, shot 469 of 480. Not the day's high score, but my personal high-water mark. That game taught revolver management, if unrealistic. Very good fundamentals.

    • scott

      Difference between paper and person.

  • steve

    I don't know about ideal but I have a S&W model 49 in 38 special with reduced recoil loads because thats what fits my wifes small hands.

  • Ron

    I have never seen a gun go off without a finger on the trigger. We tend to put safety before common sense. In a situation that requires a firearm, PUT YOUR FINGER on THE TRIGGER as soon as you pick it up. There have been many tests of starting with your finger out of the gun, or starting with your finger on the trigger. Guess which one gets the first shot off the fastest. Any grip that allows you to hold the gun is the RIGHT grip at that time. Getting the right grip takes training, most home folks do good just to know which end that the bullet comes out of. I do not train people to keep there finger off the trigger. And while I'm spouting off I would also like to talk about guns that have external safeties, they will get you killed. Magazine disconnects will also get you killed. When you need a gun for self protection, shoot first and ask question afterwards.

  • Joseph J Takacs

    Ditto, great except for the finger on the trifer, all it takes is one small mistake. Great info, though, and I, too, recommend using a double action revolver for those not accustomed to firearms. Kudos to the teaching. Regardless of how good we are with firearms, keep finger off trigger unless you are ready to fire. Vietnam Combat Vet, even there, unless you walked point. If it takes time to react, it's too late, something has already happened. On point it's shoot first, act rather than react.

  • Tom P

    I recommend a assualt rifle with a 100 round clip plus a back up 100 round clip, you never know when you'll need 200 rounds. I also recommend a second assualt rifle just incase the first one fails with another 200 rounds. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • Tom P is a moron

      Maybe you should learn to spell ASSAULT correctly.

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