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Defending Chokes: Front Choke Release

by Massad Ayoob   |  August 2nd, 2011 9

From Personal Defense TV, Massad Ayoob and Host Tom Gresham show a great method for defending chokes, easily practiced and effective against anyone, even against an attacker much larger than you. The front choke release is a common method of self defense taught around the country by trained experts.

What is your preferred method of defending chokes? Does the front choke release seem easy to you?

  • Jeff Wolf

    yes. Nicely demonstrated. Thanks

  • paintballer

    draw my .45 and shoot him in the foot!!

  • Tom Wozniak

    Well done. Infinitely more destructive than one would think when properly applied. I doubt anyone would chanse you having already received a broken arm for his/her efforts.

  • Antonio

    This wrist lock is at the heart of many Aikido techniques. I agree it is the best of all martial techniques I have ever learned for a weaker vs stronger opponent. It is also relatively easy, but as with anything, requires at least some practice. Excellent SD form — glad you brought it up.

  • British Expat

    Great teaching and demonstration from an obviously highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher, unfortunately it does not work, period, against a fully resisting opponent intent to hurt you and particularly one that is bigger and stronger (of which there are many). Imagine trying to do that on some dude who lifts weights all day? Therefore as a practitioner of martial arts for twenty five years I agree with paintballer (above). It is always really obvious to me that these 'techniques' have never actually been field tested on anyone except the totally intoxicated drunk, either that or I'm just useless at this technique.

    • someone with experie

      i agree too fancy there are other simpler ways of deterring this type of clumsy assualt.

    • fred

      im a retired cop. when the crao hit the fan, NOTHING was quicker, or more efective than gr heabbing the jerks windpipe, and give it a good, but somewhat gentle squese, and hold it for a full minit. PERIOD. because of this, i never had to shoot anybody. true you dont want to squese too had, or you just might seriousely injur the poor misquided fool. so sad too bad! he started it, he pays the piper.

  • someone with experie

    place your arms in between the arms around your neck – go up and then out. that is the quickest method of getting out of a choke hold from the front. next – follow that by a punch to the nose, or throat – as hard as you can. Other effective techniques – take two fingers and poke them in his eyes very violently. one more oldie but goodie – punch him directly in the throat – hit his wind pipe as hard as you can.

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