Personal Defense TV considers the AR-15 in 5.56 chambering unquestionably one of the best home defense firearms. It offers excellent close quarters stopping power, plenty of ammunition supply, and will not overpenetrate walls to the point of endangering folks in other rooms or outside the house.


If there is one gripe we have about ARs, though, it’s that ones ideally configured for home defense are just not that common. For home defense you don’t need bull barrels, and attaching every accessory short of the kitchen sink is an invitation for confusion during a fight. The Doublestar Patrol Rifle that George is using this season is quite simply what we’ve been looking for in a home defense carbine.


At six and a half pounds, the Patrol Rifle is easily maneuverable in tight places, and will not fatigue the upper body as you move slowly and carefully through a building.


Its four-rail handguard has plenty of accessory attachment points unless maybe you’re in Special Forces or a serious mall ninja.


The full-length rail on the flat top upper has plenty of room to mount a red dot or reflex sight with as little or as much eye relief as practical.


The front sight is the all but indestructible A-2 style, and the Doublestar flip-up rear sight provides a rugged back up if your optic is damaged or destroyed in a fight.


Ergonomically, the six-position telescoping stock lets George shoot from a squared up fighting position.


The Hogue over molded pistol grip provides a soft, secure grasp whether firing, or operating the controls.


When it comes to a fighting carbine, leave the heavy barrels and the 1,000-yard accuracy to the varmint and target shooters. Instead, look for ruggedness, light weight and practical features like you’ll find on Doublestar’s Patrol Rifle.


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