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Disabled Shooter

by George Wehby   |  July 20th, 2011 12

We just finished up filming a few shows for the 2011 season of Personal Defense TV out at my range with Instructor Chris Fleming.  Chris is an outstanding shooter who lost parts of his legs conducting operations in Afghanistan two years ago.  The episodes we filmed had to do with adapting drills and training to help disabled individuals better protect themselves and their loved ones despite their handicap.  Chris did an awesome job and has put a good amount of thought, time and effort into developing some tips and strategies in this area.  If you know anyone these episodes may assist, feel free to tell them about the show.

The subjects we covered were shooting from a wheelchair, conducting clearing of a hallway (how to move in a chair while muzzle covering an area), getting into a defensive position in a bedroom even if partially paralyzed, and team tactics with a disabled shooter.  The episodes demonstrate that given the right training and mindset, the disability is really not that limiting.  I look forward to seeing the final product.

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