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Disabled Shooter

by George Wehby   |  July 20th, 2011 12

We just finished up filming a few shows for the 2011 season of Personal Defense TV out at my range with Instructor Chris Fleming.  Chris is an outstanding shooter who lost parts of his legs conducting operations in Afghanistan two years ago.  The episodes we filmed had to do with adapting drills and training to help disabled individuals better protect themselves and their loved ones despite their handicap.  Chris did an awesome job and has put a good amount of thought, time and effort into developing some tips and strategies in this area.  If you know anyone these episodes may assist, feel free to tell them about the show.

The subjects we covered were shooting from a wheelchair, conducting clearing of a hallway (how to move in a chair while muzzle covering an area), getting into a defensive position in a bedroom even if partially paralyzed, and team tactics with a disabled shooter.  The episodes demonstrate that given the right training and mindset, the disability is really not that limiting.  I look forward to seeing the final product.

  • Rick VanDyke

    Awesome! I'd also like to see some tactics for those who use power-chairs, plus some idea's for concealed-carry.

  • Roman

    Great video! I am a paralyzed from the waist down, and it is great to see this video, It would be great to see more on this subject and I agree with Rick ideas on concealment would be great. Thank you!

  • John

    I've not gotten to watch the video yet but being in a wheelchair myself, I LOVE THAT THIS TOPIC IS FINALLY BEING ADDRESSED! I really wish that more instructors, arms makers, and especially holster makers would think about those of us who go around life in a permeant seat!

    • Gregg Kordelski

      I too am wheelchair bound since having a stroke in 2008. I have steadily made progress with the use of my right side that was taken out of action by the stroke, and of course I was right handed and Not ambidextrous, so I do thank God the nun’s taught me the virtue of patience cause there are times I say” Lord I need it!”

    • dave

      i agree with this person cause i am a disabled man myself i am 37 yrs old and born with spina bifida and am in a wheelchair and i would like to here more on the topic of self defense from a wheelchair and doing the wheeling and defense shooting alone incase you haave no one to push you to cover and must do it all yourself

  • Ed

    I think it is great this topic is finally being addressed! I have MS and I am not in a wheelchair yet, but I would like to be ready if it ever happens. This video was a great inspiration for me. I would love to see this topic expanded upon in an epsiode Guns & Ammo. If someone were to offer a course on defensive shooting or what the law is concerning use of defensive force from a wheelchair I would take it in a snap!

  • robert38-55

    Theres a guy who live in Albuquerque, NM, and once a month he travels here to Las Cuces to shoot trap with us at the trap range. He is in a wheel chair too. He is a friendly guy and a very good trap shooter. I wish I could remember his name.

  • Nelz68, David Nelson

    You guys are great, it's about time with all our injured Veterans and accident victims and people who are challenged in one way or another are finally acknowledged as being just like everyone else. they shoot, they enjoy shooting and require help learning to shoot just like everyone else. Thanks from a guy who loves guns and has been in a wheelchair for 32 years and things are finally looking up for us as a Minoriity part of the population.

  • Ken Wilkinson

    You disabled shooters who wish to become Instructors like Chris, contact me at or and I will help you to achive that goal.

    Ken Wilkinson NRA MTC

  • Mike Kelly

    I too, would like to see information on defensive tactics from a power chair. I am a Viet Nam disabled, wheelchair bound guy with a CCW permit. Are there training firms available for guys (and girls) like me?

  • James

    I have been in a wheelchair for 37 years & shooting for 10. I realize there are limitations to tactical shooting & operating a wheelchair at the same time. First, it's imperative to have your point & shoot accuracy to its optimum level of excellence. The best scenario to hope for is to find cover & then defend yourself OR if it's a strongarm robbery THROW down a wallet loaded with fake cash with a few $1's in there & shout here here it is – when they pick it up – then you defend yourself – & find safety straight away.

  • Walt

    i use a power chair mostly because of carpeting. a wheelchair doesn’t work in the house. what type of holster would be best for this situation? i have a 9mm S& i open carry because it’s too far to sheriff’s office to get a ccw.
    disabled Viet Nam vet

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