Well, guys and gals it looks like it is time for the new season of Personal Defense TV on the Sportsman Channel. We have an informative, action-packed season ready for your viewing pleasure.

I have to say I have been involved with the show for the last three seasons and this one is by far my favorite. I came into this season with a little more confidence, since it wasn’t my first rodeo as host. I have to admit last year being the host was a little nerve racking. I wasn’t sure how it would be accepted and if the devoted viewers would receive this new guy taking over their show. I have to say, the positive feedback was overwhelming.

Since I had all these show suggestions flooding me on Facebook, the G&A forum and email, the producers and I decided to create shows to answer them.  This season look for episodes covering such subjects as Disabled Shooters, the Shotshell revolvers, the 1911, Active Shooter/Killer, Force-on-Force training and much more. Besides the main subject, every episode features a separate Hand-to Hand segment, Skills Drill and Action Plan.

We once again travel around this great country visiting top notch shooting schools to bring you the experts perspective on Personal Defense. We visit our friends Clint and Hiedi Smith of Thunder Ranch, John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute, Marty Hayes of Firearms Academy of Seattle and even do a few shows at my range, I-4 Tactical Solutions. The passion these instructors have for training life saving skills is amazing. This season of PDTV is not only enlightening, it is also entertaining.  The episodes are put together by an award winning crew of film makers. They worked tirelessly to create an energy and directness this subject deserves, without coming across as “Mall Ninjas.”

The new season airs during “Lock & Load” Mondays at 8:30 PM EST on the Sportsman Channel.  You do not want to miss it.  Anyone catch the first episode?  What did you think?

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